The 4 Types Of People Who ‘Know’!

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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We have four types of people

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we have a person who knows and knows that he knows this is an alum a scholar a person who is not he doesn't have to be a scholar of everything but a scholar in terms of that which he knows

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and then we have a person

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who doesn't know and doesn't know that he doesn't know

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somebody why the eyes rolling there was a Latin though that was English by the way.

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Why is rolling he doesn't know something let me reword it. He doesn't know but he thinks that he knows how's that

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place in my ear is your Maria which we're going to get to it shortly a long way.

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So the second person is a person who doesn't know but things that he knows this is a dangerous person. This is dangerous. This is compounded ignorance, not dissing the ignorance more are kept compounded.

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Why? Because what you're going to teach this person he doesn't know but he thinks that he knows what you what what you're going to teach him. You're going to keep on arguing. That's because he thinks that he knows the miskeen the poor guy thinks he knows but he doesn't know. You tell him brother. This is so great is black.

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Brother, it's great. This is black. And I know what that is black. So you don't know that it's black. It's gray. says no, it's black. What's gonna happen? Tell fauja, gray, black, gray, black, gray, black muscular.

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And then you have the third person third person is a person

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who doesn't know and knows that he doesn't know.

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This is the person you give that power to.

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This is the person you give power to. And then you have the fourth person

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who knows but doesn't know that he knows.

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You get people like this. They know something but they don't know that they know it when you tell them they go oh yes, I you know, I used to know this.

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I know this actually thought about this. But I didn't know that I knew that.

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That's the fourth person. Right? You should be a person who knows and knows that he knows in that which you give that hour to? Do not invite to misguidance invite to guidance. Go to your scholar. This is my information. Is it correct? If I say this?

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No, don't say this. Say that. Sometimes what you're saying is correct. But the words that you use will cause a problem a scholar will correct it for you. tweak it for you will tweak it for you.

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Right and then when you set go and invite to it. You have to do with our brothers and sisters.