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Salam aleikum. Now you're going to see two individuals in this next video. One if he keeps on the straight paths he's headed towards success and the other one is headed towards destruction, anxiety and a lot a lot of pain. Let's get into this clip today is now resigned from being a Muslim. I'm a new man.

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Well, he officially sold us all of this through this is one of the biggest sins it's it's too bad. You can't really believe a lot of what he says but even joking about this isn't saying he was born with Islam so to leave his calls or leave his faith behind for clout for fame or for parties to be in a relationship with an online it's a shame if he follows down this path he's going to become extremely depressed and so you think now that you could leave Islam because you have temporary fame a lot of people don't like you I saw the video like you thought a lot of people that were surrounding your van were your fans. These people were saying

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me on his fame is not something that you should be chasing. It's not real. You should be chasing a positive impact. You should have something that you want to share with your audience. You should be trying to uplift create inspired fame is garbage. A salami cool and Gabriel Romani. How're you doing? Like Seth?

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Good to have you back on the program.

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I opened up I said one person's headed towards success. The other person is headed toward destruction which one is allowed hamdu lillah wa salatu salam salam ala Rasulillah Salam, I must start by saying that I'm impressed with with snickle.

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Because I've seen some of his stuff from few years back the way he was obviously on fresh and fit podcast at the beginning with the red pill community. And

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he's embraced Islam hamdulillah May Allah bless, share hotma and also for the work that he's done in investing this guy, you know, and this shows how important it is to have someone behind you, to help you to guide you. And such a big change that we notice in his behavior. In his speech, a lot of people might be like, Yeah, but he's still this and still there. Okay, it takes time. It's coming along, as you see he's coming along, man, humble. I mean, even some of his latest and okay, I'm not saying that he should be on that podcast. But some of his latest discussions. He's totally changed his narrative. He's you can see how we slam is taken over. Islam is taken. Are you talking here

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about a guy who is a streamer, very famous.

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he's on this spectrum, fame, very well known, makes money. And Islam is pulling him now. Away from that fame, or wage. I've done this in the fitna of being so famous of having money, being around all these girls, and Islam is changing him. As the Prophet SAW Selim said, when the Sahaba were objecting to one man who entered Islam for whatever reasons, okay in the sabas thought that it's not good. They were a bit judgmental when it came to. And the boss awesome said Leave him because Islam will take over his heart. Slowly. Yeah. And that's what's happening with Nico. On the other side of the extreme you have this neon guy who's neon, Neon is another streamer another pot, whatever. Gamer

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gamer streamer. Yes. So you can say like Nico, neon almost run the same type of

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neighborhood walk, you know, the same thing, same background. But neon was born into a Muslim family

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and the fame I know he's getting more famous because he's been hanging around with the wrong people in the wrong crowd

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is pulling him away from his sneakers being pulled towards Islam, by the dean. He's putting in the work and the action putting in the work you got to put in work and then you see the progress well 100% And this guy Nyan is putting in the work with with shaytaan and moving away from Islam now putting in the work like he shouldn't be praying Salah like sneak or what your he was talking about Ramadan he made O'Meara he made Dominos shake with man Masha Allah sha Allah, and he's praying and you can see his learning results. You see his talk he said the words he's used as a proof of Islam will lead to Jim you're going to see results you got to the weights, the nutrition you do the right

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thing for your body, you're going to see the results. You do Islam you get results, you get results, that was really was powerful, just him saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Look how like the first one of the first thing that changes. When you change your speech is when you say Mohammed, you say Sal Allah Allah is the rich be upon immune. And

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Allah says in the Quran, what a foreigner like a declerck and we raise your remembrance, look at that and you want to because Muslim, one of the first adjustments they say when you speak of the process, you're going to mention peace and blessings be upon it's just beautiful. And the other young, young guy, young brother, he's talking about leaving, leaving

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The slumbered really was even, even ever in Islam. That's the thing. Allahu island. But according to what he was saying, So in previous videos, he was saying that I'm a Muslim, I'm proud Muslim. And now, since he's gotten with this girl, only fans girl,

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it really took a different turn. He's been mixing around with all these weird stars from the adult industry and just bad things. And it's basically in this video, he said that today, I'm a new man, basically, is renouncing Islam, even on a joke. There is no joke about this, this is serious if someone says that what he said, he said, I'm a new man, I'm a new man, you know, this is the day that I'm not whatever Muslim anymore, whatever. He said, basically, clearly, he's renouncing Islam. So he's choosing his God now, because it's now he's worshipping this woman now. Indeed, this is what seems to be happening. If you and I don't look into these things, where people send me a lot of

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these videos. So what do you think about this? What do you think about that? So I do see some of these reactions as long as this is important for other people who are young, young Muslims and others, who will see like the two they'll contrast is your age sneaker was there been there? He's getting out of it slowly. And he's going more towards Islam. Also, the young guys do know these guys, because they're famous streamers, kids play games, they follow these dudes, and they definitely know them. And you have an example here, someone coming from fame, towards Islam. And look, what's he saying? He said, fame is going to lead you to the pressure you chasing, validation

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and fame. And you're going to have this miserable life, as Allah says, in the Quran. And one guy is going from Islam, running towards fame. And they're going in opposite directions. I mean, if that's if someone's been down a road, and that road now is the road of destruction, minefield, and the person comes back and says, Don't go down the road? No, there's my field, the bridges out you're gonna fall. Why you it's like people have to touch the fire, they want to go towards the fire. It's very strange, this phenomenon that we see where in Muslim countries, Muslims born Muslims are moving towards kufr people are leaving Islam. People are saying things doing things. And you have now

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people are coming from a non Muslim background, who have experienced everything.

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And they're saying, No, I'm missing. There's not something is everything's missing. I'm done with this. I'm done with this I need. Islam is my my peace, my liberation, the liberation of my soul. You're talking about people I've gone so far. And made the realization

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and our own brothers and sisters who are giving the gift of La La La hamdulillah from birth from their parents. They're saying I don't want it.

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How many people we've met? How many people what was the Hadith of the Prophet saw some said sometimes and paraphrasing, someone will go to bed, I believe or wake up a disbeliever. Yeah, imagine that. So towards the end of time, that's what's going to happen. Someone wake up, has, you know, he's a believer, he's going to go to sleep as believer, and someone is gonna, you know, is the other the opposite. So it shows this hadith shows how easy is going to be to literally like exit Islam within a span of like eight hours within the span of a few hours. You can change your life you can go to hell. It can only yourself. That's it. And then another Hadith that comes to mind is where

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the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him last in front of Mr. Said to mankind, He describes Jana, and all the obstacles in front of it, and then the hellfire, and all of the opposite of pleasures and everything so we can see which one is taking that path is neon Neal. pleasure and desire. It's the pleasures, but then it's the poison inside. And the worst of the poison is to hellfire. How far

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if he doesn't snap out of it, I hope he snaps out of it. I hope he's listening because I know he is close, or they talk him in neon talk. I hope so. Yes. I hope sneek will becomes an ambassador of the Dean a day. And it's important here why people are saying what's your obsession with these guys? What's your obsession with undertail? What's your obsession with Nico? What's your obsession with all these famous people? We don't need these people. I agree with you. Islam doesn't need these people. But from a prophetic approach of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you have to understand that the Prophet SAW Selim did pay attention to the leaders of the Quraysh Allah subhanaw taala rectified

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and fixed certain things and

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warned him about certain issues. But indeed, part of his Tao is that he did focus and give special attention towards some of these leaders, some of these influencers. And Abu Sufyan is one of them even at fadhel Maccha, he gave him a special position. And this is the wisdom and the strategic Dawa. That is prophetic. So indeed, for us, when we talk about these famous people, you know, you bring a lot on the, on the deen show, you talk about a lot, you react to the videos, a lot of people I see the comments like, Oh, why we don't need this, okay? It's because they have influence. And the people follow them can easily themselves, change their lives. human psychology as such, you cannot

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disconnect the message from the messenger, you cannot disconnect the person. Human beings are linked to personalities, we have connections. So it's very important to always remember that hamdulillah if someone like that becomes Muslim, and he changes himself, no doubt he does the right Tao many people can't enter stop And Alhamdulillah Shall we won't we wish for that? You kind of see yourself in many of these people and you're rooting for him because you see yourself we've been there done that. And now you see like someone like agitate or snicko or whoever else is out there. And you know, like, okay, you've been there you kind of had the same experience is you know, what they were chasing

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chasing the same thing. It was a dead end. And you know, now that now if they implement like snickles doing Islam, they're going to reap the benefits, they're going to end up being peace in their hearts, that void is going to be filled. And now if and if they go above and beyond they start doing Dawa at the same time the benefits that they can they can benefit so many so many more people like it's nice to see. Sneak Whoa, he's also sharing, giving the Quran and sharing with people doing Dawa, doing amazing. I mean, I'm very, we're rooting for him. I really, I mean, look, both you and I are coming from backgrounds.

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You know, really, you know, maybe we don't want to talk about that openly. But any 100 We're here. And we hope for those people to be better than us or shall be even better than us. Yes, sha Allah. Yeah, absolutely. Especially now this young Neo Nyan Neo, and then it's sad to see a person like him, he's got a treasure on one end. As long as it is more than a treasure, you cannot substitute with any kind of money. You can't buy the gift of he Daya. You can't, he's given it away for a piece of what for a piece of people don't value him in the first and this was Nick was saying they don't. They don't they make fun of you. But because you have money, and you have some fame. Now people are

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but you think that girl is with him because of his looks or is come on. And this is so important.

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You know, a woman can make or break you know, pick the wrong woman. You get influenced, deceived, you end up and leaving Islam. And this reminds me of a famous author, a famous story of a person who left the lands of Islam

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and went because of a woman.

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Now his intention was because of a woman.

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And someone saw him in the land of the Romans.

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When I think Sherm or was still under the Roman occupation,

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and he said, weren't you one of the people memorize the Quran?

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Yeah, but I moved here this that he left Islam, we married some pretty woman, right? And he said,

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Yeah, he's like, he said something strange. I only remember a couple verses from the Quran I forgot everything.

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And he said,

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I remember only

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I think it starts at Fleming.

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Obama, your doula Gina Cafaro, local Muslim reflashing. May be

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forgive me for making mistake a bit tired? No, they may be le flambeed. It may be that those who disbelieve wish that they would have been Muslims or submission, you know, like, that's all I remember.

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That's all I remember. So

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you sell your dean,

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for fame for a woman for whatever a man cannot. A man has to have his priority. Allah always, no matter what the world says. No matter who whatever happens. Allah for us who put Allah first. All your affairs in this dunya Inshallah, we'll be sorted. We just kind of really, it's nonsensical in a way and it's you

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You understand because we've been there, you're gonna, you're gonna understand it's like sugar. It's sweet, right? But it's poison at the end you keep going with sugar to tooth decay, you gonna get diabetes, you're gonna get cancer. And we know the results of eating healthy, right. But you know, the lazy ways to go back towards so the feel good. Same thing over here but you when you look at snicko for instance, someone who you know this neon knows him, you know, okay the life that he's led. So he's right it's a witness your first witness in front of you. He's telling you right there, he's also gotten his does he have more status than this guy probably right? Are they the same

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whatever the case, but he's okay, I got the status I've been I'm telling you, it's not worth it. They don't people don't care about you, it's at the end of the day, you can do much more by being beneficial to society rather than what being a clown you just a clown. There's the clown people laughing at you. People are taking advantage of you that you have developed. That's a beautiful thing about Islam, that it teaches you to have respect for yourself.

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A lot of people don't get that they think Islam is just about Okay. Prayer teaches you to value the Amana the responsibility, the blessings that God has given you, teaches you to have honor. Honor is huge in Islam. self respect, respect for others, how you deal with people, as you said not being a clown jumping up and down an entertainer. Right, and you see the transition of snickle more mature now, the way he talks the way he behaves,

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you know, more more respectful. And you see this person acting like a clown and people treating him like a clown.

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And you always get deceived, thinking you have time it's like you have time but you go to the to the graveyards, how many people they ended up not coming back from that party, right? You take that alcohol, you shouldn't be drinking and next thing you're doing something that you shouldn't be doing. Maybe you get behind the wheel or who knows you just make an erasable mistakes. And then you just keep going down a road of destruction and you keep digging a deeper hole. And then you just it's like the point some people come back. But then some some points. said never, there's always hope you can can't come back. But the thing is, you don't know between that time and the next day,

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if you're going to be alive. If def will reach you and then it's too late, then you fail the test. Yeah, it's done. That's the scary thing. That's the scary thing you don't know and shaytaan is tricking you into thinking that okay, I have time I have time. Don't know. It might today might might be our last day I wouldn't build a tomorrow maybe we don't know. Right? You have to be ready. You cannot be comfortable enough and safe enough to think that Okay, that's it. Now you don't know you have to be ready every single moment. Not to mention that we're, you know, we're short. Our shortcomings are mistakes, right? How can you give up your faith when you have already enough

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mistakes and sins and problems? You're giving up your faith? That's like your key to opening the door to the Mercy of Allah. What is the most important thing what would you tell neon? Someone like him right now you're talking to him to kind of get to plan a C to create some urgency in what we're saying. I would say listen to the people who have been there where you trying to go.

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Listen to the people who have already lived that life that you're chasing. And they're telling you that there is no happiness there is only short spikes of dopamine. Short spikes of dopamine and that's it. That's it right? No long lasting peace. You want long lasting peace. It's in Islam. You come back to the deen you make Toba. Go take your shahada, and you have trust me trust Allah will honor you.

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When you give down having that type of platform, so many young men watching him,

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Allah will give you honor. These people will respect you and not make fun of you. So if you're really looking for a visa, right? Seek it with Allah, Allah will give you as Allah will give you honor, Your Honor. But if you seek and honor through the alcohol and all the other stuff, then Allah will dishonor you. Allah will definitely definitely dishonor so come back to the the man come back to Islam. You know, Islam, you've been given a gift and you're kicking it, you're kicking the gift to the curb, and you're making a disservice. So make sure do it today, man make your Toba today say Shahada today, fix yourself too. They leave these losers. Leave these shouting and stick to your

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deen and use your platform. Use your platform to preach Islam use your platform

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Want to call people to slap these young men today who are on these games spending hours? Imagine if they hear you saying something about Islam what profs are selling, you could change their lives. You could change lives. These guys are wasting time for hours and hours on video games. You could change their lives if you say something about Islam if they see wow, look, Neon is a good Muslim. He's playing some games, but he's telling us about prayer. He's telling guys stop the game and go pray on time. Yeah, you can come back to the game or whatever. Right? Okay, I know it's not the best but you know, you have a golden opportunity man don't kick it. Because all you're going to find is

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depression and sadness. You're not going to be happy in one day your eyes are going to open you're going to see that everyone around you just use you and it's

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for Minister okay, we'll wrap up and to form good

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and this is not complicated. I mean, Islam is something that if you're sincere you ask the creator the heavens and earth alone to guide you we need help we need guidance. It is straightforward the evidence is there it's not just blind faith. It's something like sneaker you look in the message is very clear lucid worship one and only one God not his creation not your desires not a man not a woman not anything not your idea is not money, not fame, and be morally upright in the Quran is a living miracle. It's there somebody takes a look we got one minute left. What do you what would you tell him if there's any doubts there for anybody?

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Look into it. Look at the world look at everything is pointing look at what's happening right now. Somehow it always leads back to the Muslims. Everything that's happening in the world. The spotlight is on the Muslim is on Islam, no matter how much you try to run away, push it. What is the world always talking about? It's about Islam.

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Look into a man it's time has the time not come has the time not come for you to be honest with yourself. For you to acknowledge that you have doubts in your head that you know that this life is not ready you're not happy about things has the time not come for you to look at the one piece that you've been avoiding for the longest time that you're running away from the you're afraid of? Islam is that look at? Look, give a read to the Quran and sincerely ask the Creator of the heavens and the earth to guide you. Beautiful advice beautiful advice in the book. He just mentioned the Koran. Go to the deen We'll get it to you I'll get it to you for free. That's right and we'll see you

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next time when you take this advice you can be on the path of success and not destruction. subscribe hit that notification bell so you don't miss exciting programs like this one. Until next time, peace be with us Salam aleikum.

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