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The importance of having a holistic deen in Islam is highlighted, as it encompasses all three things of belief, actions, and spirituality. It is also emphasized that the deen is not a monolith and can be addressed by individuals. The deen is a holistic deity that encompasses all three things and is a holistic deity that encompasses all three things. It is also discussed the issue of backbiting and slander in Islam, and the importance of following strict rules for all Muslims to avoid wasting time and effort. The segment also touches on the practice of dressing up your hair in public, the importance of emaling your brother's appearance in public, and the use of hair color in Islam. The segment ends with a recommendation to join the moderator's channel for more questions and a recommendation to join the moderator's YouTube channel for questions and feedback.

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Okay, I'm not sure what's going on here

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think I'm live again guys. I do apologize. So um alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh It seems that I had got disconnected I'm trying to get back online. Let me know if you can hear me and see me again and what was the last thing that you heard me saying guys? Let me know what is the last thing that you had me saying in the chat?

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Because it seems that I had disconnected so I know let's just wait a couple of seconds for people to come back on the live.

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But let me know is there an issue Can you guys hear me still Can you see me still guys let me know in the chat box below. I'll just give it a few seconds for people to join again.

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Okay, 100 likes seems that people have joining again. Okay, so the last thing what Han says the last thing that they heard apologies if you're just getting into this video, I had disconnected in the last one if you're just watching this one you can not you can obviously watch the last one as well on the page. But in a nutshell, the last thing we were talking about three things so gibril alayhis salam the prophets iclm he said that you know attack on Leo I Lima come Dena come that he came to teach you your religion. Right your deen and as part of your deen the prophets I seldom explained that you know three things Islam eemaan and sun right three things Islam Eman and F sun and we said

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that Islam was predominantly on the for the benefit of the body. A man was predominantly for the benefit of the mind is your belief. Right? And Sun is for the predominantly is predominantly for the benefit of what of your soul. And this is very interesting because as human beings, many scholars of Islam have said that is that our

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a human being is you know, composed of three components, the mind, the body, and the soul, the body, the mind and the soul. The body is obviously the thing that we see the mind is what differentiates us from the animals, they also have bodies, but we have intellect. Right. And then finally you have the soul. Okay, so Islam is predominantly for the benefit of the body Eman is predominantly for the benefit of the mind. And ehsaan is predominantly for the benefit of the soul. Just like when it comes to a human being, just like, you know, if a person's mind is, is not working correctly, then we wouldn't consider that person as a complete human being. Likewise, if someone is physically, you

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know, his body is not working properly, or someone you know, but his mind is fine. We wouldn't consider them to be a complete human being a perfect human being if you like. And the same thing if someone doesn't have a soul, then you know they're alive. So in the same way in our religion, the prophets I said your deen and you know, jabril came to teach the deen. And so what is our Deen our religion our way of life encompasses three things Islam, a man and a son. Now this is when these words are mentioned together. When Islam is mentioned by itself, however, or if a man is mentioned by itself, then each of them encompasses the whole theme, right? It encompasses the meaning of each

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other. So when you say, Well, if you look in the Quran and Sunnah, if Islam and Eamonn are mentioned together, then Islam has to do with the five pillars or the outer deeds. Eman is then to do with the belief system. But if they're not mentioned together, Islam mentioned by itself or a man is mentioned by itself, then each encompasses the meaning of the other meaning the whole religion, right Islam also encompasses a man and a son. You can't be a Muslim without a man without some sun. Likewise, you can't be a man, one who has a man without Islam and a son, right? Or at least some some of them. So

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why this is a really important concept because very often brothers and sisters what we find is that many people seem to have like they basically

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they focus on one aspect of the deen, one group of people they just focus on actions. Right. Another group of people they just focus on your belief system and

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Another group of people they they don't care necessarily about the belief system, but they they just focus on spirituality for example. So, but that is not the deen by itself, right the deen is a holistic thing. It encompasses our belief system, it encompasses our actions, it encompasses our spirituality. And that's why it's really important that what we do not need is a group of people who just focus on one area of the deen what we need to do is try and be holistic if you want to be like, perfect Muslims and we need to be holistic. In our religion, we need to have the correct aqeedah the belief system to do with a man, we have to have the correct you know, worship, the act of worship

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that we do, we need to do our prayers and are fasting and we obviously have to testify and we we have to pay zakat, we do Hajj, etc. We also have to have some spirituality, right? We should, you know, think about Allah worship Allah as if you see him. If you can't, then, you know, at least worship him knowing that he sees you. How would you behave if you were in that position, knowing that Allah is always watching us.

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So our Deen is holistic, it encompasses all the three things. And to what sometimes we have people that they you know, they just focus on they think that Islam is supposed to be just one area. And this is wrong. This is superficial Islam. So people, they judge other people by, for example, the clothes they wear, or by, you know, the amount of charity that they give, right, or they judge people on various things that that person might be weak on, or maybe that's not even an issue. Right? And then they themselves end up doing, you know, they end up

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falling short on other areas of the deen. And this is a problem, right? So I'll give you an example. You might find someone who dresses in a particular way. Or he,

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you know, maybe, I mean, I'll give you a better example, right? I'll give an example. A sister who doesn't wear the hijab.

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Most of us are many people, they would say, Oh, she's not practicing.

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But what they may not see it is like it is true that her job is a very important concept in our Deen. Right? It is it is forth, it is an obligation.

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But what we need to realize is that all of us have various strengths and various weaknesses. It's not a binary that someone is practicing or they're not practicing. Right. And I hate that word practicing or non practicing. It's not a binary one or the other. In fact, there's a lot more

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to Islam than this. And what that means is that some people find it they struggle, they might struggle to, for example, wear the hijab, but that same system might be praying the night prayer, not just her father, she's giving tons of charity, she's fasting in the month of Ramadan, she's giving sadaqa she's done Hajj, etc. Right. And what ends up happening is that people judge that woman for not being practicing, they say, Oh, she's not practicing because she doesn't wear a hijab.

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The same person who's judging her is also falling into a major sin, which is what backbiting and sometimes slander. And yet when that person bat bites and slander, they don't consider themselves to be not practicing because they've fallen into a major sin. Do you not see the problem here? That's a huge problem. Right? The truth is that we all have areas of practicing this. And we have areas of weaknesses that we fall short on every single one of us the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said khulumani Adam hotta with hydrocotyle in at our booth, we look at someone who has a beard, right as being practicing and someone who doesn't have a beard has not been practicing. We look at that, but

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then we don't we don't question. People who fall into backbiting. We don't question major sins like to curb burn. Right? Kibar

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someone who has an iota of kebab or pride, they will not enter Paradise as the prophets I seldom said, right? We don't question major sins like how we are with our parents or you know backbiting, slander, and all of these things. Nobody is perfect. All the children of Adam they sin and the best of sinners are those who repent but the point that

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making is that we should not judge people just based on their appearance.

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This is a really important point. Don't judge people based on their appearance. We, firstly we shouldn't be judging people anyway. But if you hurt a judge someone, judge them holistically, right? When we point the finger at somebody else, we should realize there are three fingers pointing back at us one finger pointing their three fingers pointing back at us.

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And this is and I'm not saying I'm not belittling our appearance, Islam has come with a code of conduct, in our appearance, the type of you know, for example, the hour, what is an hour of a man what is the odor of a woman, Islam has come and told us very clearly. And we should not belittle this. This is a very important part of Islam, the hijab, the beard, these things are unimportant they are they are important aspects of the deen. But sometimes what we do is we cling on to these, but we forget that there's a there's a whole other area that we need to look at. And this becomes superficial Islam. This becomes an Islam, that we we just doing outward actions. And by the way,

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there's another extreme as well, people that don't care about the outward actions, they don't care about the hijab, they don't care about praying, they don't care about you know, the those types of diesel fasting or whatever. And they'll be like, Oh, you know, God doesn't look at this piece of cloth on my head. Right? God doesn't care about my bed. No, this is also an extreme. God does care about these things. Why? Because that's why he obligated them. Otherwise, he wouldn't have obligated them he spent, you know, time in the eye, he Allah subhanaw taala you know, mentioned them in Ayat of the Quran, the hijab, the Prophet slicin spoke about the beard, right. So in the Hadith, so,

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these things are important. So, you have the other extreme that they just, you know, neglect the obligations and the prohibitions, right? And so, we need to we need to realize that when the prophets I said Dolly come do breed attack on Leo I Lima come, Dina cook that is jabril. He came to teach you your religion, the religion Islam encompasses all three areas Islam Eman and sn are our two deeds, our belief system and our spirituality. Right. And so some of us we will struggle on various aspects of our Deen and what is obligatory upon us? Look, some people, for example, they find prayers really difficult. Someone else finds prayers really easy. But that first person, he

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might find it really easy to give charity, but the other person he finds it really difficult to give charity. So what do we say? We say to these people, that we all have a minimum line that we need to get above. Right? We need to all pray at least the five daily prayers, whether we struggle with it, or we don't struggle with it, that's the minimum obligation. And then if we find it easy, then we can do you know, the Sooners, the night prayers, the know our fill and all of that the voluntary prayers. And the other person who's struggling, you know, he finds prayers easy, but he's struggling with charity. No, we say look, again, you have a minimum obligation that is your soccer, financially

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supporting your family, etc. That's the minimum obligation. And then anything beyond that you can give extra charity, if you find that easy, right? So it's the same thing with acts of worship, there's a minimum level that we all need to reach, and then you kind of go go higher than that level. Right? If it's,

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if it's an, what's it called? If the, you know, you can go higher by doing voluntary deeds, but we all have to try and get ourselves to a bare minimum on all the various good deeds. And likewise with the bad deeds, right? We might struggle with our tongue, but we still cannot, we have to try and get ourselves to the minimum level where you know, with our tongue, we're not allowed to back by it, we're not allowed to slander, etc, etc, etc. Right? So guys, this is really, really important. What we need to do, we must, we must, you know, try and focus on a holistic Islam, right and this thing about all so and so's practicing or not practicing, we're judging people based on the kind of

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clothes that they're wearing, or they're judging people based on, you know,

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an aspect of Islam even though it's very important, it's an important aspect of Islam. No, you know,

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we need to look at ourselves holistically, we need to ask ourselves, okay, you know, if I end up thinking that I'm better than someone or I, you know, or, for example, I end up

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Being backbiting someone or slandering someone then in some ways this is worse than somebody who's not wearing a hijab, right? Or someone who's not wearing a beard as an example, right? Because maybe I've done a deed that Allah subhanaw taala dislikes. And the classic example of this brothers and sisters, is that woman who used to pray and give charity and fast etc.

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But what did she do? She locked up her cat and did not give the cat food and drink and she did not even allow the cat to go out to get food and drink the cat died. Because of this action. She ends up in the Hellfire even though she's got her prayers and fasting and all of that. Another woman, she she she was a stop for a lot a prostitute. Right engaging in Xena one of the worst sins in the sight of Allah. But she sees a dog panting so she takes off her shoe and she lowers it into a well she gets water and she feeds this dog. And then she enters into paradise. Allah forgives her even though she was a prostitute. Why? Because she had something in her heart that made her do this act of

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worship. She has something in her heart that made her do this act of worship for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my brothers and sisters, this is really important. We need to look at ourselves holistically. Please do not deceive yourselves. Do not think that you are practicing just because you do a certain aspect of Islam. Omar was the Allahu taala and who he used to ask who they favorite a young man he used to ask him did the prophets I sell him because when they for the prophets I seldom told him the names of the hypocrites in Medina. So he used to ask who they for he say who they for? Did the professor mentioned me among the hypocrites.

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And even on his deathbed, one of the companions asked him about you know your okay kind of thing. He says no, you are guaranteed paradise. Right? Imagine this. The armor was guaranteed Paradise by the prophets. I serve the prophets. I said abubaker agenda, agenda, and so on and so forth. And he mentioned a number of companions. Among them was a lot of the Allahu I'm so what are the companions said to him? You're okay, you know, you you've been granted paradise. What does Allah say? He says, the left and he says, You know what? Maybe that was, there was a shot, there was a condition for this. Maybe there was a condition for me to enter Paradise that I haven't fulfilled. Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar.

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They used to question themselves, the early Muslim scholars, the Sahaba. They used to question themselves, much, much, much more than the way that he used to question each other. And as for us, we become, you know, defense lawyers when we're defending ourselves. But when we, when we make a, you know, we when we sin, we don't have the humility. We don't question ourselves, we just think, oh, Allah is gonna forgive us, we'll make istikhara Allah is gonna forgive us is fine. We make excuses. Or we did that I did that because of this. And I had this reason and that we become defense lawyers.

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But then when someone else makes a mistake, even if it's a sin, sometimes it's not even a sin. We become prosecution lawyers. We start prosecuting others, we start judging them, we start, you know, imputing bad. You know, they don't have an excuse, oh, but this this, this is this. I mean, this is not what Islam teaches us brothers and sisters. Right. And so this, we've kind of made Islam into a superficial kind of thing, where it's just a few things. But no, Islam is holistic. So let that that was my message. Today, I'm going to just look at some of the questions. Once again, guys, get yourselves into the discord server. And come online in Sharla. We've got quite a few people on there

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already, where we are chatting away. And as well, on top there are a number of channels. There's a general chit chat channel, there's an ask a question. So I'm gonna obviously always give priority to those questions in Sharla. There's also a channel for you to post your video ideas. And there's a place you know, and there's a waiting room as well. So if one of you wants to come in live, then we can add you into the live call in Sharla. To ask your question.

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Let me read some of these comments. Guys, let me know where you are in the chat. If you come if you came late, you can always obviously watch the video afterwards on Facebook or YouTube. Don't forget to hit the like the subscribe and the you know the notification icon both on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Because obviously then you'll get notified whenever we're online and

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Allah and also it helps to spread this. It tells you to be sure that you know people are liking this content so spread it to other people. Lots of people saying Salam while he comes around to all of you,

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Mohammed Hussain Mohammed taveta Saints as his music haraam the strong opinion among the scholars is that it is haraam

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cabal Javaid can hear and see okay

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jelmer is from Dubai

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at the reserve is from Kenya

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Mohammed this man says what that staff for a chef It seems I don't know if you're listening to the talk bro upon son is from Toronto

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stone Island Don is from England

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questions can be asked on the discord server that's right can you ask questions on YouTube you can but I'm gonna give preference to the discord guys

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are you all most Muslim on I'm guessing we are all Muslims inshallah.

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What else we have here are from Pakistan. Are you all Pakistani No. Stone Island says I'm in the UK

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video is not clear what country you from I'm currently in Makkah but nationally nationality wise British.

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Abdullah Jelani says from Makkah

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Ashton says somewhere near your country Pakistan, or someone is from Birmingham. However from Toronto.

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Sharjah he hub is from Sharjah UAE The best thing I clicked on as soon as I opened my Facebook's is how does that go ahead? We'll accept it. mean? Akhmad is from India, Mohammed from Bangladesh xanga from Ghana.

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What time is in Macau? Right now it's five o'clock roughly 5:05pm German Leila is from Philippines. Samira says you know farik like I do say it is worried about my bed listen to the lecture bro yes mean says thanks for your advice. Mashallah. And Mila shower your home and family with his bountiful blessings just ahead of Ronnie awesome does like a lot here. But live in the UK also really nice to us. I mean, and for you to Asha cave is from his LinkedIn I lived there for a while and I had a how lucky you are to be maka Mashallah say Mashallah, Mubarak.

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Cameroon's as mustafar mill accepted bro. Stone Island dawn you've been to Leicestershire I have my boot from Sheffield. What else have we got here?

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boreham wood Dean says no one is perfect. How do we find the balance between Islamic modern acid like I said with each of these we have the bare minimum and then we we need to try and get to that line with Islam in modern Essen and then we can go beyond that in those things which we find easier so we can get close to Allah subhanaw taala and do more of those things we find easier. No one really talks about spiritual aspects of Islam anymore says bardhan I don't know I think people do in sha Allah. And we are speakers who academic motivational speak about the do's and don'ts which is all good and important and needed. But who talks about spirituality aspects these days in which

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because Can you name we talk about spirituality swanzey wells? Actually we have a course on Islamia TV called purification of the soul so maybe you want to go through that inshallah

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we have *box at house Hutch this year I didn't go on Hodge unfortunately.

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Beautiful educated talk chef says most of them from Cameroon does like a lot Admiral accepted. Can you I don't know what you mean summit? I'm not sure what you mean. Your question

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is it Mubarak from Pakistani London in Tottenham? Mashallah

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Allah How should you pray for so not alcohol as for or two plus two says are are the majority of scholars say two plus two some scholars do say four in one. It's fine inshallah. But the strongest view seems to be to then to inshallah, because that's what I showed on the last one who said Mohammed bin Mohammed Dean says is the blessings of laylat a little jar is or the Knights of aid true. I'm not sure what you mean, bro. And lots of love from Nepal says Aslam, how to cut hair in an Islamic way, generally is fine for men to cut their hair as long as you don't shave part of their hair and not shave. Another part of the hair actually actually shaved

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Doo doo doo chef Is it fine to support sports stars? It is as long as it doesn't go to the extreme right where people love them more and it stops them from you know doing good or they're following them in something bad or you know they become obsessed that's obviously wrong. Is it wrong to color their hair in Islam says yes mean no as long as it is not black.

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We're not allowed to color our hair black except in certain circumstances. We're generally not allowed.

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I said can you say about mushy little haram? What do you want me to say about a little hard on my brother? I'm not sure what you mean. Their Boss Man. 8000 is a salon from London Wiley como salon boss man not quite sure who Boss Man is. What's your name? Boss, man.

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What else have we got? Oh, we got quite a few questions here.

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Jeff, where are you from? I think I answered that in the last one.

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Where did you get your Brooklyn Brooklyn Heights t shirt from in Macau actually. It's really nice.

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Okay, that was from Bordeaux, Han. What profession? Do you work as I run a business? I'm dilla.

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desta says is it permissible to be a teacher in accounting and finance even if that means you have to teach on matters such as Riba if you do teach about it by then obviously, you must make it clear that is haraam. Okay

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reihan salam alaikum Samara Filipe Ricardo says can locals living in Medina generally go and pray at Masuda nabawi? Or can they only pray that if they're doing hogenom in Medina, you can go to Alicia nabawi like in Makkah, normally we were able to go to a mosquito haram However, because of the whole Corona thing. They've now opened up Medina as far as I know. But in Macau, they haven't open up opened up. Mazel haram for the locals yet.

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Batman 98 he asks, Is masturbation halal in Islam the majority of scholars have said that it is not halal upon Sunnah says what is Islam stance or not says this parents who scapegoat and abuse one of their child children emotionally non Muslim experts are telling me to cut ties as causing harm

00:27:26--> 00:28:09

in a situation like this and it can happen in a situation like this what you need to do is make lots of data Allah and also go to a Muslim person, maybe an uncle or Auntie or someone that your parents respect and try and get them to arbitrate very often there are always two sides to a story though very often we'll find that sometimes you know, parents want good for a child and the child he doesn't see that particular thing as being good and so he sees it as you know being bad or something like that. So what I would say in a scenario like this number one make lots of do or number two try and see things that in that point of view speak to them you know clearly but kindly, politely but

00:28:09--> 00:28:18

kindly and firmly but also if that doesn't work then you know escalated to somebody like an uncle or Auntie or someone who they will listen to inshallah low to Allah.

00:28:25--> 00:28:32

Okay, she foxes chef Do you remember your lectures in the University of East London in 2006? Yes, I think I do.

00:28:33--> 00:28:55

Was that the guidance of the traveler course? I like your video, Masha. Allah says Shayla is like a hammer like sceptic can women wear jewelry or this on display or is it forbidden? They can wear jewelry in the presence of their mouth runs on display, but in the presence of their non Muslims, then they then they should cover that in Sharla.

00:28:58--> 00:29:41

I heard people say says it hub that dyeing prevents will do for being acceptable. Is that true? No, it's not always true. There's two types of dye. There's dye that prevents like nail polish for example, if you can call it a dye nail polish, a lot of no pot nail polishes, they have this kind of film that stops the water getting to the nails. In that case, your your will would not be valid because it doesn't. If you wear that it doesn't get to the skin right or your nose. However, if you had something that like Mandy or Hannah, then there's nothing wrong with that in Sharla because once it's washed off, then it doesn't stop water coming to the the skin or the hair etc.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

Okay, lots of little questions there. Let's just go back in this general chart.

00:30:02--> 00:30:11

As Salaam Alaikum abab Islam from London Abdur Rahman we met in Makkah identifies his younger brother wailuku Salah Mashallah

00:30:12--> 00:30:14

awesome updraft man Nice to meet you My brother

00:30:17--> 00:30:18

which Abdul Hafiz by the way

00:30:20--> 00:30:37

what are your thoughts on the pandemic? And how long do you see it lasting Allahu island? I'm not a specialist in you know, viruses or anything like that so I don't want to speak without knowledge. Allahu Allah was best to speak to those who who have knowledge on this

00:30:39--> 00:30:41

you know about the pandemic itself

00:30:43--> 00:30:53

Mashallah Nia is awesome, awesome. You won the FA Cup. Mashallah. Okay guys, we're gonna we're gonna call it a day now in Sharla.

00:30:54--> 00:31:01

So in summary, I mean, if you haven't listened to the the lecture, there are two parts to this video, because we got cut off

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during the lecture, and inshallah we'll, we'll take more questions. Once again, please do join the discord server, I'm pasting the link again. Join the discord server, invite other people's subscribe to the channel insha Allah so you get notifications you know, click on the bell icon, etc. And hopefully see you soon. Once again. I'm your brother I block this alarm speaking to live from the blessed city of Mecca mercato mercato Rama Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh