Majed Mahmoud – Prophet Musa (AS) #03 Musas Marriage & Minimum Wage Job

Majed Mahmoud
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Musa alayhis salam runs for his life and he escapes Egypt. He was known as Prince Musa living in a palace, top notch Food Security Education and now he's very much homeless. He is hungry, and barely has clothes to support him for the next few days. Allah knows best how was ripped and torn throughout the traveling, he saw two ladies, he helped them with watering their cattle, but he knows something. He knows something and we know something that anytime you want remember this insha Allah to Woodhead camicia Allah the rest of your life ready? He knows a fact. Never Am I in a hardship about a specific case. And I helped someone who has a similar hardship during my hardship, except

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that ALLAH will lifted off of me

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simply actually, okay. You're struggling financially? Yes. Oh, the bills I'm telling you give some of your money away if he said he did not look into you are nuts. No, this is an equation that you may not hear in school and college and your textbook and so on. But we know in the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sanlam. Allah says in your corner, this samurai was other words, what the law they give from their money from their wealth, even during tight times financial crises, they still give from what they have. And what does Allah given return? More money? You want Allah to have mercy upon you, you want Rama and minister how many you Yes, have Rama upon people give me proof Allah

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa says, at a humble woman fill out the Himachal mente sama. Have mercy on those on earth, Allah will have mercy upon you. This is the way of life so though Musa helped the ladies with a water with the drink with provision, he knows for a fact I'm getting provision. But the question is not if he will get it it's about when and how. That's the arcane uncertainty. Oh, no, the whole time you said the story. I thought he's such a nice guy. Well, Mercy was now it's all business. I help you a lot to help me know why can I not do both?

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Yesterday? No, why can I not do both yesterday? No. Some said about the Sahaba they were to jar nawada They were the business dealers with intentions. One of the Sahaba he would see the time is tight. He may go do he comes to the masjid. So he comes to the masjid he has will do he wants to pray two rakaat of will do the same Touriga to be the welcoming of the message to hate message the same to rocket of sooner certain side and it's the Hara.

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Can you do that? Yes. So people say why you want to go to Jenna because of the rivers and because of the mansions and because of the food will actually fire in me mash the whole Haoran ain and all these things I will all of this. So it's not for Allah stuff.

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The where will I see Allah?

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We really see Allah

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with Mila Mannerheim where will we see Allah insha Allah in Jenna. So I want to go to Jenna to see Allah and other things as well. So here when the person helps the other two ladies, Allah will reward them for that. So the question comes, what if that person did not think of the rewards? That's the question like what if I did not have an idea? What if Moses went and help to them? Will Allah reward them? If I'm walking on my phone drops? The sister comes picks it up, will Allah reward you because you didn't say I'm doing this for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada seeking His reward only not for the sake of people's praise and a round of applause for that. No, no, it's for Allah.

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She didn't do this warm introduction. Will Allah reward her? That's when our lemma come in. And they say, if someone does this action based on based on good nanny, deed and good Nia, not for the sake of Allah, just like out of Rama out of love out of care, Allah will reward them for that. If they were able to have a need for Allah as well then they get double the reward. So higher and higher, but it's double the height. So Musa instead um does that he goes under the shade of the tree makes drought to Allah, anything you can give me will be great because I am so poor faqeer Allah says in the Quran, the Holy Land rajim Bismillah Han Rahim Raja to the Houma Tam. She is

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one of the two ladies eventually when she went back home, the father was surprised why

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you guys came early today.

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Usually they wait what does the two ladies said when they all leave? we water our cattle. But you guys came early before even the neighbors you know

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They said, Yeah, there's a guy moussaka. So he told them what to do go. Ask him to come over. So Allah says in the Quran oh so one of the two girls she came, Allah says Tim sheen she's walking, and it's here upon modesty. in it. She's walking on a carpet of modesty. What does it mean? Everything about her is full of hire her dress code full of higher hair iContact full of higher hair behavior full of higher the choice of words full of higher Illa Jin La Jolla appraiser. So let's all have hired men and women. So watch how we say how we talk very professional, higher in order so somebody says every dean every colluding couldn't they have a symbol, a logo and name a very famous character

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that represents them? Well, who local Islam I'll hire that Islam it's higher. That's why Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does he say? In madaraka nurserymen Kalami Nobu watching Hola, either, LEM Testa, Hey, first nama shit. If you don't have modesty of higher then nothing will stop you from doing wrong things. Higher is like a defense mechanism. It's higher is usually connected to that which is wrong. In what sense? It's a protection. It's like an antivirus software. Right? This is the higher that you have that protection to fall in some people's higher is more than others. They do extra steps to protect themselves. And don't you ever confuse higher with cudgel or shyness?

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That is inappropriate or wrong how? A guy comes. He's at work. He's invited over for a party without all at work, whatever, any company the big three companies or so. And he goes and drinking Hummer and alcohol. And he's in the midst of this gathering in a bar. He tells the brother Yeah, why'd you do that? How long was the head?

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I had higher and I didn't want to. They had a party with this guy. I don't want to embarrass him anymore. Like it was just so shy. This is not higher. This is something else because higher Why did the Prophet SAW Selim say about it? Remember this, I'll hire will Illa Bisaya hire never brings anything out of you except good. So the thing that happened is bad, never used hire for it. Say anything. I was shy, stay

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agile, whatever the case is hire is always positive. Is that clear? Because though she had hired this lady, she spoke to our guide. She was clear one on one communication with him. Allah still set higher and Rasul Allah wa sallam he does not appreciate when someone tells someone else, reduce your higher don't go to that level.

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One time it happened kind of Ramadan Yahoomail, alongside even higher, or one of the Sahaba in the men don't have this level of higher in the positive shyness. So the Prophet heard that his laughter a little higher. Don't tell him to reduce if that's his level of modesty. Keep it as is. And I'll give you an example.

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You know, the public washrooms with all due respect many times you have when you when someone goes to the toilet May Allah protect you all there's a space

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some people have nothing County's public washrooms. Relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay. I will never see out of the car see the guy remember the road trip down? So some people do they do they actually bring paper towel along one to cover that small quarter of an inch and who is gonna look through by just an extra level of what say it higher? He does that do say if you don't go to that point, you see the difference and higher or lay it behind? So here the sister she comes and what does she wants? He says, call it in Abuja DeLuca Lia Zika Edra Massa Katana, my father is inviting you to come over to the house, to reward you to appreciate the service you provided for us. It's a

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gift from my father, please come. It's an invitation from him. Allahu Akbar. You see the response? Well, they didn't see the response. The response of what da This is still probably sitting and the communists a communal reward Allah look at the baraka of that supporting people helping people may Allah make us at the service of people say I mean for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada or Dear brother as I give a hug, but today may Allah bless him and except from say, I mean, and reward his parents for this upbringing and keep them steadfast. Today he said in the football called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in happiness in Allah and found home in us. Happiness, the most beloved

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people to Allah are the ones who are most beneficial to the people. May Allah make us of them say I mean? So here, Musa Ali Salam gets the response of Allah subhanho wa Taala through this lady and he goes to the house. Now who he sees the old man, fella Murgia Cassani He'll cause us Moosonee came saw the attitude of the old man, they're respectful. He was a movement he was a believer Allah Allah Allah. Allah. Fantastic. So when he said what's what's your story? Like? We've never seen you before. You look lucky.

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We've been traveling I told you there's a sign right you've been traveling what's what's the struggle what's happening? Musa felt comfortable. And then he told him about a situation. And he told him the details which I shared with you. I don't know how far maybe more than why she obviously shared with you. I left Egypt I'm running for my life very wants to kill me. I accidentally killed someone. One, two and three and then at the end, that Allah tov. The guy told him the old man, don't be scared. You're good in this place. Remember outside the territory of Egypt. Remember I told you that Medina is outside the ruling of around the jungle Tamils call me of limine you have been

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protected from the volley mean? What did Musa make dua when he was in Egypt, robbing a genie of Omen, a violin and what did he hear now? Allah sent him a human being to tell him, Allah protected you from a violin? Why am I sharing this with you? Because Allah uses human beings to send you messages.

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The lesson a philosophy now, what do you mean like no.

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I also hobby when to Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says he also Allah, a person does a deed for the sake of who Allah? Well, you know, who knows who Allah Delic and then the people start thanking him, praising him and so on. Is this wrong? Like to feel happy about it? Because actually, I get happy, like people said, Good job, we thank you for your donations. It really helped us, you know, without Allah, then you this institution would have collapsed. I feel happy. Does this ruin my reward? What does he say? La chilka julu. Bushra moment? No, this is a hasty news. Allah sends to the believer that he accepted your deed.

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Allah may Allah make you hear that say I mean? So when you hear sense.

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The Allah bless you. I love anatomy. So when this happens, I want you to be happy when you get this phrase, I want you to be happy. Not because so and so said Great job. You're happy because Is this a sign that Allah accepted and you're busy? That's Allah, not the one who's telling you the point, right? Allah says in the Quran about the only Allah sila Hain la whom will Bushra Phil hayati Dounia. Well, Phil, what's the Bushra the good news in dunya are the people's praise to You? May Allah grant it to all of us and keep us steadfast say I mean? So moose? I mean, these guys can get all the data accepted in sha Allah. Right I sent so then he said the story the man accepted.

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Then though one of the daughters, she tells her dead. Yeah, Betty. That

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is zero. How about you hire him? In the hunger Minister John and CO EULA mean? That I strongly encourage you? You know what, hire him. Because the best employee to hire for this job of ours is someone of strength, and someone who's trustworthy. This is the best H our advice of all time. Hire someone who is capable and trustworthy. Shearim May Allah bless him. He says the times that we live in, there's a lot of people that have capabilities, but they lack trust. And there's and there's some people who are trustworthy, but they just don't know how to work. Well. He's a nice guy make him the president. He's a nice guy. Yeah, baby leader.

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Right, but not every leader is trustworthy. They know how to lead. They're amazing how many people are great at accounting and so on. But how will you use it? Are you I mean, so she said he has both now the question I have for the sister. How did you know he has both?

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How does she know He's strong?

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He's traveling

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for Allah knows how long now after especially I heard the story. He came from Egypt guys. Now she heard the deed like she knew he's traveling. Now she knew for a home from how far he came and how he came. And still he had the physical strength to go the cattle water them. And remember the rock I told you, the Rock seven to 10 people care he carried it by himself Kerwin. And how did she know that he's I mean, trustworthy. How multiple ways of them is the fact that he returned the cattle back

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the fact that he could have abused the situation to ladies to do then they're far away. But no one is really caring about them. Because if they did, they would have told him ladies first.

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So with all of this, he still gave us back every single sheet. There were 10 He gave us back 10. And not just that, the way he looked at us, the way he spoke to us the way he communicated with us. There was no unnecessary speech. There's no unnecessary flirtation or any words that are outside the professional aspect. He was I mean, I told we told them our dad is an old man. So in general we look like we're at a position that we may seem weak, but he never abused that. I mean Allah Akbar that's

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Why with all due respect to brothers and sisters I say a man who communicates with a woman outside the boundaries of Islam is not someone to be fully trusted. I learned it from my sister in the Quran. A man who communicates with a woman outside the boundaries of Islam is not someone to be fully trusted May Allah guide them and us and forgive us I'll say I mean is although there's to Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Alright, so I'll start making it in the higher Minister Justin can we use Amin? So here brothers and sisters now what happens the father is a smart man why he notices two things he's a smart man by noticing that indeed you're right he is something someone worthy to hire. But also he is someone worthy

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for marriage Hmm Now undivided attention and let me see if you say I mean at this age, okay. All right. Okay, so the point being here, Musa alayhis salam is someone is not really hearing all these details Allah knows best Yanni. So how will this genius father be able because he felt his daughter respectfully indirectly requesting that is suitable also for marriage law. But the father knows all right. And he knows this really well. So he goes, how will he be able to get both how can he get Musa to be an employee and also be a son in law?

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Look when he says he goes to Musa salaam, Kala in Newari do an encore haka Deb Natalia thing, one of my daughters looking to get married and would like to ask for your hand for my daughter. And there's nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong with the Father noticing a very righteous man a very righteous brother and Allah knows the hearts to go and tell him would you be interested in my daughter Brian maybe in some areas is like are you imagine noon right sad oh my god right? No, who did this? Oh my god Allah I know the Hadith inside Buhari sorry what happened his daughter have solid Allah on her she lost her husband.

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So America Public Law No now he's looking for an appropriate man for his daughter. It was not like let's wait inshallah he didn't halal or whatever statements that we say no sometimes you go for anything

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he said on the edible Hekima Okay, what do you go to right? And then almost the top goes to who are snapping at Sandra the low and says yes many no my daughter Hafsa she lost her husband and we will be any honored and very happy if you were to accept marrying my daughter by the House of course on the same pages that are that are by as many as let me think about it as man thinks about it. He comes back he says Not now. Not ready. No problem. So on top goes to a book this is your Abubaker you know my daughter Hafsa she lost her husband will be very honored and happy if you marry Hafsa um, you know I like

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who's better because man

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non negotiable because of the non negotiable? I like how he did not downgrade

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etc. That he said well, you know what? Shabbat Diana. I mean, all miserable people who cares? Just accept anything that was meant said no, I'm gonna go for a bucket.

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Allahu Akbar. So it goes over consolidate our work. So this does not even reply back. And this is bad. Like, for those who No, no, this hurts. Right? So then

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what did the Phoenix say? Like he got hurt like, oh, because of this. I told you would you be interested in my daughter? He heard that he never got back to me never called me never came day two day three. But what happens?

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Someone comes and the proposal comes from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wants to marry half son. That's what half said is the Mother of the Believers. I mean what meaning? So then who comes up because of this? Here?

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Right? So he goes to Rama is Jamar. You remember when you told me about your daughter? Hafsa Zacchaeus was tough enough sick. Did you didn't appreciate that at all. It doesn't sound like the lon he says Jamar will lie. If it wasn't that Rasul Allah is I said, I'm told me already that he's interested in your daughter. I already know when he came to me I already knew Muhammad wants to propose to your daughter. I would have been honored to say yes, but I knew him said wanted her. So obviously I left it to him. I also have to appreciate that Amanda, right. Like how was he able to hold the secret?

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How like how was he able to keep a straight face? Oh, you want me to marry Hafsa

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not me but someone better is coming. I know we give so many details.

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Something special coming the booth

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Someone better there's only 100 Medallia Salatu was Salam. So the Sahaba were able to maintain an Amana facility. A secret was given was alberca. So did you know hence no indications no signs. So then

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Musa Ali Salam he hears the proposal. He says My proposal is this would you be interested in marrying my daughter and under the condition the shot I was shot was the condition

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that you work for me in a contract for eight years I left them and you're headed we have a contract in doctors awards the marriage contract like the dowry or the MaHA are a condition is that you work for eight years for me

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this is the dream come true. Shiva will

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write that you don't have to apply for jobs. Everything is like handled. And then the father says I got you you get to marry my daughter. I get to give you a job his job security Allahu Allah is better than all of us here I think right? Some of us like I don't know Allah some laying off in Ford. I don't know if I'll make it till next year he has eight year contract. Then he says if you want then he says if you want at the mem Dashlane make you can extend two years you know, they say like in athletes, you got a two year contract and a two year player option. They get to choose you want to transfer somewhere else, but we can guarantee you 10 years but at least eight you have to

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stay here one more redo I'm gonna show college I don't want to make things hard on you said you do need insha Allah hoomin Assata Hangul find me a very reasonable man, I will not overwork you. What will Musa say? How will Musa respond? This is a dream come true. And I put water remember I gave what I lifted the hardship gave them water. Allah's now is giving me a wonderful family, a righteous wife, a job house this is a dream come true. But when Musa accept being a shepherd guys

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and in Musa Musa Amir Musa could Rihanna

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there's nothing wrong with that and he accepted I will be a shepherd I will take care of the sheep I will do that no problem. So that's I want to advise this because I remember I spoke to one brother good brother mashallah demotic Allah, He has degrees and certificates and so on and he had a good job, but he ended up moving and he was actually a refugee when we were in Canada. He moved in he says anything less back in the day I'm talking really long time ago anything less than $20 An hour I'm not working but you're actually just depending on the government completely. And the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salim is that you should do go will kiss it mean I'm in the attic that you earned from

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your own hand. So don't be that type of person is if I don't get such a job. I will never work luck. Be like more Sally, Sarah. I was an Amir one day, but if I lost my job and this was available, I'm going to do that job can we do that inshallah act like men in Illa de la Salam was a Melaka King, and barely any prophet was a king, though he was a king. He's to still work with what with iron Hadid? We're gonna have Dadon who would la Salaam. So then Musa Ali Salam hears this? He said yes. Then they knew. I agree. I approve this HTML a Jelenia cache to follow or do an array. He's actually repeating the conditions. So I will do either of the two, either eight years or 10 years. If I don't

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do 10 years, there's nothing wrong against me. Eight years is my minimum. I'm down for that. Well, Allahu Allah man. Aku will kill Allah is watching. I don't know why I'm doing this. He's coming after that. Right? Like mob rule. Congratulations. We'll have flour party. Allahumma barik. Ala hum. evatik. Musa alayhis salam works as a shepherd that hamdulillah as shown as the same shape, right? It's nothing wrong with Halal income. He's having a family wonderful wife contemplating the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. Obviously, he misses his mom, his brother Harun his sister Maria, and of course he Mr. Xu Asya, or the Allah and the one who raised them, and surely she's very concerned

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about him. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says the years have passed selama called Musella gel. When Musa Ali Salam ended that term, how many eight or 10 We have a hadith Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa, just out of curiosity, I know no wrong answer. Who thinks he did eight years only.

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Who here thinks he did 10 years now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he asked Djibouti to sell to Jibreel al Jelenia, kava Musa. He says a comanda Ma, he says the one that is at the MoMA he did the one that is fooled with the 10 years. So this is from the generosity, of course and the kindness of Musa Ali Salaam. He really really, really wants to go see his family in any way possible. 10 years almost has passed. I will do whatever is necessary to pass

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by Egypt somehow maybe send a note or something. Then Allah says in the Quran, wasabia Allah. He finished the decade of work. He left with his wife traveling, as he was traveling very dark area, and SM in January, Tony Nara, he saw fire

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Next to a mountain of tool when he saw the fire he told his family on Cusco for his wife his family staying here in the US too narrow I saw fire from their land the IT community cover, perhaps I can go there get some guidance on the way just making sure we are on the right path to see my family and so on so forth. Oh did what didn't mean a natty Lila composter alone. Or at least, if the guy don't know the directions, I can go get some fire or some help and so on and some wood and warm ourselves a little bit in the cold desert.

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When Musa alayhis salam was walking and he left his family behind. He arrived for lamda at AHA there was no one nothing in San Willa Haiwan was the animal even did nothing absolutely nothing. No one. This is strange. This is weird.

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What's going on? It's very peaceful. Serenity to my Nina The feeling is unexplainable. All of a sudden, he hears his name being called

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yeah Musa.

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He can't see what was it? Yeah Musa.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:13

Yeah Musa

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in the UN Allah Hora Bula al Amin.

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In the UN Allahu Allah Aziz will Hakeem.

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We're gonna start to look for STEM Malema. You ha You are the chosen one. I am your Lord, the Lord of all beings. You have been chosen. So pay attention to what I'm about to tell you. What will Allah tell Musa? What are the details? How is he feeling with this? What's the mission?

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