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The Stories of the Prophets series continues with Prophets Dawud & Sulaiman (peace be upon them).


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The speaker discusses the Prophet's story of a father-son relationship, where two individuals, one of whom has farm and the other with goats and livestock, are left with goats and livestock. The farm is expected to restore the farm and create problems for the family, and parents should take lessons from their children. The loss of animals is a result of a lack of knowledge and wisdom, and negative consequences may arise from the loss of family members. The speaker emphasizes the importance of sharing information and making suggestions for future projects.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Quran Weekly. Today inshallah for stories of the prophets we'll be talking about the Prophet download and Sulaiman alayhis. Salam 241. inshallah.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about many different prophets. Allah subhanaw taala tells us about some prophets where there is a father son relationship, Brother, brother relationship. So there are even some very interesting dynamics and relationships between some of the profits that are taught to us in the Quran. One of these pairs of prophets that is spoken about in the Quran, and multiple places is the Prophet diode, who is the father and his son Solomon alima salam David and Solomon, golden Solomon Halima salam, one of the very fascinating for me personally, one of the very fascinating stories about this father son duo that is mentioned in the Quran is in

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Surah, number 21, sort of Columbia is 78 and 79. Allah subhanaw taala says we're the ones who lay mana is the Aquaman isn't healthy, it never shut fee when I'm alone. Well couldn't really hurt me him shahidan. So here's the backdrop of the story. Somebody comes they're two individuals, one of them has a farm, the other one he has like a herd a flock of goats and cheap animal livestock. What ends up happening is during the nighttime, maybe, you know the gate gets left open, or they knock part of the fence down. But the livestock the animal spills out onto the farmland of the neighbor. And they end up eating and tearing through all of his crop. And when they wake up in the morning,

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they find they've ruined all of his crop, his harvest all of his, you know, his, his farm has been ruined, and the animals are all over the place. So they go to the old alehissalaam, who is the king, the father, Prophet of Allah to settle the matter, he hears their case out. And he basically says, well, let's estimate the value of the animals versus the crops that were damaged. And when they end up finding out is that the animals are worth pretty close to, you know, what the crop would have been worth if it hadn't been destroyed. So he basically says, you know, gentlemen be who owns these animals, in retribution for your animals damaging the harvest the crop of your neighbor, the farmer,

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he will basically be given your animals, you will transfer the ownership of the animals over case settled. Thank you very much. That's it, as they're leaving the courthouse, and the narration mentions that, you know, obviously the the farmer is at least grateful that a decision has been made, but he doesn't really know what to do with these animals. And then the man, the shepherd, who has to give you all those animals up, is very distraught, like this is everything this is everything I own Suleyman, alayhis salam, a young man, the son of Prophet of Allah, is sitting at the back of the court. And he says, Father, if I may offer a suggestion, he says, absolutely. What do you have

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to offer? So layman alehissalaam says, a farmer doesn't know anything about raising animals shepherding animals, while the shepherd here in this situation, we'll be left with nothing, probably fall into poverty, we'll develop a lot of ill feelings in regards to that, and what's going to happen to his family and it's going to create a lot more problems. Here's my solution.

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The farmer will get the animals of the shepherd.

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Wild, the shepherd will have the responsibility of restore me restoring the farm, the farmer will get the animals of the shepherd, while the shepherd has to restore the farm. And this arrangement, it will last as long as the shepherd takes to fix and restore the farm. The sooner He restores it, the sooner the farmer gets his farm back in good condition, the sooner the shepherd gets his animals back. The longer he takes, the longer he doesn't have his animals. window down. He said I'm here to suggestion he says, that's an amazing suggestion. That's a remarkable suggestion. But couldn't you hook me him shahidan for farhana hacer la man, Allah subhanaw taala says that we gave Sulaiman the

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proper understanding. So going back to the previous verse, verse without Buddha was really mana yaku Mani philhealth window Odin schliemann alayhi salam or making the decision in regards to the crop the harvest that had been ruined. It never had to be economical home when the livestock had gone in there and ran it over but could not be hurt me him Shaheen and Alyssa we were witnessing this whole situation for for him now.

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How to lay man Allah says we gave her name on the proper understanding of the situation wakulla and Athena hoekman ye Ma, but both out and Solomon were both given knowledge and wisdom. Well coolin Athena Hawkman where a man was sahana ma de whoodle de Bella, you Sabina what played what could not very lean and then our last panel with Allah goes on praising the old alehissalaam. But nevertheless, Allah subhanaw taala says we gave Suleiman the proper understanding, he made the proper decision. So now this is a story about two prophets, father and son, dodon, Solomon, Ali Hassan, why did I choose to talk about destroying? Why am I fascinated by this mention of these two

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amazing profits father and son? It's because I think there are so many lessons that we can take from here, as is the objective of us learning about all these profits? What are some of the lessons here, you have an older person, right, a community leader, a lot of experience a lot of wisdom, but his experience, his wisdom, and his authority does not prevent him from being open to suggestions from people younger than him. Forget about taking a suggestion from somebody younger than you, those of you who are parents, you know, taking a suggestion from your own child requires a great amount of humility. I can tell you, I'm a father. So if my daughter came and tried to correct me, I'd be like,

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I was changing your diapers, right? I have changed your diapers like, official rule. If you have ever changed somebody's diapers, they will never know anything that you don't know. This is like a very unfortunate human reaction. But the Dalai Lama, great prophet of Allah shows us that somebody older, wiser, knowledgeable, experienced, authoritative, should never close themselves off, should never deprive themselves have newer fresher ideas from other people, younger people, a father, who is a prophet of Allah, is so open to the suggestion of his son. So that's the first lesson we learn here. Number two, a lot of times we have young people who got great fresh new ideas of doing some

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stuff in the community, or whatever the setting may be. We see Sulaiman alehissalaam, he doesn't go in there and say, You're wrong. This makes no sense. This is dumb. He doesn't behave that way. He's got manners, he's got etiquette, and he is extremely respectful. If young people want their suggestions to be heard, they want their ideas to be taken seriously. They have to carry themselves accordingly. You can't be behaving like a child and be mature and be rude and obnoxious. But then when you want to share an opinion, then you want everyone to take you seriously. You have to act in accordance with what you're trying to communicate. So it's just such a profound lesson about family

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relationships, the dynamics within the home between parents and children, and just in general across the board, in communities, how the youth are meant to deal with the older generation and vice versa, how the older generation should be embracing and accommodating the youth. So I just find a really beautiful example of this in this story, and hope and pray everyone shall is benefiting from the stories of the Prophet series shala Make sure to share this video and the rest of the series with family and friends. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to practice everything that was said and heard. Just from Allah Hayden, thank you very much for watching quarter on weekly was Salam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate