Mufti Menk – Priceless Blessings

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the figure and the blessings in Islam. They stress that while blessings may come from a lack of resources, they are more important in relationship to the relationship with Allah. The speaker also mentions that while blessings may be priceless, they are more important in relationship to the relationship with Allah.
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In Islam we are taught there are two aspects one is the figure and two is the blessings. Sometimes there is the best of both. You have a person who managed to give so much and it is filled with blessings a lot will be achieved.

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But sometimes someone cannot give that much but it is filled with blessings which is more important the figure or the blessing of Allah he in our deen we are taught that the blessing is more important.

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When you earn ask Allah for blessings before you ask him for figures. Today we asked for figures before we ask for blessings. The blessings will come Don't worry First give me the figure, masha Allah. May Allah give us the best of both Rabbana Artina for dunya Asana of in FIRA to Hassan machina Adana,

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my brothers and sisters

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when we have been giving or receiving and we avoid of blessing it is only because of the first word that I told you at the beginning of this quote, but we don't have a connection with Allah. That's why it is impossible for someone not to be blessed. When he has a connection with Allah. He is happy even if he has zero naira. Even if he has nothing. He is content. Do you know why there are blessings in his life that are priceless? He has something that no value can be attached to. It is the relationship with Allah

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