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And also I made a promise that I would only talk to you that when I was ready to talk about it, I would only talk to you so I'm not. And I felt like you know what, I don't have to explain to you or to anybody else why I became a Muslim. Yeah. And so that's what I was trying to avoid. I found more prejudiced by wearing the hijab and about actually becoming Muslim, you know. And so consequently, I love wearing it, you know, and I feel naked. Very good advice, which from, you know, someone whose name I'm promised not to mention, but a prominent musician, who also became a Muslim, gave that to him for Father's Day, and he loved it. And he said that he would like to start to read the Quran.

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But I keep saying to people, no, don't read it. Listen to those. That's why I'm delighted me are reverting that's exactly conceived completely and utterly true. You can see Yeah, of course we can because of what's happened in our own church, the scandals, beautiful recitations, where someone is reciting it into Arabic, and then someone speaks the meaning of the paragraph in English. You know, I feel so passionately about Islam, and, and, and passionately about defending against stigma itself as a job. They're very hair, they're trying to conform, in fact, to Western man's idea of beauty. So I keep saying, Well, if you don't like your job, then shave your hair. Because it's the same thing

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in this country. Now, there are many different religions with after Catholicism, the strongest and most fastest growing religion in this country is Islam is Islam, right, studied all kinds of things. And I left Islam to last for some reason, probably because I have prejudice, you know. And then what happened was Islam as a way of thinking about God, it's exactly what you just said, somebody who believes that nothing in this world should be worshipped more than God is so intelligent. And so you know, it's mind blowing, I can't even find words. it's mind blowing. Every time I listen to that I'm more Mind blown. And well, that's exactly why Islam is so dangerous, in inverted commas to the work

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of him to the world that worships money, because as we said earlier on at the beginning of this interview, this is the truth has the truth as salaam alaikum. And by now you know what that means. Is that greeting a peace, peace be unto you. And that's the same greeting, I greet you with. And my next guest coming up, I'm going to be greeting the legendary Sinead O'Connor. Why she chose the way of peace, peace acquired by submission to the crater alone. That's that beautiful way of life that she chose. And everybody out there went in a frenzy, when all she did was choose to connect her heart with the creator of the heart, the Creator of the heavens and earth. Let's find out why she

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chose to fulfill the purpose of what she was created for and how you can to hear with our next guest, Sinead O'Connor are the de show this.

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Sister Shannon, how are you? I'm good. I can't see you though. Okay, we're gonna set it up. Yeah.

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How are you, sister, it's been a long, long thing in the planning in the making, we finally made it happen. Absolutely. Sorry. Good. hamdulillah really good. hamdulillah.

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I'm very thankful thankful that you found the time I know you're very busy in there, too.

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So let's start off by asking you, you know, we're creatures of imitation. But you seem to be imitating one of the best of creation marry the mother of Jesus, because any picture that's out there that they have resembling her, she's wearing what you're wearing, called the hijab. It's funny because my favorite colors were is the navy blue as well. It's fun. That's funny, you should say that. Because from the day of my birth, I'm associated with Mary, by my grandparents, because in Ireland, the eighth of December is what to call the feast of the Immaculate Conception. And it's what we we call out a big married day. So all my life is funny and picked up on that all my life.

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Every year on my birthday, my mother and my grandmother would give me this beautiful picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus, you know, that in my previous culture, we would have pictures and images of Jesus or Mary or whatever, you know. And so yeah, that's funny. I picked that up because all my life I've had a rocky huge bond with the mother of Jesus, a really huge bond. I used to go to Lord all the time. Yeah. You know,

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I mentioned that because, you know, at the deen show, we tried to bridge those gaps of misunderstanding the misconceptions. And that's one of the misconceptions, you know, and one of the things that people don't know is that you can't be a Muslim unless you love Jesus, as one of the mightiest messenger and his blessing mother. There's a whole chapter named after her in the Quran. Exactly, exactly. I love that and that's what

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I like that, you know, I get to keep my guys you know, you know, and I like that, for example, I have a real estate still which I which is associated with Jesus. I also have a ring associated with Judaism mana theology student, this is how I ended up with Islam. So I've gone through studying all the different religions. So I've got my Hebrew one, and then I've got no, look I what I liked about becoming Muslim, I didn't have to lose any of these things. These are the stepping stones that brought into Islam. So I'm proud of them, you know, and even I have tattoos and things, but they're all scriptures. And again, those are the stepping stones that led me to Islam. So and I love that I

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find them again in Islam, but much wider, much more present. And I love that you all have chapter, Islam as a chapter dedicated to the mother of Jesus. Because my culture, she gets a very small mention. Well, there's no there's no introduction needed. We're with Sinead O'Connor, one of the legends out there, you you actually made a statement. And it's really profound. But first, before that, I want to say that you you purposely didn't want to do any interviews, because you didn't want people questioning your sincerity in this decision of becoming a Muslim. No, it was more because I felt that I didn't want to have to.

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A it wasn't it was a private decision. Yeah. And be I didn't want to I didn't enjoy privately having to justify it to people. Yeah, so much. So much stigma, you know. And I felt like, you know, I don't have to explain to you or to anybody else, why I became a Muslim. Yeah. And so that's what I was trying to avoid. I didn't feel like I had to explain it to anybody, you know, denials, very good advice, which from, you know, someone whose name I'm I promised not to mention, but a prominent musician, who also became a Muslim, advised me that the best thing I could do would be to keep as quiet as possible, you know. So I made a promise to myself that for a certain length of time, I

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would not go to the mosque, for example, because I didn't want media following me there. Yeah, I'm bringing all of that there. And also, I made a promise that I would only talk to you that when I was ready to talk about it, I would only talk to you. So I'm not too after this. I'm not talking about it. You know, although saying and saying that. I know that can't be true. A because I'm female, and I love talking. And

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I feel so passionately about Islam, and, and passionately about defending against stigma. And I probably will talk a lot about, but I wasn't ready. Yeah. Well, thank you so much. Thank you for coming on to the show. If you do find it ironic that people can make all different personal decisions in life, and they won't catch as much heat. They'll do all sorts of things. And now why when it comes to Islam, now, it's like everybody's a, you know, yeah, bizarre? Well, you know why? It's because the very tenant tenants of Islam are against everything the world worships. The world worships money, that Islam is the truth and has the truth and has the truths, plural. And that's why

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it's so dangerous. Our culture is built on one great big lie, which is that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, right? And all the ensuing lies that can be manipulated out of that, including the very idea that Constantine had some type of epiphany. Sure he did. He wanted to exploit something and cause a whole series of lies. And that's what's happening is I'm as the truth, the person who has the truth, and who also has nothing to lose is an extremely dangerous person, you know. And that's how Islam is perceived. In Ireland. Also, we suffered from the same stigma also because of extremists, that we also had extremists because we had a war going on here. And there was a prejudice and false idea

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that if you stood up at all for Irish nationalism, this meant that you support a terrorism, you know, and I think that yours falsely, it meant that you know, and I think that Islam suffers from the same stigma that because there are extremists and there are terrorists, it's very easy for those who want to stigmatize us to say that we're all terrorists. We all support terrorism, which of course we don't, you know, yes. So, and then I found, what I was amazed by was the prejudice I found from women about the fact that I choose to wear hijab

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because I find it amusing because to me, they're saying to me that Oh, you're trying to comply with Eastern men's view of beauty. First of all, I'm not at the stage. We are not beautiful soul. But secondly, it's nothing to do without it's a choice. And in fact, under the under the Islamic law, my my age, I don't have to wear a job, actually.

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But what amazes me about it is that these women have their hair bleached blonde, it's got a thing going across here and it goes down here, their hair, their hair itself is a head job. They're very hair. They're trying to conform, in fact, to Western man's idea of beauty. So I keep saying, Well, if you don't like your job, then shave your hair. Because it's the same thing. There's no difference.

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But I'm amazed at the budget is about that. I find more prejudice by wearing the hijab and about actually becoming Muslim, you know. And so consequently, I love wearing it, you know, and I feel naked.

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People, I mean, you pretty much to sum it up, you said by saying the Shahada by accepting Islam is that you love the Creator of the heavens and earth first and foremost. Beyond materialism, beyond anything in creation. You did what Jesus did, you did with Moses and all these great messages that God Almighty sent, that's all you're doing an essay, you're just choosing to love and put God Almighty first thing I'm not gonna say anything but the crater. That's Islam. That's what Islam is. What happened to me was, I had been studying theology since I was seven years of age, really interested. And I'd gone to college and I'd studied all different kinds of things. And I left Islam

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to last for some reason, probably because I have prejudice, you know. And then what happened was an od yesterday in the ground, did I hear it being sad that this would happen to people who happened to me was as soon as I started to read it and listen to it, I realized, Oh, my God, I've been a Muslim all my life. And I didn't know Wow, yeah, I was all my life because it's a headspace. It's a way of thinking, Islam as a way of thinking about God. It's exactly what you just said, somebody who believes that nothing in this world should be worshipped more than God. Even though I fail. Sometimes. I'm not perfect. I fail. I worry about money. I worry about the teams that we all worry

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about. I forget sometimes that I don't need to do that. You know what I mean? I forgot, you know, and you know, so yeah, that's what happened to me. What if you say, why did you become Why did you decide to revert? revert is the right word? Yes. I was always always a Muslim.

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Yeah, yeah, that's, that's that's the belief that every child is born in a natural state. If you left it alone, it would worship just the Creator, the One God alone. Yeah. And that's what you did. You came back to the natural way, you came back in a pure way of pure monotheism, worshipping the one God. And it's very much for me about the strength of the Scriptures, the intelligence, the sheer intelligence of the Scriptures. And I just knew immediately like, nobody wrote this book, God, nobody signed this to Gabriel or tomorrow, my book God, nobody could have created a book God is so intelligent. So you know, it's mind blowing, I can't even find words. it's mind blowing. Every time

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I listen to that, I'm more Mind blown. And I know what I love as well, which is probably I shouldn't love but I do. Some of the insults Irish people love insults. And I love when God gets annoyed in the Quran, when Allah says things like, we will brand and upon the snout,

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and things like that when God is in a temporary, it's kind of funny, some of the things I love so much when he says, you know, if there were two gods in the sky, you would have ruined both of them. Yeah, that talks about the religion that I left religion born into, which is Catholicism, you know,

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that to me sums up Catholicism there were as they believe more to Gods which is the devil is there another god and both of them you know, yes.

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Leave behind

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religion allies.

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Now, the Irish people have a really good history with the Muslims I remember the potato famine, at one point when you had this potato famine and then the Muslims came and you know, lend support and and the Irish have really been loyal to that and they respected that that you know, that help and the Irish are really amazing people we have are the second largest minority if you like, our majority in this country is Islamic people as Muslims. So we have a huge Muslim culture now, you know, but it's not big enough because there's not enough mosques you know, the need to be more mosque but so the we are now kind of God we use when I was growing up, it was only Catholicism here.

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But in this country now, there are many different religions. But after Catholicism, the strongest and most fastest growing religion in this country is Islam. Islam. Yes. And so the course the Catholic Church and terrified of Islam, come on. Yeah, I mean, it's a no brainer, and they have every reason to be terrified. And you know, if it was if it was good enough for Muhammad Ali is good enough for me and it's good for anybody else. You never say but it good enough for Mohammed Ali. It's very frightening things the covenant church command. We can explain that for an hour, but I think you'd understand what I'm saying. Yeah, maybe

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You can because you are you are the the person that Conor McGregor picked out of everyone to come out for his opening song. Maybe now you can actually get help get some data and invite him to this to the purpose of life you know maybe you can get him now like he invited you you can invite him for a sit down and talk to Conor McGregor. Yeah, but you know what I really believe is that the you know, in the scripture where it says, you know, take me by the forelock and make Islam the limit of my desire you know, Allah will take who he wants Yeah, a lot guys who he wills Yes, precisely. I don't feel like it's my job to convert any No, no, that's not our job but just to be the best human

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beings we can and to convey that you know, to try to do our best to come Yeah, yeah. I don't know because I really do feel I love that part of the Scripture. This idea of of Allah taking you by the forelock and Britain you need to Islam. If you don't, you won't you won't understand the crown or understand Islam at all. It isn't already in your genomes, and nobody can put that in here. Hi.

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How was it also we when Lindsay Lohan Do you know her when she started reading the Quran? You know, she's she's trying to, you know, get her life together. And then as soon as the wife got around that she was reading the Quran, she also cut some heat. Did you ever talk to her me? realize until after I converted just that she had done the same? I saw an article about it. I didn't read. I didn't realize she had done that at all. But I was delighted to know. Yeah, I don't know her. I never met her. Uh huh. So you made a you made a statement is very powerful.

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proud to have become Muslim, the natural conclusion of any intellectual. So any intellectual theologians journey? I mean, that's such a profound statement. I mean, this is not something that's hard to figure out. One God worship Him alone, simple, easy to understand. And also, you know, no theologian, as far as I'm concerned has the right to call themselves a theologian, if they have not studied the Quran, they have deeply listened. And I don't mean read it. This is not for reading as such, he does it. To me, I don't get it. When I just look at it with my eyes, I have to hear the way it was designed to be heard, you know, and, but you can't say you're intelligent, intelligent, if

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you haven't studied Islam, as far as I'm concerned. And if you study to look to Islam, and say you're a theologian and come out trying to crucify is, then you're not a theologian, either. Because you don't have the intelligence, only only an intelligent theologian come here to grotto. I'm home. That's how do you know? Yes, you are. How is it now? Because you, you You almost like conquer the world. I mean, what I mean by that is that you had everything that this world can offer, right? And many people are still chasing that they feel like if I just make a hit record, if I just make you know, a little bit more money, you know, how does it compare? Because you've been all that? And what

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advice do you have for people who they don't, you know, take it to the next level, they just, you know, succumb to their desires and just want to chase material, the material things, but they forget about connecting with the one who created them? Well, you know, I'm no different. I'm the same as every other human beings. We all do that. We all do that we're all flawed. I'm no different. As I said to you earlier, all I worry about money. You know, I'm not as rich as people might think I am, you know, 32 years ago, I had one hit record. Do you know, I'm saying, to work to make my money, same as anyone else? I'm not broke. And I'm not a poverty. Do you know what I mean? But, ya know, I

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worry about the same things I forget, sometimes, as I told you earlier to remember that I don't need to worry, you know, yes. Yeah. So I don't feel like I'm in a position to advise any person who is suffering because, you know, I would advise people love to hear the Quran and to believe now I'm talking to myself, even when I say this, to believe that there's no reason to assume a God, because God has always taken care of me. So I have no reason to assume he will continue to take care of me. But you know, I suppose it's very hard to come from a position of feeling okay, lecture people who are not okay.

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You know, I'm saying I understand. Yeah. Sometimes fate doesn't put food in your mouth. You know, that's the facts. The fact is, there are an awful lot of people in the world as we're talking. We're dying of starvation, even though they're most faithful people on earth. You know?

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How do you have some people come around? I mean, now from the shock, have some friends or family like after they've Has anyone taken the initiative to be like, hold on, let me open this up. Let me actually see for myself instead of hearsay. Well, the people close to me were very good to me, but actually, the person who has become interested is my father.

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is a very religious person, your father. My father is very religious person. And he is very interested in that I have a hobby, which is painting scriptures. I've always painted scriptures, and I made him recently, the scripture that says, not a leaf falls but he knows it. Allah, Mashallah. I gave that to him for Father's Day and he loved it. So he said that he would like to start to read the Quran. But I keep saying to people, no, don't read it. Listen to it.

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It's not designed for reading my heart couldn't read, as it said in the prophet Isaiah. Right is predicted in Isaiah saying he's going to be illiteracy, depression. That's actually a prophecy, prophecy and the last and final measure Prophet Muhammad. Yeah.

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Isaiah 2929 Yeah. So it's not so I keep saying to me, No, please don't read it. It's not for reading. It's for listening to Muhammad, don't you think he must have been a beautiful singer, he must have a beautiful voice, you know, to recite the Quran to be the first person chosen by God to recite the crown you must have had some voice. Yeah, it just amazing goes beyond comprehension that a man who was illiterate he couldn't read or write someone who is known as being alameen the trustworthy to be able to compile a book today that's memorized by millions, I mean, all over the world. And sometimes even if a person can't understand what's being said, but they hear the Quran is

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powerful. It's very proudly, I find it much more powerful to hear, like, if you look at how it was created, it was designed for the air. Music. I mean, it's it's I know that this is not PC, to call it singing because it is recitation. But it's like singing. It's similar. It's similar to singing. So music You see, when when something is delivered that way, it's the only thing that doesn't go through your intellect before it gets to your soul. It goes straight to your soul. See, if you read a thing, it's going through your intellectual thinking about it as you're reading it, you know, whereas when you listen to it, you're just carried away and you're going somewhere else immediately.

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So what I love is on YouTube, they are these and this is what I always tell people on YouTube, they are these beautiful recitations where someone is reciting it into Arabic, and then someone speaks the meaning of the paragraph in English. You know, I've been the one that I use is called journey through the creek Qur'an. That's just him speaking, that's Jeremy tune Quran. But there's some beautiful playlists where you can hear it being recited. And also spoken. Yeah. Yeah. So that's a lot of advice that has to be listened to. So we'll leave that some advice from Sinead O'Connor to listen to the Quran to pick it up. At least listen to it. And and and why not ask the Creator who

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created the heavens and earth I'm sure like you did alone for guidance, if one is seeking to want to know purpose as very straightforward and simple. Yeah, yeah. Very, very nice. Thank you so much, Sinead O'Connor what Another thing is, before we cut out, do you find that because of the, the Irish people were were also there was at one point in time, you know, being a minority. They were also there was a lot of some negative press that do they relate more with Muslims nowadays, knowing that, you know, Muslims are some of the most oppressed people in the world and some of this media hype that Muslims are terrorists and all this other, you know, hype, that's this false narrative that's

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being perpetuated. They can see through this? Yes, absolutely. That's why people like me are reverting. That's exactly, we can see completely anomaly through it. You can see Yeah, of course we can because of what's happened in our own church, the scandals that everything that's been going on for the last 30 years, 20 years that people have been discovering the lies that we've been discovering this horrible state, the horrible smell of oppression of the most vulnerable, you know, and we've been watching

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the world Palestine everywhere.

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We're not stupid people. I just came from and you can, inshallah God Willing put it, put it on your to do list to visit a hidden gem. I came from there. And I like to say that

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there's a deep history in Bosnia. And this is where my family's from. And when you study the history of how the Bosnians came to Islam, they were actually crit Unitarian, the true Christians who didn't believe Jesus was God or a literal Son of God. And they also disconnected from the church and they were considered heretics, but they were just ones who just wanted to worship like you like yourself. They just wanted to worship the one God. And then when Islam came submission to the will of God, Islam, it fit like a glove. They accepted it. And this is how Islam came to. tbonz. Yeah.

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Sorry. No, and this and this is why we like to say that I make these points because many times people think this is something of the other is something far away. But man, we could say, Well, look, we were the original Christ followers, the ones who followed Christ.

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Your monotheism? Well, that's exactly why Islam is so dangerous in inverted commas to the west, and to the world that worships money because as we said earlier on at the beginning of this interview, Islam is the truth and has the truths. You know, that's very, very dangerous. And then you have an element of Islam that feels understandably like it has nothing to lose. If you oppress people long enough, they're gonna feel like I got nothing to lose. And there's nothing more dangerous than somebody armed with the truth, who also feels they've got nothing to lose. You know. Thank you so much, my God Almighty, the creator Allah and Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke who we love and

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reveal he will say Aloha. So that's the same crater and he would say, peace be unto you Shalimar Lake, we say I sell out more Lake home, you see what bridging those those gaps, educating the people so they can say like, wow, like you did? Wow, that makes sense. I want to check that out.

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I say what I like to my salon. Thank you. Yes, thank you so much, sister, may Allah continue to to bless you, and keep you preserve you and keep you safe. Thank you so much for being on the D show. And that was the legendary Sinead O'Connor here on the D show. We want to thank you again sister Sinead, for sharing those key points to our viewers in the world, of why you chose this beautiful way of life. That's practiced by close to 2 billion human beings in the world. It's the fastest growing way of life in the world, which caused the human being to love nobody else more than the Creator of the heavens and earth. The one who Jesus submitted to who Moses Abraham and the last and

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final messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them all they all call to Islam. What is Islam is that complete and total submission and surrender to the Creator of the heavens and earth and that is how you get richness, contentment and peace in the heart. And that's how she what she found in Islam. So we invite you to do a she advise you to do listen to the Quran, and then pick up the Quran and do your best to try to connect with it. The owner of the body, the human mind, the human heart, revealed the blueprint for life and all and the instruction manual on how the human being is to live. It's all there in the chat. And continue to tune in here to the deen show every

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week where we have a new and exciting guests. And we'll see you next time subscribe if you haven't already and leave us your takeaways in the comments below. And we'll see you next time until then Peace be with you. salaam aleikum