Yasir Qadhi – Episode 1 The Meaning of the Word Jannah The Description of Jannah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the name of a flower that is used in Arabic language to describe the physical appearance of a flower. It describes the various names and uses of the flower, including Gen, Gen itself, Jin, Juna, and the Shud Maf Jen. The flower is used to describe the physical appearance of women and men, and is covered up in a jattel symbol called"immran."
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We're going to begin today talking about the names of gender. And of course, the most common name and the prominent name. And the one that is used most frequently is the term Gen itself. In fact, it is used over 120 times in the Quran to describe Of course, the abode. And what does the word Gen mean? The route of gender gene known, anytime this route occurs in the Arabic language, it means something that is hidden, something that is concealed. And of course, the also the basis is Jeem, new new Jelena. And then the last two have been merged with the Shuddha Jen. So any word in the Arabic language that revolves around the gym and the known there is something hidden in it. And

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therefore for example, the term Jin is used to describe those entities that Allah created that are beyond our vision, that's the jinn and the Jenine is the embryo because it is hidden in the womb of the pregnant lady, and the Imogen is the head covering that when you go to war, you are that head covering and the Majnoon is the one whose brain is concealed so he is crazy or he acts crazy. So he's called imagery noon, because his brain is concealed or his intellect is concealed. And the term Juna is used as a shield so our Prophet sallallahu I sent him said I'll so mu Jana that fasting is a shield or a barrier so Juna shield because when you put that shield you are covered remember the

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term Jana means everything that is covered up Jim noon Genda not the gym noon tat, which is that what we're going to come to and therefore Jana with the Tamar buta, which is what we're talking about. Jana is a garden that is concealed from the eyes of men. So anything that is beautiful, that is luscious, that is green, and that is covered up that is called a Jana. And so by definition the term gender with the timer buta it means beautiful gardens that are concealed from others it's your garden nobody else will have access to it. It is something for you and only for you and that is the term gender

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