A Unique Beginning To The Quran Unlike Any Other Book

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the Quran the word of Allah subhanahu wata Allah. But did you know there is something incredible and unique in how Allah azza wa jal begins this Quran and you will not find this fact in any other book that is published on Earth.

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When we open the Quran,

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there is of course solar to refer to, and then solar to local. Listen to this powerful start loss of Hannah Hautala he said, there are legal Kitab allele Buffy who the limit takim Allah azza wa jal he begins the Quran by saying that is the book, meaning this Quran, Lowry Buffy there is no doubt in it whatsoever. There is no doubt in its rulings in its laws. There is no doubt in Allah azza wa jal, there is no doubt in the afterlife. There is no doubt in the Stories of the Prophets and the righteous that came before us every single piece of information in this Quran, there is no doubt in it whatsoever, there is no confusion. There is no misconception who the little more clean. In fact,

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there is only complete guidance for the believers, who then who then the Quran in all of its Ayad and all of its words, offers guidance for mankind guidance. And so the unique thing is that there is not a single book on earth in which the publisher or the author would write that my book has no doubt in it has no errors in it. And it is complete guidance for mankind. No one ever began his book like this, in fact, the majority of books today, if you open the front cover, you will find out a statement by the author. And at the end they would see if you find any errors, if you find any mistakes, or if you want to make a comment or some feedback, please email such and such. Allahu

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Akbar. That's every single book. It begins like this. However, the Quran began with LAO or you Buffy. There is no doubt in this book whatsoever. And so when the believer opens the Quran and recites the Quran, he reads with certainty, he reads with absolute conviction that every single word and every single letter and every single fact is a correct fact. There is no doubt in it at all. And it is all guidance. That leads us to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ala and leads us to the highest levels of the paradise. Allahu Allah. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make this Quran, the spring of a howl of our hearts and to make the joy of our hearts and we ask

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him Subhanahu wa Taala to forgive our sins and shortcomings. Wallah who are them