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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. How are you showing us that ham the letter Bell out? I mean, how are you any good? hamdulillah it's nice to be with you again after all this long intermission. It seems like forever. It's been a while but I'm really excited that you're back here on the deen show. It's nice to be with you, as we introduce you and opening this is Shaykh Yusuf ss, who has his own section of the deen show? calm. He's the founder, president of guide us TV. Oh, yeah. Here in America. And it's viewed in Canada and the US. And you can catch it at guidance. tv.com. Yeah, of course, that'll go all over the world if you go that route. Yeah. But as far as the satellite go, we

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do have Canada, the United States. Both Yes, martial law we're going to be talking about today, you know, one of the most important topics, important things in our life, is establishing a relationship with one who created us trying to live that life that's pleasing to the Creator. For many of us, we get caught up into into the day to day activity. So we want to give our viewing audience in the audience this, here's some tips on how we can go away from making the conversation just baseball, basketball, many people don't feel they are qualified to talk about Islam. But and they feel that how can I break the ice? Yeah, or in some field, it's not an obligation to open their mouth and to

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invite people to have a relationship with the one who created them. So let's talk about that point. How can we break the ice and get people motivated to open up a conversation and to invite them to what will give them peace? Islam? Well, naturally, the first thing I always look at, as you will know is that terminology of words, because the more I understand the words more I understand what people are trying to tell me. In Islam, we do have something that's more than just a relationship with Almighty Allah, we have something called the connection. In Arabic languages. The word Silla Silla means to connect to something. And we have from that the word salah and Salaam, obviously, is

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our connection with a lot that we make five times a day. But when we talk about our connection with the people, or relationship with the people, then we have another subject. And this is our dow, and dow This is related to another word dry, and dry is to call on a law and da, is what we do all the time, or what people call pray. So similar,

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is connection with the law. But Duran is calling upon the law. Now let's bring it to the subject to the people. The dour, calling the people to the way of a law to call them back to the worship of the one guy, which you're always talking about every show, I never heard you open any show, except you always mention the creation, the creator, the relationship, it's always you set that is the format for every show you've ever done. I think I know I didn't miss any. But I think that I've seen that in every single show. So people should know just when they opened up the program and started watching. You're serious. You're talking about one god worship him on his terms? Well, essentially,

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that is what we're always trying to do. But how can we help our brothers and sisters have a better understanding? And you already mentioned that? A lot of times we're kind of nervous with the people who don't know where to go. They're not Muslim, we don't know what to say. How's the weather weather's nice? Well, it's kind of cold. It's windy, it's Who cares? You know, I'm not a weatherman. I'm joking about that. Well, how about the big game? Okay, well, let's talk about the game. And that was a three point spread with it. Wait a minute, I'm not a sportscaster either, you know, so why am I getting into these subjects. And usually, it's because people are nervous when they meet each

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other and they want to find a common ground. So I like the idea of again, going back to the deen show, the things that are stressed again and again, that are common ground is to go to the subject of the Creator. And there is only one creator, he created everything. Now whether they're a Hindu,

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or a Buddhist, a Jew or a Christian, or even some Muslims that can have strayed far away, you know, they still know there's a creator, there's something behind everything that happened. But if a guy gets hung up on that he doesn't want to go forward, then what do you do? You know, there's quite a bit of atheism now, because so many people are seeing the fallacies of these made up religions. And so they assume that all religions are the same.

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So there are a number of issues that people can pick up on. For instance,

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I was talking with some of our brothers the other day, and I said that, you know, if we do that homology words and look at words, that gives you something to talk about, for instance, somebody said, He's from Palestine, and I said to him, why do you say Palestine? He said, What do you mean? I said, Well, you know, and I know in Arabic is called Philistine.

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And in the Bible is called Philistine who came up with this word Palestine. So why don't you use the word that you know that what we say in Arabic? He said, Well, then people won't know. I said, No, they'll

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You're the owner. And real quick. They say, where's that liquid the opportunity? If you said I'm from Philistine as just an example. But then he says, oh, wow, where's that? Well, it's in the Bible. That's where it is. You know about the Philistines?

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not exactly sure. You remember, when David threw the rock and killed Goliath, he was the Philistine. And after that, what happened? So you have to realize that the Philistines lost the battle. To who? the followers of David, and what was the religion of David, ah, now you get to open up the subject. The same would be true if you want to go to the New Testament. For instance, if somebody is talking about Jerusalem, again, that's Philistine right? But Jerusalem, what is Jerusalem at dhemaji? The word jar rule set out

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later, they pronounced this word Ceylon as shalom. But originally, even the Jewish pronounced it sit down Jerusalem. And what is that? Well, in Arabic, you say dar, in Hebrew, they said jar darussalam? What is that? Place the piece.

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So if you think about it, oh, by the way, we have schools and massage mosques in the United States called darussalam. Place a piece, subset jars, send them and they're gone was that that's Jerusalem, you believe in Jerusalem slowly. Okay. There you are a place of peace. Of course, it's been anything but that for the past many centuries. The point, the point that we're trying to suppress is a commonality that we can come to that we can talk about, so people can see and understand where we're coming from. Because once we establish Jerusalem, Jerusalem, basically, this is where who lived. The Jesus lived there. Ah,

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and after Jesus, what religion did those people follow? Because some of them continued to follow Judaism, as was understood by Moses, but at that stage, they are Jewish, no longer believing correctly, because Jesus has come with the message to clarify, and they didn't accept.

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average Christian will say, That's right. So those people are no longer on the right religion. Likewise, at the time of Moses, when Moses came along, and he talked to his people, they were all the sons and daughters, ooh, Abraham. So the flowers, that Abrahamic faiths, when Moses came, he clarified and brought clear commandments for them. And if you didn't follow those, and you're not following the true religion anymore, then you come to Jesus and you said, okay, anybody not following Jesus. Now, it doesn't matter what he believed about David, or Moses, or Abraham.

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It's Jesus in Rome, you don't blame him, or you.

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Likewise, the last and final messenger, from the same Abrahamic chain, through Ishmael, who is Mohammed sallallahu sallam, whoever knows about this message of the unity of God, the oneness of Almighty Allah, and they want to worship Him, on his terms, following his commandments obeying Him, then they need to be a follower of all of these profits. And always ending with the last profit in this case would be mom, give us some tips, you're in a plane or train or an automobile. And you have a few minutes, you got to break the ice and you want to go ahead and leave them with something to think about to contemplate about the purpose of life. How in your experience, have you did it and

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give us and our viewing audience some of these secret tips? I don't know if it's a secret tip I think it's a forgotten to forgotten to. Yeah, I do, I believe is a forgotten tip. Because everything from the problem as long as it's not a secret, we're just kind of dumb, we don't pay attention. But here's a tip.

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Before I get in the airplane before I get the bus before I'm in public, talking with the people, I'm already done my work my homework, really literally homework was my homework, at home at night, in the middle of the night, get up, get out of bed. Make although if you have trouble getting up in the night, just drink a bunch of water for your sleep.

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Oops, and you'll get up

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hamdulillah our studio audience is laughing but he knows that will work you get up. And then after you make your blue, face the camera and pray to last one Tyler roctane touriga and then one by itself, which is called which. And then when your heads on the ground, just cry a lot and ask him Let me share this message. The way you want to share it with the people helped me along helped me and I guarantee it has happened to me every single time something good happened to me the very next day, some way or another I benefited. Somebody else benefited but together mutually everybody benefits

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Now, when somebody comes to me, I used to be looking for the secret tips. Okay? Which as I just said, there's no such thing.

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But in that, I would think what I'll say this, I'll say that okay? Sir, did you know that if you don't believe you're gonna go to hell are you know that sound like the old Christian sales pitch? Do you believe in Jesus? You know, you don't believe in Jesus. Okay? Well, we don't really have that.

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In fact, I've seen it happen that I sit down in the airplane and I'm just looking through something that they got there. And somebody looked at me and say, Excuse me, how come you were in that thing on your hair? Are you Jewish?

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One time a lady in the security line, you know, when you go through for the so called security check. I call it insecurity because everybody feels insecure. But as you're going through this thing, you know, here's this lady, old lady, she looks at me she's angry. She goes,

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What are you poor little lady? She's scared. You know? I said, I'm a chaplain. Oh, okay. We went a little further in the line, she turned around, she said, What's a chaplain?

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As long as that wasn't a Muslim, she was okay.

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But when people begin to open up and say something, to me, that's when I really want to be prepared. I don't think that it's really a big benefit, just to talk about the ways to open a conversation, dislike to walk up to somebody and say, by the way, did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in United States, I mean, that could add to their phobia that they already have. And you might even find them coming back at several weird things, and you wouldn't be prepared for it. So if they see you as a Muslim, or suspect you might be one of those, at least, it gives you a place to open up, I use the words because of course, English was my

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forte, I spent a lot of times the English language. And I enjoy that any language really are the Spanish Arabic, English. But when we come to the subject of the person themselves, then I look at the person as though I'm from them, I gotta get it from them. I need to know it when I do a Juma hood. But for instance, a lot of times they'll ask me, what's the Juma going to be about? I say, about 20 minutes.

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By the way, if you laugh a little louder, you don't have microphones and we do anyway.

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We don't often have a studio audience. But anyway, did come back to that when I look at the the people in the Juma in the masjid and I'm thinking, What is today's topic? well have a look at their own herbs, it's gonna have to have a lot of Arabic in it. But we're looking at their own use, I need to think in terms of what they're interested in, I need to bring it down to where we can all be on a common ground. And that's the same thing. If you're talking to a housewife, about space travel, or some should be like home. And it the same time you're told by the guy that's a computer geek, he was talking about megabytes, he was talking about, you know how much RAM that you get different things

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like that. So put it in perspective, you got to think who you're talking to. And sometimes you don't need to be a conversationalist. You don't need to be a lecturer, all you need to do is have some basic knowledge, answer a few questions, or come you Muslims have to kill all the Jews and Christians? Well, I don't really think we have to because I never heard anybody tell me that. Well, I saw on TV I saw on the internet, my pastor said, Well, you know, it's good thing that God led you to somebody that lives that life, because we really don't know I'm not calling your pastor a liar and not seeing the media would prevaricate. And I'm not trying to indicate to you that the

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internet's not the best place to get information.

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But as a matter of fact, we Muslims are ordered to be the best to the Jews and Christians. So that's really the opposite of what you heard. In fact, Allah said in the Quran, the Jews and the Christians from them are the closest to us in belief. And certainly, we give the highest respect to everybody, but especially those who are closest to assembly. couple more questions before we come to a close, telescopic,

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dour, given the invitation to the purpose of life, is this something that is restricted to the Imams to the people of knowledge, or is this an obligation for every Muslim? Well, I want to give credit to our moms and our teachers of Islam and mentioned that it's their responsibility to teach us how to build it our no doubt and to give us some evidence and proofs for what it is we're doing in the dollar. They should be active with us in helping us in sharing the message but then after that, we each and every one of us are responsible to do whatever it is that we know our profits ally Salaam said this in a way that it's very clear

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Said convey from me, even if it's only one idea. And with that I mentioned a couple of things you might be surprised to know that one I know we're going to talk about one verse of the Quran right? One. Is there a single Muslim? You know, that doesn't know Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Every single Muslim knows, is that right guys? Don't nod your head that TV can't see you. What did you say?

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All right now Bismillah means In the name of Allah or Rahmani Raheem the gracious the Most Merciful cetera. So if you know that, convey that. And you might say, Well, I don't know what that's gonna mean, watch. In Baltimore, Maryland. A couple years back in Ramadan, I met a brother there

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who told me he came to Islam from that.

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I said what?

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He said, Okay, I was a Christian. 14 years ago, I became a Jew.

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Although that didn't impress me yet. He's like, wait a minute, what? backward? He said no, because in Christianity, there were too many controversies. There's too much contrast between Old Testament New Testament and too many things. He says. So I went and to the Jewish and became a Jew, studied it learning Hebrew,

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with the Hebrew and the experience with the rabbi's. He came to know that it was unknown to them what God's name really was, and you're not supposed to even attempt to pronounce the tetra nomogram. Which I hope I pronounced it right. But what that represents is the actual name of God, and even the rabbis that I know will never pronounce.

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And even one time I said, Is it a law? They said, we're not allowed to even speculate won't even say that. And they refuse to say, Allah, by the way. So he argued with them, he says, 14 years he's put into this thing talking about they said, We don't really know what's the name of God. And he's thinking, How can I be in a religion, believing in a God that we don't even know the name of?

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Until one day, some brothers playing playing sports, had put their Koran down on a bench somewhere? And he looked down on it? And he said, Hey, guys, what is this? And they come on what you're talking about? It said, right there in English, and the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful? Who said, Do you know what's God's name? Is that what this means? I said, Yeah, everybody knows it's a long.

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He said, What? It says in the name of God, what's God's name? He said, Well, in Arabic, it says, Bismillah, In the name of Allah, we translated as God. He said,

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his name is a law. They said, Yeah, you know, that comes from Allah.

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And that's a god. But Allah, it means the one and only God. That's his actual name. That's one of the smiles of a lot. They begin to omit, as most of

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his names, his characteristics, his attributes, he is the epitome, for instance of sobor, which is the ultimate patience or persevering. He is SLM he is the peace, from him comes peace. There is no peace, that except that it has to come from the peace, he is the peace, the more they talked about the brothers just undergone

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a shed with a large thermometer, so he entered Islam with that. And when I met him, he said, I'm learning Arabic. Now, I want to be a Muslim, my wife, who also converted to Judaism, has now converted with him over to Islam. Their children now are in Islam, and they're doing great. That's from one idea to another is right after that. Alhamdulillah Bill alameen how many people know a handler belong? I mean,

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I met a guy who came to Islam from desire.

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And how that came about when he was talking with some of his friends. He'd known him for a long time. They said they weren't even good Muslims. They don't even you know, many things he said about him. But the bottom line, he also saw something in a book that somebody had, and it says humbler, Balala mean, and then English translation, it says all the praises do to the Lord of the worlds with an S, why do I emphasize it? He said that all of his life, he said, if there really was a god, he left Christianity, he said, because they have no provision for anything outside of some God is the God of Abraham and Moses. But what about being the God of the entire Earth? What about being the God

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of the moon and the God of the Sun and the God and they don't have any answers. They said, that's fake worship. That's polytheism idolatry. Don't mention the moon don't mention the stars. So when he sees this and he's asking a brother about it, he said, worlds said

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Hello is the Lord of the worlds

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any life that's there, regardless of its on earth or in outer space, and people that we don't see. So people who don't see what are you talking about? said the jinn. He started explaining about the jinn, the guys like you believe it said, Now, of course, he said, I've always wondered if there was even another level of people or beings or, or ghosts, or some kind of demons or something. And they said, yeah, we know all about it. Islam said, Oh, my God.

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And this provides what he said, Yeah, he said, a shadow Lie, lie last. He said that brought him to Islam. And then he studied a lot more about the details of the jinn, and other things they do the difference between angels and jinn, the devil is not an angel, etc, things that there's a lot of evidence for common sense. And he said, I'm the happiest guy in the world because of that one verse. So again, we'll go back to what we're still assessing them said, convey it from me, even if it's a single verse.

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In the last couple minutes that we have, we're about to close for those of our brothers in humanity who are tuning in for the first time, and they like what we're talking about. And they're also confused in the chaos that's out there. And you want to know the truth. And the last few minutes that we have, can you express to them? What is the call? What is the invitation to? Well, the invitation of course, is to your house for dinner? Well, let's go to your house for dinner.

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We're in Chicago, and you're the likely one to be the host here.

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Let's do this. When I'm wrapping things up with people, you said it right? We only got a few minutes with somebody and then they're gone. Oh, and I wanted to say this, I wanted to say that. Why didn't I? Man, I forgot this, I forgot to tell them all. This is why we developed websites. I have 2200 websites for Islam. And they're very simple to deal with. Most of them, it's easy to memorize, because there they are what it says. For instance, just ask Islam is where you can ask questions, search for Islam, that's where you can search for the topic you want. And these are all columns. Another one that you can go to a very simple you want to know about God or law, even if you forget

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my website, just put God's space a lot in Google, and it'll be the first one pop up. All the rest of them, by the way are going to attack Islam. But at least you'll remember ours is God allah.com after that prophet of islam.com, science Islam that's for the atheist, God calm. And then when you get all done with this long list, it slams women.com about jihad.com, links to islam.com, etc, etc. And you say I should have wrote them all down? Well, the last one I said is the only one you really need to know, links to islam.com. And you can find these links and go over. Because what we're going to say on your show, there'll be a few highlights. But nobody remembers everything. I won't even remember

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tomorrow, what all the details we are not just talking about. But if I have a reference point, and I think that's more important than trying to be a great speaker, or articulate and what I'm talking about, just let them have their own reference point on their own. They go to the internet, they type in something when they're comfortable, relaxed in their home, and they can sit there take their time, drink their coffee, answer the phone, it's right in front of them and they say, you know what, that's what I believe this is what it's all about. I want to join this and I want to worship my Creator on his terms his way and I want to be one of those guys that doesn't and of course we know

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that a lot of a lot monitors. The person who's not that tech savvy, we just have to really take advantage of the last couple minute almost that we have the person that is not tech savvy. They don't use the Internet, and we got their attention. What advice do you give them? I'd ask him where did you see the deen show? It's on the internet. Hello We're in somebody's house someone brought him over there. We're drinking some tea. There's somebody on E and now

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we got

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never tuned back.

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Oh boy.

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You got it.

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All right.

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If if they know how to turn on a TV set. They can watch us on satellite on guide us TV. If they don't know how to turn a TV set ask an eight year old to come turn the computer on because they all know how to do that. And go to the deen show the put the word v th g Deen show calm or put in guide us.tv and watch us there thank you say thank you so much for being with

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the credit a lot of words and you sound radical.

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We'll be right back with as close to death is Oh god. Don't let me die.

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But he's got something better than this word. What's God going to get out of punishing you anyway?

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You have to connect to this understanding that the Quran is from God that Muhammad is His Messenger. And the answers to the problems in our life are there.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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We're taking some questions from our live studio audience and the sister who asked the question, what are the things to emphasize about Islam when you only have a little bit of time? Sure. One of the first things that I've tried to remember is that tell heed the oneness of God, is the thing that all the scholars told us to work on that don't get into a lot of other things. Like somebody who might even say, like, why do you cut off people's hands? Why never cut anybody's hand over my life? I've never even seen it done. I don't even know what this is all about, really? Because they said, Well, I read on the internet, you chop off people's hands? Well, I got both hands. Everybody. I know

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he's got both hands. I don't know what if you're a thief, they cut up your hand. I said, Well, you know, the only person should worry, but that's a thief or you see what your problem. So then they start laughing and think about it, you know, and then but we'll go to this. You see the same creed or the heavens, the Earth is sent a message to the people again and again and again. And people play with it corrupted, do things to it. So that's why more messengers come to more people, because God never punishes the people unless you send a messenger to them. And the message is always the same worship God without partners, no images, no idols. Don't try to represent God with anything that

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exists in the creation because He is the Creator. Simple as that here on the D show with President shake use of acid demand formerly known as

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guidance TV,

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former man of the cloth, you call it man of the cloth,

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preacher, Minister,

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Islam way back. And we are taking questions from our live studio audience and the question is about the digital. Well, first of all, I don't say man of the cloth because I really wasn't a pastor of a church. The most of the closest I came was when I was a music minister. But preaching the word was always something near and dear to me. I used to carry my Bible everywhere I went and put it into practice, not just on Sunday, but if I pick up a stranger give him a ride or something I want to preach to him by the way, that same thing up didn't used to do as a Muslim in the you know that a lot of people that they're at ipca in Africa right now, they originally got this lamp through him

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giving him a ride, Mashallah gives you an idea, you can help people out along the way, and then tell them about Islam. But anyway, to come back to this subject, now, that

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as far as the digital is concerned, this is what we call the Antichrist, the job. He is the liar he is misia Digital, which is the false Christ. Messiah is like Messiah, or Christ, and maceda job, he is clearly mentioned in Hades. So sister, what you want to do is go to search for Islam, type in either antichrist, or the Joe with two J's, and then it'll bring you all of this, but for sure, a will look like a human. He will talk like a human. He has human features. The unusual characteristics about him

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are basically his eyes.

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He has one eye that's a bulb. It's like a like a great, another eyes blind and it totally sees that a one eye and he doesn't see out of the other eye. And that's that's very clear, but he will do miracles and make people think he's Jesus come back again. That's why it's called Mercia digital. So it's not the television. Some people said, it's the one eyed God but I heard that from the Christians in the 1950s. We believe it or not, they were saying that's the digital right there or the Antichrist, because it brings so much trash and garbage in our house. Not like now when it's only nice stuff that we have on TV.

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Anyway, other signs that you can find out about this.

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There will be great trials and tribulations. It'll be

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Taking place and it is not yet that has not come. Somebody said that Jesus is back on Earth walking around hiding so that people won't kill him that's also not true. It's clear and Hadith that he will come with angels to angels and he will come down from heaven, and he will land in a place in Damascus, Syria. That's where he will be and it will be time for the salaah. So these things have not happened. I don't care what other things they try to relate to it political scenes, economic problems, and technology and all the rest of it is not true. It's as simple as that your common sense we read the ad. This is not right.

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Continuing with the question about the EMA, the EMA MACD, a lot of people ask about that. Again, this is from Hadith. This is not mentioned in Quran so you have to know how do you go to the Hadith and find out you can go to our website search for islam.com type in MACD spelled ma h di MACD, and then you'll find out about know what we know is the province of Islam told us that the MACD will come He will come before Lisa Allison and count the fact that he has not come yet is clear proof that Jesus is not on earth walking around. Even though some big famous person said it I'm not gonna say his name because you know, we love him for the sake of Allah will guide him. But in any case,

00:31:23--> 00:32:08

coming back to the subject of the Monday, he is going to be a mom Monday. That's true. And he's not going to have magical powers anything like that. He does not know he's the math D and do he is the math D, you got that he's not going to be walking around as a kid saying I'm the Monday that also you saw it on YouTube maybe was some people of different sects of Islam. I'm not going to say what but they came up with this idea is not true. Because it is very clear that when it comes his name is going to be a clue for you. His name is going to be Muhammad Eben up the law. He said his name will be my name and his father's name will be my father's name. That is Muhammad Eben. I'm the law. And

00:32:08--> 00:32:52

for sure, that is one clue. But then the other thing is he has to be from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam and there is no progeny coming from the province of Islam except by Fatima and Ali, so as to be coming from Fatima and Ali. So there's this would be obvious. Okay. And he would be Muhammad Abdullah. Along the way, you can see the if you study some of the various sects of Islam, you can see why some people believe we're this and we're that and this and that. And that's where the mistakes start coming in. But for sure, it will all if you live long enough, you'll see that happen. We don't know when it's going to be and you're not supposed to know when it's going to be.

00:32:52--> 00:33:34

But it will come soon enough. There was somebody asked the prophet SAW Islam about these last days, when will they come? He said what do you have prepared for it. And that's much more important for us to be ready for that. With our good deeds and correct belief. I want to go back to that, by the way, that correct belief is critical to have the right belief that Akita of the self is solid. If without that Arteta will never make it. I don't care. And they can call themselves Salafi. They can call himself whatever they want to call themselves. But without that correct belief, and practice, it won't happen. Did you run into some questions for sure. Use of SS from our studio audience, the

00:33:34--> 00:33:39

brother was asking what's the best way when you're given the invitation to leave a good lasting impression.

00:33:40--> 00:34:10

One of the best things I can think of and you referred to it earlier in the subject of the briyani is you can take them to eat or offer to take them to eat, or do something nice for them right here in this world, because most of the people who are not Muslim, are very attached to the gifts and things you give in this world. Whereas I'm I'm much more impressed. For instance, if somebody makes a doll for me and my family, I really liked it. Thank you so much for that. But other people would be like, Okay, thanks for the prayers a game money.

00:34:11--> 00:34:48

So sometimes if you give them a little pamphlet or a brochure or a little booklet, maybe I've even given people money, you know, just tell them you know, because they need help. A lot of times people need financial help you give somebody a $10 bill and tell them a little bit about Islam. And he said well, thank you so much, whatever in some way, you know, you get a chance to help somebody else down the road. Because even if you say well, they're a beggar. I'm not going to help them. No, just don't worry about it. You will get a reward from Allah do your best giving gifts it is definitely a good thing to do. Or we had a one of our guests Dr. Seville on the show and he mentioned a life story

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

about a doctor giving gifts during Christmas. And is this something where it would be acceptable to doctors a true story was giving gifts a wine to his friends. We're not talking about gifts like this.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

Are we

00:35:01--> 00:35:05

gave away wine wine? Yes, at Christmas, Christmas.

00:35:07--> 00:35:46

I can't speak on the behalf of a Muslim it might do that. But I could tell you that there are better things to give people a headache. I don't, I can't, I can't wrap my head around that idea. But definitely to be kind and generous with the people but not just at Christmas. In fact, I would prefer to be known that when I give something to somebody that I'm not trying to tie it into their religion, but I don't want to stop giving things I don't want to have what I'm well not really on the subject. But some people ask me about, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter things like this. I say, look, if you can be nice to somebody on one day more so than the other days, you need to work

00:35:46--> 00:36:26

on yourself to be that level of good everyday with your mom, your dad, your friends or whatever. It's not about giving a gift on a birthday. Because every day that I can do something good for people. I don't want to do that. So I don't want to I don't want to say it like just given something at a certain time and forget enough to wine. Hello gifts. Yeah. Even then I want to be sure that it's not just a one shot deal. That shouldn't be that whatever I'm doing, I should be continuing it. I think our prophet SAW Salem said what means that Allah loves what's done continually, even if something small, better than something big but it's only done once. Okay, so that's it. Thank you

00:36:26--> 00:36:27

for attending this filming.