How much would you pay to pray

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But if I asked you to give one ring gate, or $1, which is a few ring gates for every prayer, every time you walk into the masjid didn't you use the facility didn't you use the water, the lights, the carpet, whatever else it may be, they kept it clean for you. They made sure you went in and you came out. You would need to spend five Ringgits a day multiplied by 30 days it's such a figure and Subhanallah you gave that amount by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala you would have contributed towards the upkeep of the house of Allah, but more importantly, your own usage was paid by you and not someone else. What's the point of me going to fulfill my duty which is a pillar of Islam, a

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Salah and other people have paid for the electricity other people have paid for the place. Other people have paid for everything and I'm just coming using facility and moving once in a while put a little bit in the donation box even if it is five ring gates, even if it is your loose change.