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AI: Summary © The host of an episode of Ask Me discusses the importance of being able to relate to a YouTube video's origin by reciting in a way that is impactful and not loud. They stress the importance of being able to recite in a way that is impactful and not just a bounty. The speaker provides tips on how to make a good presentation, including using headphones and finding comfortable spots. They also emphasize the importance of finding a spot for comfort and excitement when reciting, and provide examples of studies on students reciting alone.
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So guys

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so we got well welcome to an episode of Ask me so yes indeed. And we have a question on YouTube from Diamond emerald

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I don't know. The username I guess Yeah. Definitely like an AOL era Yeah 1009 90s baby making sure so the question is it actually a comment on the Quran revolution YouTube channel on the one of the most popular videos as there and the headline if you want to look at the video is will I be able to recite fluently if I don't have a beautiful voice? It's it has a lot of positive feedback. But there's one comment that just came up, which I guess was I'm kind of expand on maybe where it's coming from. But the comment from Diamond Emeril says,

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I want to sound good enough to make people reevaluate their lives. So old, we live in a shack on our gym, diamond, emerald, this is our sister or brother, whatever choice.

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Let's try to make a connection here. You want to sound good enough. And I guess that's the the issue is is in that is who is judging you. Right? And the other thing is you want to be able to impact other people's lives. So let's just reevaluate together. I'm saying your questions coming from a peaceful place of passion. I want to recite Quran so amazingly that it affects people. I want to be able to, like do what you do, Wissam. And I just was telling Bill All right, as we started filming, I or anyone in the position that does affect people or someone listened to them and go yeah, oh, that was the best recitation or fought it. For example, I love his recitation. fought it didn't grow

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up wanting to be fought or being the great like an icon. We are Yasser quality, for example, didn't want to grow up and be Yasir qadhi. Right, he wanted to grow up and be the best version of himself, as opposed to what people perceive outside. So I know that what you're saying is from a place of passion, but could we try to reframe the question and then go from there and say, I want to be able to recite powerfully enough that it will move me. And once you're affected by your own recitation, and you can heal your physical body through your recitation, and feel more vibrant and healthy when you recite them when you don't, then I think you want to be able to affect yourself. But once that

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happens, your recitation will affect people around you. So if I can put it in simple terms, I never grew up wanting to recite, like that Elizabeth, New Jersey thing. I just wanted to translate what was in the text, I'm just the actor playing out the script, once you can get that and I think it's called method acting, become the receptor, don't want to get the reaction of a receptor become a receptor. And the reaction the life changing experience will definitely happen. But your recitation will never affect anyone till they can affect you. And that just that sounds like some mic drop, like all hot sauce burned her. But that's not what it's about really is. Can you sit alone and not

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nasal? Not loud, but just within your own hum. And now I'll answer your question. Can you recite Quran enough to affect the people around you? Yes. And do you need to have an amazing voice? No, the Quran has its own melody built into it, we call it level three slipped out to the roof. So if you can ensure, learn what every letter does with a sukoon on top of it, and it will change the way you sound. Learn to apply what happens every time a letter get a circle and to see the syllable goes from,

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from a one count to s, L or edge l ash. So it's not just two, it's two very dynamic sounds to blow to scratch to click to pop, you know that. So get to Grand revolutions YouTube channel, and you can definitely be able to make your recitation so flawless that you just want to sit alone and recite and you better believe that I do it and Bill does it as well. My best presentation isn't here or on a camera or on YouTube or on stage. It's when I'm alone. And when I know no one can listen and I have my I have bees on with the sound sound canceling headphones. And I know nobody out there except my Lord can hear me. That's when it's totally straight connection, 5g. So make that connection. I'll

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turn it back to below you can have a fantastic voice because this has nothing to do with singing. It has to do with reciting and implementing the melody that's built into the Quran. I want to add a quick tip right so

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on the topic of reciting alone and by yourself the assignment that mileage read teacher in college gave me because with him it was just like, look, I

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Incoming you you're coming to me, right? And it's like I'm gonna do Sunday morning after fetcher. And it's like an hour and a half away.

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And also like Wednesday after maghrib. And that will steal from school still at least another hour. Right? So but then the assignment during the week was, hey, I need you to go someplace where you're super comfortable by yourself and completed just everyday alone. Right. And it took me a few days, yeah, to find a spark, right to find the find the spot, right? Because, you know, I was spending most of my time on campus, right, if I wasn't working. And so what I found was in the Student Commons, in the stairwell, all the way at the top, nobody would go there, because there was no access to anything, just go anywhere. Yeah. And so, and nobody ever really used that stairwell,

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because you could exit the building from the main stairway that was outside. It was more like a fire escape kind of thing called poly fur coat. Yeah, they probably have it for code, but like, rarely, maybe within the like, I would spend maybe an hour at a time and in that hour at a time. Maybe once every few days somebody would walk in to the lieutenant in the stairwell. Okay, right. But then look up. No, they weren't like, at that point. Somebody came in I just I just get quiet. Yeah, right. But like an even an even in that scenario. Like I guess there's echo right but like you don't hit the echo doesn't leave that space. That's why there's so much echo.

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Traffic distract trap. It's trapped, right? But it's just so cool. Because at that point, it's just like you know what, I can get comfortable and explore your voice your all of that so much. And so yeah, totally cut cut you off with exactly that. What when you what's the big thing on reciting loud when you can lift your voice and go beyond your daily draw? blondeness you finally come to a place where your voice can be excited. Life gets so dreary and dull sometimes that you have no reason to kind of pep up or on gives you that opportunity. Talk about Jana. You're gonna get pepped up.

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So we hope that this works for you. We'll see you guys in the next q&a