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The speakers discuss the importance of learning to be grateful and thankful for the blessings of the creator, sharing boundaries through sign language, and educating deaf people on their responsibility to please God. They emphasize the need to educate deaf people on their desire to receive forgiveness and finding their own way to achieve their goals. The speakers also discuss the use of language and language translation in teaching others about Islam and the importance of acceptance of Islam. They emphasize the need to educate Deaf communities about the meaning of Islam and to use the Quran to make it more meaningful. Finally, they discuss their organization's goal of promoting deaf people to get on the global lifestyle and their efforts to educate them on the importance of acceptance of Islam. They end with a brief advertisement for a global Deaf Muslim practice and a brief advertisement for a global Deaf Muslim practice.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. Now let me tell you something you can't buy a six pack of peace, peace is something that money cannot buy. Peace is something when you have purpose in life, when you know why you've been created, and this way of life gives you every single answer to all your questions why you've been created, where you go when you die. And this is what the D show is all about delivering the message of purpose of life, and talking to people who are living the purpose of life, doing good, not only for themselves, for the community, but for all of mankind. And the D show is here to help serve and protect, protect you against evil and serve you so

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you can help get the message so you can live a fruitful life. My next guest is doing something great. He's a president. And I'm not talking about President Obama. I'm talking about a president of an organization is doing some wonderful work, and we're going to meet him. It's a surprise, I'ma tell you his name when he comes out. Don't move. We'll be right back with this exciting show. Here on the D show. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the

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welcome back to the dean Show. I'm going to be talking a little bit slower than usual. We have the president of the global Deaf Muslims and the Vice President. So I said look, not President Obama, but somebody who's dear to us, who's our brother, your brother in humanity, my brother in faith?

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salaam aleikum.

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So we're going to learn something to this show. We're going to learn to be grateful and thankful for the blessings that we have.

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So and we're gonna learn some sign language

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hamdulillah so I'm going to start off with a couple of things.

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Please be with you. How do you say that peace be with us? salaam aleikum.

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Show me show the audience how do you say it?

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Go a little bit slower. Go slow.

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Peace be with you. Peace. Be with you. Yes. Do other get that shot again from both of them. Go ahead. Peace be with you. Thank you for making time to be on the dean show.

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You're the president and vice president of the global Deaf Muslims.

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We want to talk to you a little bit

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tell us a little bit about your organization what you do.

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So the organization itself the global Deaf Muslim,

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is an American organization here also we have Canada involved to try to educate Islam in terms of foreign language put to death because we have about maybe half of the Deaf you know, half a million about to the deaf who are located in in America don't don't have access to Islamic knowledge. And you know, the the concept is not being taught all of these children are, you know, being neglected away from that information. So hamdulillah we're the only organization here to try and be able to educate deaf children also laid out so what we're going to do here we're going to deliver the message of all the messages of a very unique show. Alhamdulillah How do you say? How do you say all

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praise to the Creator of the heavens and earth? 100 the lobby said hamdulillah How do you do it? Hum. Lila say right now hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah for all the blessings of the creator's given us.

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We're gonna you can you help me deliver the message of Islam to those who can't hear.

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inshallah, let's start off with this word Islam. Let's define what Islam means. Islam is a simple word that means submission. Having a relationship by submitting yourself to the one who created you the one God.

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Islam here with TCS

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is only one God and no other God. So, Puffin Harmon is the messenger to deliver the message and revelation

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of the Quran that's what we intend to do to the deaf community.

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We also try to educate them but the five pillars of Islam and you know, as we know the first one is Mr. Shahada and how to pray five times a cat and you know the madonn and inshallah the Hajj at very end to Mecca. Let's talk about the pure monotheism for a second pure just only worshiping God, one God, how do you just one How do you say one God?

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Just one God. Like, let me see, let me see. One. That's it one. That's it. We just we don't worship Jesus. We don't worship Mohammed. We don't worship the sun. We don't worship the moon, not a monkey, not an elephant, not a man, not a woman, just God.

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That's Islam, just one God. And as soon as you make a Holy Ghost into God, or you make Jesus into God, you give anyone divinity next to God. You set up a partner with God.

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And that crushes the pure monotheism. It's only one God.

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So go ahead and expound on this. I want you to expound on this for those people who let's say they don't know the purpose of life and we're trying to explain to them the purpose of life. Have you had encounters of doing Dawa inviting people to purpose? What do you what how do you start off a conversation in sign language?

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So often what we do, we often go to colleges, masjids schools, you know, any of those local community centers what we do is we provide community service we always teach about inshallah, the One God only worship only no exact, all the images are geometry, all of these things, and reflect on pure monotheism, for lots of Hanukkah, you know, even if you're deaf, you know, blind or for whatever reason that you are neglected away from showing those kind of things, but you always know that the last pantalla is flexible with us.

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We're here to worship and only worship the Creator. So we're here to also educate the deaf people to try to understand different sign language how we can connect with each other, how we will share that same boundary, you know, when you have a human person, you know, they speak and you can you can share that relationship but when the deaf will, that's a boundary we have to we rely on the sign language, to try to teach that to monetarism, as well as others. Now, let's talk about relationship, the loving relationship with the loving God, Allah the Creator is the most loving, the most kind.

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And he we dial up to him direct five times a day, when he explains the importance of connecting with God through the Salah, the prayer, how does he like to explain it? The second pillar of Islam?

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Yeah, probably five times a day, just our way to develop our relationship with Allah, las panatela through prayer, and to maintain our communication to ask for forgiveness, as for you know, have Have mercy forgiveness for others, you know, and to be humble and, and to do the best deeds that we can do, and hopefully inshallah, to repeat them, and to learn from our mistakes and always ask for forgiveness. You know, the Quran clearly, states are large, very merciful, you know, the, you know, whichever sins that you may do a lot of parent allies Most of all, but we need our duty is to ask, and this is this, this method of asking, is for us to maintain relationship with our Lord, through

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through prayer through to tell what was it about Islam, about this way that all the prophets live, Jesus lived Islam, Moses, Abraham, Noah, they all lived Islam, they all submitted not to any saint, not to a messenger, not to themselves, but they submitted to God, what was it about this way of life that fascinated you? and motivated you to do what you're doing?

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Now listen, the prophet Mohammed the neuropathic, you know, Prophet, Mohammed, no, and all of them, yes, you're all Muslim. Why? Because all believe in one God, when they come to deliver all the same message, which is to worship only one God, Jesus Himself said the same thing out to deliver one message. So our Deaf Deaf community should understand that because there have been difficult to understand the concept of thought Jesus is only related to Christianity, how does God relate to Islam? So here, we have to educate them. You know, we're not here to commit partnership with the last panel. There's only one more monetary system and this is what we're trying to do to try to

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teach the Deaf and how to maintain that relationship.

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The channel so the message is very, you know, it's emphasized and we've tried to make that clear to the deaf audience and we're going to take a break, and we'll be back with more inshallah.

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How do you how do you say inshallah God Willing Sharla Listen, Sha inshallah, God willing, we'll be right back. Do you think these things are going to bring you happiness? You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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You're kidding yourself, is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent, we are pleased with what we have.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the D show with the President. I said, we're not here with President Obama. But we are here with our brother from the global death Muslims and the Vice President, and they're doing some wonderful work. And we should be grateful and thankful for all the blessings that we have. And we're trying to deliver this message of purpose of life to all the people that don't have the blessing of hearing. So how do you feel when people look at you? You look so buoyant, happy. But when some people, they're having so many blessings, and they take these things for granted?

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What do you like to tell people

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that are falling into despair? But if they just look a little bit and count the blessings of hearing of sight, and all the things that they have from a law, maybe this will cheer him up? What do you like to tell him now?

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Oh, I think a lot of parents out of what a day and, and, you know,

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you know, as well as growing up, you know, being born deaf did not change who I am, you know, son language, he has a method of communication, just to, you know, the blind is given different ways of communication, everyone's given a different way of communication, but all will have the same relationship with the loss of parent toddler, which is, you know, to make certain adjustments and how you can communicate with the creative, maybe in death doesn't, why should I be depressed, you know, at least I'm given a life here to live. And, you know, there's million other people here that who are living some of them, you know, they have have the same gift yet, you know, some don't, you

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know, inshallah don't have, you know, arms or legs or whatever, you know, everyone here has given distinct reason and distinct purpose. The most important thing is here is just our ability and how to communicate with us. And we should be thankful, even though is that, you know, a lot of takes away something that gives you something, you know, this is how this is how I feel, and live my life like that. If you weren't, if you were able to hear me, maybe you wouldn't be doing this wonderful work, and getting all these wonderful rewards. So this is a great blessing. How many people are you able to influence to help because of the situation you're in this beautiful situation now? Because

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you can reach out to so many people through your organization, it's a wonderful gift is it Look at that.

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So now we have money hearing, the hearing people use you see they have money, opportunity, money, money, opportunity, death, you know, if you if you go for example, to any Masjid, you know, the football, none of them are, you know, be interpreted, and how can we educate the deaf today, you know, on what the purpose of, of what the hoods are about, you know, you can't learn them and many families are, you know, holding away the children, you know, even if they're left with limited access to Islam, you know, even if, for them, maybe nine years old, you know, as then we can always hear, I don't hear but I'll just go ahead and play and you know, I lose it. I lose everything that I

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do on the footpath

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So the death loan, primarily based on visual, visual knowledge, this is our advantage, we're here to try to show that kind of job, you know how to read the Quran, you know, all of these things, to be able to translate it for the deaf community. And this is the opportunity that we're trying to make and create for them. We know that when someone comes to that realization that look, I'm going to die, I'm going to be in the grave.

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And I'm gonna have to leave everything behind all the money, all the material things, it's all staying, I'm going. And it's either Hellfire, or paradise. So now I want to live according to how my Creator wants me to live, why he created me, that's the life I want to fulfill. So I complete my Creator, before I meet my Creator. So now the person starts to investigate, and they find out that Islam is definitely from the Creator. It provides all the evidence that a person needs to be full of conviction that this is the truth. It's not blind faith.

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Now someone wants to take the first step and acknowledge what's in their very nature that there's only one God nothing worthy of worship, except the one creator. And Mohammed is the final messenger of God accepting Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the preceding messengers. They take the testimony, the Shahada, have you had people

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except the Shahada, except this lamb?

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Yeah, we have, we've had some tell us, tell us, tell us a story or tell us something that you've encountered when someone is accepted Islam and how you guide them through it using sign language?

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So I would say we'll go ahead with one, you know, we've worked for myself one month ago.

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He's He's an he was a death

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coming from Maryland.

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He'd been traveling to different countries to see how Islam, you know, is related to personal life and, and how is it different from here United States call into other country, but, but you've been trying to, you know, as soon as been visited, been contacting me, and how how to do that, how we how I can be of guidance to him, when a person came in, you know, to Virginia, started to learn sign and started to read the Quran and said, you know, starts to believe in one God and, and Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger. I've had many, many stories, but I've had someone from college, his name is Shaw's. You know, and he took the

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thinking to 2007, since he's been been with me for most, he had that that year. You know, he's trying to now to, to embrace this religion try to read the Quran as much as he can, you know, you know, some people will look at him if he's a Muslim or not, but he's totally devoted to reading the Koran chart to understand this is the effort that, you know, the data that we're trying to give, to try to understand the query up to this day. So, you know, there's many, many just now are converted, but you know, but this is the negative, but we don't have the materials to give them you know, you know, the access compared to a hearing person directly. You have spoken languages, you have DVDs,

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you have all of these things that are available, but to the death, what can we do? How can we give them so, so it's difficult, but you know, but we're doing everything I can and inshallah a lot a lot of trying to come into Islam and global Deaf Muslim is here to establish that reason, and it's becoming better inshallah, we have the verbatim Word of God, the Quran.

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It's tamper, free, tamper proof. It's not edited by man to suit the times. It's been preserved, it's a living miracle. For anyone who takes a look, sincerely, they will see that the Quran is from the crater. It's in their original language to Arabic, they're memorized by millions talks about phenomenons, prophecies. Everything is in this book. How can someone who is deaf now they can obviously they can read right? So how is this something different for someone who's who can't hear to pick up the crowd? How can they get access? Is it harder for them to be able to read the Quran? Obviously, they're not they're not blind. But is it? Is it is it any more difficult for someone who

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can't hear to read the Quran?

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Yes, now what you see, I'm educated, I went to college, you know, our Vice President is the same, our board is the same all of us had the opportunity to go to, to, to to attain this education, and we're using our education to teach them. So, if you look at the, you know, the first chapter

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aside, you know, most of the time the first if you see in the name of, of God, but this this kind of thing, usually, it's, it's very, it's very difficult to explain we have to explain the concept. We're using our expressions, using using our understanding and try to use specific sign and wish for them to be able to, to understand this because most of them pick up the Quran and read and it's difficult for them I see I'm really here to provide classes also provide classes to give them that concept. You know, I have an area not really either I have but the concept because you know, as they read, they they lose the meaning. Exactly, yeah. So so that's that's what we have to do. You know,

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do you know the origin Arabic to be able to translate in English there's so many different translations we, you know, we don't call them exactly the plan, but the concept of what the Arabic transliteration is trying to say, but we're doing the same to try to give that concept similar inside language that's so important.

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And you guys are doing that work.

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So we're gonna take a break, and we'll be right back to inch. inshallah again, how you do it again, inshallah inshallah to continue more here on the deen show with our special guests. Right back.

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I'm not afraid

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I solo on dios solo, he

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would go to my room lock the door prostrate and cried, saying God, you know me better than myself. So me the right way. And I will not look, I will leave everything behind

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allows that greater and greater

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intelligence to be

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the last.

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Back here on the show with our special guest from global Deaf Muslims.

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We're almost out of time.

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Let's learn some common phrases.

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in sign language, real easy that the people can go home we learned of hamdulillah How do you do it again? Alhamdulillah, praising the Creator, it's all thanks to God Alhamdulillah everybody do at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah and hamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Allah Bismillah that means in the name of God Bismillah we always start the show when we say Bismillah in the Name of God, the Creator? Yes. How do you say worship the Creator, not his creation?

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I know it's a long one, but worship the Creator, not his creation.

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That's worship the Creator, not his creation.

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Creation, worship creator, not his creation. Okay. How do you say How are you? How are you?

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How are you? How do you say I love you.

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Love you. How do you say I love God.

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I love God I love God. How do you how do you how do you what are some other common

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common things expressions? through sign language that are that are important do you think

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Islam? How do you say Islam? This is Islam and Islam submission to one god Islam.

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submission to one god Islam.

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Muslim, Muslim, Islam, Muslim Islam. What if someone says look, you know, how do you tell Has anybody I mean, you know, there's a lot of Islamophobia phobia hysteria out there. You know, people trying to make Islam like you know, it's the other it's from outer space and these guys are coming to you know, bring havoc on the earth. So have you dealt with anyone that now

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looks at Islam and Muslims in a bad light? How do you explain to get this stereotype? You know, this, this false persona out of people's mind? What do you like to tell them?

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

Oh, yeah, I've done a lot of time in

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my college years, my own roommates

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were not Muslim, but they were from Malaysia,

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were roommates, and we, you know, I've gone every day, as soon as 911 struck and happen, the whole shift of Islam changed. And, and it was my duty, you know, to explain, you know, this small group, you know, it's

00:25:24--> 00:26:01

the these are the, what we call the exterminate the you know, the extremists and who are destroying the name of Islam here is to, is to give peace and we're here to, you know, abide by the Quran and, and what happened in that that time is completely different from what you know what our last panel tells us to do. And as a Muslim, we should live by the Quran as much better as we can. And we're here to teach our Deaf communities to, you know, so when they look in the shield TV, they see the visual media that they're looking for, you know, they can, they can become brainwashed, and they can become that kind of, you know, information that perceives the outside world not to be in accordance

00:26:01--> 00:26:42

to Islam. But this is the Islamic phobia. And we are here to change all of that also, in trying to translate also the message and so from the Quran that we've met with the only organization, you know, there's never had been attained before. But in terms of Islamophobia, during the college, you know, the best, it's funny how the deaf day know the Bible, but the Quran, you know, that they have all these resources available for them, but it's not there. So you can perceive the information to be wrong and become, you know, islamaphobe if, you know, by by looking at what the media is trying to show that we're here, to educate them, to, to worship only our Creator, not to worship the

00:26:42--> 00:27:00

prophets, not Jesus, not, not any of those messengers, Elijah lamb, but just just how creative and we try to do that, what's so special, if you had to tell someone in sign language, what's so special about the crab, I know this can be a topic in itself, but just in short, what's so special about this?

00:27:03--> 00:27:24

The Quran itself is the miracle of miracles. This is this is our relation, you know, and there's none other like it, you know, this is our living symbol, this is what everyday and life you know, all the questions, all other questions you have in life, you know, pertaining to, to us to anything to anything that you can think of the answers in the Quran.

00:27:25--> 00:27:49

You know, we here don't allow other people that we don't worship Prophet Mohammed, but Allah only 200 Allah, he's the one who's giving us you know, this life and everything is subjected inside the Quran and the way of life and how we approach people, how we forgive people, all of these things for for safety and peace is all under this, this is our, this is our best, you know,

00:27:50--> 00:27:51

this is

00:27:52--> 00:27:57

this is our best specialty here that we have in the car and also to love myself also to love you, you know.

00:27:59--> 00:28:18

You know, even if you call me I will forgive you this all these messages are in the Quran. This is the beauty of it, you know, and we are here as brothers and sisters, we should be one oma to adhere to that, Mashallah tell us how people can get ahold of your organization get a hold of you, through your organization, the name of the organization, your website.

00:28:22--> 00:28:38

I'm gonna name is global, Deaf Muslim, the website is G global glba LFDF Muslim, m us Li o RG. And this is the only website that we have in America, you know, so far,

00:28:39--> 00:29:20

you know, there's many, many different organizations that you see, but all of them are working in spoken language. But Alhamdulillah we are the only organization that are included in sign language so that you can see our communities very tight together. So we're trying to put to pursue and explain explain what we're trying to do. But you know, we have a website you can do we can go to so like, like, for example, one of our projects next year, we're trying to promote 40 deaf people to to inshallah go to oma, we're trying to promote that kind of project, you know, to bring the death together and educate them as much as we can, you know, maybe we want we want one two to three years,

00:29:20--> 00:29:59

but probably inshallah, we definitely understand what Islam is about. So right now, our organization to set up the, the Muslim death Development Center, for example, in Ghana, which I want to set one up in Ghana, in Africa. There's about two so many deaf Muslims are, you know, don't have that kind of access and being oppressed. And you know, and that information is being neglected. So we were not only here to focus in America, but the world because all of us will share the same thing. You know, today, people come, you know, in religion, tried to come and promote, you know, try to convince us and push as much as they can, but what we're doing is we're teaching

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You know, to try to make them understand what they say is right or not, you know, a quote, and according to the Koran, we often are in contact with scholars, you know, we're making DVD, electronic material, all of these things, the global that Muslims are doing. So. So this is why we have our own, you know, material to we can interchange that kind of information. And this is on our website or so at global, deaf, Muslim calm, you have videos on you have videos to educate deaf

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people on Islam and the purpose of life, it's there.

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Yes, this is a new organization. But now we're creating that in 2009, we had that opportunity. So right now, our classes are going to be recorded also, and will be projected on the website, we will start showing that no, it's a work in progress, but inshallah With your help, we can be able to do that. Beautiful. Let's go ahead and one last time, let the people know that there's only one God.

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Worship Him alone, not his creation. And Mohammed is the last and final messenger. Take it away. Say again, Tim, one time

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is only one God.

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Worship others No, just one God, and the messenger who's the last message of Prophet Mohammed.

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That's all the time. That's all the time we have. Thank you very much

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for being with us.

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May God Almighty reward you for the wonderful work that you're doing? Both of you. Thank you.

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Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. I appreciate all the wonderful blessings that you have. And you'll see some of the most wonderful people that we have in our history who are in the worst situations, but they didn't blame their situation. They made the best out of their situation. And they rose to the occasion and they rose to the top. So rise to your full potential. And the only way you can do that is by submitting to the game plan, not your game plan. But God's game plan. The game plan is a creator that has an earth who created you, who took care of you while you were in the womb of your mother who gave you life and he'll give you death. And in the

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end, you'll be in the grave and you're gonna have to answer for everything you've done in this life. And at the end, it's either Hellfire or paradise in the only way acceptable to the crater is submission to his will not submitting to Jesus not worshipping a Holy Ghost, not worshiping a monkey and elephant, but only worshiping the creator and not the creation. And it starts by wanting by realizing that you're not self sufficient. You need the air that you breathe, you need the food that you eat, and who's given it to you, the Creator of the heavens and earth. So only worship Him and develop yourself to be the best human being that you can be having good character good manners,

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staying away from all the things that he's told you to stay away from, and doing all the wonderful things that the creator's told you to, to do. And that's the purpose of life, obeying God submitting to God loving God because He loves you and he's giving you everything, so appreciate all these blessings by obeying Him. And we hope that you continue to tune in here to the D show, you could pick up the new dunya to Dean get our DVDs get the purpose of life bumper sticker and we'll see you next time here on the D show. Until then Peace be with you.