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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you Welcome to the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And today we have a special guest special guests share. Yasser

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anila favara Manon, Rafi, Angela Shara. Honey, fun, Ramadan.

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Ramadan Lin.

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This week we're gonna have some special shows with the Shea we're going to have purpose alive. We're going to have the most important fundamental principle in Islam, which is tawheed the mono theism we want to and we covered the shakes history. So we're just going to briefly touch upon the where you studied and where you're studying. I'm going to go on correct me or add to it. You studied 10 years at the Medina University. Is this correct? Correct. And you got your work from there. My second batch you can kind of fill in the blanks. Okay. I got a Bachelor's in heavy studies, which is heavy for me as the sayings of the Prophet man. It's a lot of work. Is that one of the harder? Yeah, it is

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considered to be one of the more not Yeah, I guess it is considered normal and also an Akita. And then I have a master's in Master's in theology. You also are currently studying at the Yale University, Yale University PhD in Islamic Studies. That's like the top university in the United States. Correct? You would say that? Yeah. You're doing your Islamic studies there also. Yeah. So you're just going on with it with with your education at humble and you're teaching at a college, the institute called the L. McGregor Institute. Yeah, Amman Institute, so you know what? He might not say it, but I'm gonna say you're like a doctor in this field. I'm not yet a doctor. I'm doing my

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doctorate. So yeah. So now if you want if you got a sickness, or if you got a problem, you go to the specialist, and we got a sickness, we got a problem today, we have problems and we're trying to find solutions. We're trying to out of the love, help one another. So we can have a better understanding. And so we can live more of an Islamic life because to live in it, correct me anytime I'm wrong, please, because I'm learning. And I have you to help teach me and have come to love praises to God, the more we live this Islamic life, which is surrenders submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth and to his laws, which he's given us, the more we have peace, the more we acquire peace in

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this world and the hereafter in this world in the hereafter. And this is how really, we're going to benefit because it's life is transitory, you can die anytime exactly the way life is life for the hereafter. And I'm getting to the promise you, okay, we got a little issue. And today, we're gonna This is a family issue. It's an issue that we're gonna cover with the men. But ladies first, ladies first lady go first. Okay, we have many women today.

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And we're not picking on the women. I like I said, we're gonna talk to the men soon inshallah. But we have, how do we help for women to to grasp a better understanding because it's hard on them? It really for a woman who's who spent, say, 1020 years, even her family caught up into the norms of society. And now here comes Islam, telling her No, no, no, you cannot do that. No, no, no, you can do that. And now she's like, about to pull her hair out. But she's caught between what the West and she's been programmed her whole life, even through her family who weren't living, they were maybe living a traditional Islam. And now she was raised through her family and educating her that she's

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still got good morals. But she's doing things that aren't correct. Maybe, you know, not proper hijab cover. She's been educated through the soap opera. So the TV, have you met up with these issues? And of course, yeah, tell us tell us talk to us about it. Well, I mean, one thing we have to realize is that when the religion of Islam came to the Prophet salallahu idea, he was setting them and he started preaching it. It wasn't just a cut and paste, dried doctrine. It wasn't just believe this and believe that it was also do this and do that. And don't do this and don't do that. theology and legal systems, they go hand in hand in Islam, there is no concept of, of separation of church and

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state in that sense, in the sense that you believe in certain things, and then you do whatever you please know, you believe and you act according to the will of God. So when the religion of Islam came down, certain laws were revealed that the people didn't like at the time. One of them was the the abolishment of the caste system. The Arabs of old they had a very specific caste system, a hierarchy if you like, and Islam

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came in abolished all of that the people didn't like it. But when they accepted Islam, those who accepted it, they had to stick with it and those who didn't. One of the main reasons they rejected Islam wasn't just because of theology. They said, You're breaking the traditions of our forefathers. And so when a sister wants to become more, more Islamic, or she accepts Islam, and she faces these problems, she's not alone, she's nothing new is always happening. The issues are different. Yes, I mean, the issue of hijab, for example, was not that major of an issue for the companions, because they were used to dressing in a semi modest fashion and to wear the hijab was not that big of an

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issue. But the giving up an alcohol definitely was okay. They had to some other managers struggle with that. Also, the the fact that accepting non Arabs to be equivalent to Arabs, there's no superiority of an Arab over none of this was groundbreaking for them. So it's not the first time that ethics and morality have posed a problem in our religion for those who accept it. It's just a different issue that's now being played out here. What's the benefits? Now, again, we talked about benefits of submitting more towards your Creator, instead of submitting to the fashion and to the culture. Well, the benefits of submitting to God are obviously the pleasure of God. I mean, there's

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only one way to attain God's pleasure, and that is by submitting to him and worshiping Him. In fact, the meaning of the word Islam is submission. Islam means you submit body and soul to God. If a person doesn't want to submit to God to God, there's simply not a Muslim. So Islam or a Muslim is somebody who says, Oh, God, I want to follow you, your I want to follow your religion, I want to worship you the way that you have advised me and commanded me to do so. If a person says I don't care what God says, really, that that can't go hand in hand with Islam, because Islam means submission. So to reject it, is going against it. Now, obviously, if a person says, I know I should

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do it, but I'm weak, that's not being a good Muslim, but you're still a Muslim. Okay, but to say I don't care, or, you know, doesn't matter to me, that is basically rejecting submission. But to commit a sin is not rejecting submission to commit a sin, you know, you're guilty. And you say, Oh, God, forgive me. You know, I know I should do this, but I'm just I'm not to that level. yet. That's a sin in Islam. You're not a good Muslim, but you are still, you know, a Muslim and God can indeed forgive you for if you turn to him. Now, there's some confusion because you have some of the sisters and brothers and again, I repeat out of the love because they're our mothers, our sisters, our

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aunt's our daughters, and they're more precious to us than the material things, the money, the diamonds, and that's why we want to protect them, we want to help them we want to educate them correct. Okay. So, you see the confusion where you have a stream, you have one stream now you have so many moms, they finished them a dresser was amended. So this is like a small stepping stone. I mean that madrasa is an Arabic word which generally means the school and depending on which which country use it and has different meanings in our times a mother So could it depends which country it could be anything from a kindergarten all the way to a university. So it just depends on the

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context. You use it and now you got any mom, he finished them address them, or something similar and he says