Zahir Mahmood – Israel Spends 25x More On Education Than Muslim Countries

Zahir Mahmood
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Okay, the Muslim world. Nobody wants to work in law, masha Allah. And the only people who work in these countries are the poor people who really sweat. And I know this because we work in these countries, the middle class, the educated, the one who got a couple of things, he makes other people who have been on work. And this is why the Muslim world is in the state that if you look at education, slightly, things have changed recently, but you look at the general education was the word this about 10 years old research, Egypt spends 2.5%, of the national income on Egypt, or on education, divorce, or the Middle Eastern countries similar, the one who had the most was UAE, 6%,

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Israel, per one person, they spent 25 times more than Egyptian spend upon a person 25 times more. And then you complain, Oh, oh, everything, you know, Muslim that and I don't even like this statement. And I don't have time otherwise, I'll go there. Oh, he said Jewish conspiracy. Oh, the Jews are behind it. That's unfactual generally cakes anyway. But you know, it's an easy thing to blame other people for everything which happens in the world, you know, which which community in America has the most positive perception of Muslims, religious community, America, the Jews, only 14% of them have a negative perception of Muslim, you know, who have the highest negative perception

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of Muslims, conservative Christians. 54% of conservative Christians say that the Muslims are like this. Look at Israel, the size of what the size of Wales, and you've got all this Muslim world around it. Educated, lazy bums, you have nothing coming out of your countries besides you volum dictatorship and then you say are you blame everybody else in the world? Even the Muslim community in the UK, overall Bangladeshi community, Pakistani community, Somalian community? Education, your low, low strata and then you turn around us it Allah when a crab is made on Baker Lizzy Allah, Allah Rui that read in the Name of your Lord, then the Mercy of Allah said that whenever you do something,

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do it with Sr. and you're uneducated, but blame all the world. blame everybody around you besides yourself, easy cop out.

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