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And I want to see if we can get a message to her. But I want to start from the beginning here, I want to go back into little girl, Candace, the first time that I ever heard about Islam, the first time that I ever heard about, you know, Muslims in the context of a political ideology or religion. And that was the first memory that I had was in third grade. And we were reading a book, and they were saying, In this book, that Muslim, being a Muslim is just like being a Christian. Islam is exactly like Christianity is exactly like Judaism. And we were told that the Prophet Muhammad is exactly like Jesus Christ. I believe this as a child, I think that a lot of Americans that are

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watching this can relate to this sort of the religion of peace. It's just like Christianity. Is any of that true?

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So you you haven't, she's very involved in politics. Now. She's a person who is very outspoken, and some of these people end up speaking sometimes out of their lanes, you don't have nuts. Here. She's talking to a person who's actually not a mom. He's like someone who's put out there like, he's like a fakie. Mom.

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So what would you say like to someone like her who's probably listened to your music from the past or anything, but she's mentioning something so dear to you. Right? And she's probably got a lot of misconceptions in her mind. If you can talk to someone like that. What would you say to her? Wow, look, clarify what has already reached

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of the connection between

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the books that Allah revealed,

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the messengers in those and prophets that Allah has consented concession to different nations, and that the Prophet Mohammed Salah seven being the seal of Allah knows prophets, and that they call in their religion was one. That's the commonality. But to say that did the same.

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You know, Sam would be taken away from, you know, a clear perspective and understanding of what Islam in tips.

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Right. And I've ran into people like her, and you have to have a certain sense of concern. Because one, for a person to even embark on any understanding of religion means that, you know, partially there

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understand, as Muslims always trying to do is get them all the way there. You know, saying without no deception, you're not trying to deceive nobody. We're only here to convey what is correct, so that it doesn't become a proof against me. Yokoyama when I had to stand before my Lord. So to Candice and anyone who's inclined to Islam, it is our obligation to clarify, first what is the foundation is totally so understand until he would definitely dispel any notion that is the same as Christianity as his practice today, versus the religion of East LA Salaam, during the time of his messenger ship, which was Islam was which was monotheism, same thing with musala, a seller, so on

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and so forth. So, you know, we stick to the old soul, the people who describe themselves to the Sunnah, we stick to the old soul, meaning the foundation. So the foundation always starts with towhee no conversation, just thought, unless it starts with

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the pure monotheism. So the so the connection between Jesus Moses, Abraham, the last and final measure from Mohammed, is that pure mono towhee. Right, so he, but now what people are practicing today of Christianity, worship worshiping Jesus, you know, people who say that Jesus is God, there's no evidence to back that up. There's no there's nothing there that Jesus ever said, I'm God worship me, but but if the people look into the true message of Jesus, and all the messengers, then that would, you know, guide you to the right direction? It will there's certain texts in the Bible that reside today, that many scholars in the past and present and be able to point out where tau, he

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still exists in the Bible, even with all this alteration in the Bible, your actions, you know, and so on, and so forth. So he still remains. So mostly when I talk to Christians who identify with these things and accept them. But then they find something that contradicts it and think they did debating, but you're only really debating with your own understanding, because you just affirmed that none has a right to be worship of God and God alone. Yeah, right. Isn't your first commandment Thou shalt not place no other God before me. So we know that linguistically the word God means object of worship. So now the first commandment makes sense in the Bible, Thou shalt not place no

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other God before me, which is synonymous with that.

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Look, you affirm that but then out of the sake of debating and arguing, you want to find another verse in the same book that contradicts that one. So the debate becomes with yourself. Yeah, you understand? And as Muslims we have to use Hickman in these matters it just you know, allow that to pass and then remain firm upon would they affirm your firm that there's only one god there's only one creative and only one facilitator, arranger sustainer organizer of all the affairs of creation we agree. So if this unique ability

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is only deserve a one

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then it shouldn't it be his right as right alone to be worship? That simplicity. People don't like simplicity for some reason, like complications, confusing nausea and chaos. But I chose Islam for simplicity because all the distortions and everything that I used to think became simplified. With the Kelly maintain Layla Heather La MaMa Rasulullah will follow continuously and consistently was attached to that statement. Yeah, that's consistency that simplicity

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and is the last thing and it never gets Oh, yeah. So someone like her or anybody else now in the African American community we talked about what was beautiful about your life is now if you're seeking purpose purposes, not in like you said, I can go get the gold chain I can get the car the massage and then something comes up and happens and ruins my whole day and then another stress you know, American society tells you you know, saying that's not what a lot tells you. Yes, it tells you that success is based upon things you accumulate. A law says success is upon belief. Yes, dying upon belief living upon belief. The nun has a right to be worshipped but a lot the Mohammed Salim is the

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Messenger of Allah living upon net implemented in your life and dying upon that, that success.

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Still simple, still easy. You break it down simple. So you have that and then you have the roots there. And then you have that connection with the pure monotheism. Do you think what have you heard these days

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