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Peace be with you. And this is the deen show. We're at the journey of faith. I want to talk to some attendees here at the third annual journey of faith and get some reactions from the people. They're enjoying themselves. They're having a good time. Let me see if we can find somebody. How are you? How are you? Peace be with you. I'm fine. Zach. Hola, Shambala. ABCD, as well. Thank you. We just want to ask you a few questions. No problem. Tell us what's been the overall reaction from a lot of the guest participants in this year's journey of faith.

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Just from yesterday, we got a few emails over the info line and they were pretty good. People are very supportive. What's going on here? Oh, genuine face. Please be with you.

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What do you got going on here?

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My name is Jose Mohammed. And I am the speakers and hospitality coordinator. And I also do the media and public relations for the journey. Okay, conference, Praise be to God

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got the genuine faith.

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And this is the first time you're doing a 3d event. And the same same center that we had last year and before you having a good time. Yeah, very good time. Five stars. Five stars. Is this exclusive just for Muslims? Or are they not yet Muslims and non Muslims? Are they participating? Also, are they welcome? Everybody's invited? Not Yeah, Muslims and Muslims

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and whites to be people of other faiths and they always welcome to come and we have special department taking care of them. We have special citation more citations than last year. So everything is more bigger than last year. So definitely does happen is I heard what you just said. Oh, yeah, non Muslims are welcome and better than welcome. They're free as well to come. We have special sessions for them special q&a sessions with a lot of our speakers one on one time with the speakers. I heard that some there's some special special attention given to the not yet Muslims and non Muslims that they're welcome here. They're getting free free food. Special seating. Is this

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true? Yeah, absolutely. A special seating section for the not yet Muslims. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. privileged. Seats right up front. In the VIP section, just for nanosims we had a program where we were inviting non Muslims to come in, you know, and not not so much forcibly accept Islam, but to you know, how the given the opportunity to be presented to them? And you know, inshallah, we had, you know, a lot of people who actually took their Shahada, and you know, and I, personally, I feel very blessed to be part of that process. Yeah, they have a special combination, right? when they enter the venue, at the first level, there will come a special team special best for them. And they

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escorted down to a special seating very close to the stage. And there are special site sessions. And you can ask questions,

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any doubts they have, we can clear it out.

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Okay, you've got your dream home, and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things got to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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What's all these people doing?

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Toronto, Canada and this is our third and final day of the conference. I heard this is open to everyone Muslims, non Muslim, you got special rate arrangements and free passes and food and all this good stuff for the not yet Muslims, non Muslims. Is that true? That is true. Absolutely. This is a project that we started three years ago. And the reason for this project, one of the many reasons to bring the Muslim community together, but it's also to bring the non Muslims to so that we can show them what Islam is about history is not just the religion Islam is about hospitality, and caring and building each other building a nation together. So that's some of the mandates of the

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journey of faith conference. Everybody's invited

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at the journey of faith

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Getting some responses questions seeing what's going on here. What are these Muslims these Muslims doing over here? Actually, it's Muslims. And a Muslim is simply one who has acquired peace by submitting to the owner peace, the one guy, let's talk to the people journey of faith conference.

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Basically bringing everybody from around the country in both Canada and the United States, under one roof and educating people about

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this fastest growing on

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every year they conduct research on cancer. Some people think there's a mouse and they think like bomb making factory where you gotta say stuff about No, it's very far from where that we're here to really establish and teach Islam and peace and and really raise a community that with the right understanding of systemic Sharla. He just said it was it was, what was that sick? It was, what else? Crazy, but then he translated he said, That's awesome. That's like the new slang. Yes. And the slow seems to be the most misunderstood way of life in the world today, yet the fastest growing? Are you seeing more promotion of peace and harmony amongst the Muslims and non Muslims? And some kind of

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hate speech? Give us be real across Tila. Did you hear any hate speech going on around here? No, no hate speeches? No. Is there any hate speech here against certain people who aren't Muslim or any of this? Nonsense? No, none of those going on here we all the Muslims and the non Muslims, brothers in Islam and brothers in humanity. We all welcome and everyone, no hatred, no problems. Peace. Looks like the hateful guy knows exactly why we're inviting them to clear out the misconception that that's not what's going on. So invite them to come ahead and see what it is firsthand. And you'll know that that's not what the media says is no, no, no, no, no bombs in the masjid. No.

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You guys are seriously earnestly trying to help develop a better understanding between the non Muslims and the Muslims. Yeah, that's exactly. It does work. In fact, that's one of the visions of this conference, when we started was to clear out the misconceptions, and even invite all people of all faiths, and to give a proper understanding of what Islam is contrary to popular belief. This is absolutely not. Every Speaker I spoke spoke about peace,

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peace to everyday life, and he asked some of them about their view. And they were so pleased. They're not yet Muslims or non Muslims. They're very happy that your response you're getting Yes, they're very happy. I've spoken to a few of them. And they were very happy. And few of them already become Muslims.

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They accepted Islam accepted Islam, few of them, yes, are the not yet Muslims, those who aren't of Islam, they, you know, they don't understand it. But you know, what, they liked the idea that, hey, I want to worship one God, I want to do the good that God wants me to do. And they liked that Islam has to say, we're calling people to good stay away from bad things. Are they invited to come, you know, come to the mosque and dialogue and, you know, check it out. Absolutely. Good. Actually, they're there. We have had a lot of requests about Islam permission, Muslim copy of the Quran, and handler, we have been able to reach many non Muslim or non Muslim yet, and we a lot of them have

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become the accepted standard. So for those non Muslims that weren't able to attend this year, the journey of faith are you guys going to have a journey of faith God willing for and if you want to extend an invitation for them for next year? Go ahead. If people think that we're hateful, I invite them to come check us out, see for yourself, whether we talk about hate, or we're talking about love. So yeah,

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inshallah, with us, God willing, we'll have another conference next year. We generally have in the first week of July, you can go to our website, a journey conference.com any queries you have, you can email at info at journey conference.com and you can take a few. And you're all welcome and invited to be there for the next year. If you're not here this year, building relationships with people around us and searching as a community.

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This is a really good place. I wish they attend next year. So once we get to learn about the fundamentals of Islam, and we come to a conference, which is joining Facebook says, we get to know the basics of Islam in its purest form, and that's to worship God without any partners whatsoever. So at the end of the day when he was out to his hide,

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wrong information being given to the media center typical information

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I'm being sprayed around. And that's one of the things that we need to get rid of who wants to turn Muslim it's it's a good place to come here. Because because they can learn and they can learn more about being a Muslim.

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It's a good place to learn about Islamic.

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It's really a great place to go and inshallah, next year, Muslims is just it just a person who submits to the one God, yes.

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The one God will believe that none has the right to be worshipped except the one God I'm having is the messenger of God, a Muslim, a Muslim like Jesus, Moses, Abraham is one who consciously submits not to a man to a monkey, but to the Creator of the heavens and earth.

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That's a really good place and they should attend us here because we're learning about the genie.

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This conference convention is for everybody, and encourage everybody inshallah, come down and try to revisit the history and especially for the new non Muslims model, show them what Islam is all about. They're not yet Muslims who are out there but didn't make it this year. I heard it's free, get free float, you get the hospitality? What? Can you give them the invitation for next year? And you think you think it's a good idea? Yep. Oh, absolutely. I was here last year, so I made it awkward to come here again. And inshallah I also purchased DVD set to sprout and share with other non Muslims or Muslims or non Muslims who cannot make it here. Definitely, if you know, they have this annual

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conference every year on the Fourth of July we

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come here, it's well worth it. And

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this is what our Almighty is telling us. We're helping each other. As human beings, we are all in one family, family of atoms. So we have we take care of each other, if one is falling behind. So we have to bring in the person on board so he can catch up with us in a good life in the lives. Check this out. Islam is lm, Islam says love all mankind. But you first got to love the Creator. And how do you get his love? You got to submit to His Will you got to do

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and acquire peace and the owner peace to one guy, thank you very much. All right. Peace be with you. So for the people that couldn't make it here, we encourage them to come next year. But where else can they go to get good authentic information, website, TV show what event? Absolutely go to the deen show.com. In here, it's basically our shows held in Chicago and those people that cannot make it in Chicago, it's on the Dean show.com. Every week, there's a new guest on your show. I watch it very good, you know, big fan of your show. So I'm gonna that's our great, great work you guys are hitting. Thank you very much, ESPN TV, please guarantee

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I will recommend Dean show. And this is my this is not just please you I'm telling you the truth. And I saw once and now From now on, I will be watching that around no matter what is wonderful. feverfew, thank you very much. Thanks so much.

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If you don't want to be a Muslim, whatever you want to be you could come to the conference and you can get in for free advice is get your ticket as soon as you can. I mean journey of faith personally for me is one of those events that the entire year you're looking forward to you want to attend that you don't want to miss it's one of those functions that really not only so much that you sit in for the lectures but connected to people you know, being in North America and then being society where you know, everybody's running out to you know, to get their earnings it's very hard and many times to get to the you know, acquainted with new friends or or even catch up with old ones are handed in

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law functions like journey a fee, and other Sonic events that throughout the year were what we look forward to as Muslims are hamdulillah you will be a special guest here is open for everybody come and see it make it this year. Make it next year and we'll see you God Willing peace. Thank you very much. May God Almighty Allah reward you in abundance for all your hard work Latika if you come and does that come allow for coming again to visit the Muslims at any time. Don't be scared, don't be timid, go to your local Masjid come here to the journey of faith. You weren't able to make it this year. Try to come next year and see all these wonderful people.

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And they're here just collaborating together not to preach hate not to preach. Nonsense rhetoric. They're here to establish peace by submitting to the owner fees to one God, the God of all that exists the God of Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus Christ. And the last and final lesson said today kind of problem peace be upon him. Visit the Muslims, visit the Muslims. Don't be shy from a visit of escape.

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