Ammar Alshukry – Fajr on the Beach and Reflections on Rizq

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The concept of risk is a provision given by Allah to individuals, and it is wider than just money. It is related to a provision given to individuals by his team, and it is crucial to provide reliable service for individuals. The success of Islam and its ability to encourage people to live a more luxurious lifestyle is highlighted, along with the challenges of comparing themselves to the average person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding rejecting risk and not giving up on one's own happiness.
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By having the last the last time I lost a lot, I decided to send him steam because he says Can y'all hear me okay?

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You can hear me, okay?

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one of the concepts

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that a person reflects upon when a when you hear, and you see a place like this

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is thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for his risk for what he provides us of. And risk is something that's way more expansive than just money.

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A lot of people they restrict the concept of risk towards they literally look at their bank account, and that's the risk, but risk is much wider than that. It is this provision what Allah provides for you. And so, Allah subhanaw taala calls himself a result that's one of His Names.

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And the provider is result in Arabic the form, the grammatical form, means the one who does something repeatedly result is a file Form. And for Al in Arabic, anytime you have that that form shows up in one of his names indicates repetition. Wahab is the one who's always given gifts. Bahar is the one who's always overpowering Surah Zack is the one who is always providing, and Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and sort of that yet, he says about himself in the law who are Rezac lewco within my team, and this is the only place in the Quran where Allah has a name that appears, he calls himself a reserved, reserved the perpetual provider. fuku are the possessor of strength and

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Mateen, the one whose strength is unshakable, unwavering. Mateen means something that's solid, something that doesn't fall, that doesn't waver.

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And the greater context of his mentioning of his name in that verse, is a series of verses you know, the famous verse where Allah says, Well, my HELOC tool Gina will insert OLALIA Budo ma od domino Mariska, what would you do and you have a moon, Allah says, I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me. I don't want from them any provision, and I don't want for them to feed me. So I didn't create them. Because I needed to enslave them for them to serve me and for them to to work for, you know, securing any resources for me or because I need anything from them. Allah says, in fact, it's the opposite my odd men who may risk and will not return to the moon, I do not want any

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of this from them, and I do not want them to feed me. In Allahu Rezac. Quite the contrary, Allah is the provider, little cool and Mateen. The Possessor of strength. Almaty means the ones whose strength is unwavering. Because whenever you are looking for a provider, anytime you're looking for a provider, there are two questions that you're going to ask. Number one is, how strong is that person's provision? And number two, how unwavering is it? So for example, your cell phone plant, you're looking for a provider, right? So the first question that you're going to ask when you're looking at 18, d t versus t mobile versus Verizon versus orange versus any of these right providers,

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we don't have orange in the US. But the notion is,

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how strong is their service? Like? How strong is there? How strong is my signal going to be? Is it going to be LTE? Is it going to be 4g? Is it going to be 3g, a lot of companies, when you go outside of the US the way that they advertise their networking, even in the US, we've got a 4g network, we've got an LTE network, they're advertising, how strong their provision is. And so ALLAH SubhanA data calls himself a little cooler, my provision is very strong, some guy comes to ask for your daughter's hand. One of the questions that you have the question that we all had to ask to get somebody or to get somebody's hand is, how much do you make, for example, right? Because the father

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or the mother, the family wants to know, how strong is your ability to provide for my daughter? Are you going to be able to provide for her the lifestyle that she's accustomed to? And that's a very natural question to ask. But then the second question is,

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how consistent are you going to be able to provide? And so if somebody tells you that they've got an LTE network, you're going to ask, Am I going to get coverage throughout Florida? Am I gonna get coverage everywhere in the US? Am I gonna get coverage in my neighborhood that doesn't usually get a good signal? I want to know what you're saying is I want to know that that provision is not going to be shaky. It's not going to work one second and it's not going to work another second. I don't want an L

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To the network if that LTE network is going to transform into a 3g network everywhere that I go, and so that question is the question of how consistent is that person able to provide ALLAH SubhanA data then calls himself and Mateen. And and Mateen means something that is unwavering, unshakable, he is strong in his provision, and he is unwavering in his ability to provide. And so when we think about it is there's two things. And the reason why all of these attributes are mentioned, is because it is one of the things that we worry about the most

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human beings, I don't know the exact amount, but it's something like 40%, the leading cause of divorces is financial problems, financial issues, that

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that need for security that couples have.

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So when we talk about Allah subhana, Allah to Allah is provision, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah calls himself the perpetual provider, Allah calls himself the one who is able to be strong and unwavering in his ability to provide. Now when we talk about risk, there's a few things that are really beautiful to reflect upon. And number one

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is that risk is more than just finances. It is everything that Allah provides. And one of the greatest risks the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam highlights, in a beautiful Hadith it's really worth memorizing. It's reported by Timothy and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says,

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Whoever Have you has three things. menos Bahaman comm Amazon FISI to be whoever Have you woke up, secure in their dwelling, secure in their dwelling

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way beyond beautiful sunrises and beaches.

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Underneath all of that is a great blessing that the vast majority of humanity takes for granted. And that blessing is the blessing of security. That when you woke up in the morning, you walked out to your car. And as you're walking out in the morning, darkness, you weren't scared.

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That is an incredible blessing. I left the Obama home in June and Menachem Inhofe. Allah mentions of the great blessings that He gave to the people of glaciers. He gave them security for their fear.

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A person can't function in fear. You can't go to work, you can't go to school, you can't seek out your livelihood. You can't leave your family, you can't leave your house. You can't live in the country that you've lived in. We've seen people who have lived in their homes not for 10 years or 20 years, but people who can trace their lineage back into the same towns for 800 years. I know one brother, Doc, who mentioned that his family's bakery in the town that he lives in and he's from Philistine. He says it goes back 800 years and he always boasts and he says it's my my uncle shop has lasted longer than the United States. Right? It's older than the United States.

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But what caused him to move out of that place and what caused his family to disperse from that place? Undoubtedly, it's fear. You look at people in Damascus who people who have lived in Hala people who have lived in these places in Syria for hundreds of years, and they eventually leave because of fear. And so security is one of the great blessings the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says if you have this blessing, and then number two and he mentioned three in this hadith number two he says more often feel bad any healthy in their body. You want it to swing your legs out of bed so you swung them out. You want it to go make or lose so you made will do you didn't need any assistance.

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You didn't need any help. You walked onto this beach right now you prayed your Salah, and you we all on hamdulillah pray that Allah standing, not needing any assistance, more often fee but then he there is no pain in your systems. Whoever has that.

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The Arabs they say a Salah to touch Allah Rousselot say ha Lyra who illan Murdock. They say the health is a crown that rests on the heads of the healthy. The only people who can see it or the sick.

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You're healthy, you're safe. What's the third? Yeah, Maluku to me. They have enough sustenance for today. Not enough sustenance for their retirement plan or their summer vacation or

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just for today. This particular Saturday, if you have enough for today you've got $20 in your pocket or however much you need to get through this one particular date. Then the province of Allah has sent him says fucka anima he's adulthood dunya it's as if the entire world is rolled out for them. We spend a lot of our time following the lifestyles of the rich and famous

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You know, following these people on Instagram following these people, and you're looking at their lifestyles, and you're comparing yourself to them, and that causes, you know, Instagram is the most depressed, social media platform. Like it has the largest number of depressed people on it. Because we're comparing our mundane day to day lives, with the highlights of other people's lives, right when they're showing off their best food and their best, and a lot of it is rented. But a lot of people in this world are very, very wealthy. But you know what, we are also better off than billions of people in this world. Not only are we better off than billions of people in this world, we were

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just talking about this yesterday. But in fact, if you and I were to compare our lifestyle with the most wealthy people throughout human history, we live a much more luxurious lifestyle. You look at the kings who ruled Britain, you look at the kings of Egypt, you look at the kings of and queens of India, you're you're talking about the greatest and wealthiest people who ever walked the face of this earth, even the pharaohs, even the pharaohs.

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And you compare you getting into your car,

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and stepping into a hot shower, and turning on the AC, and hopping onto an airplane and flying across the world in a few hours. And if they were to see the lifestyles that the average person lives now, in 2018.

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You know, the people who boasted about the Library of Alexandria, you have more books probably on your phone, probably more books on a Kindle or an iPad, the access to information that we have the access to luxury that we have. And yet you can imagine a person who wakes up every day, they're not comparing themselves to the billions of people who live on less than $1 a day. They're not comparing themselves to everybody else who's lived. When you look at the lifestyle of the Prophet, some of it is LM, and even those who tried to live luxuriously throughout human history.

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They're actually much more opulent, and yet they wake up every day, feeling that they have less. Or maybe when they are the biller, they wake up every day, and they're angry with a Washington Hana data, because they're comparing themselves to such a small group of people. And hence the Prophet sallallahu. They send him says, when you look at those, when you look at the dunya, look at those who have less than you why, because it will make you more inclined to not reject the favors of God, it will make you more inclined to not reject the favors of God. The last thing that I want to mention with regards to the concept of risk.

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There's also another beautiful Hadith, in which the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he says, in the row help produce enough of the theory. He says, The Holy Spirit cast into my essence, and know who will enter moot. And if soon had that a stack Muller is power agenda. The private some of it I said them said the Holy Spirit which is the angel God, he cast into my essence, that no soul shall pass, none of us are going to leave this world until they secure two things. At a spa all of its provision and its lifespan.

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We're going to get every last cent that was written for us and we're going to take every last breath that was written for us. And so what is the requirement that this is the information what's the instruction, the province of the light is and it says for duckula, who H milfit follow up. So fear Allah and seek it beautifully.

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And do not let the delay of risk make you seek it out in a way that Allah has prohibited.

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We all have expectations, desires, hopes, dreams, whether it's any sort of risk whether it's the risk of money that you want, maybe it's the risk of companionship that is of a spouse.

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So the province the listener says, whatever has been written for you, you will receive So fear Allah and seek that is that is coming to you anyway, seek it out beautifully. And do not less than this, you know, one of the great stories of risks that I like to share, but some of you probably know better than me is the story of Junaid Jamshed

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for my uncle here who probably doesn't know who he is, because I didn't know who he was until somebody explained them to me. He was a very famous Pakistani pop singer, like, the way he was described to me is like the Beatles, and

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Michael Jackson and everybody all rolled up into one. So that's Jeannette jumps are basically a very, very popular singer.

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And so this man, he quit music and he became a very practicing righteous man, someone who cathodic Allah has saved and

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what do you do when you when you give up that type of risk? You give up that type of money and that type of lifestyle. It becomes a very scary financial crisis. And that's what ended up happening. He had homes in the UK and he had homes all over Pakistan and he's giving that up all for Allah subhanho data, but Allah promises and he says well me tequila ah Allahumma kraja with zoom in Haifa.

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See, whoever has duck word of Allah, Allah will provide for them a way out and he will get from where they didn't expect. That's the point is that when you trust Allah Allah will give from you, he will get for you or provide for you not from where you expect from from you don't expect. And so while this man is going through this difficulty of turning his life around and giving up that lifestyle,

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a new door opens up. And that new door is a person, a businessman approaching him and saying to him, you've got a brand name already. Everybody knows your name. I have an idea. I have a retail clothing store that I'd like to produce and I'm going to create your I'm going to put your brand name behind it. So Junaid Jamshed stores were born, this man's infrastructure and business and this man's brand name. And all of a sudden a new avenue of wrestlers opened up for him that is headed and Allah knows best it's actually probably made his name even more popular because it's expanded to the non bases. Now even I know Junaid Jamshed it's a Pakistani retail clothing store, but there's a story behind

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it. And Allah subhana data opened up for him this incredible avenue of risk in this incredibly successful business. And yet

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his risk did not diminish. And so the province of Elijah Sydenham says it duckula and seek that it is beautifully. And then he says Do not let the delay of that is make you seek it out in a way that Allah has prohibited. Why because what is with Allah cannot be acquired except for his obedience at the end of the day. We don't want money for its own sake. We want money because of what it facilitates of security of happiness of luxury. But we all know people who have all the money in the world and yet their money is a source of nothing but stress and anxiety and, and sadness for them.

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We know people who have relationships, many relationships, and normally what we want for relationships is we want the comfort of of a companion. And yet we know people who seek it out in a way that's forbidden. And so that doesn't increase them in anything except for pain and heartbreak and sadness. And so if we use Allah's risk, in a way other than what it was intended for, do we have anyone to blame for its ill effects other than ourselves? So we ask ALLAH SubhanA data for the goodness of his lips can we ask Allah Subhana Allah to provide for us taqwa and Eman and happiness and health and to make the best of our days our last days and the best of our moments the day that

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we meet him. Solid lie that's

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it cycle home

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