Nadim Bashir – Khatira – The Core Message of Surah Al Kahf

Nadim Bashir
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We were reciting silica have in solid Fajr and it has been my practice as long as I've been here, that every single salted Fajr that I personally lead, I continued the Quran every single time so we just I just don't randomly choose from around the Quran but I continue with the Quran and 100 like this I have finished to three times the entire Quran. So right now again, we start from the Bukhara, we're coming all the way now we're in South Africa half. And today, I just want to take this opportunity to explain exactly some beautiful nuances of South Africa half. First of all, is that what's interesting to note is that as mentioned before, and we have heard before, that to recite the

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beginning, yet of sort of the curve, it protects a person from the fitna of the jaw. We've heard this before so many times. But what sort of like, you know, the question that does that someone may ask Is that why would this protect us from the jungle, when there is not a single place in South Africa have where there is a mention of the job? See, in so use of there is mentioned of use of it histogram. And so the universe there is mentioned of universality histogram. And so the Gambia, ALLAH SubhanA wa talks about multiple prophets because the word Ambia means prophets. But is it a sort of like mind boggling a little that this surah we read it to protect us from the fitna of the

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jungle, where whereas there is not a single mention of the gel or all in the Surah. Why is because the there are four stories mentioned in the sutra, and all four of them are connected to the jungle. The very first story is about these young men who went into the cave to protect their Iman to protect their faith. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that there is something called a fitna of gopher there is a trial of Eman that a person has to go through. And we all know this as Allah says even in the Quran, Elif la meme or has even as a youth Roku in your Pulu Mana wahome that you've done on there is always every single era of Muslims. Every person is going to be put to test

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and put the challenges to test their Iman to test the veracity of their Iman How much are they really committed to their Iman, the next story that we find is a man of two guardians, that Allah subhana wa Tada is telling us that Allah gave this man and what did he do instead of thinking Allah subhanho wa Taala he was unfaithful to Allah subhanho wa taala. And what we learned from this story is that there is something called a fitna of man and fitna of wealth. And today we live in a world such as this today how many people have become corrupted? How many people have changed their ways? Just because it comes to a temporary gain, how many times we cheat each other how many times we you

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know there is unfaithfulness in our businesses. And then when it comes to making money, why? Because we're just looking for a temporary gain. Then the third story is a story of Musa Islam and huddle that he when he was asked man, Allah Mona's one who is the most knowledgeable of all the people, he said, I am Allah subhanho wa taala. He said, Musa Allah Islam along with you shall be known on a journey to go and see and be with other and not only that, but experience multiple events. And so this story teaches us that there is something called a fitna of Elm. And this is a reality also that today there are many people who are knowledgeable, there are some who use their knowledge to benefit

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other people. But there are some people who use their knowledge to gain advantage over others to deceive mankind. And I remember Subhan Allah, my teacher, he was once he was teaching us, he said that every single major fitna, even when it comes to a religion, when it comes to religion, you will always see that it's always a person at the top of the chain, who claims that they had knowledge. And so it starts with knowledge. And then you see all over the world today. Subhanallah you go to our, you know, our Muslim countries, you know, how many people are deceiving others why I have knowledge and you know, this is how it goes. So there is a fitna of alien. And then finally we find

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the story of the ER name. And that story teaches us that Allah subhanaw taala gave him immense amount of power and authority. And there is something called the fitna of authority. And there are people who misuse their authority today in the world that we live in. So what's interesting to note is that if you look at all these four stories, all of them they are they are connected to the journal because the journal also when he comes on earth, he will use his first of all, he would put he would test everyone's Iman we know this from the Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim don't want to go into all this hadith but we know that when the time of the jug comes, and when he will come. The

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biggest test for everyone will be to maintain their E

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Man, another thing that we find about the job is that he will use the wealth that he has to deviate mankind, he will use his knowledge to deviate mankind. And finally, Allah will give him authority on earth for a certain amount of time. And he will use that authority to deviate mankind. So in essence, that he is going to use all these four things, that we learn the essence of these four stories, he's going to use them to deviate mankind. And this is why ALLAH SubhanA are this is why we learn from our Hadith, the Prophet SAW Selim, that we read the surah to protect ourselves from the fitna of the job. Okay, so now that we understand that, the next thing I do want to mention is that

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you look at all these four stories. And you know, someone may even ask you never had even youth come to me at times, and they say that, okay, I understand this is what the Prophet alayhi salam has said, but there's a there's a fairly good chance that we may not even see the junk, for example, okay, we might not even see the junk. So then do I have to actually read the Surah or not. And, you know, I came across a quote of a scholar who said something very beautiful. He says that the John is a fitna. No doubt, he's a fifth now. But likewise, we live today in a world even though we may not see the job. We may not even experience the job and I pray to Allah that we don't ever experience

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the judge. His fitna is so severe, that very few people are going to be saved from his fitna and I pray to Allah, that our all of us will be here. If we may not be here, our upcoming generations may Allah protect our children, may Allah Subhan protect our upcoming generations? I asked this from the bottom of my heart. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted, do I VARS? I mean, no, but I mean, so the question is that then if we don't even see the job, then why do we have to read this? And the answer is that we are going through so many other fitness in this dunya and if you look at all the chaos that is taking place on Earth, it will fall into one of these four fitna categories. Think about it

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every single chaos, either it will come down to godlessness today, we live in a society of godlessness. We live today in a society where our iman the Eman of our children is being put to test every single day. When we talk about atheism, when we talk about deism, and so many other, you know, these isms are out there, they're putting our children's Iman and our Eman to test, you look at all the chaos is happening. As always, something's going to have to do with money is going to have to do with knowledge and it's going to have to do with authority. And so Allah so in essence, what the scholar said was that if we read this surah insha Allah and we reflect on the stories of this surah

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In sha Allah, then hopefully, we will be able to protect ourselves from these other fitness that are occurring in this dunya right now, because yes, the gel is a certain that it's a certain fitna, but the word the word that gel means someone who extremely deceived someone, someone who's an extreme liar. And so when you say something like that, today, we live in a world of many people who lie people who deceive others. So these are different shades of the jungle. And so if we read this surah inshallah it will protect us from all the other fitness that are occurring. Now finally, I do want to mention is that in each of these stories, see Allah subhanho wa taala, he told us that these are

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challenges are going to come your way. But Allah also gave us the antidote. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us a prescription. Allah Subhan Allah gave us a solution to all this think about it. In the story of these young men who went and they sought refuge in the cave. Allah Subhan is talking about the trial of iman that were our iman is gonna be put to test what's the solution? How can we help ourselves? Allah mentioned I just recited a subtle Fajr was big enough sicoma I live in a the owner of the humble Avada it will assure you you do not want to be in the company of those who remind you of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you want to protect yourself and this is something that comes you

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know, it's very common with the young men of our and young women of our community, and all over the world is that they love to be connected to others you will always see today, in fact, it has gone even a notch higher that today we live in a social media world that we have more virtual friends that we have actual friends it's it's something that we live through. So youth and young men and young women, they love to be connected to others. Allah is telling us that if you want to be connected to others, be connected to those who remind you of Allah subhanho wa taala. Then in the next in the next story, the fitna of Mal Allah so Allah gave that man to gardens. At the end of that

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story, Allah subhanho wa Taala he reminds us about the Ark era. He says a man who will be known as Xena toolhead the dunya will be here to solve the heart how

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Oh you don't interrupt because we're here on Amara. So Allah Subhan Allah reminding us that yes, you have this dunya but it's a temporary life, you focus on the hereafter how you don't interrupt because it is more preferable to Allah subhanho wa taala. And what you do in the akhira is better than what we do in this for for this dunya. And then the next story of Musa Islam, where he went on this journey of knowledge, fun in that story, we learn what do we learn from that is making sure that just like Musashi, get some he went, and he was humble before 100. And so we also when it comes to knowledge, we be humble. Also, we also learned from that story, and Subhanallah I when I say I

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say this with without any exaggeration, that I've come across, you know, documents 2025 pages just written on the subject of this story of this story, Musa and how many lessons now, even the story Not that I've said just lessons to be learned from the story. And one of the key lessons is number one, we have tawa we have this humbleness. When it comes to knowledge, I don't know, I'm always a student of knowledge. There are many scholars, I SubhanAllah. I'll be honest with you, there are many scholars of the past that whenever they will write their name, they will write a polyp that they're constantly a student of knowledge, even though they are orlimar. But they will always write

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toilet because they are always a student of knowledge. And another thing that we learn is to always go to the teacher, always go to someone and seek knowledge. Today, we want to sit at home chef Google and get all of our answers and so forth. But the the best way to acquire knowledge is to go to the person, just like we say that a thirsty man goes to the well. Likewise, a person who wants to truly acquire knowledge, they actually go to the person who has knowledge. And finally, the story of little car named he had power, he had authority, and he Alhamdulillah use that power and authority to help other people. And he used that power and authority in the right way. And at the end of the

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surah Allah Subhan talks about that making sure that you understand that I may have power, but there is another one who has the ultimate power. And if I do not use my power correctly, then Allah will take that power away. And not only that, but there has to be a level of loss when we have that authority if we have the authority in any capacity at all. So once again, I talked about how these four stories are connected to the jungle. I talked about these four stories, how they're connected to every single fitna that is happening on Earth. And then the last thing I just mentioned right now is that these four stories, there's a fifth not with every single one of these stories, and Allah

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Subhan has given us the solution has given us a remedy how to stay away from those fitness. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those that we are protected from these fitness May Allah subhana wa that I keep us steadfast upon our iman May Allah subhanho wa Taala Do not ever test us in a way that is beyond our capacity. I mean, no, but I mean, does that Kamala Hey, as salam Wa alaykum wa Rahmatullah Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh L one, l two L L can be found on BANA Tina Landon garage mental.

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