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AI: Summary © The importance of worshipping one God is essential, and peace and blessings are upon Islam. dressing in Islam, including black clothing, is essential, and peace and blessings are upon Islam. The lack of information and evidence on the Prophet's life and his projected behavior is a sign of a lack of power. The importance of researching the Prophet's life and his projected behavior is also emphasized.
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Do you want to know what

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everybody wants to

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show me Lord hamdulillah salaam aleikum nestegg, greeting a peace, peace be unto you. We are those people, those that have come to a conscious decision that there is only one God, one God, not three and one. God is not to be divided, he is one, we've come to that decision that we're going to worship Him alone, we're going to establish the prayer five times a day, we're going to fast during the month of Ramadan, we're going to pay the Zakat the poor do and we're gonna dedicate to making the hedge least once in our life, we're physically and financially able to how do we come to this, we use good old common sense, we use the tools of the Creator the heavens, the earth has given us.

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So when we done this, now, we have used this and we've come to this truth. We want other people to be able to come to the same truth, the same realization that we've come to,

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along with the knowing and being totally

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without any shadow of a doubt, knowing who our Lord is, and at the same time,

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knowing that he sent a messenger, and this messenger is not one who is living today, he was living 1400 years ago. And he wasn't sent for a particular time, as Jesus was, as Moses was, as Abraham, we don't have their teachings. Even if we wanted to follow them, we could not, it wasn't meant for us to follow them. The messenger that is meant for us to follow today, if you're living is the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. You don't want to just take my word for it. So we're gonna have an analysis of his life. So you can be convinced, like over 1.5 billion people in the world are today. So my next guest comes out. It's already natural that you believe one God, and you

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worship Him alone. You don't worship a man, a monkey, an elephant, nothing in the creation but the Create tour. But now you might have some doubt, how do I know this man? Mohammed was a prophet? How do I know? Edie, talk to me? So that's what we're going to be covering today. All we ask is that you have an open heart and open mind. And my next guest will clear up any doubts that you might have. With my next guests here on the dean. She'll be right back. He

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is His Messenger.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe

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a Salaam all equal to love peace be on to you? How's it going? Everything is 100%. Now translate. You said

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we have a lot of non Muslims, would you say hello, son. And it's a very nice greeting. It's an Arabic greeting his family? Yeah. And Sal is easy and simple and relaxed. So when you tell someone and it was that and you really saying that, you know, your family, and the dealings between us and the interaction is easy, and it's relaxed. So that's what I hope everybody at home is relaxed. Because you know, a lot of times, you know, with the media and the hype, don't believe the hype. People are out there thinking that you need to be tense around Muslims. That's true. But we're striving for peace. You know, interesting one time it was this was many years ago and Halloween was

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on a Friday. Yeah. And so I was wearing my Filipino is going to gym mom. It was this old lady walking her dog. She saw me she said, Oh, you're starting early.

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She's that was my Halloween.

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But now let's, let's address that for a second. I mean,

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for some people again, they see you in what's called a foe? Is this if you want to be a Muslim, do you have to wear this? No, you don't have to there's no like official Islamic attire or, or national attire or anything like that. You know, you can wear whatever you want to wear. You can wear a soap like this and you or you can wear jeans and a shirt or a suit and tie or whatever it is you want to wear. So long as you know, it's not revealing in and of itself. There's no nothing that's prohibited as in the material itself. It doesn't resemble like women's clothing and women don't wear anything that resembles men's clothing. Besides that, it's very lacks, it's not as strict as most people

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might imagine it to be. Have you had any body like give you a hard time say why are you wearing that? No, no, everyone else is wearing you know, jeans and sweatshirt this and why are you wearing this? We're in America? No. First of all, I don't I don't just like this old most of the time, but when I do I never meet anyone who is nasty and I have to hand it to people very civilized, very well mannered. One time I was at a restaurant I was dressed like this and a woman came to me she said Are you ready?

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black grab by.

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But otherwise there are no problems. So this is just now this is comfortable. So modest way of dressing, but you can wear it like that. You can wear it like this. As long as you're dressing modestly. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so we just got their coffee co we learned something already here on the deen show. And but the main topic here today is the genuine prophet is the last in front of it. We say the last and final master problem, peace and blessings be upon him. salutely? How does one come to the realization that he is indeed a messenger from the creator? How's that? It's got to be easy. First of all, let's get this straight. It has to be really easy to tell if Islam is a true

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religion or a fake religion. And it has to be real easy to see which religion on earth is the one from Allah? And which is the one for men from devils from con men? What have you. If I were to tell you, Eddie, I'm going to give you 10 essays. One of them is by Shakespeare nine written by kindergarteners. Are you going to is it going to take you a long time to determine which is very easy? Yeah, you're not going to be convinced I can't I can't see if it's this one about me and mommy playing in the park. Or if it's this one about art, hello, or whatever it is, you can easily tell this is one that's quite simple. And what we're trying to say is we're learning mackerel, Allah we

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don't like and I liked his creation. But it can't be that the one true religion from Allah, that's generally from God is going to look exactly and not discernible from the one that's from devils, one that's written by men are made up by men are altered by men. And I can't tell which is the one authored by Allah and which is the one authored by the devil, it can't be or by people It can't be. So you have those that are altered by man that are by the devil This is so you have those, there were some religions that that originally and genuinely came from Allah, and then people alter them, change the books, change the Scripture, then you have other religions that were just totally made up

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by some guy. And you can even trace to the history to the guy who made it up and the process that he went to. And then there are things that have been distorted here and there. So you can easily tell which one is from Allah, which isn't, it has to be like that. You know, what we're gonna do in this episode, it started off. I was in this was again many, many years ago, and I was a young man. And there was this, this Muslim man, he wanted to get married to a girl and she was an atheist. Right? And you can't marry an atheist. You she has to be Jewish or Christian or Muslim to marry. So he said, Can you prove to her that God exists that a lie exists? I said, If she's willing to listen,

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inshallah, that's easy to prove. Look, it can't be hard to prove that a lie exists. It can't be it's got to be one of the most easy the easiest things to prove. All right. Yeah. So I said, If she's willing to listen, inshallah we can do that God willing. Yeah. So basically, we sat down, and through analyzing the life of the prophets of Salaam, she was convinced that there was a creator analyzing the life of the processor, so you didn't get into something that you went straight to? reading about it? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. Okay, we're gonna pick your brain on this a little bit more, we come back, absolutely. Break that story back on the show comes to you the truth, and the

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attribute of the one who created you that he's won and alone, running this universe, that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat and go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this This doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus worshipping? This is recorded in the gospels. And despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside, we'll just say it's mentioned there that Jesus, worship God

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from hunger.

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So talk to us now tell us share this experience with this woman that you went in? She was an atheist. And then you went and talked to her about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and convinced her that there is a creator. And that obviously after that, that he is a messenger? Yes. And it's a very simple process. Yeah. Imagine any right now as we're sitting here, a guy walks into the studio, and he says, Hey, I'm a prophet of Allah, I was sent by God, how many questions would you need to ask him? I mean, realistically, you don't have to ask him anything, because we know there's no other prophet. But if you didn't know that, how many questions would you have to ask him

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before you could determine if he was speaking the truth or he was an imposter? Not many at all right? certain questions would ask like, for example, what is the most important message in your religion? If he doesn't say it's about worshiping Allah? then definitely, we can already put an you know, a first strike against him worshiping God Almighty Creator, because every one of the prophets called people to worshiping Allah alone. Yeah, even you look at this in the Old Testament, and you even look at it in the New Testament everywhere. Moses said, Here, O Israel, the Lord our God is One Lord, right? It's in the 10 commandments. Jesus came and said, the exact same thing is word for

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word, but there's only one God worthy of worship. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said the exact same things. So if someone comes in today, and you tell them what's your most important message, what's the first commandment and it's not that that's the first step.

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against somebody is probably a liar. Another thing we might ask, okay, what who is the angel that comes to you? We know that the angel that brings the message to all the prophets of Allah and the messengers is the angel Gabriel, zebra, Gabriel or debris? Yeah. And if he tells you Well, it's another angel, his name is, you know, you know, Mikhail or So then, you know, immediately that's another ex against him. And this is one of the things if you look at, you know, the founder of the Mormon faith, Joseph Smith, that's the first strike against him, because he didn't get a message from jabril, who did he meet, he met, according to them, the father and the son came down in person.

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That's never happened to anybody. This is an honor, quote, unquote, but it happens to him. So that's the first strike against them. He went outside of the mold of what the prophets of Allah went. So he's discredited right off the bat. Absolutely. But there is another strike actually many strikes against it. But another very clear is he was 14 when that happened. And it was Since when does God and according to them both God heads which we don't believe that there are two Gods there's only one God came to this 14 year old kid, you know, that immediate lesson, another strike, it doesn't fit the mold of the prophets. It doesn't fit the stories of all the prophets, what they go through being

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shepherds being carpenters, his kid suddenly, you know, sees God, even though Jesus said, no man has seen God at any time or heard his voice nor seen his shape. That's a contradiction. So he has to fit the mold of a prophet, now with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, which means May Allah extol and send blessings of peace upon him. With the prophets sort of load said that we have every detail of his life, the direction he combed his hair, which shoe he put on first, which shoe it took off first, you know, every detail how he relieved himself, what side he slept on how he put his hand when he slept, every detail of his life, is there. Is there anyone that has more details of their

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life preserved? Bush, Clinton, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, any of their lives detail like this man, nobody in the history of humans a miracle itself? Yeah. And no follower of any other prophet could follow them to the smallest degree as we can follow the prophets, Allah Allah. So now, with all this information available to us, it would be easy for us to go and look into it. And look at his actions, his sayings, his teachings, his demeanor, his behavior, his manners, and see, was this genuine prophet? Or is this some guy pretending to be a prophet? Because we have so much information, we can analyze it and come to a clear conclusion, true or false? True. Okay. Before we

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do that, there are a bunch of other things. First of all, let's assume because there are only two options, right? So this man, Mohammed Salah said lamb 1400 years ago, came in Arabia, and either he was a genuine Prophet, given a message by Allah, or he was, God forbid an imposter totally made it up. These are the only two options. Yeah, even if you say no, maybe he really cared about people and made it all up for the sake of helping still means he was not genuinely sent by a lot. Yeah, he made it up. So the first thing we need to discuss what would be the motive of this man? Why would he do that? Like when the police, they're looking for a motive? Exactly the crime? What's the motive

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behind him making this? I mean, that's what they look for. They look for the murder weapon. They look for the motive. Yeah. No, it doesn't work with with with one of the two. Yeah. So what's the motive? Because we need a motive and a strong one, because he knows he lives in Arabia, he knows these Arabs, they fight over horses, a horse race can start a war that will go on for decades, you know? So he knows that if he's going to attack the most beloved things to them, their idols, they're going to fight against him. Yeah. So he must have a strong motive to want to face years of battle and warfare and attempted assassinations. So the motives now and you know, here, anyone can put any

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motive they want to imagine, right? So maybe he did. This is now we're talking about the assumption or the accusation of him making it up? Yeah. Why would he make it up? Maybe he wanted money. So we put that down as a motive. Maybe he wanted women, we put that down as a motive. Maybe he wanted power. Maybe one is fame. Maybe he was ill, he heard voices. And that prompted him to do all these things. Whatever it is, and whatever. Like if you asking someone what are possible motives, whatever they say, write it down. Whatever they say write it down. One time, someone told me Maybe he was from outer space, I wrote it down. Yeah. And then we're gonna come back to it and analyze his life,

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his teachings, his sayings, his manners, his mannerisms, to see, could it be that he did it for money? Could it be that he was from out of state, whatever it is, because we can come to a clear conclusion that he was a genuine prophet by doing this analysis. So I'll give you one example. Okay, so we said, Maybe he pretended to be a prophet because he wanted money. Yeah. Right. So now we have so much detail about his life. Let's analyze we go back to that now. Whatever thent ik information, there you go. I mean, it was it was detailed. It was written in detail, everything that he did, how he spoke, how we walked, what he looked like, physically. Now we can go back and analyze it, right.

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So if we accuse him of wanting money, he did it all because he want money. Then we analyze his life. We see first of all, what he lived in, and it was basically a room that was

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Only six feet by six feet. They had walls made of mud and palm stalks. And it had, you know, just a simple ceiling that would sometimes leak. And it would end they had basically no furniture, just a mat, and like a pillow stuffed with palm fiber and a clay pot and another broken cup, something like that. So now you don't see any wealth in his life. You see his wife Ayesha, or the low on huh. She used to say that sometimes for two months, there wouldn't be a fire lit in his home. So her cousin asked her, What did you eat? How did you live? She said dates and water, meaning just eat dates, which is sweet and drink water, no meat, no bread, nothing. Two months. And this is when he could

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have had money. This is when actually money was coming in. Yeah. But he would never came into his house, it was distributed immediately who was given to him it was given to the poor it was given put in the Muslim Treasury, but he never used it. So much. So to the point that it almost caused a divorce between him and his wives because they were asking for an increase in stipend or salary. And he refused. And because the big problem for him, then this is now a prophet who is also human, and it has problems like this. But it shows you that he refused to bring any money into his home or even to give his wives they lived a very difficult life. So no food, no, no meat cooked in your home for

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two months now living in those small cramped quarters, if you want to call them. So every, every way you look at it, you don't see wealth and his life, you see his teachings always telling people to abstain from loving the materialism to being attached to worldly life. So there's not the teachings of someone who wanted wealth. Yeah, at the same time, you also see things like that he would get a lot of wealth, he would get, you know, 10,000 camels or goats or sheep or gold coins, and he would give it all away and come back to the poor, old to the poor and come home empty handed. Yeah, who does that someone who is most of his money, that's not what they do. And interestingly, when he

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first started his message, and I think you remember this very well, when he started his message, they came to him, and then they said, leave this, if it's money you want, we'll give you money, if it's women you want will give you women, so leave it. So if his motive was money, he would have accepted the offer kind of like when you come to some of the corrupt people who are in office, the politician and they make the side deal with the big corporation Exactly. This just vote this way. And that's when they crack and crumble. So if they came to them and said, Look, if he wanted money, and they came and said, Look, we'll give you money, it will accept this deal. Yeah, but something

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else is very interesting, Eddie, is that he was actually very rich before becoming a prophet, and became poor after becoming a prophet. So that goes against the plan. If he's going to pretend to be a prophet to make money. Yeah, he should make money, not lose his money. Yeah. So every way you analyze his life, you see that there was nothing about wealth, or love of money. So we got that one. So you can x that off. So the next one women, so you might argue with someone might argue, well, he looked he wanted women, he pretended to be a prophet because of woman. And there you go. Yeah. But everywhere you analyze it, you don't see that the mark of a womanizer. Because first of all, when he

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first got married, he was 25 years old. But he married a woman who is 40 years old. She's 15 years old, she proposed to him and she proposed to him excellent. Now, a woman is a womanizer doesn't go for older women. Yeah, they go for younger woman. But he married a woman that was 15 years older than him. He stayed married to her for a long period of time for 15 years, and never married any other wife. So a womanizer again. You know?

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If he is making up his own religion, he'll say that I can marry 50 or 100. There are no limit. But why did he remain with one woman for 15 years? who is older than him? That's not the mark of a womanizer. Yeah, his second marriage was to sew them into xmr narrations go about her age, anywhere from the age 55 as high as 65 years of age, maybe it's inaccurate. But that's how how high the narrations go. So the second wife was about 50 to 50, some years old. Again, that's not how a womanizer behaves. Yeah, you go younger. You don't go old. And this is his wife, not mistress exact girlfriend wife. This is wife. Yes. And so every time you start to look at one of the marriages of

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you'll find that some of them had a political like,

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not motive, but like goal or like wisdom behind them. Some of them had social wisdoms behind them. Some gonna have religious rulings that were revealed because of these marriages. Some of them were humane, like when he took soda arugula and he was an old woman, she had nowhere else to stay at. He obviously can't just bring her into his home. So he married her. So some of them had two main reasons behind them. So there was always a reason and it wasn't just that when you look at it, it's not the behavior of someone who's a woman. Can it also be Is it a wisdom here because we see that we have so much information on them. Now the people behind the scenes are the wise, so they're

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narrating his his life? Is this also a way to

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Now that to get more information and that's the ultimate things the details of all his life that the man can give his buddies, his companions, only the woman can of course, and they lived with him and they saw him do everything and so they were able to relate to us the finest details of his life. Yeah, and by the way, I mean, no matter who you look at in you analyze their life, when you look at it in detail, you start to find flaws, but we have so much detail on the intimate life of the process lm so if there was a flaw would be able to see it very clearly. Ya know, and, and an imposter, certain things would not work out like the imposter would not practice what he would

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preach, right? Yeah, we can. We can expound on that a bit more, if you'd like. Yeah, let's take a break.

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And we'll be back on the show.

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Former bad boy, gone, Hey, boy, ran with an entrepreneur and the icon in the music business, how he attained something that money.

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Excessive and records that I did. He left that line wasn't a country that I couldn't go through this good life wasn't a country that I couldn't go through the life that brought him he's a perfect person couldn't identify

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Get ready, you're watching the teen show? Take it away? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people that come to this? Like, what are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now, when they're gonna come? They're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hands the ability to do your job.

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Back here on today's show, and we're talking about

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the proofs and evidences and arguments someone can have. And we listed a few of those money, women power, and we knocked out the power. You were talking about the woman please continue on? Yes. So we're saying that when you look at the the marriages of the pros and settle them, they don't fit the pattern of someone who's a womanizer, not from age, not from duration? Because his first marriage in the correction is that he was married to his first wife for 25 years. 25. Yeah. And the womanizer, basically, it doesn't need to stay with one woman for a long time. You know, and I think in our day and age, most people are familiar with the how the womanizers Yeah, operate. Okay, so they don't

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stay with one for a long time. So you can expound on all these, it can be a lecture on its own. Absolutely. Because we're almost out of time tell us because we have a few more that we have to knock out. So this is and I'm sure anyone who's sincere. Who's has an open mind humble heart, he can be like, you know, that makes sense. And so if you want to go ahead and wrap up on this one, and then we have a few more to cover, okay, suppose he wanted power, right? If he wanted power, he'd be demanding power constantly, right? And he would be elevating himself in status in this religion and saying, you know, you know, like, I'm flawless. I don't make mistakes, you need to obey everything

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that I say. But when you look at the message of the call on it actually puts him in a very human like depiction, you know that he is human, that he makes mistakes that he was dying, just like everyone else dies. The thing about power, suppose he wanted power. It's interesting how one time a Bedouin Arab, so like a nomadic Arab came, and he doesn't know what the prophet looks like solo settlers, he hasn't seen photographs, there's no internet magazines. So he comes in to the mosque of the prophet SAW Selim. And he has to ask this question. He has to say which of you is Muhammad, which is amazing. That means the prophet SAW Selim was sitting with his companions dressed in a way,

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like all of them were dressed, not dressed better or differently, not sitting on a throne or sitting higher than they are. And that means he was so humble and so simple, that he looked just like anyone else. So he had to ask which of you is the Prophet? Not like some men? I mean, who are just constantly thriving for attention now? Yeah, when you go somewhere, just the architecture of the room will tell you. Right? Yes, you can't you can't ever walk into a king's court and be an ask the gesture, Your Highness. It's clearly the King Lear, the big chair, the big cloak, the big however, it is amazing. So this is proof that he's not wanted power. So even one time someone tells him

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whatever Allah wills and you will, and he became angered. He said, Have you made me like an equal to Allah? Say, whatever Allah wills, someone who wanted power would say yes, yes. Absolutely. You know, interestingly, when the infant son of the processor and passed away, it coincided with an eclipse. Yeah. And when the eclipse of the sun so when the sun eclipsed at the moment, the son, the infant of the processor, died, the people started to say, you see the Son is sad at the death of the son of the processor. That son, yeah, so he actually now an imposter would take advantage of this opportunity right there. salutely and you should all be sad. And while you're at exactly what did he

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do, he says, No, these are signs these are like creations of Allah, the sun and the moon and they don't, you know, Eclipse and or anything because of the death or the life of anybody shied away from these

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I think we can see it's not someone who wanted power, no power, no power. It's not if you want it to become famous, then you look at the Quran because the book, The Quran would have to be written by him. Yeah. So if he wanted a mo, if there was a motive, it would be reflected in his writing, right? So he would say, you know, he would elevate himself in rank, he would say, bring women to the Prophet, because he, that's his motive. Yeah, if you wanted wealth, he would write bring wealth to the Prophet, God commanded to bring him wealth, if you wanted power, he would say, obey everything that he does blindly, you know, and so on and so forth. If you wanted, like a fame, he would just

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constantly talk about himself. But interestingly, and now we're running out of time. I know, Eddie, but you know, and you know this, that the name of Moses is mentioned far more than the name of Muhammad. So I set them in the Koran, the name of Jesus is mentioned more than the name of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So if you want to be famous, why is he writing about other people in his book, it's all about me that book. So every way you look at his life, it doesn't fit the mold of someone who is an imposter, pretending to be a prophet to get some kind of worldly gain. I'd like to urge people to do their own research because everything about his life is available online. It's

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available on the internet and books you can find. And you look at it carefully. Does this look like the act of an imposter and you come to the clear conclusion that it's not your shop, thank you very much for being with us again, I look forward to having you back here on the de show God willing.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show, we hope that you got to hear some of the proofs and evidences and anybody who comes at this with an open heart and open mind. And you're already seeking the truth within your very self. you're seeking to want to know what the purpose of life is why you're here, and you're wanting the guidance. Because if you're not in the market, then you know what, it's not gonna fit. It's not gonna work. But if you are, you can see that the things that we're talking about not only this show, and all our other other shows are things that go with the good old common sense. And that's all we're asking you to do. To be sincere

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to ask the one who created you for the guidance, and to come back here every week for another episode of the deen show. Don't forget to visit our blog section at the deen show calm where we also have now Volume Two of the DVDs for Dawa along with the podcast and auto audio versions of our shows. And until next time, we'll see you God Willing inshallah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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He created the universe.

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The heavens and the earth.

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He is the

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He's the owner.

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He sent His messenger

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to his creature

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on the grave danger.

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there is nothing greater

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