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Mountains of Mexico say of the day that Abraham passed and he was instructed by God to build a house of peace where people pray and they will come on every lien can Cameron data of every movie for the purpose of praising

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to glory

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mountains of Mecca

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of the day the stones from the sky

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destroying me determined to break the house.

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Abraham built on mountains of this villa hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace realty Welcome to another episode of the deen show. We're going to be broadcasting live all over the Hajj. This is the fifth pillar of Islam you've testified

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that there is none worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth and Mohammed is his last final messenger. you've established this a lot. Pay the charity now you fasten during the month of Ramadan. Now look at this. It's time to gather with a black and white, yellow. There were purple people they'd be here also we should be the one God how amazing.

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We're asked to people like this gathered from all around the world.

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Nobody's coming here to worship a black box in the desert. They're coming here to do the same ritual as Abraham did.

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As Moses and all the messengers of God did. So now we're going to be with our guests shake use of estas we're going to be taking you and showing you some of the different events that are going on around here in Mecca. So want to stay tuned. Sit tight, we're gonna be live all over Mecca, bringing you the hedge only on a dangerous and I'll make him

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bake Allahumma bake.

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That's right, that's what we're gonna be saying just in a little while as we approach the comma. When we get to the hot room in Mecca, for the pilgrimage, Hajj.

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We're really excited about this opportunity to be all together for this great event. Once in the lifetime of the Muslim when they're able to afford it and able to go. What we want to do in our program today is to emphasize the ease of the Hajj. Allah says in the Quran. in tomorrow's three years, Dr. enema

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is telling us how after difficulties, there's ease. Certainly this is something to reflect on when we talk about performing heif because there are difficulties from the very beginning when we think oh, how will I do this? Will I get the money? How will I take care of things who will take care of my family while I'm away? So many things come into my mind. But remember, Allah wants for you uswa not also, he wants for you ease. And that's what he said in the Quran. Let us think about it now. All right, uh, hamdulillah somehow we could get the money together somehow we got the time off from work. And now here we are. We went to the airport. We stood in the crowd so many people we got our

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tickets baggage check up seems like a headache and we didn't even getting the airplane. Alhamdulillah Finally, now we're in the plane. Alhamdulillah can we believe it? We're on our way, going all the way to Saudi Arabia for the highest. Allahu Akbar. But it's not over. It's just beginning. Yeah, what's next? Well, before you reach them a cat, but this is the boundaries, there's a boundary that you must put the F ROM on before you get to it. Because if you wait too long, you get a problem, because you'd have to go way out to be able to put on the wrong. So what we'll do I kind of get ahead of everybody else, as we're gonna take them home. Let's have that over here. Now.

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Let's take a look at Iran. What is it wrong? It comes from the word haraam. It means forbidden. Because when you are in a state of amraam, many things you mustn't do. The Haram that's the place where we're going to be where the Kaaba is. That also comes from the word how wrong everything in the Kaaba is how long they kill anything to step on the burbs or arm to take anything you leave everything as it is. So it means it's very critical for you follow what Islam is allowing you to do, you get some narrow boundaries in here. And the same is true when you go Allahu Akbar for your prayer. That's called the state of Iran. And this is the technique

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Till around like this, it means now, while I'm in Salah Of course I can't talk to people I can't eat, I can't drink. Certainly I shouldn't fall asleep. All of these things become harder. Ah, also you don't turn around walk away in the prayer. This is something that, you know, common sense tells you, these things are haraam. Well, that's what we're getting ready to do now, this is it wrong. These two towels that I hold up right here, this roll I'm going to be wearing in a few minutes.

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Yep, that's right. Whenever a man now women, they can just wear regular clothes. But when a man is ready to be in the state of at home, that means that he's going to remove all of its clothes, and only have these two towels on.

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We'll see about that. Now.

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When we do this, there has to be something done before anything else is called the Nia, the intention. And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us in the amount of vinyasa that before every action that must be intention because all the actions will be only by intention. So we make the intention or the NEA for a law. And we ask a lot to accept from us, of course, and I say I'm going to perform my Hajj. Now there are three major types of her of Hajj that we do. Now I'll make my intention. No, this means I'm going to put on the ground now. And of course, I'll go into the restroom to do that. And then we'll be attired like this for the rest of this journey all

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the way to land now we would be landing we'll be wearing this. And when we get there, what we're going to do, we'll go through the customs in things so you have to do that. And then we'll also go with the brothers. They'll pick us up in Jeddah and then they'll take us on out we'll go to Mecca, we'll get to Mecca. Now what we'll do is we'll do a tawaf. That means we'll do seven circumambulation around the Kaaba, and then after that will pray to rap ba by Abraham station. Then following that, we'll do seven

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going back and forth site between the mountain called suffer and our Marwan safa and marwah go between them seven times. Then following that, we have a lot to do out there, what you will see in Sharla, and the program, then we'll cut some hair and finish. That's the ombre. Now, we'll go back to the hotel where we're staying. And we'll change to our regular clothes. And then we'll be back with you telling you more of that as we go look where we'll put this back on then for the hot. That's how it works. So let's get it started. Now, I'm going to go do that right now. Oops,

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I have to take the seatbelt off first.

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You're ready, you can go in here with me.

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Well, that didn't take very long did it. And you can see that I have on the two pieces that we have from now this is the upper garment or the top part. And then there's the lower part here. I don't know if how well you can see that. Let's take a look at it.

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Now, this is not exactly going to get you into GQ gentlemen's quarterly. But hey, we're not here for that we're here for a wall. That's what it's all about, to do the rituals that go along with the pilgrimage, even at the time of Abraham. Let's go get back in the seats because it's time to get started now

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in the landing in gender.

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Well, that's it. That was the O'Mara we got to do over now. And it's okay for us now to come out of the one of the last things that we had to do was to

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cut the hair, and we did that.

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And it didn't look like it on me because I have such long hair but we were, you know, removed about that much. And this is all it's required. Cut the hair. You don't have to shave it. But especially when you do own raw because if you saved it then whenever you do your hides, what would you have, you know your hair's gone. So I'd like to cut it in the own room like this and then when we do hij, which will be a little later on with

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You're back in the room, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So let's do this. Now we'll go and get out of the home, finish up everything. And we'll get a surprise for you. Once this

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will change and be right out, can go in here

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hamdulillah that didn't take long did it. So this is now the first stage of Hodge tomahto or the Hajj, which has pleasure in it from the word motor, which is pleasure. Now, this stage, we're back now in our street garb. And we'll be able to relax and enjoy do the things that we would ordinarily do on a day to day basis, with a few limited exceptions. But for the most part, this completes stage one, we've done our home run. Now when we go back into the home again and put the towels back on us, then we'll go and begin the highs. And we'll be talking about that more later. But that gives you an idea of going in and out of the first stages of it around for Hajj Commando.

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God's prize for you coming up, watch this.

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The Kaaba here in the sanctuary, or what's called the hunter in Mecca, has long been the focus of the point of worship for the Muslims. This is the place we turn to five times a day to perform our ritual worship called a salad or prayer.

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And for those that maybe are not familiar with this, the people you see going around there, that's called a tawaf, that's the total offer the circum ambulation, of the Kaaba, associated with the visit to Mecca when you come here to Mecca to the sanctuary. And you perform this in any circumstance, but especially when you come for the omura, the lesser pilgrimage, or the Hajj, which is the main pilgrimage of Islam. And these people are going to each one go around there seven times. Now you can go around it on the floor, as you see what's called the tele floor, or and the upper levels, you see people going around there to even on the very top of the building, all of it counts

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the same and it's a little easier on the top. It's a lot longer distance. This give you a little idea, the feel of what it's like to, to go around the Kaaba and do what the prophets all did, because all of the prophets of Islam did this going around the Kaaba seven times like that.

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Now the calvia or the saying of love, bake Allah Humala bake. This is something very special, that when someone has come here, to perform their hedge, they're saying, Here I am, oh, my Lord, here I am. Because they're answering the call. They've been called as Muslims to come here and do these events, these rituals associated with the worship based on the teachings, all the way back of Abraham, and Moses, David Solomon, Jesus Christ, peace be upon all of them. And of course, Mohammed, who came back came to restore back to the Muslims, what the real religion was about. And when they say love bake Allah Humala Baker basically saying, Here I am, oh, my Lord, here I am, the baker

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large recollect or bake. And it says here, here I am, and you have no partners. Here I am. So this begins the essence and the, in the intention toward performing this pilgrimage. We'll have more that's going to be coming up. But we want you to get a feel for this. This coming into the harem and going around the Kaaba. We're looking at in the background, what's called the mountain of light, our job of newer, this is the same place this odd looking, pointed, top of mountain that you see right there. This is the exact place where the revelation of the Koran came down, a little cutter, the night of power. And this is the same place the Cave of Hira is there. And that's where the Prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him was when the angel Gabriel came to him. The angel came in the night, as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was worshiping the law. He was fasting By the way, during the daytime and he was praying all through the night. And now the angel came to him. And when the angel came to him, it startled him and the angel commanded him in the Arabic language, if at all

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He responded back to him not honorably carry. The command was recite the reply, I'm not a reciter. Again, the angel grabbed him grasping close to him, and then released him. And he said to him again ikura recite, and he replied back to him, and only another, I don't know how to read or write is what he meant. And then again, the angel grasping close to him, and released him in said,

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the beginning of revolution.

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For the next 23 years, piece by piece, little by little, the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, as his life and the lives of those around him were affected by many different circumstances. The Quran came to give them the meaning behind what they were living through, and how to deal with all different types of situations. This is the beginning of the revelation allowed Khurana cream, right here at Java war, the mountain of light. And by the way, this is just a little bit north outside of the city called Mecca. Now in the Bible, it was called Baca. It's also called Baca in

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two different pronunciations people began to call it Mater

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah salaam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. And back by popular demand, you suggested to have him back again. You're always excited when we have him here on the deen show. And we're going to be talking about the fifth pillar of Islam Hajj with Shaykh Yusuf.

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is His Messenger.

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It's great to be here with you, Eddie. I love to be on the deen show. But it's especially in a case like this for Hodge. We're here in Mecca, as you know. And you and I both are here for that purpose to do our Hodge and it's also a bonus that we can make a program for the deen show out of our hands while we're doing it. Yes, it's always exciting to have you here on the show. And when you look down if the people can see black, white, yellow, red, and there was pink people, there'll be down there worshiping one God. And we want to talk about some of the misconceptions because the deen show is here to help clear those misconceptions and make the path to Islam. easy for them. Tell us about the

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HUD and how this all started?

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Well, first of all, the one of the things that people ask us about what is the origin of the ritual itself? Where did it come from? Is this something that was invented by Muhammad peace be upon him? Or is it something came from the pagan is it original, whether they call it ritual from some kind of pagan worship and that kind of thing? What we'd like to stress first and foremost is that for all of our viewers everywhere, that Islam is based on the worship of one God, let me tell you what Allah said about it in the Quran. When he said, Well, macula to jinn. Well, it's Alinea burden. He's telling us that he only created us to worship. So our worship has to be for him alone. And this is a

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very key, and this is what we're going to be talking about in the program. Now you've probably heard of a lot of nonsense.

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Things that people have made up misconception Yeah, intentional unintentional. Why don't you give us some of the top four or five misconceptions that people have about

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what we do here? Well, yeah, what we can do is to begin with, is to talk about the oneness of Allah. And in this when we begin to talk about monotheism or oneness in Islam, Allah is telling us that he only created us for worship as we said, He's his woolmark collective genuine into the AMA don't we're only created for worship to start with worship of him rather than worship of multiplicity of gods or worshiping something that you can create with your own hands and you know, rock but stick a stone, a bone, a statues and things idols that people make good luck charms, all these things are not what Islam is all about. So when somebody tries to associate Islam, with false worship of these

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pagan gods, and so on, this is

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A big mistake. But now to be fair, a lot of people are ignorant and they don't know and they assume things from what they might observe from what some people might do. And then this is one of the best cases for us to come here to be in the center of the whole thing, as you say, the heart of the matter. And that's for hedge right there. Right? That place right there that Kaaba is on the same spot, according to the Israeli art destroys of in the children of Israel. That's the spot where Adam put his head when he asked a lot of forgive him for eating the fruit that it was forbidden to eat. This is the very place according to that narrative. Now, in Islam, we know that for sure, it is the

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exact spot that the combo was built on in the very beginning. And that was erected by Abraham, who is the great great, great, great grandfather, way back bunch of greats in there, of Prophet Mohammed himself, by way of Ishmael, it was pronounced, it's my eel and the Arabic language. Now Ishmael the son of Abraham, peace be upon them, was left here in the desert, along with his mother, by Abraham by a divine command or dream that came to the Prophet Abraham. That's the very spot right there where it happened. Now, they were left there, and after food and water was all gone. When it was exhausted, then they had nothing left. So his mother went up on one hill called a suffer, she went

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on top of it and looked and looked at trying to find anything she could, you know, help or maybe water or something. And then she went down to the valley and then up on the other side, on our Marwa between Safa and Marwa these two places, she ran back and forth, looking looking. And she went back seven times between these two mountains, and finding nothing at all to really turn into a lawn asking a lot help us help us. And then a lot of caused water to come up out of the ground, the angel Gabriel came down, and then water came up out of the ground, it kept coming up and coming up in the desert. And this water was coming up so rapidly and so fast, that it was a really a miracle, there

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was no mistaking what it was.

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And that water still comes up even until today. This is called the well of Zamzam. And the Zamzam is one of the representatives of this great event. Now, we don't worship the mountains. And we don't worship the well. And we don't worship the water. But we worship the one who created all of it to begin with. And we worship the one who brings us water, when there's nothing there to bring water out of. and still today that water is running like this is a miracle. This whole entire city is making it off of this water the well isms and you'd be surprised that how much water can be pumped out of there and it just never dries up. It's amazing. Amazing. Tell us Do you know of any other

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event that brings together this many people in the world from all different?

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places all over the globe? white, yellow, brown, red, you know, anywhere and tell us? What are some of the things that when someone comes down here? What do they do? Well, even the Olympics in Beijing, okay, even in that you'd be surprised that

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there weren't, there were a lot of people, but nothing on the magnitude of what we have here during the hike. Because literally millions of people are converging on a place that normally only inhabited evidence Here are just a few, maybe less than 100,000 or something that. But now all of a sudden, you've got 3 million, 4 million, sometimes even up to 5 million people all gathering together at the same time, not only in the same city, but in the same place to do the same thing. No, you might imagine that this could be chaos. And it would be if it weren't for the very clear rituals where it's been spelled out by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him what needs to be done at

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what time and where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do. And everybody basically falls into sync locking together and moving together and doing the things they're supposed to do. Now, if somebody makes a mistake goes the wrong way. It's a problem for them, that's for sure. But for the most part, it goes very, very smooth. Of course, you have the people here of Saudi, who have been for years and centuries really taking care of the pilgrims, when they come in. it's their responsibility really, to be sure everything is facilitated and they do they do an excellent job to make sure everybody's doing what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it the way

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they're supposed to do it. And one of the things that people come up to us and they'll ask us about was these rituals Do you guys like change them over the years because some other religions they will change their rituals, according to the modern times, as you might say, or the according to the traditions of the people changing so they want to change their religion.

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Agenda go with it. But that's not the case here, it always stays exactly the same. It's the same place, the same time with the lunar year. And in the same way. And the revival of bringing this back to the way of Abraham actually was Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Now, you asked about some of the innovations or the ideas that people have thinking that this is just something made up from pagan religions and things like that. In fact, they have a good cause to say what they say, because pagans did go around this Kaaba, and pagans did invent false worship, but it was after Abraham, they were children of Ishmael and descendents of them. And they got away from the true religion. And they

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began innovating and doing some strange things, along with these rituals, and really confused a lot of people. Some historians and archaeologists, who have mixed the two together have not understood that the what Abraham came with, and never anything different, was the worship of one God. In the Bible, you find it saying that this is the God of Abraham, the God of David, the God of Solomon, that the God of Ishmael and Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of job to God of Jonah, and certainly the God of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him and peace be upon all of them. So this one God is the same one worshipped and it was always in the same way. And this is the place where every single

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Prophet came and performed this circum ambulation going around and doing a toe off right here at this place a couple more points shake before we come to an end. And then we're going to take them over our viewers to see a little more of the details with you explaining it. We talked to the non Muslims now, our brothers in humanity, who were trying to clear these misconceptions for so they can end up being our brothers and faith accepting there's only one God, Mohammed is His Messenger. Okay, tell us now for the Muslims who should be here at home. But they're, they're making a pilgrimage somewhere else Florida, the Bahamas, and they're procrastinating. What advice do you have? Well,

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first of all, it is a commandment. It's a commandment in Islam, that we must perform the Hajj. Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you live in Amina whenever he says this statement, or you who believe it's a commandment, and we have to do it, we mustn't

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treat this lightly because it could put you out of the faith of Islam. When Allah says for you to perform the Hajj on the way of Abraham, and his son, Ishmael, which is being restored to you now by Mohammed revelation coming to him from God, and showing us and telling us exactly how to do it, where to do it, when to do it. And it's clear, so this is not an option for it. It is the fifth pillar of the five pillars of Islam. So as soon as you're able to find your way to do it, as soon as you have the money as soon as you have the your bills taken care of properly, somebody to take care of your phone, you must do this. It's not an option. You can't put it off to the next year, the year

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after all, I want to save up for this. Don't save up for that. No, you have to do it as soon as you can do it. And then you'll be blessed by a law for this you will be highly blessed and allowed to take care of your family allow will take care of your money in the matters that you're worried about. In fact, everybody who comes back from Hutch The only regret they will say is I wish I would have done it sooner. I wish I could do it more often. Nobody comes back going on as a lame thing. I wish I didn't do it or never I ever heard this out of the millions and millions of people who did the hardship always come back then hamdulillah I did my heart hamdulillah This is a great way to get

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close to Allah hamdulillah I learned more about my religion, my Deen hamdulillah allows blessing me all my problems became solved when I got home. This is the one thing that you should really look for, as the salvation here on earth is to do this Heis It is a great and wonderful thing. I know personally, I've done the hijab many times. And every time I'm the law, I came back home and found things to be much better than when I left and I found myself much better from immediately from doing this harsh. So this is all good for us. And when people see that features that hygiene, understand it, and then they realize the benefits that go with it. They can only say that's an advantage to me

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really to do this thing I need to do this as soon as I can. Now as far as some of the criticism that we find people saying, Oh, this and that about, they don't know Islam, which I'm at the non Muslims now. And they look and they say, Well, why do you worship this black box where you have to go that God doesn't God know where I'm at? Doesn't he know what's in my heart? The answer is absolutely. He knows where you are. He knows what's in your heart and He knows you're procrastinating and not doing what he told you to do. And that's also important to understand our salaat five times a day must be on time. Our fasting of Ramadan is not an option and are giving the charity or this Zakat is it's

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called the purification of wealth. This is something imperative we must do this and certainly that we will do the Hajj the

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pilgrimage here to the bait or the house of a law and 100 law. This is something so beautiful when you see the true way of Abraham and his followers up into Muhammad is descended upon all of them. And you realize that I'm getting to do this. I'm a part of this all part of this great brotherhood of human beings coming together for the worship of the one God and the way it was commanded to be. I can't imagine anything better than this. I really can worship one God. That's it, not his creation. That's a simple message. It's the same message. Make the prayer fast during the month of Ramadan, pay the charity come to Hodge make your hugs make your pilgrim that's just a simple system.

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And then what's the reward? The reward is by following this Deen this way of life is nothing less than paradise for all the believers and coming back from Hajj. When you come back from your Hajj, all your sins are forgiven, you're like newborn like you just came from your mother. It is the real salvation in this life. If you want to really know about salvation, do your Hajj and feel what it's like to come back knowing ALLAH forgive you, if every single sin since day one, it's gone. It's wiped clean. And now you're good with your Lord, you get a fresh start. And then on the Day of Judgment, this is something good for you. And I'm certainly in the next life, to be there with the

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believers and be close to the prophets. What more could you ask for? Dude, He is the Most Merciful, the most loving the Creator of the heavens and earth. one more request, we want to see you in the home, we want to see you go over a little more of these details. You think we can go to the next segment. And you can go over? Certainly, yeah, what we will do now we've already performed our aamra. And people have had a chance to get a taste of that. Now we'll get ready to do the hedge. What we'll do for the hedge is to begin the same way that we did with the omura by putting on the kromme after we've made our intention, then we'll go on out to Mina. After we spend the night and

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Mina will go then go on out to arafat on arafat, there are some things that we'll do there, as well as combining our prayers together. And we won't perform the night prayer the evening prayer of Maghreb instead, after the sun goes down, we'll take off and we'll go to a place called Mustafa. And then in was done a phone. That's where we'll pray Our Margaret and our is shot the two night prayers together and spend the night there. Well actually sleep right there on the ground if you like or maybe you take a mattress with you. But anyway, we spend the night there. Then before the sun comes up in the morning, just before that we'll pray what's called the fudger the morning prayer. And

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after that, we'll make our way back to Mina. Following that, we go into the for the toe waffle a father and decide we'll go back here to the Kaaba, the air you see behind me here and perform that will cut the hair. There'll be sacrifice, the sacrifice the animal for charity to give to the poor. And then we'll begin stoning the gym rat, those are the pillars that are out there in Mena, and certain rituals that go with that all of this established by Abraham, Abraham and Ishmael, his son, and the great great grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad, this is all going to be taking place. And then when it's all over with and we're ready to wrap it up, the last thing we'll do before we leave,

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we've come out of burial ground, we're ready to go. We'll do our final toe off this one last time after we do to say farewell, the tawassul wahdat. And that'll be the farewell. And by the way, this will be the farewell from us too, because we got to get ready to go do that right now. So

00:33:47--> 00:33:54

stay tuned, we got more for you here on the deen show. We're talking about hudge with use of estus.

00:33:56--> 00:34:07

Other things too, we noticed that we see people from every part of the world, from Africa, from the Gulf, from Asia, from South Asia, from Europe,

00:34:09--> 00:34:48

literally around the entire world. We're seeing people from everywhere all coming together for this same wonderful event. And that is to have our sins forgiven by repenting to Almighty God and following the disciplines that he set forth for us to obeying His commands and and performing our highs. You look out through here and you'll see a tremendous number of people use Greg straight out over in the center Jerry you look you see these people are actually walking many of them walking for the last five or 10 miles. And there you see in the background. Oh my gosh. That's a monster Sony used twice.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

All these people gather like this. Just to use it.

00:35:01--> 00:35:02

Wonder why we

00:35:05--> 00:35:53

might wonder why people would go to the trouble to pay money to take off time from work and everything to gather to be here. The reality of it is, this is something we look forward to it. So once in a lifetime occasion, and we've talked about Hodge before you know that this is a pillar of Islam. It's something that Muslims have to do, to really fulfill their, their obligation to their Lord, the one who created this, the one who has given us life who sustains us. So it's only fitting, it's only right, that we would obey his commands. And this is a command of a law that he gave, not just for Muslims today. But it's actually going way back to the Prophet Abraham, Prophet, Abraham,

00:35:53--> 00:36:29

or Abraham, as he's calling the Arabic language, peace be upon him, and I sent him, he was instructed by Allah and what to do in his sacrifices, and everything from even trying to sacrifice his own son to please the Lord to show how much obedience there is, even if you don't understand something, you're still willing to obey God in it, because you know, this is what he's asked you to do. And when Muslims do it, this is given them a tremendous sense of being forgiven, being accepted their salvation. And one of the things that we know about coming here for Hajj,

00:36:30--> 00:37:11

the pilgrimage, is that when the person returns back home, it comes back as if he was just born from his mother, he comes back sinless, with no sin on him, all previous sins are now forgiven, he gets a new lease on life, it's a good chance to start over to be the person who would like to be to give up these bad habits to get away from the evil and the sinful life that perhaps he or she was leaving. But now, they've got this new chance, by coming back clean, and they're clean with the law. It doesn't mean that people forgive you. Of course, it doesn't mean you don't have to pay your debts. But what it means is you've got a chance in front of a law. And one of the things that our Prophet

00:37:11--> 00:37:44

peace be upon him told us it. It's a very horrible person who thinks he made so many sins, that a lot couldn't forgive him. Because Allah can forgive everything, as he says, except one thing. And he mentions it in chapter four, verse 48, of the Quran, when he tells us that he does not forgive people setting up partners with him in worship, but anything less than this, he can forgive. And this is one of the greatest ways to be forgiven, is to do this to come here for this Hajj for this pilgrimage. And it's been going on as we said, since the time of Abraham, and

00:37:47--> 00:38:38

Moses something time with David and Solomon something at the time of Jesus. And something at the time of Muhammad was something called pilgrimage. And that ladies and gentlemen was the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj alog. God Almighty, the creator is so merciful and loving, that He gives us so many different ways to expiate, to absolve to get rid of these many heavy sins. And this is one of those ways the pilgrimage, you just got to see two hij one returns from its sin free like a newborn baby. He's got a fresh start to make a new beginning, and live a good, wholesome life, putting a law God Almighty first before anybody else. I'd like to thank our special guests shake use of estus, who

00:38:38--> 00:39:28

helped us cover the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hutch and all the brothers who are out there supporting and helping Jazakallah Haider, may God Almighty Allah reward you in abundance. And we got a couple more points I want to cover before we come to a close. So you know, and you leave with knowing these facts. Islam means submission and surrender to one God. Islam is not a new religion. This concept was brought by all the messengers of God, they all call the people to surrender and to submit to one God, to worship Him alone, and not his creation. If you want to follow a man made religion, if you want to follow an organized religion, organized by men or man, go right ahead. But

00:39:28--> 00:39:39

if you want to follow the divine religion, the divine way of life, knowing that you don't have the answers to everything, you need God's help, you need his assistance and you need his paradise. Because we gotta admit,

00:39:40--> 00:39:51

we don't know everything and this life is not a paradise, this life will come to an end. And the system the way of life that God has sent for you to live by. Taught

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

throughout time is a slam submission and surrender to one God. Second point we want to cover

00:40:00--> 00:40:29

And let you go away knowing this fact that the pilgrimage that you got to see to Becca, known as Mecca, is also not something new brought by Mohammed Salah Sonam. It was something established by Abraham practiced by Moses and Jesus. And it was revived by the prophet Muhammad, the last and final messenger sent to mankind, just as monotheism was brought by all the messengers of God. And

00:40:30--> 00:40:46

throughout time, man put his hands and things, may things low, convenient for himself, change things according to his desires, added deleted, so God sent his last and final messenger to bring things back to their pure state. So

00:40:47--> 00:41:32

the pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj was brought back to its pure state, the same way monotheism was brought back to its pure state. Now, for those of you who want to do the right thing, for those of you who want to do what God wants you to do, sick of following your desires, you hit the dead end every time, you want to do what the creator wants you to do, because at the end, it's nothing less than paradise. call the number below one 800 662 Islam. Remember, when somebody accepts Islam, surrender and submission to one God, he's not accepting a new religion. He's accepting the way of life practice by all the messengers of God. You're accepting something that you were born with

00:41:33--> 00:42:12

something that God embedded inside of you already. And that's to worship Him alone, not his creation. It's very simple. One 800 662 Islam, be our brothers in faith, you're already our brothers in humanity, take that extra step. There's a lot of things distracting you out there. When you flick through, and you go to the next channel, you might see a half naked lady on the screen, you might see a music video, and you know what we got to face it these things ain't reminding you, about God, about the hereafter about the Day of Judgment this program is. So take the opportunity and seize it.

00:42:13--> 00:42:44

Come to Islam, take the necessary step. It's up to you. You got one life to live, what are you going to do with it? You're going to keep going and satisfying your lusts in your desires. Are you going to live a godly life, you're going to live a life doing what God wants you to do? And I told you there's nothing less than paradise. It's a very simple formula. But you know what? We got a lot of things distracting us. That's why I've extended the invitation. Take it right now. Time's running out. I gotta go. Hopefully we'll see you back next week on the dean show.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's just to break the ice to ease a little bit of attention. But hopefully I got a smile out of you. And hopefully you'll be back again next week here. Same time, same channel, on the deen show. Until next time, I sit on Lake boom, peace be on to you.

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There's only one

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is His Messenger.

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There's only one. Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one Moses was his messenger.

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There's only one

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