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See what everyone's talking about?

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Jesus was his messenger

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum we greet you with the best of greetings as a greeting of peace, peace be with you and you are here to learn. That's why you turned on to the deen show. Or you were just flicking through the channels. And you heard Islam and Muslims and you thought something's about to blow up. And you got excited. Hold on, that's not the case. We are here to help you develop a better understanding. So sit tight, we're gonna be right back with Dr. Gerald Dirks, Christian scholar, graduate from the Harvard Divinity School. And we're going to be talking about Jesus peace be upon him. Was Jesus a Christian? Or was Jesus doing Islam as a Muslim when we come

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back here on the deen show? Don't go nowhere. This is the thing

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Salam aleikum. Wa Alaikum Salaam Peace be with you and with you brother. Now you know I started off the program to do stupid before that you know I mentioned things blowing up you know the there's some hype out there people are trying to associate Islam with terrorism and Islam terrifying people. It's like the boogeyman, it's coming to get you. You as a Christian you did your homework. Is this far from the truth? Or did you are you miss something here? Maybe you can have to backtrack talk to us. No is obviously far from the truth. There are a few a handful of

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people who are self proclaimed Muslims, who

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offer up a violent ideology that is a total perversion of Islam. The same thing, however, can be said for Judaism or Christianity or for any of the world's religions. There are always going to be people who try to cloak their own geopolitical or nationalistic ambitions under a mantle of religion. And they'll grab whichever religion is handy. You know, whether it's Islam or Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or what have you. But no, Islam is not a religion of terrorism. It's not a religion that condones terrorism.

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Some might say, and you've probably heard this that all terrorists aren't Muslim, but it seems like all Muslims are terrorists. Well, first of all, obviously, all Muslims are not terrorists. But it's also the case that not all terrorists are Muslims. Yes.

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We had a case not long ago in Wichita, Kansas, where a doctor who was performing late term abortions was murdered as he was standing in his church. Yeah, who murdered him? a

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right wing Christian video log, yeah, who believed he was saving the lives of unborn children. And so he murdered the doctor standing in his church. This will be an example of a Christian terrorist. Yes. Now, Christianity certainly does not condone the sort of behavior that this murderer engaged in. But this person claimed to be doing it in the name of Christianity. A number of years ago and Hebron. in Palestine. We had a Jew who went into the mosque at Hebron and started shooting Muslims as they prayed.

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Obviously, this does not represent Judaism, yes. But this person was a Jew and what he was doing he was doing in the name of Judaism Yeah, you know what we're gonna find these sorts of things and every religion so it's not fair that you want to single out a few crackpots you know, a few bad apples in every bunch as they say there are you had the unabomber. If you look a look, Columbine shooting terrorists by the tons out there. But so we want to separate Islam, which is a perfect system from the crater. And what some, you know, crazy people might do, let's not put those together. And it's fair to say, yeah, even though those crazy people may be trying to justify what

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they're doing by some perverted notion of Islam. Yeah, you know, that's no more Islam than James Jones or david koresh or representative of Christianity. One more point before we get into it.

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Because they'll say, and I've heard this and it's a shame. They say, Well, why aren't Muslims condemning this? And we're condemning it here on this show, we've done it so many times, because people want to revisit 911. And we know Islam, Muslims died in 911. Absolutely, in fact, a disproportionately large number of the victims of the Twin Towers. And I'm not talking about the hijackers, I'm talking about people who worked in the Twin Towers were Muslims. You know, it was a higher percentage than there are Muslims in the population of the United States, who worked in the Twin Towers, and were killed there. Now, he raised an interesting point, which is people said, Well,

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why are mainstream Muslims standing up and condemning these attacks? The answer is we are, and we're doing it consistently. But the problem is that a Muslim standing up and condemning terrorism, that doesn't sell a newspaper, yes, that doesn't drive up the ratings. And some top television, it's not good for business. No, it's not good for business. And it's not going to cover the media will not cover it. Yeah, you know, but all of the major Muslim organizations in this country that of which I'm aware, have systematically condemned terrorism, systematically spoken out against it, you know, whether it's the Islamic Society of North America, or the Islamic circle of North America, or the

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Muslim American society, you know, everyone

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has spoken up, but the press doesn't cover it. And we're doing it again here on the dean show, and you're available for CNN, Fox, if anybody wants to bring you on on their mainstream channel, I'll be glad to condemn terrorism. Definitely. And we are doing it again. So let's get in now to our main topic, Christianity, Islam, which of these ways are like which of these religions that Jesus Christ, practice, teach preach?

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Well, obviously, it wasn't Christianity, because Christianity didn't exist, at least by name, at the time of Jesus, were told in the book of Acts in the New Testament, that the first people to be called Christians arose in Antioch some years after the end of Jesus's personal ministry here on Earth.

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No, Jesus was a Muslim, were told on Muslim, well, not let's look at what the word means.

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Let's look at what the word means. Islam means surrender. And in any religious context, it means surrender or submission to God, to God, to God to the one guy, right. Okay. Muslim is simply a variant on the word Islam. It means one who submits or one who surrenders again used in a religious context. It's one who submits to or surrenders to God. That's what Muslim means. Now, when we look at that definition, obviously, does that make sense? Now? Yeah, Jesus was a Muslim. Yeah. And that's also the word. He was submitted to God. Yes. Now, what is Christian when you take the do the same thing and take if someone says, Well, no, no, Christianity means to submit to God, connect, connect,

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if you translate it, what is Christianity? Christianity doesn't. You can't derive that from the word Christian, you can't know you can give it some kind of interpretation to say, yeah, that's what it mean by that's not what it translates to. No, it doesn't translate to that Christianity. Obviously from the word Christ. Christ is the Christos to the Greek form of the Hebrew word, Masha, or Messiah, which in English means anointed. Yeah. So that mean that's the etymology of the word. Okay. So let's back it up. So it goes from the Hebrew Messiah. Masha to Greek Christos, Christos. translated. So Messiah translated to Greek crystals. Yeah. And then you got what? Christ Christ.

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Well, you're cutting off the stones at the end. You're just shortening the word. So you have Christ and those who follow Christ. They came up with Christians, the Christ followers. Well in Antioch they did in Antioch. Yeah. Okay, so then how did people well, you know what, we're gonna take a break and this is really getting exciting. I'll be right back with more of Dr. Gerald Dirks here on the show.

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I am not afraid.

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Not afraid.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show with Dr. Gerald Dirks, you finished seminary school, you have a divinity degree from the Harvard University. So we're not talking to, as I always say, just a car mechanic. We're talking to a Christian I like call your Christian scholar because we got to face it. You know more about the Bible than probably 95% of the Christian world. Well, let me let me most people don't even read the Bible. Well, that's true. Okay, so most Christians would ever read the entire Bible. Yes. But no, don't don't call me a scholar, call me a student. That's a more accurate term. Okay. Now tell us, Dr. Gerald Dirks, we're going to back it up, we'll even go back to Moses this time,

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because many people, and we are trying to really enlighten people to these facts is not fiction. So people attribute Moses to being a follower of Judaism. Is this true? Was he following the religion of Judaism?

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Moses also was obviously someone who submitted to God, I Muslim. Well, in that sense of the word, yes, he was a Muslim. He was someone who submitted to God. Now if we look at the origins of the word, Judaism, yes. You know, really, it begins with Judah, Judah, who was one of the 12 sons of Jacob. So Jacob, that's one of his sons, Judah. Okay. So I mean, here, here's the origins of the word, but really what we call Judaism today, yes, doesn't really begin and Tao

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around the year 400 BCE, when Ezra and man of the great assembly, as we're returning from the Babylonian captivity, returning to Palestine, when they began to put together

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the great assembly and begin to write, apparently, some of the Old Testament, at least according to the Jewish Talmud. And this is really the origins of Judaism as we know it today. Before that time, we might talk about the religion of the Israelites. And that might make more sense. Talk to us about that, please, in terms of what so the religion of the Israelites were they ones that the children of Israel? Yes, of course. So so that was during the time of Moses? Well, this was a Division I would make, okay, you know, that I, I see Judaism really beginning at the time of Ezra in the middle of the great assembly. But even then we have different branches of Judaism that were going on. And

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Judaism that we have today, Rabbinic Judaism, really is something that begins to take hold and develop after the destruction of the Temple of the year 70. See?

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So this is around is this after, again, the time of Moses is definitely after the time of Moses. Oh, yes. So if he was to if you were to bring him back to life right now, would he be practicing Judaism, Christianity, or Islam? Well, obviously, the Muslim moment, so he's going to practice the slop. But by definition, if we had all these terms, now we, you just described where Judaism come from, from, from the tribe of from the Judah, you have Judaism, and then you gave the history, then you have Christianity from Christ. This is named after a person, and then persons and then you have Islam, which causes a person to acquire peace, by submitting, like you said, submitting your will to

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the will of the one God. So I mean, just as a layman, I know that Moses, he was calling people to that he was doing that. Yes. So we had a multiple choice? Well, I mean, well, I think if we had a multiple choice, what we'd have to say is that Moses would probably recognize elements in all three religions. You know, but there would be elements within Judaism, he certainly wouldn't recognize, okay, that came into being a long after his time, certainly elements in Christianity, that he would not recognize what he recognized. Is

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God having a son or the Trinity or any of these things? Did he preach teacher or, or give four warning about this coming? No, no, no. Okay, this is very interesting. It's enlightening. And that's what we're trying to do it enlightened the hearts and minds of the people now bringing it back to Jesus peace be upon him. So the main question here is, was Jesus peace be upon him? Was he practicing Christianity or Islam? And if you can just continue from there? Well, again, Christianity didn't exist even by name at the time of Jesus.

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You know, there was

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when I look at the origins of Christianity, to a great extent, we have to look at politics.

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Yeah, as the person who originated Christianity, much more so than than one would look at Jesus. So is it safe to say okay, in the Arabic it's Islam? Yes. But now if you were speaking Aramaic, just like you and correct me, you're our teacher here today. The language of Jesus wasn't Aramaic. Yes, it would have been Aramaic. So when we look and we dig how he called on God, the Creator because he didn't speak English, he would say Aloha and Aramaic because it's true. Well, even even when we look at Hebrew, yes, you know, we have in the Old Testament, we have the words Elohim and Elohim. These are the words typically translated as God in most English versions of the Old Testament. And these

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words are linguistically similar, comparable to the Arabic word Allah. Yes. Now, Hebrew and Arabic are sister languages is a Semitic language group. And we're told that the word Allah by Eben Abbas simply means our Illa. In other words, Allah is a contraction for our illa An owl Illa. literally translated is the God the God period. The one guy yeah. Now

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eloheem in Hebrew, again, the gods plural, but that's a plural of respect.

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Now, let's dig a little deeper. If I spell out Illa in Arabic letters, it's Alif Lam LS la Ha.

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people listening.

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Remember these letters? Alif? Alif. laam. Ha,

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that's a la. Now if I spell Ll o heme in Hebrew letters. I spell it Alif laam Alif Lam?

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You're mean.

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We have this your meme at the end of lol. lol Rahim. Other words the Spelling's identical.

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What about this? yawei? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Is this can we could we say that this is the same law? Or what would what would you give? And how would you translate this the meaning of this yawei. Now biblical scholars have some debate amongst themselves. Yeah. As to the proper translation of YALI.

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I've heard it somehow translate as the everliving God

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Hmm, I Am that I Am I cause to be what I cause to be. I mean, these are all sort of translations that have been offered by one or another. Yeah, biblical scholar. But certainly, yeah, yeah, way. is the God. Yeah. You know, the Quran tells us, you know, call upon Allah or call upon Rockman, the Compassionate by whatever name you call upon it as well. You know, so yes, yes, way. Yeah. Elohim. Allah God. So as long as we're not now mixing up the Creator with his creation and forming a mental image of picture, having God turned into a man, and then he overhears a cat. Oh, no, he's a monkey, or anything in the creation? That is where we draw the line. I say, No, that can't be the Creator.

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Absolutely. But we don't draw the line in terms of language language, okay. You know, if you if you're Greek, you're gonna see fayose if you're Latin, you're gonna say that they use. Yeah, you know. So it's the concept here that we're really the attributes of God and how he defines himself that we go by Tell, tell it we were going to take a break. We'll be right back with more.

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With Dr. Joe Jones.

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Coming to the truth requires two things. It requires deep thinking that you've already done but it requires another step. And that's courage. If you have the truth, but you don't have courage, you won't stand up for the truth. And that's as good as standing up for falsehood.

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I would say this thing that you just told me, it's not in the Scripture, and they would say a marginal note added by a scribe. Yeah, okay. We know that. And I'd be thinking, if you know, this is not the Bible. Why are you preaching it as if it's gospel truth.

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Started out actually, in high school, I was a born again, Christian. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior as we used to say and I, I became very committed as an evangelical Christian and I went off to Moody Bible Institute for college, which was a fundamentalist Bible College. After that I went to Wheaton College, which is a liberal arts college. It's Billy Graham's alma mater, it's and Evan jellicle school. So I had very solid angelical Christian commitments and eventually, I got

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A seminary degree and I was a pastor of a Baptist Church for a year.

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But gradually, for a large number of reasons, I started to question some of the assumptions that I had about the faith. For a long time, I thought that the Bible was inspired and inerrant, that there were no mistakes in the Bible. But as I engaged in historical research on the Bible, as I was getting my PhD in New Testament studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, I started finding mistakes in the Bible. And this this cut away at my assumptions that the Bible was an errand. And then I started questioning other parts of my faith is Jesus really divine? is a really a trinity. Today we're talking about answering the question, Jesus, peace be upon him, who is beloved to our

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hearts. And we do this, these type of programs, because we want to share, because we care. And there's some misinformation about many of God's messengers. And God Almighty sent the last and final revelation, the last testament, and the verbatim Word of God to clear these things up. So we're just trying to share and give a different perspective. And all we ask is people that they have an open heart and open mind and consider, tell us now, this concept of acquiring peace of submitting yourself to the one God. So if you were to take that into the Hebrew language, Aramaic language, French language, it's that concept. That's the main thing that you submit and surrender your will to

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the will of the Creator, God Absolutely. still get hung up on a word and a word people get hung up on Arabic in ages. Yeah, you know, whether you say Allah, or whether you say, God, or whether you say your way, you know, we're talking about the same thing.

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You know, if you're German, you say, instead of God, thing, you know, and let's not let differences in languages drive us apart. What we're talking about is the one and only deity. Yes. So when we say the one and only deity, when we describe his attributes, I feel as most of us do that these connect with the human being, that he is without beginning without and that he is not like his creation, that he is independent of all, but we're all dependent on him. We are all very dependent upon. Yeah. So is this also something that all the messengers that we see, I mean, you know, the Bible, you know, back and forth? Is this what we see if anyone who is sincerely looking to do God's will, if

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they even study as being a Christian, or a Jew? And they study it? Will they come to the same realization as most of us have that? You know, Islam is definitely indeed in the Bible. And it's there, as a message was teach by all the prophets taught by all the prophets? Sure, I think anyone who reads the Bible with an open mind,

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and does a little digging, will find the answer. And the answer is that there is one God, and that we, as God's creation, are called upon to submit to Him, to surrender to Him.

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And that our one God is a very much a personal God. Yes, as a God who offers us love offers us compassion offers us mercy. When we fail, he offers us forgiveness if we turn to him with repentance in our heart, and the effort to change our ways, many attributes of God and by the way, another pitfall of language is one that we can't avoid. We both have here today refer to God with the masculine pronoun, yes. And obviously God.

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You know, we can't categorize according to masculine or feminine pronouns, etc. This is just simply the convention of the English language that we use the masculine pronoun, but the attributes of God Some are masculine in nature, some are feminine in nature. Dr. Gerald Dirks, thank you very much. If people want to invite you to come and to give a talk, a lecture or a seminar How can people get a hold of you? They can reach me at my website which is Dirks online books.com that's Dirks online books that's all one word.com Thank you very much make it the crater love rewards you for being with us. Thank you. Thank you. And we hope that you got to benefit from another episode of the deen show.

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The question was raised and the question was answered Jesus peace be upon him. He did Islam, Moses did Islam. Abraham did Islam. What Islam? Yes, they all sought peace. From the owner of peace. They submitted themselves humbly to the One God The one who created you mean who created man woman but he's not a man or woman. It's the one guy, the one that has given us so much the one that we should be grateful for thankful to. And if you like what we had to say here, continue to tune in every week. You can also call the number on the screen one 800 662 Islam

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To learn more, and we'll see you next time here in a dish show until then peace be unto you is the link to one of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no intermediary, the lights will go on after the party, and the party will end. It's very simple and very clear. There are no superstitious rituals, no strange incantations the Time's running out, we might not make it till tomorrow. And this is something that we need to think about. No speech is better than to do that we call people to Allah and to do the word no speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person on the

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Hello giving you the ability to guide someone, the last permission the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it in another generation is better than the best of world but if we really felt that that he would, we would not be giving out giving and this is something that we encourage all the MSA all the dour organizations, the machines to get this we want to print more we give these to the non listeners for free for free for free. Warner Brothers.

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aids cone, AIDS lay everybody sleeping. I arise and ask a lot of thinking me own law you see, oh, you know, all the sins I do. A turn to you to begin. Cinema.

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