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AI: Summary © A woman talks about how her brother had a bad experience with Islam, and how she prayed with her shotgun and then found out that he had been in trouble with Islam. She talks about how her brother's actions were scary and how she felt the experience of her brother's actions. She also talks about how her brother's actions were not meant to benefit her and how she could use them to benefit others.
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Was your brother had a hurt an interesting story? Can you share that story with Sisa? Yeah, so we met him loose rupture just three years ago. And so when we went into his, when we were going there, Samuel told us that he has six guns under his bed, waiting for Muslims to come over. And so we went there. And we spoke to him about different topics, but we didn't get to speak to him too much about Islam. It was indirect dour. And so it was time for prayer. And so he said, Yeah. Is it time for prayer? You? We said yes, we can pray later. But he said, No, you can go ahead right now I would like to take a video of it. So as we went inside to make will do, we saw a poster and it said, To

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Kill a Muslim and to take him directly to *. You put what's called a bullet in piggeries. And so we were like, wow, we're very surprised. But then we made we do we started praying. And when we pray, we say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And so is it like a war cry? No, that's what people think. Sadly, God is great. That's it's kind of like a hallelujah. No, it is. Yeah, it is. I mean, humbly law. God is great. God is wonderful. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

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Okay, so you were saying like, yeah, equivalent to Hallelujah, God is the greatest correct. And then what happened? And so his neighbor heard us and so he said, A loo. I hear some Muslims saying, Allahu Akbar, would you like me to come with my shotgun? And then Lou Shropshire said, Nazi I will let you know. So there is still a possibility. And then he told us to sleep over his house. I was like, maybe he didn't catch us the first time while praying. Now he wants to catch us while sleeping. And so we slept, we will cover the handler. We were about to leave. But he started us still asking us some questions. And then two questions. He asked us in the end, he said, How can I

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come to Islam? How can I be a Muslim? And so a person that hated completely Islam, now wanted to learn how to become a Muslim. And so we told him the six pillars of faith, we told him, she had actually enlightened a lot I bear witness that there is no god except Allah. And Prophet Mohammed is a messenger. And so he said, I believe in Allah, and I believe in the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And he said, he will learn more in the future, when the second thing that affected me, he said, you know, it's not my fault that I don't know about Islam. It's your fault that you never told me about Islam, or any Muslim told me about Sam, he lived for more than 80 years, and nobody told

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him about Islam. But hamdulillah we reached out to him before his death two years before his death. And a couple of months ago, we went into his memorial and saw him there. Now there are Can you imagine how many people are out there just like that? Correct. They have the wrong perception about Islam, much of it through the media, and much of it sometimes to just fringe elements, not representing Islam correctly. And then you have also sometimes deliberate attempts to divide us as human beings by certain corrupt people, organizations, whoever the case was the big industry now, making money fueling this division. I'm a phobia. phobia. Yes, this hate of, you'll always be

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fearful of the unknown. You'll be fearful of the unknown. But now you're This is your brother. He gets the proper education. He just spends a little bit of time asking questions. Look how powerful that was that at then then he saw you guys praying, coincidentally, like Jesus prayed with your face on the ground and saw Jesus prayed. And practicing the same way of life that Jesus practice is nothing different submitting your will, because Islam means to submit your will to the creator to heavens and earth, right. And that's what you guys were doing to the point that he's like, how can I What did he say? How can I be a Muslim? And that side, he had a cya. So you imagine the kind of,

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you know, ideas that a person had and the hatred that he had assigned? This is how you send them to * put in the pigs. Grease. Yeah. Wow, man, it's bad. But you know, it's not his fault. And I like to say, it's partially our so now he's pointing Yes.

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Yes, yes. Right. He pointed like this. And it was very scary for us. Because he said, you know, it's not my fault that I didn't know about Islam. It's your fault that you never told me about Islam, or any Muslim never told him about Sam. So for the two years that he lived, no one told him about STEM. And like him, there's hundreds of millions of people dying every year, not knowing anything about STEM. And so if we can reach out to them, many of them like brother Samuel would come into some What did you think after this encounter with your brother now and all this, you know, his reaction? Well, you know, you think of reality reality as

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Islam is reality. God is reality, humbly law. And the reality is, He loves us. He cares for us. He has mercy upon us.

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The more I learned about Islam, and the more I learned about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the more I understood God's grace and mercy

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Rockman arrow heem God, the Most Merciful God who distributes mercy to all who request freely, humbly law, that's a great experience. And now to be able to share that mercy with others and to be able to share that salvation with others who are seeking help. So you went from one point in our lives

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