Christian Emperor said he’d wash the feet of Prophet Muhammad (Christian Priests crying)

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a scene where a man named Alexander the Great recounts a story of a woman who was the only person who would wash her feet and drink water. He also tells a story of a woman who was the only person who would drink water and had her hair cut out. The speaker suggests that people are the only ones who would be affected by the con himself.
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What'd he say? He said, If I was with him, I'd wash his feet and drink the water.

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Hold on, hold on. This is really deep for people who admire historical figures like his that Alexander the Great. And, you know, they watched many of these movies Braveheart, and many of these people out there, you know, somebody even fictional, but now correctly, this is a real this is not someone from the movies. No, no, that guy

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gathered all of his priests and monks and head of church and ordered his guards to lock the door. And he cited to them the stories and he decided to them, some of the verses.

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He said, peace be upon him, Jesus Christ and his mother, and his his miraculous birth. And the priests and monks started crying until their beards were were wet, Christian, these are Christians crying now, because they're hearing they are hearing the Quran. And her Oculus Hercules is setting up this meeting now. No. So after that, after he saw them being so emotionally moved by the truth of the Quran, he said to them, so what do you think, should we follow him?

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So he just was testing the water in a positive way. They immediately overturned because their love of power and love of wealth kicked in, she said, and they started rebelling against him. No, we will not do this and so much chaos and the shouting and disturbance. And he knew this, this is why He locked the door from the inside. So he said, No, no, no, no Calm down, calm down, or just testing your Eman if you real believers or not. And everything went back to normal. So when this reached the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam,

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he said in Arabic been, be Malkiel Hadith. Oh, this wretched person, he was favoring his wealth and power over Islam. That's why he would not give it up.

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Oh, this was unlike, unlike the reaction of the Persian leader, who torn the letter of the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam, and rejected even to reply to him.

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Because Hercules gave

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the messenger game

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and a concubine and some jewelry. Back to the processor as a form of honoring respect he gave, he showed some respect yet to the level to the level shake of he said, I want people to imagine this. He said, If I was with him, I would wash his feet and drink that water. Yes, out of because all Christians know of the one that prophet is a Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, gave the glad tidings of His coming.

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And they knew that there was someone coming to fix the world. And Jesus Christ said this in the Bible, and he said that he will come after me, he will speak not from his own self, but he will speak from

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me I'm not a biblical historian. So I am not back at night either. So you go ahead and check it out when you get them on the phone real quick.

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I wish. I wish. I see. I can but not that's the moment. So yeah, neat. You find evidences that are beyond doubt that they knew there was something someone coming and we know who the someone is. And we can see it through his track record, actually just open your eyes. What do people hate about Islam? There are those who have in it in immunity against Islam, like some European countries without naming them, even when the European Council came yesterday with an ad showing a woman without hijab have pictured and a woman with hijab

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half picture

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to show the integrity the

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how cultures blend in Europe, because Muslims are a great portion of the population in Europe. It's an ad a woman with no hijab, and a woman with hijab, they blend them in. So half of the girl is without and have is with what happened. This European country came up front and said, No, this is totally unacceptable. We object because this denies the Christian and the Jewish heritage of Europe.

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They have hatred to hijab. Anything that respects women they have a problem with if a woman is

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comes out with a bikini or wearing a thong. Good for you. That's the thing. That's what we like to see. They have no fear no bashfulness no shyness. They hate Islam full stop. So you will a beard, cut it. You will hijab take it off. When Corona came, people started wearing the mask. They were shocked. What can we do? They're wearing niqab legally. They couldn't do anything about it. But when it's out of your conviction out of your belief out of your religion, no, we have a problem.