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Allah subhanahu wa tada

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says in the Quran when describing Ramadan,

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he says a young man to do that.

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a limited number of days. A young man may do that. A fixed limited number of days. And so Ramadan

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as soon as it comes in, it's about to go out.

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As soon as Ramadan comes in, it's about to go out. It is a limited number of days and how fast the time flies. If we look at today being the 13th of Ramadan, and we are almost halfway finished the month

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and for that reason, for that reason, it is extremely critical that we take advantage of our time and taking advantage of our time is prophetic advice. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, il 10 him hum sent a couple of humps

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take advantage of five things before five other things happen.

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Shabak kubla harnick take advantage of your youth. Before you become elderly. We'll say hi tech kubla, Moravec take advantage of your health before you become sick. And some of you have already gotten sick and Ramadan, this Ramadan and so you know that the day that you are sick is not like the day that you're healthy and in terms of your ability to worship Allah subhana wa tada and do the things that you want to do to take advantage of this month. When you are sick. It's just not possible to do as you would do if you were healthy. The province of aloha it was selling went on to say, Well he neck a couple of *ery and take advantage of your wealth before you become poor. Take

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advantage of when you have money for times that you don't have money. Because there are things that you can do when you have money that you cannot do when you do not have money. What for us, aka kubla Schulich. And take advantage of your free time before you become busy. Now, we look at this. Many of us have more free time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday as opposed to the rest of the week. Take advantage of those times. Take advantage of those times before you become busy because you can do what you can do. When you have free time. You can do what you will not be able to do when you are busy and the province of aloha it was seldom ended the hudy by saying we're higher

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Chica kablammo take and take advantage of your life before death. See, so the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam mentioned five opportunities that we have here, five opportunities to take advantage of your youth, your health, your wealth, your free time and your life. Because these are the times these are the times when you can do those deeds, which you will see the benefit of in the hereafter. So we have to take advantage of the time that remains and Ramadan. And there is no doubt no doubt that when we look at Ramadan, Ramadan distinguishes between people, you can't fake it in Ramadan.

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You're one of two people. You have either taken advantage of these last 13 days or you haven't.

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It's really that simple, is no need to philosophize.

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You have either taken advantage of the last days that have passed the Ramadan or you have. So you are either the person who has altered his schedule, because that's what Ramadan takes.

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And so you don't go to sleep until after midnight, only to wake up a few hours later.

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So that you can eat the pre dawn mill and read the Quran and pray a lot to fudge it.

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And if you're a man praying a lot to fudge it in Jamaica.

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And then after that, making, and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and then perhaps going back to sleep to get prepared for work.

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And when you wake up for work, you're hungry and you can't get your fix.

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But you remain poised throughout the day. Your disposition is dignified. You stay away from everything that Allah Subhana who would Tana has made haram because that's what Ramadan is about. Anyway, it's about Subbu it is

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About refraining from what Allah Subhana who would to Allah has made impermissible for you so that you train yourself in this month for the remainder of the year.

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And so you use Ramadan these days of Ramadan these days go by.

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And you stay away from that which Allah subhanahu wa tada has prohibited you from, and you finish your day at work, and then you go home. But when you go home, you're thinking about the night because you need to get back to the masjid. And you need to pray with the Muslims and you need to pray a lot to turn away so you take a nap, that net with the intention of getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala strengthening yourself for his bed isn't bad in and of itself.

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So that sleep, that you get that little nap that you get after work. And before if thought that is the bed, that is worship, if you are doing it with the intention of making yourself stronger for the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then you go to the masjid and you pray he said in July and then you pray today

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and then you don't get home until midnight or after midnight and the cycle continues.

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And you used to pray five times a day but that was it. You didn't do any Sooners but in Ramadan, you're praying as soon as you're praying Doha and tarawih and domestic with the Muslims and you used to read the Quran. But in Ramadan you're extra, extra diligent and you used to keep the good ties with your family members but in Ramadan you don't let a day go by except that you visit your mother and your father you call them if you if they're still alive, or your other relatives and so you're extra keen and Ramadan. If this is your case, then praise Allah subhanahu wa tada Tanna thank him show your gratitude to him for having guided you to his obedience. And one of the best things that

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you can do in order to show your thanks to Allah subhana wa tada is to remain firm upon his obedience and not to waver as well as making this that the Prophet salallahu idea was seldom taught more either been given by the Allahu taala and who when he came up behind him and grabbed him by the shoulder and he said Yeah, why in the book

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I love you for that today. And cool if we do really cool the Salah. So don't leave off saying at the end of every Salah Allahu

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Allah the clicker was shook Rica, Hosni evatik our la ate me and remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you properly. This is a do that every Muslim should memorize Allahumma inni Allah the clicker was shakalaka was anybody taken if you don't memorize an Arabic say it in English? Oh, Allah, aid me assist me helped me and remembering you and thanking you and and worshiping you properly. This is a draft that every Muslim should be making at the end of every slot, not just the fourth slot, but every slot before you slam out, because we need a lot. So Hannah, who would Tyler's assistance in order to be able to worship him properly? But if that's not your case,

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if that's not the case, if you haven't fully taken advantage of Ramadan, if the day to day struggles of life have beat you down.

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And sometimes you feel hopeless, sometimes you don't taste the sweetness of Ramadan.

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And you look around and you say, What am I doing wrong?

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And you see some other people very happy, but you don't have the same feeling and Ramadan, you haven't felt that spirit. That energy that Ramadan brings to the believers. Don't give up on yourself, because it's not too late. The fact that you have come to Juma and so many other Muslims have not

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the fact that you came looking for a message looking for something that's going to bring your heart life then that is a sign that is an indication that Allah subhanho wa Taala was good for you and that your heart is not dead.

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And even if your heart was dead,

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even if the heart was dead, Allah subhanahu wa tada brings life to the dead.

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Allah azza wa jal is

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the one who gives life and he can bring life to that heart that is dead, the same way that Allah Subhana Allah brings life to those dead bodies and resurrects them on yo pm in the same way that Allah subhanho wa Taala when the earth is barren, and Eliza Joe sends down that rain and then that Earth produces fruits and crops. Eliza gel can bring life to the dead heart but we have got to want that life. And Allah subhana wa tada gives us many examples in the Quran about that.

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What is called an EVO him but be areni

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gave it to him and Mota. As Ibrahim said to his Lord, show me, how do you bring life to the dead?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him, Carla, I want him took me. He said, Do you not believe? Ibrahim said Carla Bella malaki Leah Toma in a cul de sac. Certainly I believe that you bring life to death but so that my heart can have some reassurance reassure me.

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So lots of Hamadan instructed him color for arbeiten minute for sort of hoonah Lake. So much Allah Allah, Allah jevelin min hoonah Jews air soumettre own yet Tina casaya wylam analyze he's on Hakeem. So he told Ibrahim take four birds and train them to come to you train these birds to come to you. Then slaughtered them, cut them into pieces and put pieces on each on the top of hills. Then call them after you have killed them, cut them into pieces and put them and scattered them around. Then call them so mother only yet Tina casaya. They will come to you immediately.

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And know that Allah is the Mighty

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One and Allah has eaten. Hakeem the mighty, the wise, Allah azza wa jal brings death brings life to those whom have died. There is a very interesting story that many of us can resonate with, because some people may want to know well, how is it? Where Are there examples of allies who are job bringing life to the dead heart, there was a famous scholar

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of the past.

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Named Phil Dale in reality,

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he died in the year 187. After the hatred of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was born approximately 100 years after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And he was a highway Robert and a thief. He was a criminal. He was a criminal, but he became one of the greatest scholars of his era and an art and worshipper of Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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His story, His story is amazing, because he was one who had a dead heart. But Allah subhanho wa Taala gave that heart life.

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He was

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one night, attempting to visit a woman whom he had fallen in love with.

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And so he began to climb up the wall to her house. And as he was climbing up that wall,

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he heard a man from her house reciting lm get nealon, Latina amanu and tuck shampoo boom Li de la, has not the time come for those who believe that their hearts should be affected by the remembrance of Allah alum yet Neely Latina, Emma No, and tuck shampoo boom de la hasn't the time come, that these hearts become affected with the remembrance of Allah with the Quran. And so for them, who was a criminal, if one understand is not somebody he wasn't a scholar at that time wasn't a household name, except for for evil.

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But when he heard the Quran recited and saying, isn't it time that the hearts become effective, he said Bella, indeed, it is time that I have listened to these words of a loss of habitat and he ceased seeking that woman out. And so he went to look for shelter.

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And he found shelter in a place where there was some travelers staying

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and he was eavesdropping on their conversation. he overheard what they said

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one of them said to the other

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we should go out and continue our journey now.

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continue on the path.

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The other said to him. No, we shouldn't. Because Phil Dale is out there. He's somewhere in wait. And if we go out there now we're gonna get robbed.

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And for Dale was listening to the conversation.

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He was listening.

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And he's and he turned to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he looked at that as being the sign that Allah subhanaw taala showed him how the people viewed him, that you have these people fear, continuing their journey because of him. And that was the time when he repented and turned back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he became one of the greatest scholars of his era and from the scholars of Hadith.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala took that heart that was dead, and he gave it life because he turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in the second part, or the second cookbook,

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Shout out to Allah. We're going to talk about some of the things that can be done to get back on track this Ramadan bit nilay to Allah, for those of us who may have not taken full advantage of this month, when we look at this, this individual full day living in El

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there's a very interesting story

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where he came upon a man and this obviously was after his repentance and after he turned to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this story you brothers should listen to carefully. He met a man that was a bit older. And he said to him,

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how old are you?

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So the man said, I'm 60 years old.

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He said, for 60 years, you've been traveling to Allah.

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And anyone who has traveled for 60 years has almost reached its destination.

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And all of us are travelers like the prophesy Salim said COVID dunya. And naka de veau, Abu Dhabi began this life as if you are a stranger, or one that's just walking down the path a traveler, because we are traveling to the Hereafter, from the time you were born. So he says to this man, you've been alive for 60 years, you've been traveling for 60 years, anyone who has traveled that long has almost reached his destination. So the man said in the law, or in a raggio, and D, we belong to Allah, and to Him as our return. So far, they have said to him, attensity man, man, do you know what that means? So the man said, yes, it means that I am a slave of a law, in the law, I

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belong to Allah, or in a raggio, and that I'm going to return back to him.

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So for them said to this man,

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if you know anyone who knows that he is the slave of Allah, and that he is going to return to Allah, then let him also know that he will stand in front of a law. And when he stands in front of a law, he's going to be asked, he's going to be questioned. So let him prepare an answer for the questions.

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And so the man began to cry. And he said, mohila, what can I do at this point? 60 years.

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And I didn't know what you just said, or I didn't think about it. I was negligent for 60 years.

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What can I do now?

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And for Dale said,

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it's easy.

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And the man said, What is it? He said, I sin, FEMA, Bucky, you fall like mcid Salah.

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Do well, and what remains of your life.

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And Allah Subhana which Allah will forgive you for what preceded

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do well, and what remains? And Allah Subhana who were to Allah will forgive you for what has preceded what in a sense to female Bucky.

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Bill Irwin, he will.

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He said, but if you do evil, and what remains, you don't fix things, then you will be held accountable for what has proceeded and what is to come.

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And so therefore, it is critical that as we look at Ramadan right now, these 13 days that have passed, we've made some mistakes. We've made some mistakes, but allies who are jealous

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of him, he's the Forgiving, he's the merciful. It's not too late to overcome that but the time that we have left from this Juma on, we got to make some changes. We have to sacrifice. We have to sacrifice for this Deen

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and take advantage of what remains for Ramadan. I have three suggestions that I believe in shallow to honor for what remains of Ramadan, it will be something that we can bite on to be it nilay to Allah. It's not too difficult, but it's something that will help us to do what is right for the remainder of Ramadan.

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The first thing is fostering a decent relationship with the Quran. And I can't stress this enough. But as Muslims, we have to understand that we have the perfect book. We have the speech of Allah subhana wa Taala a lot of times we find it's it's amazing Muslims reading self help books, okay, how, how does that work? Have you read the Quran time and time again, over and over and not found the help that you're looking for. So

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That we need to read Carnegie or somebody else as Muslims. And it's not to say that sir other things can't be benefited from I'm not saying that but what is your relationship like with the Quran before you do these other things? The Quran the Quran yeah you finesse Allah azza wa jal addresses mankind. Oh mankind cut the Jags comb mower either to MIT what become where she fell only Memphis pseudo well, who don't want to limit meaning? And did a moderator has come to you admonition and instruction and a cure for what is in the heart? See, that's what we need because the hearts, the hearts control the rest of the bodies, okay. We need a cure for what's in the hearts. Well, who then

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a guidance and a mercy for the believers. So develop that relationship with the Quran. Read it daily, more than daily as much as you can read the Tafseer of the Quran, so that you can understand what you are reading and the Quran. See, a lot of people talk about knowing Allah

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can you know a lot better than that which he has described himself with? His own names, his attributes, his actions, look at mu Silas and I see when you read the Quran, you will come across these stories, and you'll see things and it'll mean something in your life when Moses was being chased by fear on

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him and his people shouldn't be Mattoon Kali and not a whole lot of just a few group and fit around with this whole army who chased them to the brink of the Red Sea. behind them is the arm

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in front of them is the seat. Where do they go?

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So the people that were around Musa said to him in nella Mata raccoon,

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kala Bella, kala Bella in the merrier, A, B, C, or D. They said that

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we they caught us they say, there's nothing else to do but go drown in the ocean to Panama. Moses said, Why? Because he knew Allah. He knew Allah. He said in the merrier be my Lord is with me. He's gonna guide and that is when allies will just split the C sub panel and then fit our own and his army thought that they could come in and follow Moosa and then allies with Joe, swallow them up in the sea, because it all belongs to Allah subhana wa we need to understand and see when you read the Quran, you develop that relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you learn more about Allah. So the first thing as it remains in this month of Ramadan, no matter what preceded

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you miss days, I didn't get to read as much as I wanted to today, I fell off. No, that's it. From today on, there's no falling off.

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sacrifice for the reading of the Quran. The second thing, the second thing is is still far. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive you and keep it on your tongue, a stove, hula, hula, like we say after we pray, you just got done praying we seeking forgiveness for

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because there's so many other things. And anybody that thinks that they don't need to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Tada, then we fear for him. Because that's arrogance as arrogance to believe that you haven't sinned to believe that you are better than the angels. Now we have our faults. And we need to seek forgiveness from a loss of health data, but that forgiveness has to come as a result of taking account of yourself. See, because when you go back and you look, how's my salad?

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How's my salon? Am I making sure that I pray it on time, every time?

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How is massekhet?

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am I paying the cat on a yearly basis on an annual basis like I should?

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What about the money that I have stacked up? Is All of it? Hello? am I eating halau? What's my relationship like with my neighbors?

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My family?

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What's my relationship like mama wife?

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Hi, Rocco. hydrocone. me, the best of you is the one who is best to his family, one of hydrocone early, and I'm the best of you to my family. The prophets like Selim was the best to his wives. And we live in a society where our wives struggling why they struggle because it's hot outside, they got a cover up with all these other women running out here half dressed, and then she's in the car with you, your wife, and you looking at somebody that's haram for you to look at. But that's what you want your wife to do. That's the message you send.

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Because you're

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the one these women sacrifice they do and whatever may come from them, that is not to your liking their other qualities that you do like

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that doesn't mean that we don't have family discussion and try to work with them but acquire we got to be better in these types of situations. And that stuck through the law and seek allies will just forgive

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For our shortcomings, because not just the shortcomings as it relates to the, to a large with jobs, rights, but the rights of his creation as well. Your wife is a servant of Allah, slave of Allah.

00:25:12--> 00:25:17

She voluntarily testified to lie in the law.

00:25:18--> 00:25:33

And so because of that she has certain rights that are upheld in Islam. All of that to say that it's the farm. When we seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. We remember his rights and the rights of his creation. The last thing and shout out to Anna,

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as it relates to what we can do, for what remains of Ramadan, to say stay steadfast, besides the obvious which is fasting during the day, and praying during the night is dry, because just like Ramadan is the month of the Quran, it is the month of do out what either Salah can be bad the enemy for in the curry, if your servants if my servants asked you about me, then know that I am near huji Buddha today that and I answered the call of the one who supplicates to me when he supplicates and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Do I have a better? Do I Is there a better just like somebody is the man do i is that a bed? It is that important? And it is that relationship between you and

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Allah subhana wa tada and it shows that you are a true slave of Allah subhana wa Taala because you recognize that there's nothing that you can do, nothing that you can gain, nothing that you can abstain from except that Allah Subhana who was to Allah, age you and abstaining from that, the last thing and shallow ties So those three things that we need to do as it relates to the remainder of Ramadan, fostering that relationship with the Quran, seeking Allah subhana wa Taala is forgiveness and rectifying some things that may have gone wrong, fixing what's broken, and making do it on a constant basis and building that relationship with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The last reminder is a

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reminder that I believe is very important. And that is because next Friday, next Friday will be the 20th of Ramadan and it will begin the last 10 nights. But we can't afford to wait until next Friday to start thinking about the last 10 nights because the last 10 nights of Ramadan are that important. They are that important. There's no other time like it in the year in those last 10 nights is a night called Laila from Qatar. That is better than 1000 months the worship that you do there in those 10 nights. If you allow God blesses you to get to later to cut it, then it is better than worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala for 83 plus years. And most of us do not even have that kind of

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do not live to see 83 plus years. And so just one night, just one night, you can do that which will be more than greater than not equivalent to greater than worshipping Allah subhana wa tada for 83 plus years, 1000 months. So we need to prepare for that now we need to start thinking about how we're going to take advantage of that opportunity. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was reported to have as I said on the low tide and has said when the last 10 nights come either de la lucha shut them shut them Zahra the prophet SAW you sell them would would firm up his own. Like we say roll up his sleeves. He would get serious and some say that it was an indication that he would not have

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intimate relations with his wives. What Yeah, Laila who and he would stay up the entire night. What a cada Allah and he will wake up his family as well. He will wake up his family as well. These last two nights are critical. The prophets of light it was seldom used to make a tea calf, and those last 10 nights was seclusion and domestic to be away from the people so that he could free himself for the worship of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. There are many other things that can be said about the last night in a shallow tally that we dealt with in the following clip by so use what remains of Ramadan to fix what is broken use what remains of this month to train yourself to refrain from the Quran not

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just in what remains of Ramadan, but also that which comes after Ramadan is a month of sacrifice. So make sure that you alter whatever you need to alter of your schedule and sacrifice for Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Ramadan is a month of planting, some month of planting and what you plant in this month, you will see the fruits of it and the following months and definitely when you meet Allah Subhana who were to add it and if you don't plant during this month, then you will see nothing except for sabonis you'll be sad and regret that you did not take advantage of this opportunity and so we asked Allah subhana wa tada to make us from amongst those who take the opportunity or take

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advantage of the opportunities that are presented in Ramadan.