Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Idols In The Heart

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding impossible things and facing one's mind. They also stress the holy eye and the need to stop doing things that are impossible. The speakers emphasize the importance of fearing death and the absence of light in the culture of the world. They also emphasize the importance of removing fear and distracting from one's life to avoid becoming a habit. The speakers also touch on the fear of death and the absence of light in the state of dis Tex, highlighting the negative consequences of it.
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in Amarillo, Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah but Allah subhanho

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Taala battle in Alba de la con as a hookah. Allah, Allah, Allah. He said, say, the hub has come, the truth has come in Ghana was a bottle and the bottle the fall short has disappeared in Alberta, Canada, and verily it is the nature of falsehood to disappear. And when myself renew that, who Allah Allah was I was lm in Santa Monica when he entered the harem. And the harem at that time was full of idols.

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There is a solemn was on his mounted on his gavel.

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He was in his armor, and he had his sword he has he had his his bow, and he pointed to each of these idols. And is there Kolja as opposed bottlenose Atilla cannon oh can you just pointed to the idol does it fell down

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and he went right around the cover and just pointed to the idol and every idol he pointed to filled up. This is the power of the eye of the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala give it into our giving make it possible for us that we also point to an idol and say call Jadhav Coca Cola bottle it dal bar de la casa de Luca and it falls down flat on its face in general. But before we do that, for those idols, I remind myself I knew that we have to do this to the idols inside our heart.

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We have to make this heart free from idol worship from free from idols. Only then with the lore of Allah subhanho wa Taala coming to this heart

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What are the idols in the heart? The biggest idol in the heart is yourself.

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The biggest idol in my heart is myself is my own

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is my own knifes.

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And as well, as Mandela said, or Imani de la Ilaha

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is those of Oregon Allah doesn't have you not seen them, who have taken their own desires, as objects of worship ilaha

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illa Allah Hawa

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their own Allah, they're all of their own desires are their objects of their worship, they are committing ship.

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They are committing ship. And who are they making Jerry kavala their own desire.

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May Allah protect us from this? The biggest idol the biggest idol, the presiding deity in our heart.

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The presiding deity in our heart is yourself, myself, our own of our own desires which come and stop us from doing what Allah subhanaw taala has ordered our own desires which come and stop us from doing what never is Allah, Allah, Allah He was on the market.

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So this idol has to be destroyed. And Haku was

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in Alberta, Canada, hookah anytime that desire comes, shoot it down, destroy it. And remember resellers are appointed to the idol and married Fallout point to your idol in your heart and make it fall down to normal enough. Nobody has no more desires, because when molecule mouth comes,

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will take me to Jana. I don't want to go to Ghana, so destroys his idle, second idle in that

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and jealousy,

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feeling bad about somebody, because they have more than you in terms of material

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is God is better is always better is so and so and so on. So so and so. And we have jealousy and envy about people I do in the heart.

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Third idol in the heart is hatred,

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disliking and hating somebody for no reason just like that.

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Islam does not. We are not even permitted to hate a disbeliever. We hate his behavior. We hate what he does.

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But we love that his behavior please understand this very clearly. We love the disbeliever we love every idol worshipper.

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We love everyone who come and check what is the approver because we give him that

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we want to save him from the hellfire. Who do you want to save from the Hellfire given to it?

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If I hate somebody I'll be very happy because in the advisor is different from heaven. Know

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thou is the biggest example of love for all of humankind.

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The Muslim loves that is believer. The Muslim loves the idol worshiper. He the he hates his action. He hates his action and he wants to save him from the fire. And that is the reason why it gives him down is it please please I beg you do not worship the stone the stone can do nothing worse. Worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Hatred, hatred in the heart of the Muslim

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idol in the heart hatred, then another idol in that greed,

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greed, Salah, we live in a world, which is based on greed. Can you imagine this thing? Think about this this entire economic system in this world is based on what? greed, greed, creating desires in your heart and underlie you live in a house is good enough, Mashallah, I'm comfortable. No, not

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that one. Nice house big house has this one. And when I have that house, now I can climb on the top that I can see another one far away, which is even there. So I want that one, the Hala hotel level.

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There is no satisfaction in life. You know why? Because we are always wanting something we don't have.

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The biggest problem with greed is that it takes away the joy out of your life. You don't even enjoy what you have. Because constantly you're hankering for something which you don't have.

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And of course, that takes you into all sorts of places because you can't get it for nothing. So you have to pay something for it and you end up in more problems, greed idle in the heart.

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And then another one love for the dunya hope but Daniela Cara I will note

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Coronavirus Allah Allah Allah He was that was Ella

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hobo dunya love for the dunya

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more and more and more associating ourselves with a junior in our minds who's a big man, the one who drives the S Class Mercedes, who is bigger than him, the one who drives a Rolls Royce who is bigger than him. The one who drives a bus

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should be bigger The bigger the buses are bigger. The bus driver is the biggest man because having the biggest cup that Allahu Allah when will this end? When will this end this this, this love for toys? This is trash, it is junk. Every Rolls Royce is junk. Go look at the trash. Go look at the junk car place.

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Every car which is on a junk car place, which is being smashed by a crane and turned into rolling reloading steel. Once upon a time was the delight of somebody dies? Yes.

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Every ruin that you see

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was the delight of somebody dies, somebody build that house. Somebody builds that palace, and is a mirage Allah water palace is booked.

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And today it is ruined.

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What is the will of Allah my palace? The

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same thing.

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This whole complex here, jobs in Nevada and all these apartments here and so on and so forth. And we have a nice big apartment when we will omashola what are the big apartment? Remember, this entire plot had one house?

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This whole block had one house?

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Where is that house?

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And where will your apartment be at my apartment we

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have both done. And then I'm not making all the list of items. And the reason I'm saying this is that each one of us has our own idols. So let us look inside our art and remove those idols.

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But the last one in my list, Cara here is about the fear of death.

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The fear of death.

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The only reason we should fear that is that we don't want to die in a state of disobedience Allah subhanaw taala that is the only reason we are dead.

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Well I do not make me die in a state where I am disobeying you.

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All object my life in a state of obedience, or logic my life in a state of the law in such danger.

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But other than that, fear of death.

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Because if you have fear of death, then with that comes the fear of the whole dunya and all that it contains, because on all of these issues, all of this issue,

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fearing something other nobody can give us that how to hear the trouble.

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And if it is written for us amarilla is not written words cannot come

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as well as vinyl data to help us to remove all these idols from our heart. Clean this trash from the heart, clean the heart, because without getting the heart the neuron of louder will not come. Let us clean our heart. Let us remove all these all these idols. All jazz hopko was called battle in Nova de la ganas de Luca, Allah right that is the nature of of false hood to disappear. You know, darkness has no identity of its own. Darkness has no existence of its own. Darkness is the name we give to the absence of light.

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You can describe what the what is light, you can tell me what is light, what is the what is

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describe darkness without referring to light, let me see.

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You cannot, the only way to describe darkness is to divert to light, the absence of light is darkness.

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Are you not say you do not say light is the absence of doctors, no.

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Light has an energy of identity of its own darkness, no one entity. So if there is darkness, what does it mean? To say, oh so much darkness or the solid, or there is so much guidance in the world. There's so much guidance. It is just that the people who have the light have forgotten how to switch it on

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to the carrying dead torches that are in the hands. What's the good of that doesn't help you doesn't doesn't help anybody else.

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The absence of light is darkness. That is why if you have a room

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of this size, and if it is completely dark,

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what does it take to bring light into this one candle?

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one candle. You cannot say this darkness is so much that I need 1000 watt halogen lamp only. No one candle is in

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the worst of darkness will disappear with one candle

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provided what is the condition?

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The candles will be lighted.

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darkness will not disappear with a dead candle.

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Candles will be lighted. So let us light the candles in our heart. And the candle of the heart is the neuron was Rancho de

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la la la la hola Jericho. noble goal hum. Well, while akula Jane Cuddy watch had one number hamedan Abdo soon. This is again

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the article is Rancho de la Renta is loaded into our art and to remove all these idols one by one destroy the items or the number one is not

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removed idols clean the heart so that the heart of Allah subhanaw taala will illuminate our hearts, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give complete help to brother who is not well, and we Allah subhanho wa Taala relieve him from his pain and male advantage Allah bring him back into the market very, very quickly. I didn't see him for the last two days. I was asking Allah, Allah make it easy for him was Allah Allah Allah, Karim, Allah Allah. He was happy he made erotica.

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