Joe Rogan amazed by guy who was gonna blow up a Mosque but this happened

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There was a guy who was on this podcast, you know, Jon Bernthal. He was talking about this guy that he interviewed. He was going to blow up a mosque Salaam Alaikum greensward peace dijo

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explaining how much respect I have for the faith. Show. Welcome to the deen show, the deen show.

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Now recently, some of you shared with me some clips with our old friend Joe Rogan. Whoa, some of the most disciplined people that I know are very religious. It's really fascinating, particularly fighters where he's praising the Muslim lifestyle. Like a lot of the Islamic fighters out of Dagestan. They're some of the most dominant fighters and some of the most religious fighters so devout and because they don't have the distractions, that a lot of the hedonist do. He talks about that not partying, drinking, and all the other debauchery that goes into that dark black hole of falling your lusts and desires. And because they don't have the distractions, that a lot of the

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hedonist do, you know, they're not party like the guys at a Khabib Nurmagomedov camp are some of the most dominant fighters. They wear their hair all exactly the same way. And these are men it's not like they don't like women, but they just have wives and they can have up to four they practice with all they care about is like family, religion, training. They don't chase girls, they don't drink. They're just they're they're just training constantly sitting out there committing adultery, fornication, porn, screwing around. The practice of it. All they care about is like family, religion, training. They don't chase girls, they don't drink. They're just they're they're just

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training constantly, like insanely dedicated to their craft. And they're the most dominant they are committed to their family respected the parents love proper bring it to the children so they can be good human beings. And their religion is the way of Jesus if you didn't know is that pure monotheism stick with this for a second, the way of life of Moses of Abraham of Jesus in the last the final messenger, probably Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him of the worship of the one and only created the heavens and earth but not his creation and being morally upright. He praises this lifestyle lifestyle of being humble, like Habibi talks about he has millions but he's driving a

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Toyota truck to be just very wealthy. Yeah, and drives a Toyota truck. I mean, he's, he lives in the same house. I mean, it's like he's very devout in his beliefs. And if I understood him correctly, he's talking about Habib, how he totally left the game and hum did Allah Ma sha Allah and now he just got out. I think he's decided to retire completely from mixed martial arts coaching and everything. very religious. Now, that's not what I want to focus on. I want to bring your attention to what you guys brought my attention to these clips where you shared in an interview that he did with a John birth and all this famous actor, where they talk about a American military Marine. I've

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had him on the program. His name is Richard McKinney. Let's look at this clip where John birth Nall is narrating the story. To Joe Rogan i Please excuse the musical instruments I just wanted you guys to see this video so we can comment on it. Richard McKinney used marine Force Recon and he was overseas during 911 believe he got injured and then he came home was from Muncie, Indiana. He just had this like unbelievable hatred of Muslims. At the same time the Muslim community in Muncie was growing. There's this wonderful woman who created something called the Muncie Islamic Center. She brought in over 157 Muslim refugees into America. He was seeing more and more Muslims in the

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community. It was driving him crazy. He's gonna go blow up this Islamic Center. He built a bomb walked into the center. When he walked in there. He was met by that woman Bibi. She greeted him in this way that he had never seen before. She invited him she gave him a crime. He really wanted to read it. He thought that he was going to find proof in this Koran that all these people just wanted, you know, Americans dead. So we decided to leave that day and come back still with this plan to block the Islamic center on a Friday there would be 200 people there. Then the woman invited him into her home and cook for him. Now years later, he's a devout Muslim. He is the president was

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Islamic center. Whoa, they are like family and I had both of them on the podcast. Very amazing story, isn't it? And then Joe Rogan goes on to narrate the same story to one of his other guests. Take a look. There was a guy who was on this podcast, Jon Bernthal. He was talking about this guy that he interviewed, he was going to blow up a mosque. He had this hate of Muslims after coming back from overseas from serving, and he was going to blow up a mosque and he went in there and he met this woman who welcomed him into the mosque and he was still totally intent on blowing her up blowing everybody up. She invited him over home for dinner. He's still intent on it. So he gets to

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know her and his family completely changes course, becomes a devout Muslim. Wow. And then talked about the whole experience. So we commend you, Joe. I think Joe has come a long way step by step. I think in the past, he's had some guests who have affected him in a negative way. Some pseudo intellectuals who really knew nothing properly about Islam were not properly properly educated. And we've had to call these things out. We've had people such as Muhammad hijab and my Mustafa and others to come on and to look

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Get some of these things that have been said, you can watch some of those programs in the past. So just we keep it fair and balanced. So the things that he's done in the past we call that out. Now we want to be fair and balanced. He's speaking highly praising the Muslim lifestyle which is connected to Islam. So we want to commend him for that keep moving forward and God will inshallah he can have just like one of his best friends Lex freedom, he had Imam on his program, and he can go and bring someone on and go more in depth with some of these stereotypes that people have regarding Islam. Now for those of you want to hear more about this amazing story that Joe Rogan was talking about. And

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John, birth Nall, who I'd like to have you guys can go ahead and get this message to him. I'd like to have the invitation still open to Joe Rogan to have him on the program. We'd love to have you on. And John berth nah, I love to have you on to talk about this interview that you did with our brother, Richard McKinney. And for those who want to hear more of this story in full I'm gonna leave you with a clip with this amazing story of our brother American military marine Richard McKinney. And that's the program I did. It's the D show 746 Just go on my channel there subscribe, hit the notification bell and look for the show number 746. And you can see the full interview that I did

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with Richard McKinney. The story that Joe Rogan famous actor John birth now we're talking about Thank you very much, guys. We'll see you next time here on a D show until then. Peace be with you a cinema they come and they said why do you want to go back to a rack? I said I'm gonna dunk kill Moses, to tourism. Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Yeah, you know, I wouldn't have been called a terrorist, which is what I would have been. Yeah. Because I'm white. Because I don't have religious affiliation as far as Islam. Now, if I would have been a Muslim, and did something like that to a supermarket. We know how that goes. Yeah, stories easily predict. Oh, yeah. So so but she

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goes, What do you mean? I said, they're all Muslim.

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Like, it didn't matter. They're the other. Yeah, they're the other because she knows I hate Muslims. Yeah, I'm reading the Quran. What is going on? Right? She's the famous saying that she usually always said by a bigot is that I don't want my family around those people. Yeah, I would be considered a criminal. I knew that.

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But I saw it as doing one last thing for my country. And I knew I would end up in federal prison, I knew I would end up with a needle more. I knew that. And that's why I felt if I got rid of this hatred, I would die because it's the only thing keeping me alive. So literally, and I was like, bam.

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I want to see what they got to say about this. So they explained it. And it was in a historical passage. That was I decided without telling anybody, I'm gonna go visit these people. I'm gonna give them a chance to prove me wrong. I mean, I was raised with Christian values. I guess you'd say my, my mom was fairly religious in Christianity, you would have been that point in my life. At least America was my religion. Eight weeks later, from the first day I stepped foot in that Islamic Center. I took my Shahada. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the

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Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum. And if you liked this episode of the D show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you A salaam aleikum.

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Gentlemen now we're happy to be

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don't have Muslims around here it's pretty huge and split like this the place the location that you opened in basically for further south from the other other big massages and everyone I know a lot of people that are used to come Mike my cousin lives nine minutes from here another uncle of mine lives about five to 10 minutes from here, this area the masjid opened up in an area that it's much needed in this size this

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the center this center is much needed for this area. And the idea of this center is needed for the whole state because we don't have anything like that in the whole state that was sent there where it's gonna basically nurture and basically educate and it's gonna basically spread this

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