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So yeah Marlena Hila who fell?

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Woman your little fella had the why should you Allah Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula Cherie Keller Why should one know Mohammed Abdullah? He was Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi was selling to Sleeman Kathira Yeah, you have Lavina Tapachula haha to party. Well Atomo tuna Illa and to musli moon. Yeah Yohannes it Tupou Rebecca Mulleavy. halacha coming Nuptse Wahida wahala come in has Jaha Weber Fleming Houma region Kaffee wrong one Isa, what tabula Halevi Tessa Luna b1 arhaan in Allah haka, Anna Aliko. Marathi but yeah, yeah hi levena an otaku la Hawa. Kulu Colin studied your sleep.

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While Villa calm do novacom Warming alter Allah rasool Allah who forgot first 1000 Alima My bad, always and forever. We begin with the praise of Allah, we send our prayers of peace for our neighbor you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal and that I will never use Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself and you off top Allah, my pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes you and I have those who fear Him, of those who love Him, and of those who have great hope in His mercy Subhana winter either. Last week, I spoke to you about the first of those three.

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We said that the fear of Allah azza wa jal is something that is being lost amongst many of us young and old men and women. And that the thing that is the most important quality for a human being to have let alone a Muslim, who knows about Allah and has been given the knowledge through our Nabhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the camera the head of all affairs is Mahathat Allah wa Kola,

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but to fear Allah where you live a life of phobia

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where all that you think of is what Allah's punishment may await. Or that this is wrong in my life, and this was forgotten by me and this is a mistake that I did. And in each and every step of the way, I am worried just about a laws, negative understanding and knowledge and sight of my actions. While you're limiting my love for Allah and hope for him, is a sign that a person is not upon the truth of Islam. One of the greatest nicknames of our NABI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he is Habibollah the one who is loved and loving of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam tells us that there are those who Allah loves. And when Allah loves them,

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they become of those who are favored by Allah protected by Allah assisted by Allah helped by Allah supported by ALLAH given and provided for when others will let you down only by Allah's Leave, that they walk in the light and strength of Allah.

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And one of the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that I want to share with you today

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is that the prophets I send them quotes Allah, He paraphrases the statement of Allah and this is referred to as a hadith could see a sacred text. It's not a verse from the Quran, but it is the word of Allah spoken with the usage of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam description. And it usually begins where the prophet will say call Allah, Allah said, asked me to describe to you to convey to you

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that when a person wants to come closer to me to Allah azza wa jal that there is no better way of being nearer to Allah than to do the things if I talk to her, I lay the things that I ordered him to do. So right now as you're sitting and you're like, I want to become a better Muslim. The first step is to do what Allah ordered.

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Your first way you

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fixing a problem in your life is to look at the things Allah said you must do and adopt them in your life. And they are ranked in the importance of believing in Him and then Hamdulillah we are muslim to Allah submitting to Allah believing in Allah hoping and His mercy even though we know that we are sinners. So you look next to the list and it is sada How do I become better with Allah I become better in my prayer. Next is that I care about others and share my wealth, large or small in number with those who are also needy and I give Zeca nulla always says in the Quran, that those who believe you Ki Moon or Salah tower, you tunas zakah, they are those who establish the prayer and also care

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for the poor by giving of their wealth to those who are in need.

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Number four, is that you begin to think about the worth and the importance of fasting in particular the month of Ramadan. And finally you attempt and you consider the importance of performing the hajj. The obligation set for Allah are not just the five pillars, but now they include other actions of worship that you and I do sometimes not knowing they're great value for our young sisters, mashallah those of you who have taken the challenge and the blessing and the necessary obedience of Allah by wearing your hijab not just within our school as a uniform, but outside its gates as a dignity and elevation and an honor for you. You enter into that realm where you have done what Allah

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has ordered.

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Our young men who turn their gaze away from haram, and you are careful with the words they choose. And they limit the usage of their tongue from vile, descriptive, sinful words, that others who lack faith may speak freely. But you and I, as Muslims are shy to say them to each other, considering that the angels write down every statement. There's this beautiful Hadith where one of the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam she was sitting, and it was near nighttime, it was near the time of sleep. She had guests in her home other young ladies who are going to spend the night with her. This is after the life of the prophets, I said them, so they're in her home, they're going to

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sleep in the next room next to her. And as she goes into her bedroom to sleep,

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the young ladies in the next room, they continue speaking, they're not saying anything haram. They're just talking. And it's getting late into the night. And a Muslim is the type of person who sleeps early because they wake early for the worship of Allah and for Fejn. So they're talking and talking and talking.

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The wife of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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she simply says a little bit aloud to them from her room,

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that the angels get tired.

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Even though you are continuing to go, meaning that the angels are writing down every word you are saying, give him a rest. You've been talking all day. You've been saying word after words, just go to sleep, at least if you're not tired, let the angels get some rest. And then understanding is really important. Allah says in surah cough Mermin Ma Yun filmin, Colin Illa de Hiraki, Boone at Eid. There is not a statement that is spoken, except that there is one who records it and makes no mistake of it.

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The things that we do that are obligation and the things that Allah said you must stay away from when you begin to be careful with them. You come close to Allah, what do you get if you are close to Allah? Listen to the rest of the Hadith. The Prophet iclm said that when Allah becomes close to you, because you've been doing doing the good deeds that he ordered, he blesses you with doing good deeds that are not a must in your life. But you find your heart loves them. A simple sign of whether you are regular in your normal prayers your five daily prayers I can see it and everybody else can see it when you enter into our masala and Masjid today. If you normal habit you come up you and your

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conversation. It doesn't matter what was happening before you've entered into the house of Allah. The angels are now witness of those who have come for Salah to do more. You enter you lower your

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had and without any reminder without any need. The normal leaning of your heart. The thing that you feel comfortable, most comfortable doing is stopping everything else. And you just simply say Allahu Akbar, and you pray to raka to Allah to greet the masjid and to prepare for holder to do more and it's salah.

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Why? Because Allah has made easy for your heart to love the secondary acts of worship.

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You've been regular in your fridge, no one will enter this Masjid. No one entered here. And just without any reminder without any distraction with a willful heart. They just walked in Allahu Akbar and prayed to Raka and did it as an automatic action of love for Allah except I can swear by Allah that they prayed. They're fed up this morning. And the reward of your fetcher is that Allah reward you with a good Joomla Allah reward you with a good Sunnah prayer, Allah reward you with a good action that will come after it. And no one will praise Allah to Joomla with me with us today and do it well without distracting others without leaning and speaking to one another without looking right

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left and center without ignoring what's being said, No one whose heart is attached to the salah right now in this photo, I mean, no Salah after, except that they will have an amazing salatu last.

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So the prophets I send them said, Allah said that you will be close to me, if you do your obligatory prayers. And after you've done them, I will open a road for you to do the secondary. So purgatory, extra actions of worship, what then comes after? Then Allah said, Allah said, for a cool new semi who live yes malby when a person becomes natural, in their love of my obedience, doing what I ordered, and then doing what is recommended, I will become the hearing that they listen with.

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What boss or who, who Levy, yada yada Surobi, you observe it, and the side that he sees she sees some sort of way that she can see we've in life. What does that mean? That Allah allows you to hear what others don't hear? Allah allows you to see and to detect what others miss.

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And Allah speaks Allah allows you to speak in a way that is pleasing to Him. In fact, Allah says for Hakuna Jada who levy up to shall be, I will even be the hand that they strike with if they need to strike.

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Could you imagine

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that as you walk the earth, the power of your sight of your sound of hearing of the strength of your body of the feet that carry you from place to place is not only because of what you ate and your nutrition, but it's because of what ALLAH blessed you with?

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What a beautiful life.

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Who's that for? It's for those who meet that condition in Allah you him. Allah Allah loves. Who does Allah love in Allah Hi yo Hey boo Lavina they are those

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Yato total Haroon, one category, those who always seek to purify themselves, in particular will do

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those who take care in cleansing their body in getting ready for Salah and that's why the DUA you make after you make will do is a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa shadow anna Muhammad Rasool Allah Allahu Murjani minutter will be in our journey. Meenal Matata hearin

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what does it mean that Allah loves you to be pure? It means that when you wash your hands for will do with every drop of water, the prophets lie Selim says, it takes away your sin from you. That it even from your eyelashes will remove scenes when you've washed your face, even from beneath your fingernails.

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Because you love to be pure. So Allah loves to purify you.

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Allah loves those who love others for his sake.

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What does that mean? There are certain people in your life naturally you don't like them, and that's fine.

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But it doesn't mean that if they are righteous people or if they

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have a right over you that you should restrict your love for them just because your personality clashes.

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There are some people that you must show some love to some kindness to some respect for some ease in your conduct with them. Even though in your heart you don't really like them, but you do it not for them, but because of your relationship with Allah.

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You love somebody because of your love for Allah. There's no other reason in the world that I would get along with this man with this woman with this child with this person. The only reason is because Allah Allah said to love the believers to treat the Muslims with respect, to honor my elder to show mercy to the one who's younger. So when I do it, even though I might not like that person, even though they did not treat me respectfully.

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Could you imagine? If everybody who disrespected the prophets I send them the Prophet disrespected them back? Subhan Allah?

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What does Allah say to the prophets, I send them in the Fabula t here, ask them return the disfavor done to you with something better than what you received? There was a group of unbelievers who used to try to mock the prophets I send them so as they would walk by him, they would say a somewhat alike. It sounds similar to SLM or like, they would say a some more like some maze like poison or death. So they would say it quickly as if they want to see what would the Prophet say, as someone alayka yar Mohammed, so he would respond Wiley, calm. He didn't say what Alikum a son? He said, less than what they said. He said to you, whatever you've asked of me, but I would never repeat the same

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hostility. angry word, do I against you that you have said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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always be lesser in offense than another. Allah loves that. Allah loves the one who does that for him, not just out of their pride. Most of us we want to get how could he say that to me? I'm gonna say double what he said. He hit me once I'm gonna hit him twice.

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And that's not the way of our Nebia Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Third, and there are many things that Allah loves.

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah loves those who show kindness and respect to their elders.

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And one of the great, beautiful teachings of our faith is that the one who has a position over you, whether they're a teacher or a father, or a mother, or older brother, or an older sister, is that in your relationship with them, there can be a pathway that leads you to Allah if you measure your steps in the pathway that you seek to lead you to Jannah the prophets lie Selim says in the authentic hadith that we all know

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that those who are favored by Allah, those who are loved by Allah, those who have no faith, unless they show these qualities, no completion of faith, lace Amina, they can't be one of us. They can be a Muslim and a believer and complete in faith in their understanding of right and wrong Heaven and Hell, righteousness, any morality manlam Your hams of Iran, where you work Piraka de rana the one who is in merciful in how they deal with someone younger than them, and shows deference and respect to those who are older than them. Notice the profit begins with the youngsters because they learn from our behavior. I always say to our senior voice to set a good example, mashallah to those who

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are in our primary school or the younger years, because whether you accept it or not, your position of being a senior makes you one lot rightfully or not as a role model to others. May Allah allow your final years with us here in our schooling, 1011 and 12. To be an act of righteousness that others in younger years can model themselves after you. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us from those who love Allah and are loved why Allah we will continue with the dua of seeking the love of Allah after after June so tourists could only have I was still fit Allah and all the muddy welcome

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so for a while or the middle of the night to eating

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Alhamdulillah Hamza Shaqiri in WA salatu salam O Allah say you didn't know Celine so you didn't know have you been on every you know Muhammad in some Allahu Allah you ascend them finally my dear

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elders and youngsters, teachers and students

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the prophets I send them used to make the DUA Allah who met me as a Luca who back wild them and you hit book well Bellarmine Allah the Caribbean ILAHA big, O Allah, I asked you to love me, and to allow me to love the actions that make me loved by you, and to put love in the hearts of those who love you for me. And I want to just focus on that last do I

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want them and you hit book, Oh Allah, let those who love you love me.

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You have no gain in the world. If those who have a hatred for Allah love you. It's actually a sign that you're heading down the wrong road. If people who have no love for Allah, no obedience and regard for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or your greatest hope attachment friend in life, there is a problem not with them, but with you.

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You should always ask Allah to make the believers love you. Those who love Allah love you care for you, because it is only through them. Will you find those who will lead you to a good end and a good path and a good way of life?

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Did you know The Prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said love to saw him in Turkey.

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In Walla

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Walla, yet cool ta Mecca. Illa Taki. Don't be best friends with anyone but those who have Eman in their heart, that they have actions of righteousness and don't eat food. Don't be so immersed in life that they're so familiar with you they come to their home, you they open your bag in your lunch, they're your best friends, unless you're sure in their heart. They have Taqwa they love Allah fear Allah and hope and Allah's mercy.

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Those are golden words.

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What happiness will you have in life with those who have a hate for Allah, a disregard for Allah have regard and love for you? And what loss Have you suffered?

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And what greater loss it is that those who are doing their sada obedient to their commandments of Allah sent to them, that they look at you and say you are not the company we want to keep? May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah keep our hearts with the hearts of the righteous. May Allah Allah was to befriend those who are friends with Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah lead our principal and administrators and board to that which is pleasing to Him Subhana Allah to Allah and protect us and them all from harm. And I pray that Allah subhana went to Allah uplift you and protect you and

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assist you and gives us insight that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah may become the site we see within the hearing we hear with an even the strike we strike with Allahumma Amin how there was salam al Habibie Mohammed in Allahu wa mela Iike who you saw Luna Allah Nabhi Yeah, you Hala Dina Manu Sol do Allah He was certainly Moto sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Habitica wa rasuluh Lika Mohamed Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad MPhil at a wedding I wouldn't fit in. Well suddenly we're selling was it whether a gala seed in Amazon madam Philomela, Illa Allah or hammerlock Amin Akuto fogli ha That was Stubblefield Allah Allah Allah the mighty welcome