Fatima Barkatulla – Life of Aisha RA #18 – The Teacher

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The host discusses the emotional impact of the Castle- Elephant War and the importance of returning the mother to safety. They also discuss the struggles of the first-ever-ever-away and the second-ever-away, including the struggles of the mother of the first-ever-ever-away and the struggles of the second-ever-away. The segment also touches on the career and accomplishments of some of the greatest woman in history, including Aisha, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Raym, the first woman to pass on the Sharia Ray
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Dear brothers and sisters as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to this another episode of The Life of Anisha Mother of the Believers with me your host Fatima Baraka tila. We said in the last episode that during the incident of the camel eye chakra, the Latin ha had taken her Holdridge into the thick of the fighting into the thick of the battle, so that people would come to their senses and stop fighting.

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Ali Radi Allahu Anhu was very concerned that the wife of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being put in such a position of danger. And he wanted to bring her to safety. And so you know, things got so dangerous that the whole package of Aisha the little tent that was on top of a camel, that was very recognizable by all of the Muslims, it ended up looking, they said, like a hedgehog, because of all the arrows that had, you know, flown and hit the whole Dodge in the thick of the battle. It's even the rated that at one point before the fighting had broken out. Ali had said to palha

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How could you bring the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out here, while your wife is safe at home. This shows you the concern that Ali revelon who had for our mother Aisha. So we said that Ali Radi Allahu Anhu side had hit the back legs of the camel of Arusha on the line her in order to make the camel fall, and then to be able to bring our mother Aisha to safety and also perhaps as a way to end a fighting so that the Muslims would come to their senses. So the camel came crashing down. And Mohammed bin Abubaker issues brother came rushing to take his sister to safety.

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The battle stopped at that point, because people were so ashamed when they saw the holder of our Mother Russia or the land her falling down.

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Now, Ali and Adeline who made sure that our Isha was returned to her home safely, and he even had 40 women from his family and women from the noble women of Basra accompany her back. This is because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam had once told him that something would happen

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between him and Aisha and the law and who and when the Prophet had told him that I Lee had said to him, if that happens, then surely I'm the one who's in the wrong. You know, he couldn't imagine such a situation ever happening.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had advised him no. But when that happens, return her home safely. And so Ali saw it as his duty to make sure that our mother Aisha returned home safely.

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You know, when it comes to the Sahaba, we know that they were the best human beings to walk on this earth.

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But they were not infallible, and they will not free from going through trials and tribulations. And they were human. And so when we read about the humaneness of the Sahaba, when we hear about the difficult situations they faced, on the one hand, we see the courage of Aisha Delana, you know, that she was so moved to action for justice and what she believed in, we see her immense influence over the believers. And on the other hand, we see Ali over the long haul, and his duty to keep order in his caliphate.

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One of the things that we should have no doubt about is that whatever happened at the time of the Sahaba each of them acted in good faith, and each of them wanted the best for the ummah.

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When our mother Aisha returned to Medina, you can just imagine her being in deep reflection after the terrible events that had just preceded

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but instead of falling into despair or disappearing, Aisha or the lion her, took that same energy that she had, that those same talents, that same passion, and she changed course. She took her influence and personality and channeled them into another direction. She decided to focus her efforts on teaching the Sunnah.

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alira de Lange homemade Ayesha's brother, Mohammed bin Abu Bakr, the governor of Egypt.

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One of the things that sadly happened was only two years later, Mohammed bin Abu Bakr was killed by one of why we are being abused, Sophia are the Alon whose men. His name was Maria Ibn who the age and this was in Egypt.

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And this is why we are even what age he ended up becoming a governor there in Egypt. And some say that Mohammed bin Abu Bakr died in the battle. Others say that he was killed after the battle by what are we are in old age.

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And yet we see that, of course, our mother actually entered the land who would have been sad to hear of the death of her brother. And yet, years later,

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there was a traveler who came to Russia or the law on her from Egypt. He said, I came to Russia and asked her about something. And she said, Where are you from? I said, I'm from Egypt. She said, What was the behavior of your governor towards you in this latest war of yours? I said, we did not experience anything bad from him. If a camel of one of our men died, he would give him another camel. If any one of us lost his slave, he would give him another slave. If anybody was in need of the basic necessities of life, he would provide them with provisions.

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And so look at the way our mother Aisha commented on this, she said, the treatment that was meted out to my brother, Mohammed bin Abu Bakr does not prevent me from telling you what I heard from the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said in this house of mine, Oh Allah, whoever gains some kind of control over the affairs of my people, and is hard upon them, be hard upon him, and whoever gains some kind of control over the affairs of my people and is kind to them, be kind to him. So in other words, our mother Aisha was saying that, if this why we are is kind to the people as you're saying, then Allah will be kind to him.

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Your mama no, he says, commenting on this hadith, that this indicates that we should mention the virtues of people and not refrain from doing so because we dislike them. Subhanallah

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are issues other brother of the Redman Bill Abu Bakr, he was also openly against the Umayyads as well as Abdullah bin Zubair, her nephew, right.

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Actually, Dylan he would continue to exhort what are we when he became the K lif, and she was not afraid of criticizing him. She was also very disdainful of the Hawaii bridge. The group who had killed Ali bin Abi Taalib are the Allahu Anhu. She used to call them how to Rhea, as they had originated from a village called her aura near Kufa.

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And of course she was very sad and upset at the killing of Ali Radi Allahu I know. But I think by that time, she had realized and decided that she would not leave her house for any political cause again,

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although she did send letters to various leaders and she would send advice and she would correct them whenever she felt it was necessary.

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Once and why we're being that'd be Sophia are the Alonso wrote to Aisha when he was qlf. asking for advice.

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She wrote back and she said, I have heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, He who tries to please Allah, not caring for the displeasure of the people will be protected by Allah against people's malice, but he who pleases people at the cost of Allah's displeasure will be left by Allah at the mercy of the people.

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So you can see that she became like an advisor to leaders she became an advisor for the Muslims.

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She was against the fact that while we are being abused Sophia and had started getting people to give the pledge of allegiance to his son years even before he had died.

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While we complained to her that some of the menfolk in her relatives we already mentioned Abdullah bin Zubair, and there was other Rahman as well bin Abu Bakr,

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that they were not complying with him. They were not giving the pledge of allegiance to his son Yazeed.

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And she was very diplomatic and she advised me

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Don't force them against their will.

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Once there was an incident when Marwan bin al Hakim, who is who was the governor of hijas. You know, the Arabian Peninsula, McCann Medina area. He was appointed by him while we're when he came to Medina. And he came to ask people to make the pledge of allegiance to Year's Eve. He was the the son of Malia and he gave this speech in the masjid. And he described giving the pledge of allegiance to Yazeed like following the Sunnah of Abu Bakr and Omar meaning he was saying that, you know, Buckhorn OMA, they had appointed successors after them.

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And that's all that Mao is doing. This is the point that he was trying to make. But of course, it was very different to the way Abu Bakr and Omar had operated. And so Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr issues brother, who was in the audience he stood up, especially when he heard his father's name being invoked, right. And he said, No, this is not the Sunnah of Abu Bakr and Omar. This is the Sunnah of Heraclius in Kisara

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Subhan Allah Marwan got very angry, and he sent his police or his men after of the Rahman who fled. He ran and ran and where do you think he hid? What was the safest place for him to hide in? In sha Allah after the break, I'm going to let you know where that safe place was. You can see that the Sahaba were very uncomfortable with the way that the OMA was becoming almost like a kingdom, where one leader will try to get his own son to become the next leader in sha Allah. I'll see you after the break. And I will let you know where Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr hit

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welcome back. So we said that the Rat Man being a burqa, he objected to Marwan bin al hakam, saying that pledging allegiance to Yahtzee the son of Mafia was like following the Sunnah of Abu Bakr and Omar and more one bill calm got very angry sent his men after Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr, where do you think the Rahman bin Abu Bakr hit? Of course it was the house of his sister, our Isha our Isha actually allowed him in because obviously he was her mom, and hit him in her house. And no one no one however, kind of far away from the sooner they would they were, would ever dare to enter the house of Aisha or the Lana, because she was normal meaning it would have been considered a

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transgression against our soul, allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Marwan Bill haccombe, he decided because he felt helpless, he couldn't enter the house of Aisha DeLanda he couldn't make up the Rahman bin Abu Bakr come out, he decided to quote the idea of the Quran against Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr. What he did was he said, This I have the Quran Wallah we call Ali Worley they he Orfila Kuma inserta Lakoff and number 17. He said this was revealed about this wretched man talking about Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr.

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And now I shattered the law on her could not, you know control herself she couldn't stay quiet. She said from behind the screen. Allah did not reveal anything from the Quran about us the family of Abu Bakr, except what was connected with the declaration of my innocence from the slander Subhan Allah, mother, Aisha was always very protective over knowledge and very protective over the Quran and any kind of misinformation being spread about it.

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So, you know, we see that apart from such incidents, Mother art is mostly focused upon her return to Medina, on becoming a teacher, teaching, enjoying the good and forbidding the evil, protecting the Sunnah from blameworthy innovations, and she spent her time in worship and charity. She was very particular about going on Hajj, as much as she could. Because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam had said to her that the jihad for women was a hedge.

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When she would go and hedge her tent was known as the place where everyone would try to come and gather people from different

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lands thronged to her tend to find answers to their questions. She would be very kind to the people who came to ask her questions and she would say, you can freely ask me any question just like you would ask your own mother.

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It seems that although she had moved out of the apartment in which the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, Abu Bakr and Omar were buried, she continued to teach from her apartment or the apartment next to it. So girls, boys and her Muslims, they would sit inside the room,

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you know, without a curtain between her and them, and others who are not Muslims would sit in the courtyard of the mosque with a curtain in between.

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The scholars of Islam have praised our mother I shudder the line her for her knowledge. The scholar al Hakim, he said a quarter of knowledge came to us through our Isha Abu Musa Shetty, said, as companions of the Messenger of Allah, whenever we came across a complicated issue, we took it to Asha because she always had some information about it, that could solve the difficulty.

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And he shall be in Ottawa. He said, I did not see anyone more well informed than Artesia, in medicine in Fick or poetry.

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Other scholars said about her that Aisha was the most intelligent, scholarly person and the one who had the best thoughts and opinions amongst people.

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And about her eloquence and her ability to articulate Alanna, Ben Kay said, I heard the sermons of Abu Bakr, Omar of man and Ali,

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and all other key lifts up until today, yet, from them, I did not hear such fluent, beautiful utterances as I heard from Aisha Subhan Allah. So she was a teacher who people really sought. They went, they went to Medina, and they would want to go and spend some time in the presence of Mother Aisha learning something from her. But she also had regular students, students who then later became very, very prominent. Our mother Aisha had hundreds of students because she was so eloquent because she had so much special knowledge people when they came to Medina would flock to her house and want to spend some time in her presence.

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Some of her most famous students are ones that I'm going to mention now.

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She had some very key students, many of whom were her own nephews and nieces. And she gave a lot of special attention especially to the orphans of Medina. Remember that she had spent nine years with the prophets, Allah, Allah, whatever Salaam and she had been very, very young. So she absorbed so much from him. And she had asked him so many questions and heard other people come and ask him so many questions. So she was a master of the Sunnah. She was a master of Tafseer. of explanation of the Quran, right and of faith of understanding and applying the knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah. Now it was time for her to pass this on. Some of her most outstanding students were

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overdue I've been a zubaid. Oh two, I've been a super he was a Abdullah even Isabel's brother, right and she has nephew, he was the son of a smart

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she became he became one of the seven major jurists of Medina, the seventh fuqaha of Medina. And they said that he gained so much knowledge from her because he could easily enter and exit her presence, right because because he was her Muharram

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he could access her whenever he wanted. And he said that in the last years of our issues life, he himself had thought if our mother Aisha passes away, there is no Hadith in her treasure trove of knowledge that I do not know. So he was very famous. And you'll notice when you read the books of Hadith that so many of the hadith of Aisha or the Lana have reached us through Ottawa, Vina Zubair,

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another one of her nephews, who was one of her most prominent students is Kasim bin Mohammed, he was the son of none other than Mohammed bin Abu Bakr. Now, Mohammed Amin Abu Bakr had been killed, right in Egypt as we mentioned,

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So Qasim was one of the orphans who are a Shara Dylon have brought up she took him under her wing. He also became a great scholar of the Sharia, and one of the seven major fuqaha of Medina.

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Another one of Aisha Dylan has prominent students was, Amara bent up the ramen. She was from the unsolved and actually she was related, I think to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salams maternal side of the family and she was a brilliant student who was very loved by Aisha or Lila Anna. She would write letters on his behalf, and she was assigned later by the Calif, Omar bin Abdulaziz to critically examine any Hadith or opinions being collected during his reign

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to correct them. And when she passed away, people said after ambras death, no one remains who knew ISIS Hadith knowledge as much as her Subhan Allah.

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She was also known as the most knowledgeable person regarding it she has knowledge but also the one who comprehended her knowledge the most. She understood the fifth in a shattered lung has knowledge. And she had also sought knowledge from other companions. They said about Umrah for example, passing by Muhammad he said to a zoo hurry the scholar Zuri who had just come as a student,

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he said do you want me to show you a vessel full of knowledge? He said yes. He said go to Amara bins of the right man because she was educated specially by Aisha

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Zohar he said after after he went to camera. He said I realized she was like an ocean where it was impossible to reach the bottom.

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Another one of Aisha the ground has prominent students was Abu Salma bin Abdul Rahman bin outh is the son of the great Sahabi. He was also an orphan brought up by Russia. And again, he grew up to be one of the seven jurists of Medina, and a great scholar of Hadith. And the final student of Aisha that we're going to mention here is our Isha bent Talhah.

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Who do you think I should have been spell her was? She was the daughter of Valhalla? It'd been Obaidullah. Right, this great Sahabi who was killed at the time of the incident of the camel. And of course he was he was shut down his brother in law. He was married to his youngest sister, or makan form. So I should have been thought her was the daughter of fall hat. And on Google Form, she was anxious nice.

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And I should have done her again. Took her under her wing.

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And I should have been still her became like a secretary to Aisha on a deadline how she used to do, you know, writing for her and any kind of jobs that needed to be done to assist our mother Aisha. She was raised by our mother Aisha.

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She was also known as she had been thought her for her beauty. And the first time she got married, she married a bluff in Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr,

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a cousin and then was, had been Zubair who was the Emir of Iraq, who gave her a huge dowry. 100,000 dinars.

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She was known as the most beautiful woman of her time. And so later on even her third husband, he gave her dowry of or dower of a million dinar Subhan Allah, she was known for her huge dollars.

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And she narrates a lot of a Hadith from Arusha. avellana, especially about sohm virtues. And

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our mother Aisha not only taught knowledge, but she admired women who sought knowledge. He said, How great are the women have the answer? Their modesty does not prevent them from seeking knowledge about their religion. Insha Allah in the next episode, we're going to carry on looking at the fear of our mother Aisha rather unhappy. Until then, just come allow Hiren was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Subhanak Allah homophobia handig. Eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Federica what

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