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Did Andrew Tate just upset this woman by accepting Islam?


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The discussion of the "ball game" between two individuals, one of whom is a man and the other is a woman, touches on the negative impact of social media culture on people's emotions and behavior. The speakers stress the importance of being realistic and not allowing others to influence them, while also acknowledging the potential negative impact of Islam on people's emotions and behavior. They suggest supporting LGBTQ rights and feminism, setting a wake up call, and being a Muslim to show one's faith and identity. The segment ends with a call to help people film a D rejecting the deen center in the Middle East.

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Once you're with us, rather than his family it's not about we don't care for these things

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when others with you, but no one can help me.

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Absolutely. And I've had the odd little bit of complaining but most people have been so welcoming and that's amazing to feel in here. Like I said the problems of the West and the problems of the world how many of them can be fixed with Islam and even down to basic racism that all disappears

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it's gone.

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It's it's so many things. It's truly amazing.

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This is the

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this is where

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the danger is the danger of Milan de la Sonica. Brothers and sisters. I'm here we're here with Hassan Sheikh, how you doing? I'm excited to have you in our town brother. Welcome. Thank you very much. Welcome. We're outside just outside the Dean center and hoping to get in there soon inshallah. And we wanted to touch upon something that's trending now this topic with Andrew Tate.

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I think it's the last religion on the planet.

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Right religion, I think it's the last religion. So this is the last true religion on the planet that it has to be the Director of Google soloing things to store on

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the moon Whoa.

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Shala Hamdulillah. You heard the good news handler man, May Allah guide all humanity and use them as a means for guidance. This is if I'm not mistaken, probably the most correct, most famous individual in the world, right? He's the most Googled man in the world. You know, is that equal? Most famous? I would say he's probably one of the most famous people definitely maybe the most famous. He's the most Googled so that I would say that means the most famous for sure. When asked, Are you Muslim? He said,

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I'm Muslim. I'm a man. I'm a man. I'm Muslim. Yeah, yeah. And he came up with an official statement or an official statement, would you Did you see the word he shared multiple stomach colds? ahaadeeth. And I think he made it very clear that he's starting to practice some of them deliberately. People know, you're actually an attorney. Correct. And you're somebody who is doing some wonderful work also at the same time. So when you analyze this, you know, what is your what is your take? Look, I mean, growing up as an American Muslim, anytime we hear anybody becomes Muslim,

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I'm Muslim. I'm a man. I'm a man. It's cause for joy. You know, we are obligated at hospital on a good opinion of our fellow brothers and sisters. And when they say that Kenema I remember the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam was really angry at one of the Sahaba because they were in battle. And one of the Sahaba actually cornered one of them was sugar cane at the time, and he put his sword up to him and the mushrik before the Sahaba killed him in that battle. He said that in the law, so he essentially became Muslim, but was harvested he's just doing it to save his life and he finished the job. And the Prophet son was outraged. He said hey shackled to Allah call me did you? Did you

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tear into his heart? Did you look into heart and you see the sincerity his heart? Who are you to tell what's in people's hearts, we got to stop judging others man. This is the problem with the social media culture today. Everybody's so busy judging others, they forget to judge their own selves. So I think Man, we should just have a good opinion of the brother make dua that Allah uses Him to guide humanity. Now you have also been and even even if he was the worst of people, look, make dua that it's a true sincere transformation, Allah use him for good and that's reason to celebrate. And otherwise just leave the brother alone, and let him grow in the spiritual journey.

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Look in America Alhamdulillah we've given chatter to so many people, and I cannot remember a single time we give shahada to a brother or sister and then the first thing we do want them to come with some is start, you know, looking into their past and ask them to condemn every wrong thing they've ever done and expect an immediate transformation. No, we support them privately. And we encourage them to grow and we make dua that Allah bless them and guide them about the situation you know, when demand when it's a hobby before the accepted Islam. He's making the pledge. And what happened he took his hand back because he was concerned about his past evil deeds that he some and some of them

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I mean, they did some you know, notorious credit, you know, things burying baby girls alive, right? Exactly. Murder. I don't think he's murdered or buried babies alive, right? They literally wouldn't bury goes alive, as you mentioned. So this man now he was concerned about that Prophet Muhammad said, Hey, don't you know that what you've done in the past, you know, Islam races, all previous sins. Exactly. Exactly. So now, I mean, it seems like some listeners understand that there was something out there I wanted to share with you. And you made something as you share something with me I'd be thinking about it. You said if holiday Ben will lead or amado de la han. You know if they

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were living today they would they accepted Islam. How do you think the reaction would be from some of these, some of these Yoni protesting right I mean, we would protest because of the bad that they had done before Islam and then you remember the Hadith that Omar even when he was bowing down to idols, lost to love them because he knew his final end? You know what I'm saying? So the fact is, Islam has transformed some of the worst people amongst humanity and made them into great people. We don't know what's going to happen for this brother, but we hope it does.

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And we should make dua that it doesn't we should celebrate that it's nothing that we should be so quick to condemn. And we got to be realistic with our expectations. We got people getting advice, oh, he shouldn't speak out now, or he should, you know, condemn a, b and c that he's done before brothers and sisters, do we do that for any other convert? Let's be realistic. And you know, it's not easy these days to declare the shahada publicly, I don't think it's something that people do for fame. There's a huge attack against Islam and Muslims in the world today. And 100 of the most popular young men publicly declaring Islam yes, that will be a means to influence others and it will

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be a means, you know, and look, the average American Muslim guy or a young person that follows him may not be familiar with every good and bad thing he's done. I don't think that matters. What matters is they're seeing somebody publicly saying they believe that there's only ones that Muhammad is his messenger, and inshallah through that we see a positive transformation. But let's just have the same expectations we do for him that we do for anyone that converts let's be realistic, you know, transforming and taking the shot. That's a lifelong process. And we should support not condemned and young young brothers and sisters and people need to know I mean, obviously, he's, he's

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not our role model is Prophet Muhammad peace, Allah, Allah, canyons or whatnot. Now, he insha Allah is the more he learns Islam, he starts living it, he's going to be mimicking, hopefully, God one, Prophet, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And you're going to see all of these things of the past. Hopefully, they're going to get rectified. It will happen before and will happen, but it won't happen. If people are too busy condemning and demanding. It'll happen when people privately and sincerely engage with them as a brother, and tried to nourish that spiritual growth. Otherwise, we really push people away from Islam, and we don't want to do that. Okay, so this is I guess,

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something that was going around. This was by a sister actually. And it says, If Andrew, this is very surprising, so what would you say to this? If Andrew tries to become Muslim, or parades himself around as a Muslim and gets accepted? I'm leaving Islam. Well, he will abandon Islam in this dunya altogether. Muslims are honestly the most mentally ill subservient idiots on Earth. So when Allah asks why autonom law Hello, first of all, anybody who says that is like the left Islam A while ago, we ask Allah to guide her, you know, the prophesy. centum said, Whoever said the people are doomed and destroyed, is the most doomed and destroyed of them, why this toxic negative mentality towards

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our faith in our community? And and I doubt that person would say the same thing. If if somebody who supports LGBTQ rights and feminism becomes Muslim, you know, they would celebrate that, but it's because they don't align with some of this person's past views. That's why they're so angry and enraged. And again, would they have said the same about Malcolm X, I mean, Malcolm X said, he hopes a plane filled with white people all crashes. And that was,

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you know, and his transformation and come immediately, even after initially become coming Muslim, he still had some very problematic and actually racist views, to the opposite, because of the racism he had faced his whole life. So it took years for him to reach the beauty of what Islam is about. And likewise, you know, it may take a while for the brother to grow. And we should support that and welcome that and we shouldn't be too busy judging ourselves. But anyone who says anything sick like that, it's likely they've already left us some how can you speak about our faith in our community with such disdain and such hate? And how can we not recognize the real challenges humanity faces? I

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mean, there is so much right now pulling people waiting to secularism and atheism. And if a person finds guidance and take steps for it, we should welcome it and listen, he's like you said, it's not our own mental model. We don't think he's the savior of the Muslim community or humanity, but we should wish good for him and hope you Allah uses him for good and surely, if Allah uses his skill sets to speak confidently, he uses his platform, his popularity as a means of Dawa, then that's good, you know, at the time, I sent him we know, some poets became Muslim, and then they use their poetry to call people to Allah subhana went to Allah of the Prophet taught us that Allah will use

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the strengths of people in aid of this religion even said, Allah will use even wicked people to strengthen Islam. So who are we to cancel anywhere excommunicate anyone? I think we all got to take a step back, mind our own business, worry about ourselves, and let the brother grow in his spiritual journey and pray to Allah that Allah uses him for goodness. I mean, I mean, he already started doing Dawa. I mean, if you look at his quote, he's telling Christians out there when he said, This is why I'm Muslim. And then he shows a video out there. I saw the video with alphabet, stuff that's going on and that, and then he says, he quotes an Ayah from the Koran. So this is amazing. And this, he's

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saying, This is why all Christians should be Muslims, once you have submitted their will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. Can I be real with you, brother? I think Allah is using him and has used them already. As an antidote to the extreme inferiority complex. A lot of Muslims have, you know, there's too many Muslims right now that are just afraid to even identify as Muslim who hide their name, who hide their identity. And Allah showing them listen, if I'm showing you people who are proud to announce their faith to humanity, regardless of their shortcomings, they're proud to declare that they follow Him and don't listen to them. what excuse do we have? So I really think

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Allah is using to push people to Hey, be more assertive in your face. Again, on the Day of Judgment, Allah is not going to ask you about him. He's going to ask you about yourself. So what are we doing to grow and I gotta be real with you also, brother, especially living in America, man. It breaks my heart when I see something

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people they're prouder of their, uh, you know, deviant lifestyle. They're proud of their sins. They're if they're a man to feel like they're a woman, they're not ashamed to dance in a parade as a woman even though they're a man and they're more proud of their deviant identity than some Muslims are proud of their faith and their identity. And I think we need a wake up call and I think Andrew to become Muslim is maybe a wake up call for us. That's that's, that's huge, most famous man. Like you said, most Googled man was famous man, if you want to call it who has used what God Almighty Allah gave him he's following his fitrah along with throwing up Trinity throwing up pure monotheism.

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And the more he learns Islam, obviously that's going to make him a better human being. You're gambling the debauchery off all those other things in time boom, yeah, he's the people already evaluating his prayer he just the guy just leave it just don't expect from anything different than you'd expect of another convert that so many people become Muslim. They're not wearing hijab on day one. Maybe they're still struggling with Zina with alcohol. I'm not going to sit there and condemn them. I'm going to tell them that's haram and I'm going to support you to leave it but I'm not going to set unrealistic expectations. Don't set unrealistic expectations people are people let's nurse

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them and let's just wish good the problem I got remember the prophesy Sam said a demon will say Hi Dean is wishing well for others. A lot of people they don't wish well they want to see him fail. They want to prove a point. You don't know what's good and Allah is capable of overall things send him messages of love and support right now. Absolutely. Absolutely. And are just finishing off. So we are where we are right now. This is Route 60, Allahu Akbar, masha Allah in a very busy road in the vicinity of Tampa, not far from Orlando, just a tremendous opportunity right now for us to engage in Dawa for our fellow Floridians and Americans. And this is the future. So we're filming the

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D show outside the dc we should be inside the D center. So you got to help us to get the D show inside the D center. And that's where we're outside. Now. We want to be inside so inshallah you can help us and support us here. We're in your backyard on the law. Welcome. We're so excited to have you and we pray that this center becomes a source of guidance, not just for the people of Florida, or even America for all humanity becomes a subject like God that millions and millions find guidance through the sincere efforts that you are establishing right now, with the sincere support of everyone who donates to support this beautiful initiative. just not gonna happen. I mean, welcome to

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see more often and shall likewise. Let's see Salam aleikum, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. So I'm Nico brothers and sisters. We went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam?

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No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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Well, that's it to say on TV. Anything. I know it's in the Middle East. Whether you're gonna have four wives, brothers and sisters, as you can see, there are so many Americans who don't know about Islam. We need your help to change that help us to build the deen center, the first Mega Dawa center in America click the donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com. We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you. A salaam aleikum