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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, welcome to another episode of the deen show. Thank you for being with us. Today here we are continuing talking about with our special guests. I said earlier super special guests because we get a lot of special guests. And this is my close friend share use of estas, who is a former Christian preacher who accepted Islam while trying to convert a Muslim to Christianity. His father accepted Islam along with many, he runs many different programs, websites, trying to educate the non Muslims on Islam. We're going to bring him out. We're going to continue talking about the first man, Adam. We're going to let you know a little bit about his life. What he

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was calling to what he lived. And hopefully everybody can benefit from part two of Adam, the first man the Prophet was shake use of SS We'll be right back on the deen show. D

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there's only one

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe. Maybe it's just to break the ice. I sit down with a cashier said Hello. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. Nice to be back again. Thank you for being with us. That elevator ride coming all the way up here give you a nosebleed as high up as this place is really. I'm still you know, remembering the old days when you started in that little small studio. We're on the other side of town.

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On the luck. We said some Arabic words. And I always take a minute because we have a lot of non Muslims. Who are our brothers in humanity who are trying to get them to be our brothers in faith. Now they heard a cinema Polycom What's that mean?

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Salim is the exact same word is Shalom, shalom from the Jewish This is peace, the peace that

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the tranquility does the ease inside of your heart. This is what it's talking about peace Islam Islam is is.

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We're gonna be talking about Islam Muslims, and usually before the alarm goes off, because if somebody says some Arabic words, you know, we have this alarm going off because we don't want people to get confused. So you think that maybe right now we should take a second and define some of the words that we're going to be using? Well, certainly one of the mistakes that Muslims have themselves is to give a wrong English definition to a word. Then later down the road. It causes a problem when you're trying to understand something I take, for instance, the word Islam. The word Islam comes from the same root as the word Salaam, but they don't mean the same thing. Because you say set em

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alikhan peace be unto you. This is mentioned in the Bible in the New Testament that Jesus was greeted is compelled to entertain upon them. And he said to them, peace be unto you. He didn't say, Hey, what's up guys? Probably not.

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At least not that dialogue. Not in that context. So

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we find that shalom or Salam is a nice greeting to to give people. But when you say Islam, you're talking about something much bigger, more profound, and complex, because there's no word in English equal to it. There's no two words is not even a group of words. Because of that. It's a composite in English. There isn't anything like this. There are five words if you take one of them out. It's not right anymore. It isn't the right thing. First, there's surrender, then there is submission. Surrender is to give up, but submission is to agree to some terms. Third is obedience that you live up to what you said. Fourth is sincerity. Now, the sincerity of Islam proves that it cannot be

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forced on anyone because you can never force people to be sincere. You can force them to be a hypocrite. That's easy. And some people don't even need to be forced to emigrate. But sincerity is something that has to come from themselves. So that's a part of the word. The last and final of the composite word here is peace. Selim is in here. But this piece is a conditional piece, because a person has to already have surrendered to God. They have to have already submitted his terms obeyed his commandments, done so with full and complete

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dedication to it. Their intention is solely for him of purity as it were, of this surrender and giving over to the Lord, then finally to be at peace with the result. He said, God, I want whatever you want for me. That's what I want today. So it rains. And you said, well, that isn't what I wanted. So now I'm not happy. I know you said you'd be at peace with it. Yeah. So if you said, Well, God, I'll take whatever you give me, and I need a new car. Well, you wind up getting an old van and you said, Well, I want a hot looking car. Well, no, you this is what you said, I want in my life, the best for me, Courtney you God, but then you don't get the the wife or the husband that you

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thought you were gonna get. It's a hard life. Or maybe there's abuse in your family, and you hate that. But then we should hate abuse, obviously. But that's not the point. What I'm saying is, God gives you something, and you are at peace with what he gave you. doesn't mean you have to accept what other people are doing to you. But you accept that whatever God gives you, especially in health issues, wealth issues, things like that, that dips beyond your control. someone gets cancer, someone has the liver disease, someone has a brain tumor, any of these things. And if they got mad and started getting cursing God for that, or saying there is no God or otherwise, that wouldn't have

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happened. And well, then they've missed the whole point that a lot of people become atheists, when they begin to think that if there was a God, then these things, these bad things wouldn't happen. But that's not true.

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These people are not accepting that there's a God. And using that as an excuse, but in reality, there still is God and he's one cause things to happen. But it's a test for you. Because this is not the ultimate life for you. Yeah, the Ultimate Life Paradise is the ultimate life. And you get there by His mercy, His grace that He bestows on people. And you don't get that if you're out here cursing him. So surrender, submission, obedience, sincerity, all in peace. And this is summed up with one word Islam. Yeah, you see, when people don't try to translate it. Wow, this is deep.

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Muslim. How does that fit in? Okay, well, as you know, Muslim is coming from the word Islam itself. In Arabic, you don't use an E r suffix at the end of the word like Earth, like walk or and talker thinker, stinker. You didn't do that you use a prefix of move. The other on the call to the prayer add on. If someone is doing that he's a mua. Then. And if somebody is traveling, which is suffer, yes, he's more suffer. If somebody is praying, which is suddenly he's a more sunny. So you put mu in front of Islam, and you say mu Islam. However, because that's not the verb. It's Muslim, because it comes from us llama. So you say Muslim? Wow, that is just very deep. It's simple. And this is

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something now we're getting to our topic. The first man, we were talking in part one about Adam, did he do surrenders, submission, sincerity, all these things? Which is if he didn't, then then he would not fulfill this purpose? And for sure, the first man has to fulfill the purpose. Yeah, it wouldn't. It wouldn't work in the plan of Almighty God if the very first thing he made was a bummer. It has to be right. Yes. So we look to Adam has been the first and absolute he was perfection. Because otherwise it also wouldn't fit the verse love how to collect no incentive fee, Asana, talquin, which we mentioned in the last program, for those of you weren't with us, then Shame on you for not being

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with us. But But

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this means more or less, that Allah said, I have barely created my best of all creation, which is now a human being. So by saying that, a lot has said that that means Adam has to be the best of the best of the best, at least in the beginning, because he is the first one. Yeah. And he had done a mistake, which was he ate the fruit, and that he was commanded not to eat he and his wife. His wife, as we know is Queen created from his own rib bone. And the two of them together were in Paradise, they could have anything they wanted, but they will order don't eat from this one tree. It was a test only nothing else. And this was the only sin mentioned about Adam and Eve. They did not obey.

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They ate the fruit that they were told not to eat. The devil, on the other hand, who existed before them was not a human, nor was he an angel. He was from the gin. The gin were the first ones to have freewill or free choice. Yes. And they existed before Adam. Now this one particular gin had been raised up to this very high level to pray along with it.

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Angels. But when the command came to bow down because of the creation of Adam, the angels bowed down, but he didn't. Now the way this is mentioned in the Quran, the very first time talking about this, you'll find it if you'd like to look it up in the Quran. In chapter two, you can look at verse, I think it's 31 right in that area, because a lot orders the prostration here of everybody bowed down because the creation of Adam,

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and it says that they all bow down it says all the angels bowed down, except he blease. That's his name is the devil's name, and not Lucifer. It's he believes

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the way that a lot of people try to understand the English translation is to say, Well, he must be an angel. same mistake that people have made for centuries. Yeah. To say he's an angel because of the the wording of the verse here. But if you know Arabic, that's not what it says. Because it would have said in Arabic, that they all bow down Illa ably su

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Okay, yeah. But it doesn't say that it says Illa a blee. Saw the EU at the end of it means that he's from that group. They are means he's from something else. Yes. So it would be like saying, every, you know, all of the mechanics on the job, quit.

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Fred, yeah. Okay, except Fred. So you would think, Okay, then he must have been one of the mechanics. But in Arabic, when you say it, it would be like all of the mechanics quit locked off the job, you know, except for this guy, Fred, who's not really one of the mechanics anyway. But just the difference of Ooh, and ha gives that clue in Arabic language. So we were talking about how Allah the Creator of the heavens and earth, He put them in the garden, said, stay away from the tree. The devil came, tempted them, and they fell for his trick. Yeah. And again, we should always mention this, that Islam is not blaming the woman what the man did, yeah, Adam ate the fruit. he sinned, Eve

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ate the fruit she sent, both of them had sinned, the devil had refused to obey God by not bowing, bowing down, he was ordered to do something didn't do it, they were ordered, don't do something. They did do it. So we learn from this, that there are commands that you do something in commands that say, don't do something, your honor your mother and your father, a commandment in the Bible and in the Quran. This is something to do. Don't eat pork, this is something clearly don't do. So if you eat the pork, this would be a sin. And if you didn't honor the mother and father, this would be sin. So they did it. They committed sin both on all them, and all repented except for a blessing. The

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devil still has to this day not repentant. Now, there's a great lesson that can be learned from this can't there? What did he say to our great, great father? to have him slip up? What was he promising him did? He makes some some kind of? Well, the Bible has a story. And then there are some other traditions that mentioned that he was promised that he would have eternal life. Which I don't know if that's exactly all he was promised or for was more than that. But that's why it's often referred to as the tree of life. And it said that whoever ate from it would live forever. But this obviously didn't work because Adam died anyway. Yeah. And obviously, the devil is a liar, whatever he promised

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him. It wasn't true. But he magnified that sin. Because it's not the sin. That is the big problem. Yeah. Because human sin wouldn't matter. If you said, Let's take alcohol as an example, or drugs, in yours, in my estimation, to drugs would be worse, because we know that it does such permanent damage. But the alcohol might be worse, because you'd kill more people with a car than you do when you're sitting there doing whatever drug addicts do. Yeah, I guess they just sit around and go stupid. I don't know. Yeah, I don't want to know. But at the same time,

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the problem isn't whether or not somebody killed a person, which is horrible. It's like you killed the whole world. Or if they just refuse to bow down. The problem comes in when they won't repent. Because if they know there's God and they refuse to repent to him, this is the thing which will ultimately make it so they will never enter the paradise. So the thing is that acknowledging that you have a lord like Adam did, and repenting if you do fall into error like he did, and let's jump to another prophet if you don't mind it kind of go backward and forward. Okay, another problem.

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It is the prophet Jonah. Yes. Now he has his own book in the Old Testament, and the Koran, he also has his own book or chapter or surah, called Yunus, Chapter 10 of the Quran. If you'd like to read it, it's very interesting. But you're going to find a lot more details there, then you're gonna find in the Bible is depending on which version of the Bible you have, but there's only one version of Quran. And it's very clear that that he was sent as a prophet. Yes. Now we talked about what a property is. A prophet is someone who is special now becomes with Scripture, then you become super special. Okay? And by the way, I'm not special. And I'm not super special. I'm just a person. I

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don't mind you saying these things when you introduce but, but in reality, it's not a good thing to try to make some person be better than somebody else because they're really not. Yeah. But Jonah, or Eunice's, there's is called an Arabic language

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was sent by a law, meaning that he was from those people, but he was inspired by law. This is what we meant by sent we don't mean that he was mailed to him in a letter or something like that. But he was from them. But his message to them was to worship god alone without any partners. This is a message that came with all the prophets.

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Now, these people have never heard there's just by the way in Iraq, yeah. They did not listen.

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They refused. Nobody accepted his message. So he left. Now when he's out in the water, he went out in the seat, the storm came up. And as a result, the people on the ship, tried to figure out what was the bad luck that was happening to him, they determined that it was him, they threw him overboard, and he told him to throw him over anyway. They throw him overboard, and when he hit the water, this, this whales swallowed him

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and took him down. This everybody knows the story of Jonah and the whale. But what we find is that he would have been there until the Day of Judgment had he not said this phrase, and this has gone from the Bible, the phrase is La ilaha illa anticipo Monica, any contaminate all Ameen

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usually translated to English as

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the praises to you, Allah,

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and the glory and the majesty. And verily, the wrongdoing here, it is me who has done it to myself. And he couldn't have made $1 mean barely am from the wrongdoers. And in other words, he didn't blame God because he's in the whale. Anybody could have done that anybody could say what am I doing in here? What did I do to deserve this, we always find ourselves saying that every day about this or that what did I do deserve this, we find human beings saying that. But in this case, he didn't say that. He said, the praises to God, glory and majesty to you this wrongdoing. The reason that I'm here is a result of my own wrong thinking and my own wrong actions. And by saying that immediately a

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lot, because the will to take him in spinning back. And he went back to his people. And he was amazed to find that all of them in his absence, had embraced his belief of only one God. And for that reason, a lot preserve that city until just our decade, all these centuries upon centuries, Millennium after millennium, that place has been saved there in Iraq. And only now since Mr. Bush went over there during his administration, as we've had a problem with the name of that place, you know, they change it. How would you go? I want to just take a sorry for getting on the politics. No, I want to just take one turn in another direction. Real quickly, we talked about the garden, and

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we're talking about a whale. And now somebody who's isn't really up into Islam as much as we are meaning that they haven't seen all the evidences and things haven't been presented to them hasn't been to us. So we know with conviction, full conviction that this is from the Creator of the heavens and earth all these things are true. How about someone who might be an atheist, somebody who might really be maybe again, agnostic, and he'll here's the story about a man swallowing a whale to people in a garden. He says whales hold demand for what?

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The whales while demand, how would you just if you want to rationalize a little bit using some logic, how would you get this person to, you know, understand this a little bit what our topic overall is about profits? Yeah, so the special people that we used in the first program, the profits are those who have this inspiration coming from God to call people to the worship of one God. Yeah. Now a person may have it inside of themselves naturally, but it doesn't mean they're a prophet. But when they're going around calling people to it, then there are some little tests that you can do to see if he is a special prophet person. Yes. Now first of all, he is

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That they would have to have an exceeding character, their their way about them would have to really be very moral, very upright, with no bad, bad habits in there like smoking, for instance, that may or may not be a very serious problem for an average person, they might say, Oh, it's not that big of a deal. But for a profit would be absolutely no way. Yeah, because this would be a habit that could be mimicked by the followers and considered to be good. And he couldn't have bad habits that could be mimicked by his followers, that'd be one. Another is that his call would have to be exactly the same call as the call of Adam. Now, Adam, as we mentioned before, too, is having a message of only

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one God because he's the only person there anyway. So he's having a relationship immediately with one God, there isn't any intercessor whatsoever, because it's just him and God, now the devil tries to get in there and mess him up. But he knows there's only one God, he's worshipping only one God. So whatever he would have told his children would have been about one God. So that's definite. And you'll notice that when you read in any of these actual scriptures, that whenever Adam, or Abraham or Moses are mentioned, there is this talk of one God, one God, one God. Now getting back to Adam, we almost wrapping up with the show. Tell us did Adam, did he worship Jesus? Did he worship a God

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who had a son? Did he do any of these things that many people across the globe are doing today?

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Absolutely not. It would be impossible for Adam to have. As we've said, there weren't any other people it would be silly. Yeah, it wouldn't, it wouldn't even be a subject to go to. Because he's the first person. How could he worship someone who's going to come from his own lines? How is he going to worship or pray to or ask intercession from one who was not even born yet? He's praying directly to God. Now, we want to talk about Jesus, this is a whole subject, we could have a program I think about it. But let us keep in mind that even what they have today, in their English translations of ancient manuscripts that are without really basis, because they're not sure which

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ones really came from anybody who knew Jesus, I'm talking about the actual physical manuscripts. But even that when they asked Jesus, what's the greatest commandment, and you can read it in English today, it says to know, oh, Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord. And you have to give him your full love from and all loving him or worship Him with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength. Well, this is the same teaching in Islam. It's not different. It's not until other people come along and try to say, well, that means this and it means that for instance, somebody could say, well, all your mind and all your heart and all your strength right there, those are three things,

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right? So that means I'm three two, then doesn't it? You know, so this is, it becomes ridiculous to try to associate Adam with something like that. What else can you tell us before we run out of time and close about the first man, Adam, one of the things I think it's important for us to remember is that Adam was human. And he was, he was normal, he made a sin. And he asked to be forgiven. He asked God to forgive him. God forgave me. And there is no sin being passed on from Adam. two generations afterwards. Islam clearly says that's not true, that every child is born innocent. And no matter what their religion of the parents are at the child, as they go to Paradise, they go to Paradise.

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The child is not guilty of what the parents do. It isn't until they're old enough to make their own decisions, and make their own choices that God holds them accountable. So this idea that now all of us are cursed, because Adam ate the fruit, while there's emphasis moreso on the women, even than the men, that according to the Bible, anyway, then Old Testament is saying that the women are cursed on their monthly cycles, that's a curse on them. The pain of labor and childbirth is a curse on them. And some of the other things associated with women, it's a curse on them so much so at the same time, that Mohammed peace be upon him was receiving revelation of Quran from the angel Gabriel.

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That's in the seventh century, in the six hundreds. That's the same time when the church the Catholic Church convenes one of their councils to determine whether or not a woman even has a soul. Wow.

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So Islam is coming in exactly the time they're saying something like this. And Islam is saying that not only does a woman have a soul, she has a full status right alongside of man. Beautiful. So let's conclude now with what is the goal of

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Learning about this first man, Adam. And now what can we gain? What can that person who is seeking from the for the truth? What can he take from this? Well, first of all is to realize that no matter what happens in your life, no matter how bad and experience you might have had, realize there is a God he is in control. And this isn't that something you should blame other people for nor blame yourself. But what you should say is I made a mistake or mistakes. And I want to repent of those mistakes. It's no good to keep wallowing in self pity is no benefit to keep rehashing the same story over and over in your mind, it's time to move on. And the way to move on is to say, this is where

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I'm going to draw a line. And I'm not going to go backward off of that there's my line, and I'm moving forward across that line. And that line is to say, up to now I've been making these mistakes. But this is where I stopped move forward. And I really acknowledge I made a lot of bad mistakes. I'm very sorry for whomever I'm hurt. And I wish to return and I really am sincere about it. I don't want to make those mistakes. Again. Start with that it's simple. Ask any psychiatrist date, same thing. Yeah. But this way you challenges to ask the one who created you to forgive you, and no human being out the sun, not the moon. I think if you look into some of the self help groups and so on,

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for instance, Alcoholics Anonymous. Yeah, what's the first thing they do whenever they introduce themselves? Hello, my name is Joe Smith. And I'm an alcoholic, that will stand there and say, Hi, my name is Joe Smith. And and it's not my fault. I drag it you know, they made me do Ross trying to be cool and accidentally and just say get it over with. But you're now a recovering alcoholic? Have you said Hello, my name is Joe Smith, and I'm a sinner who would argue with you. But I don't want to continue in the same mistakes, you still make sense. And you still need to repent every day. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He used to tell us how he repents more than 70 times a day in another

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Hadith. He said more than 100 times a day. He's repenting himself, and he's the best of the best. We'll call him a super special is the last and final messenger. Yeah, but that these not the only super special.

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All the prophets, they turn to God and repent, but all of them all the prophets, yeah, only turned to one God, they would go back in front of him, bow down and ask for his forgiveness. And these are the people that we should emulate.

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The first and foremost thing is to know which Prophet came last. So you know who to emulate. And that will be the last and final message sent to mankind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon hold for us it is yes, but it wouldn't have been at that 2000 years ago, it would have been Jesus taking before we close that wonderful story. You think now we can benefit by doing what the first man did. And repenting, like you said, and calling on the creator alone, and not his creation. In all acts of worship. If a person really clears out their heart, there's out their mind and they say, you know what, I want to repent and I want to be guided by God. And I'm really really sincere. I'm gonna do

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my best if he'll show me any sign on. I'm ready to go. Yeah, he'll be surprised that will happen is that's quite simple. Thank you for being with us again, on the deen show. And by the way that I have a website, you can play with the pbn. Let the youth can check this out. It's called watch islam.com Yes, watch islam.com we will find our TV shows there. But on the left side is a drop down menu. Go always says list all then go to the bottom of that page. And you'll find about 16 episodes of the stories of the prophets. That's watch islam.com Exactly. And you can see more of the stories of all the profits from Adam to the last and final messenger to problem Hamid peace be upon them and like

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to thank you for being with us again here on the deen show where we're here every week trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims and we'll see you next time God Willing inshallah until then as salaam alaikum peace be unto you.

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fu Sina.

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add him on a home while I was here.

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Let's see what everyone's talking about.

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You find one contradiction it can be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshipping guidance. I will never give up spreading this message and hope that you take the necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live to tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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The reality of life usually doesn't sink in. Until tragedy comes.

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You got a few bad people. The media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

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If you say that you believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim as attended our faith.

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eats comb eats lay everybody asleep sleepy. I arrived and asked a lot of thinking me. Oh la You see, oh la you know, all the sins I do. A turn to you to begin

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runs away. Ola. Guy me

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