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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show. If you're in Chicago, you can catch us. Can't TV 36 Wednesdays, at midnight,

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or Thursdays at 2pm. If you're not in Chicago, people from all around the globe, tune into the deen, show calm all of our shows are there. We like to help bring out

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and help you understand Islam, which is the fastest growing way of life. And we bring on guests from all around the globe. We're at the journey of faith. And when we come back, we're going to be helping you giving you some techniques, talking about the importance of seeking knowledge, the benefits, some of the techniques, so you do not want to go anywhere. We'll be right back with our next guest shake. Waleed, Abdul Hakeem here on the deen show. He

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is His Messenger.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. I'll sit down while Ico Ico sent off to like about a cat to speak to you, based on tier two. Thank you very much. You're welcome for being with us. Thank you. It's my pleasure, actually. May Allah reward you for coming all the way from Chicago? You too, and you're welcome in Toronto. Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to be here. We want to talk about something that's very important, seeking knowledge. We want to be those who are in the higher levels. So we want to worship our Creator properly. And you need the knowledge. Yes.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I start with the name of Allah Subhana. Allah, the glorified.

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People always ask about what is the best way or how can I go to the highest level of paradise. And if you think about it logically, if we think about it, the person could, for example, they could pray all their life long, they could fast every day of their life, they could go every single year to the pilgrimage to Hajj, they could become rich, and then spend all their money. But really, again, this is limited because the person is limited. By the time of their death, the average person the Prophet, peace be upon him told us that the average person life from among his nation is between 60 and 70 years. So how within that lifetime, the person could go to the highest level of paradise.

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Our Prophet peace upon him taught us that if someone, if someone who seek knowledge taught someone else, for example, how to pray, then every single time this person prays, the person whom he taught, the other person who taught him would get the rewards for it. So if I teach 100 people how to pray, and they're praying all their life on the day of judgment and my scale, if Allah wills will have the reward of all the praise, they did combine so that that way, I'm getting several lifetimes of deeds, just by teaching people knowledge. And for that reason, the person one of the best ways to go to the highest level of Paradise is the person seeks knowledge and teaches it to people. Now you are you

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actually have an impressive resume. I mean, you are somebody who's been studying Islam for about 20 years, is that correct? In Saudi Arabia, some of it was I was in elementary school. And it was an Islamic school in Saudi Arabia, which has a little bit different curriculum than the regular school over there. And then I'm hamdulillah thanks to a lot after that, I graduated and I went to study in the university. And also, as you know, because it is mainly the country where Islam started, that there are there are so many almost in every mosque, there is always lessons of knowledge by some of the best scholars in the world, so on handle other poor slave Allah, that Allah decreed for him to

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be there that I was able to benefit and take advantage. I think I did from over there to poor slaves right here for slaves, slaves of the Creator, we're all proud to be slaves of the Creator, and not slaves to the material world. That's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Absolutely. We are all slaves online. And this is something we were taught that the person would try to refrain from using the word AI as much as possible so they wouldn't be bragging. It's more that everything good to happen to us, is because Allah has decreed it and has given it to us as a benefit and as from his blessings. And we are here to learn and it's a blessing.

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To have individuals such as yourself that we can learn from and then we can put it out to the whole world and they can benefit from this knowledge that you have gained Alhamdulillah praises to the creator of heavens and earth. Now also tell us, you have a master's degree in Islamic Studies. I'm still working on a master's degree in Islamic Studies, I finished and hamdulillah Thanks a lot. I have finished a master's degree in life skills training. Great, so we're going to be getting some good advice inshallah, from somebody who knows this Deen this way of life. Tell us now, we have so many people embracing Islam, embracing that way of total submission, surrender, not to a man to a

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woman, but the one who created man and woman who created the heavens and earth. Yes. So now,

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it's very important that people, they've realized that

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I don't want to worship anyone, but the creator and Muhammad, peace be upon him is the last and final message just like Jesus, Moses know what and all the other prophets that preceded him. They were messengers, they were the ones, they were the way the truth and the light showing us how to worship the creator correctly, this way of life has been saved. We have everything that we need to learn. We don't have to invent things and make up things on our own. So tell us for that person. And even people who've been

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in this way of life, but now they've been procrastinating a little bit. We want to create this enthusiasm, and show us the proper way how to start let's say someone just took Shahada. Yeah, it just took this testimony of faith. There are Muslim now. Yes. What are the steps? Because I see a lot of people that come into it, and they still haven't even established the prayer. Yes. So what are the some of the techniques? Because it can be overwhelming at times? It's so much knowledge, how much a day? How much do you take in so you don't overburden yourself? Talk to us about this, please? Absolutely. And if you alarm algebra one just a little bit before, what about someone before they

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accept Islam or know about take it from there seeking knowledge is for everyone, not just for Muslims? And what I want to say is the person first of all, you mentioned procrastination, this is something the person should not procrastinate upon, because if the time of your death comes, that's it for you. That's the end of it here in this life to be tested? And how would I know from all the religions around the world? We have Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, all these religions and too many choices? How could the person know what is the right religion and what and that comes by seeking knowledge, because we have to know that a lot, our Creator is just and he wouldn't just let

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people in confusion about the different religions, there must be there has to be a religion, that is the correct religion among all of these otherwise, that people would not know how to worship their Creator. And the only way the person would know what is this religion is they have to go and investigate. So they should take some part of their life and do this as soon as possible and try to learn as as much as they can about different religions. And then they would make the choice and I know that if the person sincerely does this without any bias, that they would find the message of worshipping a lot alone and submitting to him which we call Islam, and which was the same religion

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for all for before the religion of Prophet Muhammad, the religion of Jesus peace be upon him and Moses and everyone. Now coming to your question about the new Muslim who just accepted Islam. Tell me one thing, before you go on yellows, I want to just ask you one question in relating to this, we don't have to rewind again. Yes. Does Islam encourage someone who now might have been brought up as a Christian as a Hindu? And you know what they're seeing that this whole man God thing that God is a man God died for my sins? Or that the multitude of Gods It doesn't make sense doesn't go with my nature? He has Islam encouraged that people investigate that. Do we say Islam? Is it and that's it,

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I can't look at anything else. Or there's Islamic courage that go ahead, look at everything else. And you'll find out by looking at these things, that that's not the truth that this is what will be the most rational, logical and provides the most evidence, can a person do that? The person, Allah when he sent the Yes, the message, the message there is is logical. And at the same time, it's challenging the person, it's actually it tells the person go and search. Oh, yeah, go and search and go and see and you will find for yourself that, for example, when God challenging them, could you bring even one verse, by your own? First he challenges them to bring a book like the Quran, then

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could you bring one verse like this, so that person is being challenged and in fact, the person is is ordered to reflect and to try to arrive at the correct solution and the the the solution that will save him on the Day of Judgment, which is worshiping God alone. Now, the person obviously, if we have several religions, we can't say they're all right at the same time, it's impossible because logically, if someone says something, this piece of paper is white and someone else says it's black, and

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It's only has one color it's either it's it could either be that color or this color one is right and one is wrong one is right it can't they can be. So if one religion tells me that a man was, or Jesus people on him was was a messenger, another religion says it's God and they're contradicting each other one of them has to be right. They can't be both right? We can't say all religions are right. So the question now is logic, if we're going to speak logically, it's either

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it's either either all wrong, or one of them has to be right. There is no other third argument. So in that case, what is the right one, the person has to

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do a search and learn the knowledge of several? And then they would, as I said, because God has just they would, if they are sincerely doing this without any bias, they would have to find what is the correct religion alpha person says, you know, what, all religions are the same. What do you respond to this with? They say they're all this is all man made? Well, one of the claims that we hear often is that all religions preach good. So it doesn't matter if I follow one or the other. But really, upon examining the religions more thoroughly, we would see that yes, all religions maybe will tell you don't lie, don't steal. But how what's the correct solution? How could we achieve a society that

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would not do all these wrongdoings, there has to be a system and this system, we have to take it as a whole, we can't break one part of it and do the other. So in this case, if someone tells about, for example, Islam about the punishment for for thieves, someone might say, well, this is injustice. But wait a minute, what about first these account which was is the charity that the person has to give it some obligation on him to give every year that is enough, they said, it's enough to fulfill all the the poverty in the world, which was calculated to be close to two and a half percent the same, the same that is dictated in Islam. So we have to apply it as a system. And Islam is

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different, because it gives you a solution. It doesn't just tell you this thing is wrong. Stay away from it, or this thing is right. It's a whole system that works. And it has worked, it has been tested. It's not something we're going to test and see if it works or not. And we see this when Islam wanted to make alcohol forbidden because it causes as you see, it's the number one cause of crime in the developed country in the world. So if the person

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they tried in the United States in close to the 30s, they tried for several years to ban it. And people protested and did all these things. And it didn't stop them. Yeah, but Islam in the three stage process, it was able it made people from within themselves stop completely to drink. Yeah. So that way, Islam shows us that it has the solutions, it doesn't just tell you this is wrong, or this is right. It gives practical solutions for practical problems that are going on it makes sense. Yes, and there is no problem except there is a solution for it. And either you find it in the Quran, or the book of the Muslims or the sun, not the the narrations of the Prophet, or it is derived from

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these two sources by analogy. Now I was told you were actually born in the US. I was born yes in Lansing, Michigan, Lansing, Michigan. Now you live in Canada. Now I live in Canada. I moved recently to Canada. I was in Ohio about two years ago, and I just moved to Canada recently. Okay, tell us now this is very interesting. So if a person goes out, he's sincere. He wants to know the truth. He asked the creator guide me, I want to know my purpose in life, and he starts to investigate. Eventually, he'll be guided to Islam surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth without any associates. It makes sense. Absolutely. Because Because once you compare, and they

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see this was the only religion in the world that was preserved. And in fact, look at any scripture, and this is not our sayings, the people who follow those religions, they say that the scriptures has been modified in one way or the other where the Quran we have it and its entirety. letter for letter word for word dot for Doc, it's saved. It's not corrupted. It's not altered, edited by man. It's not edited by man at all we do have a translations is something different, where someone is translating their thoughts, but we have the original, the original was not lost. Like many other religions, we have the original and the Arabic language and its entirety. So when the Muslims, those who have

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submitted themselves to their Creator, say that we have a living miracle. Yes, give us another point because you just told us about this miraculous nature that people can go and check the authenticity of this book, tell us something else that comes to mind for someone who's maybe involved in science or something tangible that he can go test this with. It's a first if we talk about a miracle. Notice that all prophets and all messengers sent by God piece on a piece of be upon them. They were there. They they

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came with a miracle so that people would know if they are genuine prophets or not. Now all those miracles, we haven't witnessed any of them. And there is only one of them left for example, you could tell me about the division of the see that happened that was the miracle of Moses peace be upon him, you could tell me about the miracles of jesus or someone else, but I didn't see them. So for me, that's not a proof because I didn't see them and had the Quran did not tell me about it, I wouldn't believe it. But this because the Quran told me I believe it now, for a person who's living now and there is no more profits coming? How would I know if Islam was the genuine religion. That's

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why for that reason, God, the final miracle is, is the, the word of god it's preserved so that all the nations that would come after, would be able to be guided to the correct religion. So this is a miracle that lives on forever, not know in terms of the miracles in the Quran, there are so many types. For so many different people, there is logical miracles, there is linguistic miracles, there is even laws of society, miracles and the laws of society, there is scientific miracles and the person could easily search for for these miracles either through a book or through the internet. Now, there's no excuse for anyone not to seek the knowledge now is now is just a few clicks away

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from you. So go and seek it from authentic sources, and see where there's, this is going to guide you and, and try to ask, put some questions that you have about the purpose of life and all these things. And try to do maybe you could put it even in a sheet or an Excel file, try to compare this religion states this, this religion says this, and then at the end, see which one is the one that is compatible? The one that is more logical, the one that is is has no mistakes here and there, you cannot find any mistake and the Quran has got chance can have no contradiction, because no one mistake can be from the Creator. Yes, if it has even one mistake, it's not from the Creator.

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Absolutely. People already are benefiting from this knowledge, God willing. And this is the importance of gaining knowledge, because now many people if they're sincere, they're going to be enlightened. And hopefully, God will they're going to continue on coming back every week and doing some more investigating. Now tell us for those who have we did a reverse now we're gonna come back to where we were those that have acknowledged that there is no deity worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth. In Arabic, we say Allah. Yes. And then Mohammed is the last and final messenger. And then you accept when you make the statement, Jesus, Moses, no, and all the

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other messengers because God Almighty sent the same message submit to Him alone. Yes. And this is summed up with one word Islam, isn't it? Yes, yes. I mean, so now tell us for that person who is taking the first step. Some people they drift off, there's a lot of delights, a lot of distractions of this world, and they don't continue on seeking knowledge. Or sometimes we get forgetful, give us some advice for those who have come to this realization. Give us some practical tips. I'll give you exactly an aeration

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from the Prophet peace be upon him that this actually tells us exactly where the person who newly became Muslim accepted the message, how they would start and they're seeking knowledge of the Prophet peace be upon him sent the companion, more Adam manageable. He sent him to that time, the country of Yemen, yes. And he wanted him they were recently becoming Muslims. And he wanted to give them a guideline. So he told him, this is your mission. First, go to them. I'm just I'm just translating or elaborating on the Hadith not doing the literal translation. So go to the people of Yemen, and teach them and tell them the first thing, which is what we call the Shahada, that there

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is no no true God except Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger. And if and only if, if they follow you in the statement, then the next step is tell them that God has decreed on them five prayers that they must establish in the day, and in the night, five times a day, the Muslims pray, and this is what we call is this is the pillar of Islam. Because this is, as they say, this is the pass or fail criterion. If you pray, you will then based on your other deeds, you may go to Paradise or go partially, and how for any

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sins that you did that were Unforgiven, or major sins, and then you go to Paradise. But if you didn't pray them, then you are not guaranteed the salvation. And then if they follow in this, then tell them that God has ordered you to give a percentage of your money to the poor, not from your income of what you make, but the leftovers left at the end of the year. Yes, leftover. So I make 100,000 and I spent it all I don't have to give anything, but I made less than that 50,000 and at the end of the year, I have 10,000 left. So that means that spare money that I don't need, so only two and a half percent of that amount I would give to the poor

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Which is very little very easy. And if they do this, then tell them that God has decreed on them too fast one month, a year, which is the month of Ramadan, from down to sunset, which is which puts, there's a lot of benefits for it. That's not the focus of our talk. But it's it's a training for self discipline for the person, when the person learns how to stop and do something that is permissible, which is food and drink, you learn for 30 days, stop, go stop, go this in the same way, you're able to do this, then you are even more trained to do that with things that are unlawful or impermissible, I could easily stop myself from stealing from doing adultery from doing anything

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else, because I trained for something that is even permissible. And then, if they do that, then the last pillar, which is the pilgrimage once in your lifetime, you go to Mecca, if you could afford it, and if you have the necessary

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conditions to do it, if you can't afford it, it drops from you. So it's a very simple religion to follow. These are the five main pillars, and you just have to stay away from the unlawful anything more than that is to increase your level in paradise. Now, after this Shahada, the testimony the swearing about nor the deity but the one true God, Allah, and Muhammad is the last in front of messenger. And the prayer comes next. This is very important. What should a new Muslim? Do as far as the prayer does he have to instantly know everything the opening chapter, the What to say? And prostration? Or does he just have to go through the movements? Give us some techniques on a daily

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regimen? How much time should he spend learning to prayer should he start learning to prayer right away, tell us how he should set it up so we can have something more structure. So it's easier now to elaborate on what I just said the same steps in that weren't mentioned in the duration are the same steps for the person, when they start seeking knowledge, once they know the correct religion and the correct concept of God. They learn about the prayer. And Allah has told us in the Quran, that the person that Allah does not decree on the person what they are not able to do. So there's no excuse. Now I got work, I got college, that it's two holes, no excuse Plus, the person could learn step by

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step, if something they can't learn or can't grasp. Now, they could learn it step by step there is there is no force in this, the person just has to try their best, they would first learn how to pray, which is something very simple, they would learn the movements, they would learn just a few words, they could do it in their language until they learn how to recite it in Arabic, very simple, short passages, they would know the meaning of it. outside of their prayer, there's a lot they could pray to God directly in whatever language they want. But inside and also, this is a symbol because this is the religion, the language of the religion to be preserved that the person has to know just

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a minimum, just enough so that they would be tied to the original message, the original language, this is not a language that died like Latin or anything else. This is the language. They're still alive and spoken by spoken as a first language by a quarter billion people, and spoken as a second language by at least 1 billion people. So this is a miracle in itself that you're learning the original language that the message was revealed. And because we don't have the original message that was revealed to Jesus, or Moses, they didn't speak English, did they? No, no, no. Now, as soon as you translate it over to another language, you lose the meaning and a lot of things. So you're

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learning the original language that it was revealed in step by step. And we have to know when we read a translation, we're reading the understanding of that translator, that person of the message, which could be

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it could be accurate, could be a little bit inaccurate. It could be they're translating from one perspective, someone else translate from a different perspective. But when you have the original, anyone who challenges me about or challenges the person about the translation, we could go back to the original and see what did this language mean. And since people still speak Arabic until today, it's very easy to check this. So we would know how this meshes is applied. Something that is very beautiful about the Quran is God has made it so that the religion is applicable in every time and the place in the past now and in the future. We have fixed parts of fixed laws, these will not

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change with time stealing was was wrong and unlawful. It will always be unlawful it's not going to change in the future become lawful. However, we also have flexible parts of the religion that

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that could be adapted to the to the place where people are and to the time so for example, the laws of buying and selling. Now in the past, we were using gold and silver. Now we could use papers we could use checks. These are very flexible because they are applied within culture, the clothing, we have

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interval outline. But also there is a cultural element in it, the person could wear whatever his people were in the region. So that's why this is why this religion is appliable. And all times in all places because you have the fixed part which doesn't change. And you have the part that could be adaptable, and how do we adapt it? Not to our whims and desires? Yeah, we go back to the original message in Arabic And see, could we take that ruling out of that verse, or that Hadith or not? This is amazing, another proof, bomb proof that this is the way of life that is left for all of mankind until the judgment couple more points. Yes. Before we come to an end, the benefits, some of the

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benefits, and some of the good things, the wisdom that comes from establishing this prayer, can you talk about this quickly? establishing this prayer is this is the connection with God and the person because they have to face God, they have to stand in front of God five times a day. So I know I can't really do anything in between that is unlawful, how am I going to do something that is wrong? How am I going to steal? How am I gonna look at something I shouldn't look at? Or do adultery or anything when I know that just a couple of hours, I'm going to stand in front of God, how am I even going to have that face so so by establishing the prayer on time, I'm having the self discipline of

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time, I'm also having reminding myself always my connection with God that I shouldn't do something wrong. I might fool people. When there is no cameras, there's nothing I could do whatever I want in a locked room, but God is watching me. So I know this because I'm going to stand in front of him. That's number one. Number two, it's also it's it's a way of uniting us all. We're all praying towards the same place Mecca, we're all we come five times and we go to at least the the men, they go to the, to the mosques, to the houses of worship, and they meet meet each other, and they ask about each other. How's your family, if someone is missing, I would know that this person might be

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sick, I have to go and visit them. I would establish those ties, family communities, the family and the community. And then on a bigger scale, the Friday prayer, which is a special Friday prayer, prayer with the speech, and then even on a bigger scale and Hajj pilgrimage. People come from all over the world to meet in this one place from all different races. So by establishing the prayer, this reflects on my whole life, my connection with God, it also makes me feel safe, that whatever bad things happened to me in this world, I still have a connection with God. So I know that no matter what happens, I'm going to be compensated on the Day of Judgment. But if I don't establish

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the prayer, I didn't know I've just cut my relationship with God. Yeah. And this if I cut my relationship with that, how am I going to feel safe? I'm driving along to be scared all the time that you know I'm falling to an accident and die.

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And I'm not guaranteed salvation so that's the problem. So salvation when you establish the prayer, when I say salvation, I have to define it so so our non Muslim audience would not misunderstand. Every Muslim who accepts Islam accepts that there is no god but the true God will be guaranteed salvation meaning they will go to Paradise as long as they don't associate or worship someone else with God. However going to paradise directly is another story if I if I become Muslim and I'm still a bad person doing all wrong things no I have to get punished and how far eventually I will go to Paradise because I accepted the message but I'm not guaranteed to go directly unless I become a very

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good person in my whole life and this is really different than when we say that someone died for your sins all your sins are forgiven automatically and then I could do whatever I want. Yeah, so this is different being a Muslim makes me want to reach perfection every single aspect of my life so establishing the truth and then acting upon it doing the good that the creator told you to do. Yes, your whole life self development. Yes self development plus I'm not just it's not one paradise fits all Yeah. No, I want to get there's different levels for different if I work hard, and someone else is procrastinating or lazy. It's wouldn't I can say what's just on what not to God but the person

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would deserve to get something better on that they have a higher ranking, so higher ranking so that's why I want to reach perfection and everything in my work with my relationship with my wife and children and parents and family and with my brothers and sisters from Islam I want to reach perfection in every single part of my life to be able to deserve to go to that highest level and parents thank you very much tell us where people can go to see some of your lectures or to reach you if they need to. You have a website or you Yes, thank you very much we have m path elements the Arabic word for, for knowledge, i l m path pa t One word, and we are launching this institute

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here in North America. It's going to have both courses on the spot in many major cities and also online. The courses have their own path and they will we have so far 188 courses that will be offered within the next three

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Yours, and this will be translated and we're going to teach these courses all over the world. So I encourage you all to come and learn from it and benefit from it. You can find the lectures over there as May God Almighty, Allah rewards you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for being with us for another episode of the deen show. You got to hear the simplicity, the rationale behind this simple message. Submit not to your desires not to a man, not to a monkey, not to the sun, the moon, but the Creator of the heavens and earth. establish a connection. You love some one you want to talk to them. Talk to your Creator through the prayer. Tell them your problems.

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Tell them you need because he's the only one that can really bring solace to the hearts and at the end. It's nothing less than paradise. We hope to see you here next time again on the deen show. Until then, Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you solemnly.

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Allahu Allah, Isla

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AD mana

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see what everyone's talking about.

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You find one contradiction, it can't be from God.

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But the rational idea, the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God. I will never give up spreading this hope that you take the necessary steps you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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The reality of life usually doesn't sink in. Until tragedy comes.

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You get a few bad people. The media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim is a 10 in our faith to

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It's cold. It's lay everybody asleep.

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I arise and ask a lot of thinking me online. Nah, you see, oh la you know, all the sins I do. A turn to you to forgive my sins.

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Today, yo

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runs away.

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Guy B