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The host of a show discusses the negative impact of music on society, including personal health and personal growth. They also touch on the use of shayona as a means to create culture and push for change, and the " pest control" agenda as a harmless act designed to create peace. The segment also touches on the use of shayona as a means to create a culture of peace and encourage people to research their faith in God.

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This will not only compete with you, you're watching the deen Show. I'm your host. Every week, we're here bringing you a fresh new topic. And my next guest is a former musician. That's right. And he's very young. And he was living that life. And he was all about music. It was all about song and dance, playing the drums playing the guitar having his black dad and trying to reach for the stars trying to be a pop star. But is that really what you want to be in life? Is that really who you want to follow and emulate? You want to emulate the hip hop stars? The britney spears and the Lady Gaga and the lady Google's? Is that what will bring you success and happiness? Well, he figured out that

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you know what, that's not the way to go. He went another direction. We're gonna find out about the direction that brought him peace and happiness, and is bringing him success in this life. And something to look forward to beyond comprehension in the next life. We'll be right back with his story here on the deen show.

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please be with you. So now I can Peace be with you. How are you doing more good. 100 delivery. So now you got 100

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we thought your story would be a benefit to those because there's a lot of people trapped in that lifestyle that you got out of? Yes. So they're trapped. You got out of the trap. And you're here with us today. Hello. And I now you went from O to Mohammed? Yes.

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Yeah, so So tell us now you are living the life of a musician. Yes. Music for the longest time was my life. Like when I was raised, I was raised in an Islamic family were from Palestine, Gaza. And it really wasn't until about Middle School, when I really started getting influenced by music, big time. And at that point, that's when I realized like the same time I really started getting involved into music was the same time I really started going away from a low. That's when I was really influenced by a lot of bad things. And looking back now the fuel for all that that really drove me to do it was music. Because music, if you really look at all the messages and like everything it

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talks about preaches and endorses is the exact opposite of everything. Allah tells us, music is all about, you know, do drugs, do whatever you want to do. It messes up all your priorities, it really gives you a false sense of reality, this fantasy, you start chasing, and it ruins your life in the process. And then

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once that really started to happen, I started going down this deep slope. And then Alhamdulillah the same thing that really got me away from Allah, which was music, allow us to get me back to him once I actually started seeing and understanding what music was all about and how it influences people and like really how it started and its agenda today. Yeah. So you actually come from a background of Muslim parents? Yes. Very, very good Muslim parents. Very okay. So they're practicing. Oh, yes. praying and worshiping God on his terms. Not there it is that you know, you got a lot of culture mixed with Islam. So some people go and do Islam. One day out of the year. Islam is a 24 seven

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thing. Exactly. So your parents were doing it? Yes, my parents raised me they were very God conscious. They raised me to fear Allah, and also have love for him. But again, what like, right when I hit about Middle School, you know, at home was a certain culture and lifestyle. But then every time I go outside, it was a whole different world, whole different culture, a whole different lifestyle. So at that age, I really started getting confused and really being pulled between two different worlds. And then music was the one that really pushed me over the edge, because that was kind of like my sense of peace, which I got, you know, from, which was music, like, every time I was

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sad, I would listen to a song, it would make me feel better. Every time I was excited, you know, I would listen to music. Every time I was looking for guidance, I would read lyrics to songs. And you know, this is really dumb, because rather than seeking help from the Creator, the Lord Most High, a low I was seeking through the illusion of music. And like, every time I would hear a song, you know, like I would feel very, very down, and it would make me feel better for a second. But then right when the song was over, I felt right back to the way I was before. I felt very, very bad. So the piece that I thought I got from it. It was

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On illusion, there was one second and was gone. And you cannot use an illusion to solve real problems, real internal problems. For a second, you'll feel good, but it will go away right after that. And you're right back to where you were. That is amazing that you were able to pull out of that. And we really want people because this is a reality that people are living between two worlds. Yes, you know, there's the good forces and the bad force. And yes, all right, you know, the good is what the messengers brought that from the Creator of the heavens and earth, they all call it just like Moses, Abraham, Jesus in the last and final messenger. They brought that message from the

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Creator, to worship and to submit yourself to the one God, to be aware, there's a day of judgment come in, there's the eternal reward of paradise. And there's hellfire. And then there's the satanic forces working devil. And is this what you said, this is one of his tools that he'll use, like we have the Quran, the verbatim Word of God, and we have that call to submit to God. But when you are just making your life revolve around music 24 seven, there's people that wake up with music. Yes, go to sleep with music. They're in a car with the headphones. And they're in school. You know, even in some classes, there's some people like, you know, they got the mini like, little headphone putting

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in and some are even that addicted. And they're just like, going with the latest trends and going with the latest styles. On what Lady Gaga, what 50 cents is doing. They're doing. That's their guy. Those are their messages. That's their ID that Oh, yeah, I mean, I saw it, and I loved it. I mean, that was my life. Everything I used to do was based around music. I mean, I used to literally wake up going to music, I used to go to bed, listening to music, literally, I would fall asleep, listening to music, and people take it for granted like, Oh, it's just music. It's not bad. No, it will warp your mind. because music is filled with messages that are affecting you, whether you know

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it or not anything you listen to over and over and over and over again, it will have an effect on you. And like Plato once said, like he's an ancient

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Greek philosopher, there was a quote, he said, he said, be weary of the music that enters your society, because that music could destroy your whole society. So even the ancients knew the power of music, how, you know, it could change you in a matter of no time, especially if you keep listening to it over and over and over again. Now that was one of the leading intellectuals at that time. Yes, Plato. Yes, he's world renowned, like one of the most famous philosophers ever. And he said, say that one more time. He said, to be wary of the music that enters your society, because the music will could destroy your society, your morals, your conduct everything. Yeah, and especially music

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nowadays. Again, if you look at it, all the messages are the opposite of what God tells us. And that is not a coincidence. Yeah, that is, let's go on that. Note that God is saying, look, worship God. Now don't worship Jesus. don't worship the messengers of God, don't worship saints and I cons and idols just worship the God who created all things, right? Yes. And do good. So good. Is being good to your parents. Does music teach you to be good to your parents? Oh, it tells you to do whatever you want and rebel against your parents. Give us some examples. Oh man, if you listen to any songs nowadays, any song from all the way from the 60s to present its its whole motto is Do whatever you

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want to do. Be yourself don't listen to anybody. Don't listen to authority, make your own rules, and do whatever you want to do and Funny enough, that is one of the core that is the only commandment of Satanism which is do what that will that is the only commandment they have and that means you do whatever you want to do. That means you create your own rules you create your own laws in a sense you You are your own god that is amazing. Let's This is really exciting. is really exciting. We'll be back with more with former musician Mota Mohamad back here on the deed show. Be right back. So if you find yourself your demand is going down. Check yourself

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is not a way to be worship except Allah alone. You got some CDs and music in the car, bobbing your head the 50 cents or?

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No, it's common sense. Don't do things that can hurt people.

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Lady Gaga, Hulu and all that other nonsense.

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Bullying is haraam backbiting, slandering. And sets up isn't that smoking?

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We'll see what happened to me on the show.

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And we hold it down on the show early make sure you're tune back here on the dean show Mota Mohamad former musician, young man. Was there been there done that it's a dead end. And we're trying to benefit extract the good from your story so other people can benefit now. You as dowse will. Yes. God is saying Islam is saying submit submit not to die myself, but

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submit yourself to God do God's will. But Satan, the satanic forces is about, do what that will do. Just do what you want. Do whatever you want to do whatever you want. Jump on this jump on that jump on her, jump on him smoke this smoke that put it here, put it there do it everywhere. Exactly no sin, nothing. There's there's no sin. If, if you think you're God, that's fine. You want to worship a rock, that's fine, you want to kill someone, that's fine. And then this whole philosophy came from a man named Alistair Crowley. He is one of the most influential people of the 20th century that shape culture and very few people know about him. Now this guy is well documented, and I really

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stress for it for everybody who's watching this to research this man. He was What's his name? Alistair Crowley, okay. There are songs been written about him. He is he is on the cover of Beatles albums. So many of the artists today and the past the 60s 70s 80s 90s they talk about this guy being the role model and their leader. And this whole agenda that's occurring in music today that's designed to really destroy the minds and take people away from God came from this man. This man was a agent for a spy for the British intelligence. He was a traitor to him during the time with a Nazi. So he was also helping the Nazis out. This guy inspired Adolf Hitler, this guy was a cultist, this

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guy was was involved in human sacrifices, this guy got kicked out of Italy, this guy, once you read his history, you will want to throw up about all the stuff he used to do. But anyways, in the early 1900s, he wrote this book called The Book of the Law. And this book he claimed was given to him through divine revelation, kind of like saying the Mohammed peace, peace and blessings be upon him how the Quran was divinely given to him. Like those words were not his words, they were the words of the Creator, the same book, he wrote it, but he said, This revelation came to him from a devil named Iooss and wrote the book through him. And now this is the guy that so many artists idolize. And his

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whole goal he said, is to change is to change culture, and to make it completely go last to deviate culture to get people into doing everything immoral, and wrong. And all the artists fall disguise, and they use music as the tool to push this agenda. For example, look at history, you know, in the 40s, and the 50s. Look at lifestyles like look how people were living, like, for example, once Elvis came out, and like he was dancing kind of racy, back then that was extreme. They were like, Oh, my God, look how he's dancing. Nowadays, you have people naked, talking about killing, doing drugs, everything bad, and people have gotten accustomed to it. And the main force behind this was the

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music because the music, if you look at the evolution of it, it always pushed the limit to the point where people start getting used to it. And then they go even further and further and further and further. And because of this, the society has followed the music because they're so influenced by it. And the artists know this. And the artists, they use their music, and they put these messages to push this agenda. And we're talking about Jay Z, mmm, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, you name it. They talk about Alistair Crowley, they have lyrics, singing about Alistair Crowley, and they openly say, This man is our leader, this man is our hero. And and you really have to study the artists belief

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systems and who they look up to, because that's going to reflect the kind of music they make. And this guy is the worst of the worst. And he is all the heroes idols. And this is the reason why today, the music industry just pushes these horrible satanic beliefs. And again, Satanism, people have a real big misconception about it, like they think it's only you know, killing people and drinking blood and doing those types of things. But Satanism and a core is, again, it's do what that will, that book that he wrote that, you know, he said it was channeled through a devil. That was the commandment, he said, and then in this book, he talks about that there is no sin, you are a god, do

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whatever you want to do, you know, anything, you name it, do it. And these artists, they grab this philosophy, and they put it in the music and they attack people. And the devil attacks people in this way through music, because then because the devil will never go up to someone and say, Hey, I'm the devil, follow me. Don't mean they won't listen to me, okay? This guy's obviously trying to hurt us. But if he hides itself behind humans and music, they don't even think about it. Just like that, quote, you know, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he never existed. So in the same way, the devil hides behind the music. And he attacks people this way and puts all

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these ideologies and beliefs directly into their mind and the kids that listen to it over and over and over and over again, and it corrupts you it takes you away from truth and again, you're living in this fantasy and it's again it brings you no peace no happiness you look at all the artists commit suicide they're all hooked on drugs are miserable people they're miserable, miserable people it's it's astonishing that these people that when you look at them, no sane person will want to take them really who's trying to achieve achieve greatness, just trying to be a great

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leader who's trying to be a great role model of the best of character. You wouldn't want your children taking them as an example, because like you said, they're committing suicide. Because what because they're not happy, they're miserable. They're on drugs. They're in rehab centers, you know, they're just out of their mind, and they're driving the youth out of their mind. And that's why you see all the things of corruption out there. And this is one of the tools the one of the tools out of the many that the devil uses Yes, that the satanic forces use that. And there's, there's a quote or there's many quotes and like Rolling Stone magazine, where you hear like Bon Jovi, or some of these

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artists, basically calling the Devil Satan as their Lord. Yes. Have you seen some of these quotes? That there's they're praising him? Yes. Like, once you praise the creator? Yes, there's no one as great as the one who created all of this, who gives us our eyes are hearing the love that we have it we're able to live with? That is from the Creator of the heavens and earth. This is these beautiful qualities, but they're praising the devil. Yep. Have you seen some of these? Yes, it's actually it's, it's one of those things that you know, anyone watching, they should really do research on the artists and what they believe and what they say. Because pretty much these people what they do is,

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they trade the hereafter for this world. Like every time they say, you know, this person sold his soul for rock'n'roll without a lot they sold their soul. Yes. And a lot of times people think that means that you know, they take their soul out and they give it to the devil. No, every time they say that, what they mean is that they are willing to sell evil, they are willing to promote, you know, these horrible acts and destroy people's perceptions of life in return. They get worldly pleasures, being famous, you know, touring, so on and so forth. And Bon Jovi actually sent himself in a quote, he says, I would kill my mother for Rockefeller that quote, yes, Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi. Islam says the

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religion of Jesus, Abraham, Moses, the last fundamental problem and peace be upon him. Honor your mother. Yeah, this is paradise is under the feet of your mother. And this musician is saying, I would kill my mother for rock and roll rock and roll, I would sell my soul for rock and roll. Now, when do you want to be on? Do you want to be a side of honoring your mother and your parents? Or you want to be on this side? This is self evident. This is something amazing. If you think about it, you might have been fooled once, Fool me once, shame on who?

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twice, shame on you. So check this out. Let's continue on. Tell us now. There's some also amazing facts where they get inspired. Now they're doing the music, and something comes in. And they're like, I wasn't even writing that. who's writing then? Exactly. That's one also like a very main thing. They talk about these artists again, this is them saying it's not he said she said they said it themselves. They claim to channel messages, that that they say that they are mediums which which means as they use their body as a vehicle, and the shy tones go through them. And in a sense, they speak through them. They again write lyrics that they say they didn't write, they create music, they

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said they didn't create, they're just a vehicle. Because again, if shaytaan shows himself, people will know hey, this is bad, stay away from it. But he hides behind the faces of people. Again, going back to that, quote, the greatest trick he ever pulled, was convincing the world he never existed. So he uses these artists to spread their beliefs to spread you know their ideology to get people away from God. And these artists are willing to do it. And a lot of them talk about it's really really scary. If you do the research. How many talk about you know, this song? I did not write it it wrote itself. You know, on stage, something takes over me and I don't even remember what I'm doing.

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What I'm saying singing nothing. The shaytaan just uses him as a car in this world to spread all their filth. Just a question Who are you following? Are you following the last in front of Mr. centigram kind of problem peace be upon him? Are you following Jesus I found the most righteous of righteous men and examples. Are you following these people that don't want good for you? They're going to just lead you to destruction. We trying to save you from destruction by calling you to do good, do righteousness. Be good to your parents be good to your neighbor, stay away from unlawful sex. Do it in marriage. And they're talking about jump on this jump about that? Do it in the back do

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it in the front. All Exactly. This is what the lyrics that are out there. And it's just mind boggling. Some parents right under their nose that children at a young age are getting this information instilled in them. There's a rapper Jay Z very famous. Oh yeah, we interviewed freeway. This is a person who was under that label. He's saying stay away from it, man. Stay away from it. And the musicians that we interviewed also like from Bad Boy Records moon, the outlaws we've had him on the show. They're like man get away. Many of these people when they wake up also because they have a conscience. They realize this is wrong. So this is security, the goodness we're all created

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an original goodness, not original sin, it starts to come out. They don't block it. They don't do that blocking of it was called that Kufa

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You know, they give birth to what's already inside them that goodness, and they step away and they warn people. So we're trying to warn people so they don't stay in that that trickery trap of Shakedown of the satanic forces. Jay Z calls him. Lucy Lucifer. Yeah. Have you heard this quote from him? Have you heard that? Yes. And Jay Z also calls his name, Jehovah. That's one of his nickname, which is gone. So he's going on stage telling people I'm Jehovah. Yeah. Which is amazing. He says that Yes. That's one of his nicknames. He goes by and you know, he's trying to maybe, you know, mimic the whole concept of you know, I am God. And like, he has a song so many songs talking about I

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sold my soul to the devil, like he has a song called, called the devils. And the whole song is about him trading his soul and trading his whole morality in exchange for World wealth. Again, these people are selling the infinite hereafter for the illusion of this world. You were you were in that lifestyle. That's what you were sleeping, waking up to. And many are, you know, we were there. We we've done that. It's not the way to go. Before we go to a break under my umbrella. Did you know what's that song? by Rihanna? Now? what she's saying there. See under my umbrella a lot of people talk about the umbrella she's talking about is the covering or the her overseer, which is like her

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shake on, he has her under her umbrella under her control. And the whole song is talking about that and the whole Jay Z unit they're hardcore into Rihanna actually was doing an interview where she said yes, I'm a devil worshiper. She said it herself out of her own mouth her own words, so no one pointed to her and then their songs are symbols filled with satanic symbolism messages you know be bisexual do this horrible, horrible messages and they're designed to destroy the youth people think musics all fun and games but no, this is a tool they're using because they know the parents also Okay, it's harmless. It's music. I love my kids listen to it. And that's exactly what they want

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people to think when we come back with a comeback There's a song out there This is dangerous stuff this is this is out of this is more dangerous than a bomb man because when it comes in your house and destroys your family, destroy society, we can see what's going on and we want to save society. We don't want no bombs going off. And I kissed a girl is saying I kissed the girl and I liked it. Yes, we're gonna get into that when we come back crazy stuff here on the deen show. We'll be right back. Deaf undeterred judgment at the mercy of a law. These are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada right there is

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the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to last multiple decades. So it is very, very scary. But it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. And you have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be

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people of help?

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

00:23:14--> 00:23:16

I am not afraid.

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Back here on the dean show, former mo to Mohammed musician. He was there he done that, y'all because we're in Texas right now my brother. Everyone says y'all down here. Yeah. So thank you for being with us. We really hope you know we sincerely want the best for everybody. We want the best for all of humanity because Islam says love all mankind and how are you going to love mankind if you're not sharing this information, this this message of peace peace acquired by submitting who to the satanic forces to the devil, or submitting to these, these these Lady Gaga guys in the 50 Cent's submitting to them. By worshiping, you're worshiping them by doing and following everything that they're doing,

00:24:14--> 00:24:51

instead of worshiping the unseen create tour, who created man and woman but he's not a man or woman, the one who has given you life, he'll give you death. And then you're going to have to account for everything on the Day of Judgment. And at the end, it's either paradise, eternal bliss happiness forever ever, or to hellfire. We don't want you to hellfire. Let's continue on with that song. Now that talks about I kissed a girl and I liked it. And that's not you know, boy saying that. I said, I kissed my wife and I loved it. No, this is like, not even the guy saying I kissed a girl but a girl saying I kissed the girl. Yes. It's by a song by Katy Perry. She's one of the biggest stars in the

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

world right now. Everybody knows what's her name Katy Perry. She's like up there with Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry. That's like the those are the three biggest female artists.

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

That was a song funny enough that actually made her famous. And the whole song is about being a lesbian. And little girls love the song. Like you literally have little girls right now singing a song, I kissed a girl and I liked it. They don't understand the concept of that, and being at that age saying it over and over and over and over again, it's gonna affect them because these messages again, they're going directly into their subconscious, like whether you're aware whether you're aware or not, this music, it's messages are affecting you. And at that age to be singing that it's horrible. It's, it's really disgusting. Yeah, so there's another one that she's also a rapper,

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

female rapper, Nicki Minaj. What she's singing about, oh my god, she's singing about everything. If you listen to any of her songs, you'd want to throw up, she talks about

00:25:46--> 00:26:21

bisexuality doing drugs, killing people. It's all about you know, the self. I make up my own rules. You know, this whole satanic agenda, this whole satanic philosophy. And again, people love this lady. And if you ever just like read the lyrics, like don't listen to music is printed out and read it. It will make you sick to your stomach. This horrible words, it's filth. And again, they're doing it on purpose. They're not just doing it for fun and games, like they know exactly what they're doing. Yeah. So it's all about now under the preset Fun, fun, fun, do what you want. And then Fun, fun, fun. And then you end up like, you know, date rate, right? The sound comes on and you're

00:26:21--> 00:26:56

getting in the mood and does that try it out? And he puts the Mickey and you drink it in a place you shouldn't be and now five guys leaving the room the lights come on. Oh, what happened? You just got date rate, right? What's going on? We don't want that to happen to you. And what happens now? Same thing, drinking driving, smoking the dope and fun fun fun your crypto, right? Yep. You're dead in a car accident all because why? Because you got influence and you got tricked by music. Just a song you thought was harmless? Yeah. And it's funny that because even if like you look at all the different genres of music, right? You see, every genre music has a whole different type of people.

00:26:56--> 00:27:28

Like the people that are in a hardcore rap, they act a certain way. They all talk a certain way. They all dress a certain way people in the rock scene, do the same thing. They talk a certain way, act a certain way. And it shows you all these people think they're all being original and cool, yet they're all acting exactly the way the music wants them to do. The music has enslaved them. But they think it's out of their own choice that they're doing. And they're having fun. But know everything. You're doing everything you think you're having fun, you know, you're cool. The music told you to do that. But they think it's coming from themselves. And that's another deception of the music. Yeah.

00:27:28--> 00:27:51

And like, I used to always go to concerts and concerts like, that was kind of like me going into the measured back in the day, like I didn't, like I never went to the measure. It was concert concert concert, you know, and like, you'd get there and be all excited. And you know, people dance and cheer. And when you go there and see the type of people it's disgusting, the things that go on, is again, the opposite of a measure, just like music is the opposite of everything God

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tells us to do. When you go to a concert, you see it all there, you see the complete opposite, everything bad. I mean, you name it, it's going on over there. And it's being endorsed and it's being fed. So it's not like you listening to 50 cent, Jay Z and Lady Gaga and all this other nonsense and you're like, Hey, I'm gonna go and give some charity today, hey, I'm gonna go you know, do some good deeds, nice to my parents, I'm gonna go help my neighbor, I'm gonna

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you know, instead of robbing a bank, hurting somebody through, you know, doing drugs, when you got to go to the party now because you got to get your dance on and on. And you know, all this other stuff that doesn't bring you closer to God does it? It takes you away, and it makes you feel miserable. Did that bring you closer to God, the music bring you closer to God? No, it brought me so far away, but it's upon Allah, Allah started showing me the influence of music and how it was destroying me. And that led me back into him. So the same thing that got me away, Allah used to bring me back, once he showed me what it really was, you know, what I was listening to what was

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really going on in the music industry. And that really woke me up because I realized, Hey, this is real, these people are not doing this for fun, the devil is real, the corruption of the mind is very, very real. And that led me to believe you know, that was the first step like, Okay, if this is real, then there really is a God because these people are trying to take me away from them. And why is that? Because he exists. So from there on out, it just kept looking in further and further and further and humble. Allah kept showing me more and more and more, and just confirmed my faith, my beliefs and hunger that led me to where I am today. Just a couple more calls more points. They're

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there. They're signaling that we're out of time, almost like did you investigate all the different other religions that are out there the ways of life? How did you conclude that this way of life was from the creator that it wasn't organized by man or men, but it was organized and is divinely sent from the Creator of the heavens and earth? Well, whenever I started looking at all the different faiths, I realized the most fates, they led me to more questions to more confusion, and there's a lot of answers, or a lot of questions that I wanted answers for is that they did not provide and it was not until I found Islam that every question I had was answered. Everything that I wondered about

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

was answered. There's no contradiction every single thing

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

in there, it answered everything from the smallest level to the largest level, to the music industry to the world today to the hereafter. Everything there was, once you read it, all it does is bring peace and knowledge. And the more you get into it, the more confirmation You know, it is the truth because there's too much in it. And you can't deny it. And but the other faiths, there was too much loops, too much contradictions. And again, it just led me to more confusion. You could still still confused don't look like you're confused anymore. Oh, no. How did you find? Did you finally fill that void? Is it your life? Oh, yes. Before, I used to feel miserable all the time, I used to wake

00:30:35--> 00:31:10

up I didn't feel right. I used to go to bed not feeling right. Now I could die in two seconds. And I and I would still be the happiest man in the world. I come to the LA Alhamdulillah. What closing comments is suggestions for those youth, those adults who are trapped, you know, they're listening to what we have the verbatim Word of God. And then visitation that brings us peace and living by this brings us contentment, happiness, life is still a struggle, you still have tests. But at the end, you got paradise for all of the hardships that you go through that make you and that you don't let it break you and you don't succumb to your lesson desires and your passion and you end up being

00:31:10--> 00:31:29

depressed and miserable. You're happy because you're living your purpose, why you've been created for the Quran explains it, it explains it in detail. So for those people who don't know what the purpose of life is, they're confused. They think all religions are the same. You just put them in one pot, and you know, I'll just do my own thing. But they like what you have to say, talk to them. If

00:31:30--> 00:32:07

my main thing I would say is don't take anything for granted. Don't just follow anything blindly. Anything you believe, research it, and really understand what it is you're believing and questioning things and question them and search truthfully and honestly. And don't ever base your opinions on things off assumptions, because that will bring you nothing but pain and grief. So be sincere, do your work. And truly, truly, truly do your research. Because if you do that and you are sincere, Allah will guide you. That's right. That's right. What was the documentary that you had talked to me about that goes over some of these facts about music and you say tannic forces working behind them?

00:32:07--> 00:32:41

Yes, there is a there's quite a bit on YouTube, just type in, you know, Satanism, in music, and there's a whole bunch, but a very good one is, is called they sold their soul for rock'n'roll. And then there's another one called the industry series, and that one's on YouTube, but again, on YouTube type in you know, Satanism and music, and you will see 1000s of videos, people, dissecting songs, interviews of artists themselves talking about it. So, but again, don't take the music for granted. Research the artist research what they believe and understand that because that will lead you to a better understanding of what's actually going on rather than being naive and in the dark.

00:32:41--> 00:33:17

Because that's how you get deceived not knowing, not knowing we want you to know and thank you very much. Thank you very much. My God Almighty, the creator of love rewards you thank you told me and somebody complained. And thank you, thank you for sitting with us here on the deen show. We really want the best for all of mankind. And we really want you to be successful in this life. And the next life Paradise is real. The Hellfire is real, the crater. His signs are all around this creation, everything in it didn't just come by chance your card does come together. Your body didn't just come together and you didn't make yourself where did you come from God Almighty, the creator Allah

00:33:17--> 00:33:51

created you for a noble purpose. Now you will come back to him. But you have this chance now to either do good to live your purpose, according to how he wants you to live or live according to your desires. Make yourself into a God just like these people have made themselves into God and follow them and see where you end up. We don't want you to end up in the wrong place going in the wrong direction. That's why we're doing programs like this so you can benefit and you could head in the right direction direction that Jesus Moses, Abraham and Alaska final measure said that that kind of problem of peace be upon them. They were the best of mankind. They were the messengers delivering

00:33:51--> 00:34:22

the same message. Worship the one unseen God who created men and women who created the sun and the moon and everything in this universe. Only worship Him, submit to Him and do good deeds. develop yourself to be the best human being that you can be. And this is how you can have peace and happiness success in this life and paradise in the next and you'll be far away from the hellfire. What a hot place you don't want to end up continue to tune in here to the deen show. We'll see you next time. Until then peace be on to you.