Angels in Their Presence S2 #14 – The Spectacular Student

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The transcript describes a series of events, including a distraction with a man who was in the presence of the Prophet sallavi, a distraction with a woman who was in the presence of the Prophet, and a distraction with a woman who was in the presence of the Prophet sallavi. The event is described as a distraction and a distraction with the Prophet sallavi, but it is not related to any specific event.

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Abdullah nobis will be a lot of time on Houma. Only spent three years with the Prophet slice alum between the age of 10 and 13. But Subhan Allah was so dedicated to the Prophet slice of them that what he was able to grasp in those three years, sustains us until now narrates over 1000 a Hadith from the prophets I seldom becomes haberle on, the scholar of this ummah, becomes someone that we look to, in Tafseer someone we look to and filk someone we look to in Hadith, I mean, in every way you looked up the Lebanon bustle, the low tide and

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the Sahaba could have embraced Islam at the same time, but Allah subhanaw taala chooses to bless certain companions with certain things. And when you look at Abdullah and bustle the law, i No matter the fact that he's distinguished by knowledge, and when a person is in pursuit of knowledge and doing the work of knowledge, not only is it that the inhabitants of the earth are benefiting, and the animals and the insects in the environment but the angels continue to shower, their blessings upon that seeker of knowledge. And so just think about even Abbas Lila and Houma. I mean, he basically was in the presence of angels, without any pause, right from the age of 10 years old,

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his pursuit of knowledge did not stop when the profit side son passed away. In fact, it continued all the way until the Davis death. So he's basically someone who's perpetually in the presence of the angels. Now Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with something else. And that is that he was blessed with seeing Salaam two times. Okay, so the prophets lie. Some made your app for him at least two times, and he saw Djibouti at least twice. In one of these incidents. He goes out with his father to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I bustle the lawn. And when they get to the Prophet slice alone, the prophets lie Selim is seemingly not paying attention to an ibis and

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Ibis is addressing him and the prophesy. centum is seemingly ignoring him. And so we left him an ibis is talking about himself and his father saying, we walked away. And Abbas was upset by that, right. I mean, it seemed like the profit slice and I was ignoring him. So he said, Oh, my son, have you seen that your cousin turned away from me. And Abdullah says, I said to my father, I said, Oh, my father, didn't you see that there was a person sitting right next to the Prophet SAW Salem, and he was speaking to him. And the prophets lie, someone's giving him attention. And Ibis says, What are you talking about? He says, There was a man that was sitting with the Prophet slice alone, we

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can have you had the throne, he was speaking to him of the Prophet slicin was being attentive to that man. And when you were speaking, you were interrupting. And so the prophets lie. Selim remained focused on what that man was saying. So the Abbas says, that let's go back to the prophets.

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And ask him about this. So he takes Abdullah, back to the Prophet slice Anna, and the Prophet slice on this time immediately receives them the way that he would typically receive his uncle. And he says, jasola, O Messenger of Allah, Abdullah says that when we came to you, there was a man that was speaking to you. And I'm wondering whether or not that is true. So the Prophet slice looks at Abdullah and he says, Yeah, Abdullah, did you really see him? And Abdullah says, Yes, I did. And the Prophet slice of them said that was Djibouti it his salaam, and he was the one that kept my attention from you. Oh, my uncle Subhan Allah. So this situation here, where Allah subhanaw taala

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allowed Abdullah to see Gbit salaam with the Prophet, slice alum, but not necessarily an eyebrow, so the Allah and who of course, is still a very righteous man and someone that is beloved to the Prophet slicin and beloved to the ummah. Another incident is when the prophets lie, Selim had Abdullah in his home, and Abdullah, of course, is one of those who narrates the tahajjud of the prophets I send them while being in his home because Maimunah about the Allahu anha was the aunt of Abdullah. So his maternal odds and Abdullah got to spend the night there. During the time when the prophets lie some was with her. And another incident, Abbas sends Abdullah to the home of the

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Prophet, slice alum. And Abdullah goes to the House and the prophets lie Selim was sleeping and the Prophet slice and I'm wakes up and he says, message to habibi. When did you come? Oh, beloved one, when did you come to my home? And he said, about an hour ago, I've been here for about an hour. He says, How do I eight and the ahead? Did you see someone with me? And he said, Yes. He said, I saw a particular man. So there's someone that it says if he was standing guard for the prophets lie Selim and the prophets lie, some said that was Djibouti and it salatu salam that Abdullah actually saw Djibouti Rouhani his setup once again, standing in the protection of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam in the

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moments and the prophets I seldom you know, in one particular narration he mentioned that no one other than a prophet sees you've read it this way except that at some point they lose their vision. And I hope that that would be towards the end of your life and indeed, Abdullah would lose his vision actually, he would go blind at the end of his life, but we know that the profit slice I'm made you're out for him in this instance, that alumni limit that we will fill the hole for Dean which element Adelina Oh ALLAH teach him proper interpretation, teach him proper understanding of the dean and make him from the people of Eman. So I'm loving our bustle the Allahu Taala and whom I

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was blessed with seeing Djibouti radi Salam, and that was not because of his age that was not because of anything except for his dedication to the knowledge that you need is Nam was bringing to the Prophet sallallahu it was