Muslim Parents VS LGBTQ Books For Little Ones

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So the question is, why are all these Muslims so riled up? And so we're going to be discussing here

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and I'm the one that's gonna send a message to everybody. We are not going to tolerate this, the school board to walk out as a school board. You allowed someone to stand here for three minutes and disparage the Muslim faith.

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You did not stop it. Several books once available to students are banned in Dearborn public schools. Tonight, it follows complaints from parents who believe the content is dangerous. One mom even filed a police report. Now these Muslim parents obviously you can see they're very, very upset. Sorry, the Christian parents and other parents because they're sending their children to school to learn reading, writing and math, but at the same time, now their children are being exposed to pornographic content despite sexually charged explicit content. In it, there are actual and if you read the PDF, which we've done here at Fox Two, it shows you how to have sex with someone else of

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your same sex it actually has like diagrams and whatnot pornographic and have absolutely no place and local schools that they support with both their children and their tax dollars at afford sticker on here, Stephanie Butler says her daughter check this book out today at Edsel Ford High School. It's titled flamer. It depicts sexually explicit acts between young boys, some with graphic descriptions, you know, when you put something in a kid's mind, it makes them want to do it more or try it a normal psychologically, sound and stable mind would come to a conclusion that that specific material is nothing but sexually explicit education. If democracy matters, we are the majority here

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in Dearborn, let us draw the boundaries on appropriateness, every parent has a right to object to the things their kids are being exposed to. But there is a breaking point. And the breaking point is this, the fundamental existence of school is not to learn about sexual pleasure to not to learn about new sex acts, the fundamental purpose of school is to prepare our kids to be successful adults who go off and have careers, and it is up to every parent

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to then teach their kids morality, it is out of the place for the school to do it. And I reject any notion that parents here are filled with hate or bigotry. The parents don't want their kids sexualized. If other people want to sexualize their kids, that's their business. It's not about books, it's what's in the books, we're here to talk about the books and the pornography rights, children, I have to say, I looked up some of these books. And like you said, I mean, if you can't show this on the air, then it should not be in a 10 year olds classroom. Now there's a few issues here, I just want to touch upon, because if these books were at the same time, covering on 101 ways

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that a husband can have his wife, please excuse language have an orgasm. This would also be something that the Muslims, Christians, I'm sure, and other God conscious people, morally upright people would object to people who want to live a decent life a morally upright life, they wouldn't want their children even exposed to this type of stuff at such a young age. At the same time, if there was explicit content, showing how husband, even though we know this is something that's forbidden in Islam, but if there was something of this type of nature, where it was showing a husband, having sodomy with his own wife, this would be something and if they were showing this to

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the children a how to manual. This would be something that the Muslims, and I'm sure, probably Christians also would be protesting. So this is the issue because this book, in particular,

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it's a how to guide. It's very, very explicit. That's the issue at hand. It's one thing you're keeping your private affairs in your bedroom, to yourself. But now, the same objection, even if these were books were about husband and wife action, or man on woman action, porn, pornography, this would be something that would obviously be protested, we would want our children to be exposed to these things. So I want you to imagine if you had an individual who came to a children's Park, and that individual was showing this book and all the explicit content that it had in there to children at the playground, what would happen to this individual, you probably get charged and arrested. So

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what difference is it? If it is by a teacher in a school showing these explicit things to a little to a young child? It's not

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sensical, it makes no sense. So these things are not being approached logically, scientifically, godly religiously, as a queer person who has always had to fight for the right to exist, I am sick and tired, these things are being emotionally driven. And people who object to this are labeled with certain labels. So, board members and other people, I'm sure who also know that this is very distasteful. This is something this is corruption. This is something that our children, you know, should not be exposed to. They're also scared to speak out because their fear the repercussions of being labeled certain derogatory names, and possibly the repercussions for that. But when you see

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Christian Muslims here uniting, they're forced to be reckoned with. So other communities should take example, because this is something that's happening other cities. So this is a great opportunity for more Muslim and Christians to really work together, and to show their cooperation in this area. And to stand up within the law to stand up and speak out against this. The other thing I just wanted to touch upon is, this is a great opportunity for those Muslim politicians. There's some very loud voices out there who have been known to support certain causes and to step up, this is a great opportunity for them to step up for these parents rights, to be heard, to go come out, and to speak

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up. Also organizations such as care and others, this is a great opportunity. They do some wonderful work in certain areas, this is a great opportunity here, to go ahead and to step up, to help these parents to be a voice for these parents. This is also a great opportunity for those Muslim leaders to go ahead and to speak up, to come out and to support to help not just Muslims in this city in Dearborn, but also other cities. So she comes up in Dearborn, but it's the same issue we're seeing in Grand Rapids. We're seeing it in Kalamazoo. We're seeing it in northern Michigan, we're seeing it everywhere, where school boards think that they can ignore the rights of the parents, in terms of

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how their children are educated, and speak out against what's happening. To our children, this attack on our children, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. So I'll make them brothers and sisters. We went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam?

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No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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