The Deen Show – Muslims give out Sweet Potatoes – Non-Muslims Amazed

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AI: Summary © The speakers are at a conference to discuss the importance of helping the community and bringing together people to achieve the goal of humanity. They discuss the need for people to wear the Muslim culture and encourage others to do so. They also mention a book called "The Book that changed the world" and encourage people to donate to the community.
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Someone says go back home What do you tell them

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from from America? Well so I said what do they call themselves? And they said they call themselves Muslims. And I'm like, What's Muslim? Sup? This is the life I should have always had my daughter took sure had both my daughters what you hear in the media is all false. My mother took shahada before she passed away Muslim women we wear hijab because that's our way of honoring God. This is what I want this what I want in my life it's a nice peaceful life appreciate everything you guys are really doing out here for this community out here. Peace the solution for humanity Aditi please

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Are you with me? Peace so we're here at the center with Technology College Santa Monica, we're blessed technology and the team is blessed to partner with Dean Center here in Valrico Florida the pieces we need

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$700 to $1,100 and you can't get no HighScope cheaper it's just ridiculous. So that's what we're here we're here to go ahead and get back to the community see the truth and you will find the DE is clean from the Muslim community here and Tampa get involved to reach out to the greater community here our neighbors and not yet Muslims. So we are distributing food we got some doctors here let's go take a look at Oh crime we got some food for the people thank you thank you brother It is a pleasure to be here and serve the humanity

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given our food here people are getting some tomato given our sweet potatoes of 100 pieces per solution for all mankind so as you can see the cars are all starting to line up here we're just getting started humanity piece is what we need for you and me B's the solution for you

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Anna very happy See

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ya tiny

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pieces what are we going to compete what's going on inside here with the laborers coming in basic cost of peace is it black? Or is it white itself? It doesn't have a rich college students. He's the Creator of the heavens and earth where his creation worship the Creator version makes sense hear or see is it dumb deaf or blind? If you see the truth the use of video reached a small little small little town in India and in India

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breeze will create pieces for road this is we're literally right in front of the dissenter not officially opened the doors are open here now because it's a dire need to go and help those in need. But we can go ahead and do our small part to the community and people can get to know the Muslims are here to help the community Yeah, we just was talking about this last night and then all of a sudden I rob I said Was it his fault? I didn't bless my mom house was supposed to give me some free food. They just gave me clothes for my brother. Look at this new for my brothers. They don't even know my brothers. And I got a book this and I've been learning

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got yourself a short you get yourself a sweet potato. I give you this book. You know Muhammad Ali. This is the book that changed his life. You know Malcolm X is the book that changed his life. So we're here to serve humanity and serve the community and you're part of the community. I look forward to our seniors soon again all right. All right. Take care accomplishing Clea t so let's take a look first, and then from the bottom of my heart. I thank you guys for taking time and choose to come here every week.

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You can't take it with you when you go or you can't take this with you when you go and you can't take this with you when you go brothers and sisters we're all going to depart from this life and all of our material possessions to our money will stay behind but your reoccurring investment is at the center will continue to grow even when you leave this light so go ahead and make that reoccurring investment in a masjid and mega data center that will benefit you in this life. And in the next click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you.

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not only

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