Road to Return #20 – Hoping For The Best Without Doing Your Best

Yahya Ibrahim


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hoping for the best but doing the worst, that doesn't work. That's a major transgression for us. as Muslims, it's something that holds you accountable to Allah subhana wa and to Allah.

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You can't just say, I hope Allah will forgive me and continue doing what you do. You can just assume that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who has told you he is Elsa fuutarou Rahim that he is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful but not complete the area. You can just stop halfway. Allah says to the prophets Allah Allah, how do you ascend him? Never be a baddie. Tell Mike servants tell my worshipers tell mankind any animals of all Rahim I am the Forgiving, I am the merciful. What an and also don't just stop there. Continue that I continue the passage when and also either be my punishment teulada. Aleem is the most severe of punishment, you can just say, Whoa, whoa, a lady

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Yakubu Tolbert and a baddie He is the one who will accept the tobor of those who are His servants and not complete to the end of the passage that you must ask for that forgiveness. You must be a person who seeks to change their life around 11am Anna, what our I mean lasallian for Allah ek Ubud de rula who say you asked him Hasina, the one who repents is the one who believes works righteous deeds, and changes their evil sings into good deeds. Allah aka Allah who say they are the ones Allah will change their sinful deeds into good deeds in their account in lemon tabber those who repent to Allah, why me lasagna and do good deeds thereafter. And therefore there has to be a commitment that

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goes beyond just hope. You can't just hope for the best you can just hope for Allah's mercy. You can just say in sha Allah, everything will be well you can just simply lie to yourself that everything is going to be okay. And Allah will forgive me at the end of the day. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has given us this precedent, that as you have lived your life that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah looks into your heart sees the trueness in it and if your heart is truly hopeful in his mercy, then your actions begin to change towards it. And a lot tells us in the Quran in Allah yoga, you don't have your home in Hatha Yoga, you don't maybe unfortunately, Allah will not change the condition of

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a people until they make the change themselves. Allah will not change you from living a sinful life unless you take the choices. The means the responsibility of making that change yourself. You can't just keep going and sitting in the same place where sin is committed and hope for the best. You can't just go to sleep every night knowing you haven't set your alarm for federal in the morning and hope for the best. You can't just be befriending people for sinful behavior, sinful activities, sinful actions, and just hope for the best. It'll all turn out okay at the end, you must do an act in that which is pursuing and seeking the hope you seek to achieve and have in your life hoping for

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the best but doing the worst is a transgression against Allah and the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu. It was sillim sooner