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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show. If you've been tuning in since day one, you know what we're about. We're trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And we assume that you have an open heart and an open mind because you've come to the source. You don't go to a car mechanic to have brain surgery. So we assume that you come to the source, sincerely wanting to know the truth. So we're going to, with the most humble effort, try to do that today. We're going to take it to the streets, the de shows going on location trying to find some Muslims, and we're going to ask these very important questions. Should Islam be fear? Because

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the media has probably got you trembling by now. So we're going to ask some Muslims some very important questions should Islam be feared, or should it be loved? and other questions like this? Let's take it to the streets and see what we can find out there. This Mullah Al Hamdulillah, Salaam Alaikum, and peace be up to you. Welcome to the D show. D show here today's Taking it to the streets, and I met up with an old brother friend of mine from California, and

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he's been up to you

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plug into the show. Yes. Why should people love Islam instead of fearing Islam? Can you answer that people should love this name, because they should realize if they think this war has problems now, if it wasn't for Islam, there would be some serious problems. So people have to look beyond the hype. And see the dignity that Islam has given to a lot of people who are oppressed, and more enough with them. The dignity, the goodwill, the hospitality, the warmth, that you find in many parts of the Muslim world, even in parts like Iraq or Philistine where Muslims are being oppressed, people will look at the violence and focus on that, and forget that there are millions of peace loving,

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honest, hardworking people who just want to raise their families and live a good, wholesome life and Islam helps them to do that. So don't believe the hype. If someone from the Muslim war formed their perception about America, just by looking at the nightly news, they'd be scared to ever come to this place. All they see his murder, death, destruction, some guy killing his pregnant girlfriend in Ohio, some guy killing his three children, if they're bombarded with that they think the average American is a savage murderer. So, of course, that's far from the truth. And so the images that we receive from the Muslim world, and many senses that are designed to distort the truth about who

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Muslims are so we can keep bombing Muslims, and keep the public in the dark and keep the public fearful.

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is just as far as even more distorted than that image of America would be. So don't believe the hype. Look for the good and Muslims get in touch with your brothers and sisters at the deen show. So he's telling Eddie don't believe the hype couple more questions. When you see the beautiful there was a man sent for the whole of mankind. He wasn't just sent for the Arabs, he was sent for the white the Chinese the black is this man last and final messenger. The Prophet peace be upon him Mohammed who's in a line of messengers from Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, peace, peace be upon them all. And the last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon that's for the whole

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of humanity. Can you tell us maybe two of the most beautiful examples of mercy of this last and final messenger to mankind?

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The example of Prophet sallallahu Sallam the mercy of our Prophet just a name tool since you mentioned to wood you can go on like for hours days talking about his mercy.

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I do. Yeah, I gotta go and find some books and eat some food. Anyway, when our Prophet peace be upon him rode into Mecca. After being persecuted by the Meccans, after seeing many of his most beloved companions die at the hands of the Meccans, after seeing his wife, his beloved wife, Khadija die as a result of the boycott that the Meccans had imposed on the Muslim community, he wrote into that tone with the largest army that have ever been assembled in the Arabian Peninsula. And he could have wiped him out. He just said, You're free. There's no blame on you. You're free to go. And he just let the people go. That's one manifestation. That's tremendous mercy. One more, because I know we're

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short on tested. That's a great one. I'll give you a small one out of his mercy to the young people. Once a young girl came and grabbed his hand peace be upon him and just started walking within a walk with Him all over the city and he went

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Wherever she wanted to go, he wouldn't extract his hand until she got tired. And that's just the small mercy. So we mentioned a big mercy and a small mercy. So all that a lot of time I asked for monsters. A lot of God Almighty astral must do a lot of medium sized mercies. And we'll be on that one last question. What does this last and final revelation to mankind the Quran, which many people don't know about? To our non Muslim viewers, can you tell us what is the main message of this Quran? What does it teach? The main message of the Quran is just submit to God, because men doesn't have all the answers. And because a man doesn't have all the answers, that's why we're in the mess we're

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in. So if you want to move from the mess, from the land of the message, and become the land of the blessing, then heed that message Salaam Alaikum. Thank you, brother does Oklahoma governor, thank you. Thanks. And I was on the Dean's Show.

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Today on the street,

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at the Taking it to the streets. Ask him some very, very important questions and give us some good answers. Don't believe the hype. Don't believe the hype is broken down for us. And we're gonna hit the streets again and see who else we can find to ask some very important questions about this Dean in this beautiful way of life.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show. We're taking it to the streets. And I just bumped into a real tall guy, brother of mine in the Dean of dual Sharif, which actually I don't actually watch too much baseball, basketball but the brothers actually I was told you a NBA superstar

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hamdulillah all praises to God. So I like to get to ask you a couple of questions. Can you tell us? You know today there's a lot of bad press, the media is distorting Islam and you know what? This beautiful way of life that we follow? Can you tell our viewers Why should people love Islam instead of be scared of the slide? I think generally, you know, Islam is

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not a word Islam meaning submission, you know, and one that is inclined, or group that is inclined towards peace. You know, so mean submitting to one to one god to one God, one God, you know, one thing created the Creator of the heavens and earth, you know, created who created you know, all men, all mankind all creation? So I think just based on that principle, you know, it's nothing, you know, to fear in Islam. Nothing to fear. Can you tell us what's so beautiful about Islam that it brings together the white, the black, the Chinese, all together in unity? What does this about Islam that you I don't really see any other faiths or any way of life that brings people together like gets rid

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of the prejudice and nationalism? What about Islam does loving you No wonder we

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as Muslims, you recognize that we all you know are from the same source Muslims once we submit to the will of the Creator of the heavens. Exactly. And that we all awesome God, that is one guy. we all we all can agree on that, you know, there's no in Islam, there's no you know, disparity, and there's no argument about that. There's one guy, one guy, and I think we all we can all come together on that on that basis right there. One guy that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was this was his last and final message and final message. Just like Jesus was a messenger. Moses was a messenger nor was a messenger, he brought the same message to submit to one guy, he was the

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left and he was the last. I think that's why you can have you know, as many different ethnic backgrounds social backgrounds,

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colors, all of that, you know, come together and get along and you know, have fun and just deal on that one basis. It's not enough to you know, argue about talking about Listen, you know, like Alessandra karate You know, he, he made us in the nation they tried not to not to despise each other, but to get to know each other, get to know each other. So we come together and get to know each other. Absolutely. One last question. Can you tell us? What advice do you have for someone who's seeking the truth that's out there that's puzzled by the world and everything, the drama that's going on? Can you tell? give some advice to somebody who's searching who has an open heart

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open mind? What advice could you give was seek seek knowledge.

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Seek seek the knowledge go seek, seek the information and I think if you if you examine, you know everything with an open heart and open minds, you'll you'll find the truth. It's quite simple. Brother, thank you very much is ocula which means May God revealed you. salaam aleikum, peace be unto you.

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Upon a lot of brothers tall NBA superstar on the deen show, breaking it down real simple. Islam should be love, not fear, understand it, you will appreciate it. It's for all mankind.