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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam as a way to submit oneself is emphasized, along with the use of words like "has" and "has" to describe actions and moments in the spirituality of Islam. The use of sharia and the importance of following the Prophet's language and principles is also emphasized, along with the use of lies and fabricated narratives to create confusion and distraction. The importance of finding the right belief and belief system for success in life is emphasized, along with the holy holy holy holy holy holy.
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smilla rahmanir rahim Al Hamdulillah Hina Madonna starring on istockphoto when I wrote to below him in Cerulean fujinami at our Marina

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de Lago furthermore the other four minute little further her dealer was shadow

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in La la de la sharika why shadow Mohammed Abu humara solo I'm about to find nos da Cunha DC key tabula rasa Iran who the WHO THE Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them

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what Shara lumu remark to her wakulla Masha 13 bidder wakulla bid a $10 latine wakulla dollar winner of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Hadeeth in a cinnamomum tournament it comes to mind before we begin our discussion, wherever doesn't think mankind doesn't thank Allah Subhana Allah. So after praising Allah Subhana Allah, that it gives us tofik and ability to continue our journey within thank the brothers behind the scenes of organizing this event. The mesh had members that you ma'am, the committee members, etc. and the rest of you brothers and sisters who are attending today

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to benefit in something that we benefit ourselves, which benefits the believers, as Ron mentioned, whether careful in the cross term meaning and remind indeed the reminder benefits the believers. And the most important reminder is about Allah Subhana Allah with the care home ba Miller, remind them about the days of returning back to Allah Subhana Allah. As you find the final ions of Quran with Taku Yeoman Toro Gerona fee the law firm motto of kulu Nasim casa, but welcome La La moon in Sarasota Baccarat verse 281, that we find fair that day, whereby you return back to Allah Subhana Allah and no individual be oppressed on that day. Many there are enough aluminum for an era see him

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in Malmo suit in his work on it on aluminum Koran classifies this as the final verse of the Quran, with Taku, Yeoman toda una de la la fere that day whereby you will all return back to Allah Subhana Allah, so that are returned back to Allah Subhana Allah needs conviction needs belief that the Quran begins by highlighting the motor on the pious individuals or those individuals alladhina you may know Nabila, Habibi who believe in the unseen, the whole of the journey the Quran is a belief in the unseen. Many affairs of the unseen are described inside the Quran, and the person has to submit. That's the end of the sort of Baccarat mentioned the believers are those individuals who are called

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who submit now a partner, we hear and we obey, unlike those individuals who are unmentionable, colusa Mariner assignor, we hear and we disobey, which unfortunately become some of us Muslims that we hear, and then we disobey Allah Subhana Allah, and possibly because some of us don't have the right creed, the right belief, the right conviction that still to this day we find a cultural understanding, a an orthodox understanding of belief regarding a lot of harm to Allah and the teaching of Islam. And Islam, as we know is something which is universal. That message which has been sent to the whole of mankind is a Quran mentions talking about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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towards the end of a certain minority, sort of mbf i'm not mistaken. I'm at Seneca in La metallian Allah mean, we do not send you except for the mercy to the whole of mankind. Now the passage of Quran woman or sanaka in

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fatale nursey Bashir on one of the euro kin axon nurse, Elijah moon will not send you except for the Warner to the whole of mankind, the whole of humanity, to give them glad tidings and to warn them as well when are kidnapped from NASA moon, but indeed most of mankind are unaware don't have knowledge regarding this. And Islam is for the whole of humanity for all of the worlds of the heavens, the earth, the sky, everything around us has to submit to Allah Subhana Allah does the Quran mentions in Medina in de la he and Islam the way of life in front of Allah Subhana Allah is Allah Islam. Likewise it continues to mention the same surah in Surah Al Imran verse number 85 are many of Islam

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Medina and felonio Kabbalah men who are who are Phil karate Mele ha serene. Whoever chooses another way of life other than Allah Islam will never be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah wa who will fill Earth here at the middle ha serene individual in the hereafter will be amongst the losing individuals. So Islam is what Allah XLB Allah has chosen and selected

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For us, as we find in the beginning of settlement at the fifth chapter, verse number three, Aloma Kemal to lacantina. Come to LA come near Mati one of the two local Muslim Medina this they have completed my favorites upon you and chosen for you Islam as your way of life, at least Islam a term a total submission to the teachings of Allah Subhana Allah as a Quran itself I mentioned yet you Latina ermanno nikolova Cilmi fatten while at a tablet rocoto to shape on are you believe entiende Islam in total submission, submit yourself to last panda to the best of your ability. Don't take certain teachings and leave other teachings which has become a common practice of many of us Muslims

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inside sort of Bukhara we find our photography known to be bad Al Kitab beautiful una de Burgh, you believe in part of the book and reject other parts of the book. Many Muslims today they take those things which are easy for them to adapt and to develop inside their life those things which are sharp, which are difficult or questionable for us as human beings, we begin then to stay away from them. And as many teachings of Islam that many of us are staying away from we begin to shy away from the facts. Now the Muslim tries the best of their ability to enter Islam in total submission while at who taught is shaped on don't follow the footsteps of the devil. And as you find the Quran for

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takala must adatom faith Allah Subhan Allah as much as you can, this is inside the Quran is also a principle or sooner, that faith lost as much as you can do as much as you can to fail to Allah. Yes, the human being will, will make mistakes will sin, but it's all about trying upon this earth. The more the person tries and makes that effort, the more or less time to multiply that reward for that individual that we find the more the person has that conviction of meeting a loss panda Allah of belief towards a nice panda Allah, the more the journey becomes strengthened towards the hereafter. Thus you find when the last panda Allah describes the people must sell a comfy soccer. Why are you

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inside jahannam today was soccer with asthma jahannam soccer is from amongst the names. Now seven odd names inside of unmentionable jahannam called hula akumina masala De Luca, in response to those people who end up being in such a handle. They said, We never used to offer the prayer. Well, I'm not going to miskeen we never used to feed the poor individuals. And we used to waste our time, with the people wasting the time. And likewise, we couldn't look at the big deal we used to reject the last day had to attend eliakim until the last day came to be mangiapane certainty depth. So here's the context, as I was mentioning, that the weaker your conviction is regarding the last day, the

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weaker that your actions become, towards Allah Subhana darina. So that's the most important point for a Muslim to focus upon, on their life. And upon this earth is belief and conviction regarding Allah Subhana Allah, as people talk about so many exciting topics and themes, etc, which are very important what's taking place in the Muslim global Muslim world at the moment, but all these elements returned back to one element, it returns back to your belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah, sometimes you find people talk about a great resurgence of Islam, within Islam he as they make the statement, but some people in his zeal and their passion are unaware. Likewise, from people who are

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very literate, educated, they begin to drift away from Islam, they begin to think the way forward is falling as a way of life, other than at Islam. These are all things which collapse Islam which lead to the minimization of Islam, a real individual whose intellectual individual who is intelligent is highly educated, you find it It drives him to Islam. You find so many ideas inside the Quran. If you begin to ponder and reflect upon them, don't you find locanto Yaki, Lotus, Hmong, Tata, Kuru yafa, moon, all these various derivatives inside the Quran if only they could ponder, reflect, think pay heed. Remember, all this inside the Quran is pushing the individual to recognize Allah Subhana Allah

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sonnerie him, Tina Phil FLP, unforeseen. yottabyte Yana, long and noble Huck, we show them a science all around the horizons in the heavens in the earth until it's established. This is the truth and nothing colicky summer work you will see lovely lady when her

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and Bab Allah Deena yet Karuna La Jolla. Mama Karuna Allah Juniper beam Karuna semi work you will outgrow banana Hanukkah heard about Allah Subhana kasatkina Dubner and a pseudonym around that we find in the field called customer worth you will indeed the creation of Heavens and the Earth, the alternation night and the day as science for men of understanding who stand who bow and prostrate, remembering a lost pound and say you have not created this new state of vanity. So this is around us or ailment Kony, you find the universal signs around us. It drives the person to recognize Allah Subhana Allah and to submit. So those people full of education and full of literacy, they should be

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the first ones to submit to Allah Subhana Allah what fee unfussy come if Allah Tomasi rule and even within yourself designs for you to recognize to visualize that the creation of the human being is something which is special which is unique. So the individual submits to a last panda Allah there is no not possible for someone else to create

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To bring something like this, this must be only the supreme creator Allah Subhana Allah. So those individuals who are full of education etc, they should be driving themselves to submit to lust Panda and as the Quran mentions in the Moksha luminary body and the learner, those people feel lost panda Allah, Allah, we take it linguistically, people have knowledge. So your knowledge should bring you were closer to last panda Takara Eliza panda Allah knowledge should not drift you away from Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise, the second group of individuals that we find in the Xen and their passion for Islam. People talk about this talk about that, but some people are harmful or heedless.

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They don't know how to worship Allah spandana appropriately, they don't know how to call upon a lust Panda and appropriately. So this metric concerns every single Muslim to go back to the foundation of worshipping Allah Subhana Allah and the pristine and the Orthodox form. That is the whole purpose of sending any of the year as the Quran mentions a sort of nahan that we find Walcott Barcena frequently omitted Rasulullah near Buddha law which study Buddhahood we did send amongst every single nation every single people we sent a messenger what was the call of the messenger every single message messenger gave the same message, worship only the last countdown and stay away from

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Cloud horde anything worship besides a loss of apparent data. You look at solar after seven chapter to current numerous Ambien mentioned numerous messages that mentioned all of them gave the same message Myrna Camila in Ohio you have no other day to worship except for last panda Allah. Then every single prophet began to touch upon the vices and the sin of this society. So they are universal. inside their message what they came with Omaha to Shatta Wale a candy in Houma head, their mothers are different. But the message of all of the MBA is one simple message three elements that will came with his early mob extracted the first thing is to heed the belief regarding a loss

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Panda and the second being a character and find behavior that we find all of the ambia all of the profits were pristine, inside the and they behave and they conduct or the people around them. The only third thing that was slightly different from one prophet to another prophet was alaikum rules and regulations Moosa Allah said I was told to remove issues and to pray inside the blessing Valley, but we know the story of the Prophet Mohammed and we happen to be outside in the valley happened to be outside in the desert. You check your shoes you carry praying inside your shoes, so slight variations interpretations that we find. But the final codification the law belongs to the Prophet

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Mohammed says some of the Quran mentions well more Haman and Ali, this Quran stanza testimony, one more time in an alley over all the previous scriptures. All of the previous scriptures have been super abrogated. Anything hate and good inside them has been moved and placed inside the Quran. So we have no need to read the Torah while in jail and other books that they authenticated. anything good inside those books has been placed inside the foreign person may study them just for comparative religion person may be involved in some form of direct cetera but don't over emphasize reading of those works. Over emphasizing reading the Quran. Because hydrogens are the Quran if you

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engage in some element of Dawa or some something you have to benefit the people then maybe but the average Muslim Eunuch is a little Quran you want to debate with people have an Akita debate with atheists debate with people don't believe in machico? The answers are we're inside the Quran, whether to Jeju Al Kitab buildability acid, don't debate with the People of the Book except for that which is good, or the reliability of the Kabbalah. hikma? Well, Mo editing Hasenauer J Dilla bility acid could alter the way of a lot of data with fair preaching admonition and debate with them in a manner which is good. And as you find the Quran is full replete of so many any ideas inside the

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Quran which are refuting the claims and their beliefs the person begins to study them and go back to works at the fasciae to find the answers. So the Muslim returns back to the Quran returns back to the Orthodox buddy. And as we find that is the way of the ambia that that will have a motto here the most important science for every single Muslim is belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah and you can begin to see that how people have dismantled this belief

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as the Quran mentions was the end of surah use of the 12 Chapter The Quran What are your manual thrown below Hilda homebush raccoon? Most people don't believe in Allah Subhana Allah but they commit schicke What does that mean? We're not saying that people are machete code. People are Muslims who are Muslims at the moment. we're highlighting that there are elements inside our own society amongst Muslims, that they create the belief is tainted with Association towards Allah Subhana Allah and thus you find the most grievous of sins. The ultimate sin inside the Sharia is a drinking of alcohol taking of drugs, fornication, adultery, stealing, lying, cheating, false Oh,

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these are all mineral kabaya these are all from amongst a major since the greatest sin in nuship Carnival must have been the most abominable sin is to commit ship with Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Allah Allah He needs then voila, Kaka last panda is one that created you and you ascribe a partner with Allah Subhana Allah, that's the ultimate sin that you find. That's inside Surah lokmanya 31st chapter Quran lokman he gives admonition Yabu Nia advises his beloved Son, Omar Bella.

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It's an Yamuna Yella to Shrek Bella in a ship coloboma, Avi, Omar beloved Son, don't commit ship with a loss panda Allah and each ship is the ultimate sin. That is the ultimate sin that a person will not be forgiven. person dies upon ship belay. Subhana Allah, that individual will not be forgiven person dies committing with the new world mercy will for so called for disobeying Allah to Allah committing evil deeds, bad deeds, sinning, etc. There's still that person can be forgiven by law spandana because Allah, Allah can wipe out those sins. But if a person dies upon shared associate in particular laws under under the affair is very, very severe. It's not trivial as some

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people they think that people unique, come to the graves, let them come to the shrines, let them come to the Olia, let them come here, let them do this, let them do that. It's not something trivial. Now, nobody should take this something trivial. It's a fine line between you going to paradise and going to the hellfire. That's what it is, are the elements we can sometimes tolerate even though as Muslims we shouldn't tolerate any form of sin, but a person at times can turn a blind eye that may be give them time and space to develop and help to understand and make the app for them etc. But these elements that you find are corroding away the core element of Islam, as we find

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inside the Quran to places inside so to Nisa, the same surah in Allah Allah Allah, Allah you should be Medina delicately Manisha ALLAH forgive every single type of sin, except for what ship belay? Subhana Allah, so a person dies upon ship, that person will not be forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah in South Sudan Hajj that we find, Allah gives a parable of shared, whoever commits shift with Allah. Allah forgive number Haram in a summer photographer by OTA Wi Fi mechanic that person can shake with the last time data is as if that person is falling from the heavens, falling from the heavens, or a bird snatches the individual or the wind blows away the person in a faraway place. What does this

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parable mean? This parable means is a metaphor. Sarah mentioned a shared locker Rebekah Allah subhanaw taala ship does not bring you close to last panda Allah, it pushes you away. It drives you away. People think that these were certain these intermediaries in these paths and these ways will bring us close to Allah Subhana Allah, that's exactly what the machine used to mention. They said that these idols, the statues and his righteous people, whatever it may be, man or Buddha him in your curry buena Eloy zolfo we only worship them to take them as intermediaries to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, the same argument used today people say look, we don't really worship them.

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These are ways for us to come close Allah Subhana Allah studied the Quran in great detail. The Quran highlights quite clearly the path to last time that Allah is an open path. We'll call her a Buddha only a steady block whom you'll notice it call upon me I'll respond. The Quran does not say call upon so and so call upon this individual in our respond. The Quran says call upon me, I respond to that individual. And the most powerful AI inside the Quran is inside the car for what many of us may have heard inside the month of Ramadan, from SoTL Bukhara on verse 181 onwards that we find the whole page talking about the fifth of Ramadan and turning over the pages, we're talking about it to

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kerfing and relationship with women etc. You find the most powerful verse of all Allah Subhana Allah, what he does, a baddie Anita in a hurry. Oh gee Buddha was a dairy that there are in fact, yesterday Bulli when you may know Bella alumier shadow, the seven asks about me for in need to read, I am close by to the seven I'm close by to you call upon me and I will respond to your code and I'll guide you to the straight path. Now if you look at the context of this ayah and look at the whole structure of this if you find something very very strange. Throughout the Quran, you find many questions are posed to the Prophet Mohammed or some or to the companions or posed in general. For

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example, people said yes, aluna Daniel Humphrey will may say they asked you about drinking alcohol and gambling yes aluna and in my head they ask you about the menstrual cycle of the of the woman yes alluded to Anita Hill they asked you about the prison. These are general questions placed inside the Koran go back and look at the response what the response is given. So when they ask you about drinking alcohol and gambling in an old female nice man Kabir say inside them you say oh Maha Muslim to the people inside them is a great big sin and there's some benefit inside them. They ask you about the menstrual cycle. Allah who say it's a home for the woman. They asked you about the

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crescent, Olivia Manuel he told the nurse said these are the stations of prayer and time zones for performance most simple Hajin Hodge etc other moms so the answer whenever you find a cool inside the Quran, and you call have a low a handful are all the bureau will follow. You will Cafiero this whole case the meaning inside the Arabic language that you are messenger sallallahu Sallam say to the people who love him, inform them that this is what less than a sane. But look at this station inside the Quran. The question is posed by either Salah kariba the Omni and the seven asks about me look at the response. The response is not fuckable in the aquarium. The response here isn't given you say to

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them, that I'm close by the response is given for in me. I am close by removing any intermediaries, even removing whom the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, removing him that I am close by

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Whether you're pious, you're empires. You're rich, you're poor, you're sinful. You're good Muslim, Tolkien, ofera Giron, whatever type of person you are, a lot of times I will do what will respond to you simple that's what life is all about. We don't need to go for it we understand this. That's it. That's you find the hole the Quran is summarized in what in Sarasota, Florida. The whole sort of data is summarized in one verse yet and

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that's it as even Josie wrote a whole book in titled ear canal Buddha canister a new along with worship, and be alone do we seek aid and systems from that's the whole of Islam summed up in one ayah the whole of Islam summed up in one surah you understand so till 30 you understand this one? Ayah you've understood the whole of Islam. Likewise, one Hadith will summarize the whole of Islam, the hadith of gibreel in additional teaching the people what is Islam? What is an email? What is the lesson? The end of the Hadith you find no jabril at a limo come dinner come and did that was Jabra in La Silla who came to teach your religion. You understand this one? Had he gone? We'd all very

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sure heard all explanations. Understand that that's it. Alhamdulillah you've understood Islam. And you understand that one verse that's sort of the old surah you've understood Islam, and most of us recited 17 times a day, we had to Minna harder still, to this day, we don't understand what it means to call upon the Lord pantalla how to worship Allah spandana appropriately, and thus we find the opposite of tawheed is what it should be like Subhanallah is the opposite, which destroys the action of the individual that even addressing the Prophet Mohammed says and which is not possible by just addressing him like a shark diver used to commit ship. Button normally we would nullify your

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actions. Even it's never going to happen for the Prophet Mohammed is highlighting that your actions will become null and void. Another verse in the Quran refunds are suited for Anwar Kadima, Illa amin, amin for the unknowable her batterman flora, mountains of good actions that people will come on that day judgment but there'll be blown away like scattered dust on a windy day that's what she does, she breaks away your good actions that you find there to show route for actions to be accepted but lots apparently Allah one is Alice Alice is sincerity and second is Al metabo. According to the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, various religions have extracted these two symbols from

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the from from the Quran amongst what comes to mind. For example, Imam Nick Kathy, Mr. Moon facili, making the series of final I have sort of calf, the 18th chapter, verse 110, whereby you find any way by the Quran mentions a call in number and a butcher Miss lucam indeed, I'm only human being like you indeed My Lord has has inspired upon me that we ever hopes to meet Allah Subhana Allah that the person only worship Allah Allah will usually be prepared to to be associated no partners with the last countdown and they worship mmm faciliate me Kathy mentioned there's two conditions for your actions to be accepted about last pound Allah one that you are sincere and second you follow the

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Sunnah and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem in Mombasa we in Eastern Sierra baba baba we that we find he makes a few that I have for the beginning of sotalol who will lead the Holocaust Mota will hire Leah blue comm a UK accent Ramallah he is the one that created death and life. Leah blue comm au comm Santo Amala to see who amongst you is going to be best next action makalah Uk through amla last point I did not say who does the most actions. Allah said so new Angela who does the best actions a mumble bustle in his FCD mentions going back to four days a year as anomala be man Americana Babu whatever is pure and whatever is correct. Then he explains himself

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what is pure Makana Hardison, the word la Subhana Allah that which is done sincerely seeking the face of Allah Subhana Allah wa sobu McKenna Anna Sharia

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to Muhammad said under Sharia that was given to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah that each describes himself to different mufa soon, at two different times, two different regions both make exactly the same explanation. That's why many of them have taken these two principles is not sufficient to be sincere. Many of our people they are sincere, but they actually go against the Sunnah. Some of us are actually according to Sundar, but we're not sincere. We have to work together to link the two together, be sincere and follow the Sunnah falling so not be sincere towards any the people around you to teach them well and to be kind to them and to be generous to them, to encourage them that the

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actions you're doing are good. They're full of sincerity, but you want it to be accepted. Try to find the path of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim don't find the path and so on. So individual Yes, there's many, many agenda. Many Mashallah many imams that are respected and we respect them. But remember at the end of the day, as the criteria has been highlighted, every single Imam is fallible, okay, they are fallible. The only man who is not fallible is who is the Prophet Muhammad, Allah Allah. That should be clear, we're not questioning their their aim and disrespecting them or belittling them in any manner. They are all our ML agenda, they are respected Amer for all of us, we

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read the works, we study they work but the Edit moment they mentioned or something which goes against the text of the Quran and the Sunnah or an interpretation, which is going against the consensus of the body of the earlier than what should

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person to them. Should a person then become stones and say no I'm still going to listen to so and so because I have favoritism towards this individual he's from my culture from my tribe from my people speaks my language let Colin contemptible aloha Toby Rooney say if you love a loss panda unaffected the Rooney follow him. The Prophet Muhammad Salah, send them inside the beginning sundara we find it to be rumor en je de la cultura de como la Tabby Rahman duni Alia colina metadata roll it to be Ramones, la comida become follow that which has come down from your Lord. Don't follow mankind don't follow the way even the only year they could be righteous and pious and good individuals. Kareena

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Mehta the corollary literally is that you ponder and you reflect, so the Muslim is told to find the way to worship Allah Subhana Allah as taught and explained by the prophet Mohammed Absalom. And he warned his people that sheer will come apparent inside this Muslim Ummah he won't he told me early on who that any grave you find beyond a hand span these amongst his final words, if you go and study the chronological order is a hadith and read the final words of his life. And the realm of Hadith I mentioned final words carry a very important meaning even historically, anybody says something on their deathbed or says final words, they have a very great big impact. amongst his final words, were

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also Asana Asana woman Malika a man lucam, the prayer the prayer of the right hand possesses and likewise he mentioned here to our to our legal and any grave you find overhand spend, you should now dismantle it, dismantle it, so this is an adaptable of certain people or a regime or a certain individual This is that with whom the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, he told Ali any grave you find beyond that you should not desecrate it you should not dismantle it you should not just demolish it. Why because anything that leads to shoot as we don't want to share any photo any was a luscious, bitter old photo of his alma sia, it has to be stopped what is known as Sharia, as such a website do

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three or anything leads to something haram for who haram dottore qualcosa, Rama and if you need to harass the end result becomes Haram. The Sherry is a stop at all. So people come to the shrines as you find the Prophet system rebuked people he stopped them from coming to the graves was revelations coming he said do not visit the graves. Then when revelation to come to a standstill coming to the ending, he said now I encourage you to go and visit the graves because it reminds you of death. What was the suburb? What was Subbable route? What was the reason these I had these mentioned stay away from the graveyard stay away from the graves. Why? Because people might begin to think that is

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something justified just like today. If a person or a man goes to the machine, or number four are mentioned as a person who respected goes to the graveyard Be careful to raise your hands you know why because some Jehan individually think what? That you're not praying for the person you are praying what? To the person that's what somebody will think we're not saying it's haram to go to graveyards or to pray for the righteous people ask Allah to expand the grave and to help them and to shower blessings upon them. But the point here being is some ignorant individual may think you know what I saw shake so and so so and so standing, raising his hands, he possibly is doing what he's

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possibly praying to the dead person. It may sound strange, but sadly, there are many people out there in the Muslim world who pray to the shrines who pray to the graves even of this modern world and 21st century were fussy roof will go and travel for the Muslim nuns, you will find people coming to the graves and they were asking lilium where they will ask the dead person had a new shirt asking the dead persons are the grave. I am barren. I have no children. Bless me with children. I don't have a career I don't have money I have a sickness helped me cure me. Give me life give me a child had a new ship. What is the essence of ship? There's not something trivial, is what you call clear,

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clear cut ship that you find that a person is now nullifying the actions calling upon others in the last 10 days. And the most powerful ions are the Quran that you find is that suited married in no way you shake biller socket haram Allah Allah gender woman well not woman, the Bali minimum saw no man you shake builder, whoever commits to the last frontier Allah, God haram alone Allah the Quran is saying haram Allah shucks, this person will never ever go to Paradise in such suton. Think about that deeply. So this is that some people like to come and say that what to do what not to do was Cerro de La da da da

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da da da da these people in this regime and dystonia This is that what the Quran? In no man you shake the local machine? Under Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah made the ROM upon that person to ever go away to paradise. Now can you take that something trivial? Can you know ignore it? And you know, your family members are doing and say, oh, it doesn't really make a difference what our people are doing what people are doing back home, we should just ignore it. Now. This is something severe that a person should be worried about this, that myself my family members, the people around me society, are heading towards this direction. That's why many of them have concluded part of the

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reason why we are in a severe problem at the moment upon this Muslim Earth. Yes, other elements of dismantling of the Sheree and falling other man made laws and following this and doing this, but Allah upon the head of all of these affairs is chick fil a SubhanAllah. Most of our Muslim lands cannot go to a law firm

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

Danna, they don't pray to Allah spandana they call upon what other things are the elements, and the whole belief is corrupt. So now they want Allah, Allah to respond to them. You don't worship Allah subhanaw taala appropriately, there's no response is quite simple. Allah Subhana Allah knows best, you can make sure could have lost panda Allah. Imagine that on a, on a human level. And we can't make this up with a left hander, but just to help us to understand, if a person brings up a child, raises them, nurtures them, provides to them, educates them, gets them married, gets them a job, etc. And this son or this child turns around this person you help throughout your life turns and

00:30:33 --> 00:31:08

says, You've never done anything for me in your life. Any as a human being, how will that person feel, will find feel very upset within themselves, that I've done all this for this individual. And that this person turns around and says that this person never done anything for me, when he laid method will Allah to Allah project belongs the greatest example. And last parameter is one that nourishes us, that nurtures us, that provides for us that sustains us that takes care of care of us, then we turn and say you know, I call upon other than Allah subhanaw taala. Think about that. And so for unmentioned that the heavens in the earth are about to rip asunder. For what reason and there

00:31:08 --> 00:31:44

are many, one or the other, they attribute a son to Allah subhanaw taala that's what these people are doing in the around the attribute a center last round on the head was about to rip asunder. You attribute this to Allah Subhana Allah. So that's the Muslim needs to go back and assess the belief and the creed to find that pure belief regarding and towards Allah Subhana Allah so that we find Edmodo, he is something a person studies throughout their life, because it strengthens the image and as we find any kelemen aqeedah goes back to the to the word unique and awkward and awkward any that you find is tying a knot. That's why inside SoTL pelicula you find woman shopping number 30 feel

00:31:44 --> 00:32:17

awkward, they find those who blow into the nuts. And those who commit sorcery Do you find that your aqeedah becomes something which is your need strong is a strong conviction inside your heart. So the more that you study the belief regarding a lot of it, the more stronger your conviction becomes, the more your conviction and your devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So when people say, you know, studying tawheed is not that important, we shouldn't read about door heat, we shouldn't have studied that which nullifies Hitler, throughout your life, the person carries on reading and reading and studying and inside the Arabic language, many should have had obviously the English language only a

00:32:17 --> 00:32:49

few books which are available by the Arabic language, there's multiple books which are available and should have an explanation, the more the person begins to read and delve into them, the more the person's any belief and certainty and the actions become under basura become an foresightedness and become an Eclair vision of worshipping a loss panda appropriately. So that's the realm I mentioned three elements in your story that you find bit too taboo Sakura, they fall into three broad categories of the beliefs regarding of loss of Canada and obviously these types has not been mentioned by the prophet Mohammed but it's something which have been extracted from the ayat and a

00:32:49 --> 00:33:25

Hadith, that point to this unit, three unit basic elements, I will refine that the hate of rubia the Lordship of Allah, to Allah to recognize that lust Panda and all holiday, Allahu Allah tala belongs to command and the creation, that is rubia the Lordship of Allah Subhana Allah, that you find the courage, they believe that Allah Subhana Allah is the Lord is the rub, if you ask them who created the heavens and earth, who sends the rain, etc. Finally, who Luna law, they will say Allah Subhana Allah, they would say that, but some people around us What do they say if you go begin to study in great detail, the concept of kutub that people only certain righteous people, they go outside the

00:33:25 --> 00:33:59

realms of this world and they become a club, they become kutub around the Earth, they begin to the pivots of controlling the heavens and earth. This is crucial. How can a human being when passed away become an auto become the person who's controlling the heavens and the earth? This is going against Ruby of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is the one that controls in the heavens in the earth. And as you find that even the courage to recognize this, they recognize the one that controls that happens in the earth is Allah Subhana Allah that you read the whole concept of when, when Abraham came to destroy the carrabba that we find Abdulmutallab, he just walked away. He said hon Eben, I am the

00:33:59 --> 00:34:38

Lord, the master of the cameras. I'm the master of my cameras. And look at his belief in that he was a Muslim by his belief is what the rabuka The Lord of the Kaaba will protect it. Yeah, mille Kava will protect the Kava, and walked away. So they had that belief that conviction, that almost pantalla is the one that protects and takes care. If we could develop this inside our life that would be an immense success. The secondary that we've learned the Hebrew the new here, the tauheed of worship, Paulina Salatu, WA new Suki Rama Rama Murthy, Linda hirable, alameen wa sharika, who will be the ultimate 101 muslimeen say my prayers, my sacrifice my living Medina is all dedicated to

00:34:38 --> 00:35:00

Allah Subhana Allah. Now this is where Muslims today there is any contention at the moment that sometimes a bird that is not pure is not pristine. A sacrifice not pristine is not pure, sacrificing at at the altar at the stones at the shrines at the grave people Unitarian threads say This protects me from any type of monger type of evil etc that you find taking

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

They cause two shrines to wash them and I lived in this environment I saw this with my own eyes. People go there for tabarrok for blessing people pick up stones put it inside their pocket you said to me, what are you doing? They said this is tabarrok This is for blessing. Yeah I see this minute dead person you picking up the stones putting in your pocket, modern individuals even living in this country click those stones put them inside the house. This is for Baraka. That's what I believe this Baraka place in my room give me Baraka Rania Echo, even if to the Quran to display them, there's no benefit. There's no benefit in them to display the ayat ferrania if I'm not carrying it, today, it

00:35:32 --> 00:36:05

is not a blessed day for me. Aisha ekra read the Quran the Quran has been set down for a living people to benefit themselves. Shakira Madonna lady on Zilla field Quran Hoda Linares the Quran even sent in the month of Ramadan houden leanness guidance for the living people, they sell it for the dead people, that somebody when they died and we start reading the Quran and he Salah our we transfer the reward to the dead individual. Where's this from the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed some read the Quran and transport it to another individual. These actions are clearly questionable. A life is based upon Allah 10 00 to visit or for no individual carries a burden or the sin of

00:36:05 --> 00:36:35

another individual. All of us will come in a day, gentlemen thought of the as an own entity as an own individual. were responsible for our own actions. There's no concept I tell someone else to do actions for me, someone else to pray for me someone else to fast for me, someone else to do something for me, and then transport the reward to me. So excuse expression, we're all wasting our time. Why should we bother praying and fasting and we might as well tell someone else Hey, take 10,000 pound and pray for me when I die. Do this for me. That's what we're doing. That's the real concept of our belief. It has become a corrupt belief. I'm not saying we shouldn't do good actions

00:36:35 --> 00:36:55

for the dead people and to help them but some of us just rely upon this. We just rely upon this and say someone else will do something for me. And that's we find all these practices that we find that need to be uprooted. They need to be taken away. That does not mean we don't believe in pious people are in La Jolla homophone la mala alladhina amanu akan taco de la moda

00:36:56 --> 00:37:18

Farah Alia Allah wholefood la Mola who has no no fear no grief upon them. And Medina, Emma new what can we attack on? Only are those people who believe what can we get the old one moutoku and pious individuals, people who stick to the hallen avoid the harem. So every time I mentioned, any individual who becomes a Matata us tries to stick their halaal and avoid the Haram.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:54

He becomes a friend of Allah Subhana Allah, there is no clear distinction that you dress like this and your bed is like this and your heart is like this and you're like this. Every single individual Muslim movement becomes to obey Allah Subhana Allah sticks to the Helen avoids the Haram he becomes a Mottaki And then secondly, the person does feel that they're close to last bandana. It doesn't announce an anomaly will come to me come the standard person gives you a secret mamina lai Subhana Allah but what we find as society people Island an AMA Willie of Allah I guarantee you a place in paradise I guarantee this for you I'll do this for you don't argue with me you're gonna go to *

00:37:54 --> 00:38:28

into Johanna means we're waiting to go to Johanna moolah life now send us to jahannam then Fernando Saku Saku movie money taco, don't claim sanctity for yourself a lot. And I know those people are pure people. And as we respect people to a certain degree, but you know what happens in our culture, we bend our backs backwards in front of them. We grasp them by two hands, we touch their feet, we throw flowers in front of them, we don't turn our backs towards them. We don't raise our voice in front of a bunch of other human beings. The respect we give to people is because of their own that said anything beyond that they asked for that that said even the Prophet Muslim, he refused. He

00:38:28 --> 00:39:01

would get upset if the companions would stand stand for him. He would not allow his companions to stand in front of him. But if there was any individual stand for it would be who it is any individual bow down to who would it be that Prophet Mohammed but he hated it. He hated anyone stands for him anybody submits in that manner? And look at the respect the companions had towards the Prophet Mohammed says Adam, when individuals are why we must order a coffee before we became a Muslim and say Buhari for the Sahaba that we find the strange Hadith strange Hadith as you may hear it now and think it's very strange. Go back and read it, shut it explanation, and you find a new

00:39:01 --> 00:39:32

yaqeen when you read it with your own eyes, you think this is something edgy? Or do I because coffee is a non Muslim generates this during a pseudo de beer during the pact of who they beard and later and hamdullah becomes a Muslim. He says I went to uni speak to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, and I went there and I met him and I saw the companions, the people around him. So when he came back to the courage to, to narrate to them what he saw and what happened. So obviously they're hoping that he's going to come and say the messenger is like this. He's like this and, you know, whatever it may be, he turned around and said to them, you know, I've seen the leaders, any of Heiser and Caesar,

00:39:32 --> 00:40:00

the leader of the Romans, that's a title given whoever rules over the Romans. I've seen the leader of kisara in the cosmos, the lead of the Persians. I've seen the joshy, the leader of the Abba, senior naza, kingdom, Abba, senior, etc. And all these people you find it's a tyrannical rule. They only forced a people compel them to listen to them. But as for this individual, this leader, this leader is a strange individual, because the people around him if he was to spit your harmonica law if he was to spit, they would grab

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

saliva and rabbit on their bodies. If you used to do that, if you used to perform Voodoo cabuya toluna bah bah bah, before a third we'll do before the remnants that drops of water tachograph they would fight one another to catch that water.

00:40:13 --> 00:40:43

What are the Manila soon and so much immense respect they had for the popular so they'll never look into him directly into his eyes. This is a non Muslim narrates about the companions around the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. That's what he narrates what you saw about these individuals, how much they love him, how much they admire, how much they're able to sacrifice their life and everything for him. But yet, the prophet Allah is some draws the line and teach them certain things that become legislation for the rest of us. So who are we not to overstep the mark, who we need to come along and say, Well, this is something which is showing immense respect and we shouldn't we should do this

00:40:43 --> 00:41:21

for these people love you stick to what the prophet Mohammed told his people to do. That is the safest way inside our lives that you follow that and that is the best path to paradise, because his path is the ultimate path. If there's anything good or anything bad, it's been described by whom, by the prophet Mohammed Salim, and likewise fine anything good action we need to do has been described by his companions and a community follow my son and a son of the whole of Russia Alma de Abdallah have been the wedges How will foster the Sonata for hola Abu Bakr Omar Omar worth man Valley rhodiola found phosphorus on what they done in life and many other people they do. They go against

00:41:21 --> 00:41:58

the teachings, they go against the teachings of the 405 go against the sun and they find a son of the Prophet Mohammed ism. So we need to remind ourselves as we began with, don't follow a cultural Islam follow the Orthodox Islam and the Orthodox believed was a Lost Planet Allah, especially in terms of a birder towards Allah Subhana Allah and remember a better as relevant mentioned, as I've touched upon is a bird that is Toki fear, a bird that is restricted. Remember that lesson inside your lives? a burden isn't an open door, you can worship a lot of times and how you want that's not true. You worship Allah to Allah as the way has been ordained in the Quran and the Sunnah, that is

00:41:58 --> 00:42:23

it full stop. That's it simple. You understand that you will be successful somebody starts doing an action and there is no headache. There's no sooner there's nothing and the person says you know, I think this is something good. Yeah, he who you to say it's something good. There is the Quran in front of us. There's a Sunnah there is a Hadith, which is clear, which mentions that prophets have done this dicker. He done this action with this kefir with this sloop in this manner, while our

00:42:24 --> 00:42:57

learner fish, we don't argue we carry on doing it in our life, but there's no Hadith, there is no rewire there is no evidence and you say I want to make this thicker in this manner, I want to do this, then you should just stop there. Because a bird as rule number four can mentioned is topia, a bird that is restricted, is co defied, you cannot worship a lot of pounds and how you want to worship Allah Subhana Allah, you follow that which has been legislated and codify. That's the best way for the for the for the individual. So that's a lesson that we need to remember in our a bad when we worship Allah Subhana Allah the third element of tawheed is the belief of a smell was

00:42:57 --> 00:43:32

suffered the Beautiful Names of a lost panda an attribute while in plain smell Hausner, to Allah and Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names and attributes call upon Allah Subhana Allah by using those names inside your door or inside your supplications inside your prayers etc use them as for what we find a little had we find any moving way chanting the names of Allah and singing them you know videos being done music being sung the name in the background Allah Allah Allah playing your guitar What is this? What is this? This is calling upon Allah Subhana Allah you know this is what the people are doing at the moment you're singing our Rahim Allah Allah Allah for Allah Dude, what is

00:43:32 --> 00:44:04

this? Did the person tell people to do this? And likewise find books which have been compiled? And if you're looking for something, where did you read it? 10,000 times, read it 11,000 times. Okay, all those narrations they are not even read. They're fabricated, they're lies. Any book we've mentioned, say this name of Allah 1000 times you find what you're looking for, or you want to do this you want to do that or come upon you all those all those narrations are weak or fabricated. They're not even something which is weak, they fabricated their lies. So you only call upon them last panda Allah with Beautiful Names and attributes in the appropriate manner. You use them to come

00:44:04 --> 00:44:30

close to last Panda and make dirt on those panda Allah you don't sing them you don't chant them you don't pay a guitar in a song with them etc. This was become common practice today that people think this is a way of getting close to last panda Allah that you find this any this decode is a scam that people begin to make. Look this is it had did the Prophet Mohammed some ever in his life? Take the Allahu Akbar that make Allah Allah Allah then who then who who did

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

tell me that if the person done that in his life, then we'll do it. Now is he ever done it because he's the best individual made? They could have a loss. If he ever done that, then we do it. But there's no text, there's no proof. So why should we do no but they're remembering Allah will show so the Shakedown remember love isn't it? So do Hindus remember Allah? Everybody remembers align their own way, don't they? So now just because they happen to Muslims, and they do this we should we justify it? Should we justify antenna blindness or are they allowed to do that?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:28

Go into a trance and then sing songs with it as well. Well, if you go to somebody lands, if you were to smoke any drugs for free, you will listen to music for free. Just go and enter into these environments. That's no exaggeration just go in so that you can enjoy yourself as much as you can. There's that's what begins to take place. And these people, they know what I'm referring to, if you go inside that environment, that's what you find. They sing their songs sing about a lot of pantalla they roll up cigarettes and drugs and marijuana, and they pray play the tabla and they sing in the dance and, and move around. And this is a carabiner by supernode Anna, this is all nothing but

00:45:28 --> 00:46:06

facade. Nothing but corruption, instilling inside that society. So the person this type of inequality put a lot and I personally stay away from it. Like always find the Dharma, any of your money do the atheists who begin to question and Islam question God, how many Muslim now as well begin to always question you know, is Islam true? Is God true? Yeah, I think you start reading people like Richard Dawkins, God Delusion, and reading the books of the atheist and the falsified philosophers successor don't read such works, philosophy, you horrible philosophy corrupts the mind. Philosophy is only for those individuals who are able to make a distinction to benefit the people.

00:46:06 --> 00:46:32

As for the general person begins to read philosophy and, and read other religions and, and tried to be a comparative study, etc, whatever it may be, stay away from it, it will you hardly will actually begin to mesmerize your brain, because the whole intent of these individuals isn't for you to become an atheist. The whole intent is to create shubha is to create doubt, based upon the Hadeeth a shape one will come and say Allah created this Allah created that Allah created that Allah created you who created a law,

00:46:33 --> 00:47:02

that's the wave shape and then eventually come into these dots. And then the person begins to ask this question that you know, is it really worth praying? Is it really worth doing something? So that's why the philosophy they write that, you know, you see this table today, so you know, someone made the table? Can you see Allah? So there's no law. So one of the students inside Monday's class is going back to baby the 15th or the 16th. Turn around said to the professor, you know, can we see your brain at the moment? Cuz at that moment, you find that the microscope whatever made wasn't invented. So no, you can't see my brain at the moment. He said, Well, we can conclude you don't have

00:47:02 --> 00:47:35

a brain then you don't have a brain because you can't see your brain now physically don't have a brain. So if something is not present, does it mean it doesn't exist? Last time that I shown he signs about the existence of Allah subhanaw taala. Unless you find the greatest, ultimate blessing of Allah Asana will be in the day judgment to see Allah Subhana Allah that is classified as the ultimate blessing that people who have the right belief in the right creed will see Allah, Allah, on that day, no one can see Allah, Allah upon this earth, and even some Muslims saying, you know, I saw news I saw light, so God spoke to me or whatever it may be. It's not possible upon this dunya to see

00:47:35 --> 00:48:12

Allah Subhana Allah, only inside the Hereafter is the ultimate blessing. So the person has to go throughout their life, to go and find the right belief of worship and conviction. So then the person returns back to Las panatela in a pristine and a beautiful manner, that becomes a journey of the individual. Yes, the corruption and turmoil will continue all around this earth, until we meet Allah Subhana Allah, but the first beginning initial stage is to rectify yourself. And for Sakuma alikum. Nora, save yourselves and your family members from the Hellfire as many individuals get excited about going out and giving that way and doing this and doing that. But inside their own homes,

00:48:12 --> 00:48:49

people got corrupt belief, corrupt concept of Islam, and you know, we can't be bothered to do that. That's too difficult. Yes, that is the real power. exert yourself first you will the people around you then come out to the wider community even if people don't listen for that. You carry on there's no Halle salon in neither otoko melena manohara coma people day and night, 950 years 950 years he had patience. Every time you spoke to them, they thrust their fingers inside their ears and they got their garments and put it over their head. Look how rude these people were he persevered. We don't have subber for 9.5 minutes with people who are family members or listen for work for work at

00:48:49 --> 00:49:24

schools like this. He's like this No. Does he continue worshiping Allah pounder Allah wa Buddha, Baka Hata to Kalia Kalia worshiping Allah, Allah Hatton, Yaki, eliakim, hoonah de Marana ash Mashallah we have people under boat until death comes to you. That's a believer carries on worshipping Allah, Allah until the believer meets the last panda Allah. As for these individuals that believed to come special individuals, so the Sharia doesn't apply to them. This is going against the belief of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim so I encourage myself a rescue respectable sisters to go back to start the Quran in great detail. read the Quran interpretation or unreadable

00:49:24 --> 00:49:59

Hadith find the pristine teachings that your your character your behavior your image becomes a pure devotion college Allah Allah Allah He Dino Hollis The Holy God becomes college sincere towards Allah Subhana Allah I once again Allah and I would open up the doors of other things that people are talking about as we find some sort of note that criteria is mentioned to emptiness or * and power upon itself will be given Yeah, Buddha niniola usually gonna be say, you worship only last time to Allah and associated no partners would mean that victory established a prayer to give does occur can come kena Allah give that * that

00:50:00 --> 00:50:10

Control and that power on the earth once again to the believers when they returned back to those teachings were kulu Cody had was the holy welcome when you Jamie Muslim infrastruc feeling normal before

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