Mufti Menk – Never Give Up

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the benefits of Islam, including a "feasting stone" to achieve success. They encourage people to keep trying and not give up, even if they lose their job. The speaker also mentions the potential for healing and better conditions to come from hardship.
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Then Allah makes mentioned in Surat Al Baqarah verse number 40 of bunu is ill the children of Jacob the children of Yaqoob alayhis salam. Allah says to them more than once in the Quran. Yeah When he saw elf koroni Mattila t Lottie anon jwala. enqueue are children of Israel in Israel, meaning the Prophet Jacob, are children of Jacob May peace be upon him. Allah says, Remember the fever of mine upon you with Corona, Mati and Letty. And I'm to LA con, remember my favor that I favored you with.

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Now, this was at the time when they were going through a hardship and difficulty. And also at times when they just came out of the hardship and difficulty. Allah is telling those who have just come out of all who are in hardship, say that, remember the favors I bestowed upon you so many things I've given you think about them. I've given you a lot. My brothers and sisters in thinking about the gifts of Allah during times of hardship, there will be a lot of healing, and they will be much hope Allah has given me in the past so much Allah has given me right now that which I haven't asked him for. I'm breathing, I'm looking, I'm smelling, I'm eating, I'm drinking, I'm clothed. I can

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Subhanallah I have so many favors upon me. Allah has given me the deen is given me faith has given me conviction to a great degree, may he strengthen it for me. And he's given us a certain number of family members. He may have taken some away, but we still have something.

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Even if he's taken everyone away from around you. He's still given you the life

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has given you some form of ability. Don't sit back and give up. Because if you give up that is a source of hopelessness. But when you stand up, look at what you have and go for it. Go for the improvement. Keep trying, don't ever give up. You lost a job, no problem. Keep going and trying for a better job and a better job and you trust Allah He will give you a much better job either in terms of recompense or in terms of condition or it's better for you. It might be a stepping stone to something beyond your imagination. But don't give up. So Allah says Remember, the favors We bestowed upon you

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