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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum. That is the greeting by now you know if you've been watching the deen show, that's the greeting of peace, peace be unto you. And my next guest is very, very exciting, very exciting to have these special people on the deen show telling us their story on how they stay afloat, how they stay on top rather than going below. So my next guest is going to clarify how being a young man in today's society everything is calling one two corruption and evil

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how he managed to be doing good how he managed to be doing a slam which simply means to acquire a piece by submitting to the owner piece to one guy when we come back Bono here on the show don't go nowhere.

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His Messenger

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Jesus was his messenger

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just a break the ice assalamu aleikum.

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Mona, Mona Mona. Mona, Mona, so how you doing my man on the deen show? Do you so do you now rap or you flow? Or you get poetic? Because that's how two people know. Yeah, I mean, you know, it's funny enough, they all come from the same family. Right? I consider myself a storyteller, the storyteller whether it's, you know, through hip hop or through spoken word, the medium remains the same. It's really just writing it's storytelling, which, you know, has a long tradition in Islam as well. If we think of our last parent, Allah in the Quran, and the way in which our last panel has revealed many of the stories of the prophets, right, beautiful, beautiful view of the best of stories. So for many

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of us, you know, laymen's people who take up writing as a craft, you know, I think we have an example to look for in there. Now, tell us we're gonna pause right there, just pause, we're gonna reverse because you're flowing. Can I say flowing? Sure, you're flowing. You talk in your poetic about some good stuff. Not bad stuff. Anyone who hears your lyrics, they'll get enticed to God will and do good. inshallah. But how will you always doing good? Were you always because you're young. And there's a lot of pressure out there peer pressure, it's not cool. with us. We know it's cool to do a slot. It's cool to be a Muslim. But now in today's society, you got to be cursing, rapping

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about degrading women rapping about Bling, bling, and all these other things that a lot of it is just wasting time. How did you make a transformation talk to us? Well, you know what I can say that I am heavily influenced by the hip hop culture of North America. I grew up listening to music used to Yeah, right. Right. So and in my, you know, my own generally at times I used to, I used to rap. So I used to be involved in hip hop. And you know, now a lot of people really know this about me, but I was, you know, I was part of a band and I was doing fairly well, I was actually opening up for some pretty big acts. And, you know, funny story, I found myself when I started trying to practice

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my deed and trying to combine these two lifestyles, I found myself at a club one night, you know, it was time for a shot. And we're about to go on, and I'm thinking, What am I going to pray? I'm looking around the space, I'm like, where's the best place for me to pray?

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What am I doing here? So hold us back it up for the non Muslims out there who you mentioned, Isha, which is one of the prayers of Islam. And that's one of the pillars. The first one, obviously, to bring you up to speed is how one becomes a Muslim is that that person declares it is no God, but God, and Muhammad is the messenger. And that will also include all the preceding messengers, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and all of them, and you just you learn so much already. So now, when one accepts this lamb, choirs piece by smitten owner, he's the one God, you start to establish the prayer, what you're doing in the club, brother, great question, what are you doing? What are you looking for a

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place to? You know, you'll make a Jamaat with the ladies, everybody in the club and 50 cents.

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So this is what I found myself in the predicament. I was like, you know, what, if I can't be in a place where I can pray, and if I'm not in a place where I feel comfortable enough to pray that I shouldn't be here anyways. And I think for a lot of young people, we have to ask ourselves those questions. You know, for many of us, we constantly are, you know, trying to compromise or come to some sort of balance. But oftentimes our Deen ends up suffering more, right? It's very easy for us to be like, oh, Allah is the Most Merciful Allah is, you know, the full rates, okay? And, you know, you shouldn't reflect on the mercy of Allah before you commit a sin. It's like, you're almost

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neglecting the fact that you still might be punished for it. And so it was a scary predicament that I came to. It's a scary place where I was at where I was like, you know, what, if I can't pray here, if it's not a place where I feel like I can be a Muslim, then I probably shouldn't be here to begin with. Let's back it up just a little bit more. But before you even came, because we're living in the real world, there's a lot of temptation out there, it's tantalizing. But now how did you even come to

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to a point where some people aren't even thinking about the Creator of the heavens on earth to stop, no matter where they're at to pray, how did you even come to the realization that Islam is the truth, that it provides the proof that is logical, rational, scientific, everything points that this is not man made, but it's from the Creator of the heavens and earth, how'd you realize that? Well, you know, I grew up in a Muslim household Hamdulillah, I had no Muslim parents, and I kind of did the ritual things you would do in a Muslim household, you would, you know, go to Islamic school on Saturdays and Sundays, and, you know, you do the things and you go to eat prayer and all the things

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that you're supposed to do, but I never really had an understanding for myself, like a lot of Muslim people you meet in Muslim household what many don't, it's just a cultural thing that we do. So at a certain age, because it wasn't a real attachment, I didn't really understand it was very easy for me to let it go. So at a certain age, I found myself, you know, I was on the religion of my friends, which was, you know, literally, you know, basketball or, you know, parties, and you know, all the things that come with that kind of like, typical hydration, time wasting time, right, but that's what my friends are doing. So I would follow them, I would be a part of them. And so I really kind

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of found myself caught up in just chasing this world, and then chasing the fun and glamour of what this world can offer us. And it wasn't until I really took some time to do some real reflecting on my own without my parents forcing me without anybody telling me, Look, this is what you should do. You know, it really took me to a place of humility, when I could stop and think, wow, you know, look at all the things that I have, look at all the things that, you know, I've been given, and who am I to not at least give things, you know, who am I to not pay respects to the one who's blessed me with so much. And so it was a lot of that it was a lot of constant back and forth. And you know, one

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thing at a time, I would stop doing this, I would try picking this up, it was a very long process. And I'm still a work in progress by any means. All of us, all of us. Definitely. Yeah, I'm not, you know, saved by any means. I'm still like I we joked about earlier, I'm floating, I'm barely floating. So

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I mean,

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I mean, so because of that, you know, I like I said it was a slow process, it was a step by step process. It was, you know, maybe, you know, not hanging out with these friends anymore, maybe meeting some new people, you know, and I tell people this all the time, if your friends aren't going to empower you making better than they, you should really question if they're your real friends or not, you know, a lot of us for young people were heavily influenced by our friends. And if you're not picking the right friends, it can really be detrimental to your own health, and your well being Now, did you have an experience? Because some people they like, you know, I had a dream or something

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just came about you? Did you have? You know, because Islam is something logical rational, if you take an analytic scientific approach, it's a thinking man's decision that you made. You follow your heart? What did you have to do? Did you have this dream experience or something more? What happened like in your life that really had you pick up on the verbatim Word of God do their homework when you're researching? You know, a lot of people have that life changing experience, that one off incident, I didn't necessarily have that. For me, it was a kind of sequence of smaller minor events. It was a matter of me, you know, constantly building on like, wow, why did this happen? Wow, this

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happened, you know, and it almost taking me to a place of self reflection, I think when we're alone, when we're not surrounded by, you know, the consumption of wealth, or the, you know, pursuit of stupidness, as I like to call it, right, and you really take time to reflect, like, really take time alone. And just think about this world. Think about everything we are about think about who you are, where you came from. It's a natural conclusion, you know, you come to the conclusion of one God, and then once you're there, then it's based on you know, Eli had a little understanding of Islam. And so for me, it was I was able to build on that, you know, and I would start reading I was started

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watching stuff like the deen show online, which was a very big influence to me, you'd be surprised. So you know, for a lot of us who you know, we take things step but it's one step at a time. And so you know, getting closer and closer and feeling like wow, you know, feeling people I can relate to like, yeah, this guy is not gonna judge me he's not gonna tell me on this Tell me um, that he understands my experiences, finding people like that reaching out to them being inspired by many of the shoot even Sheikh Saeed who's you know, speaker today, who was a big, big influence to me in my life. And he probably doesn't even though and you know, it's these little, little little instances

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that have really helped carve who I am today, under the law of praises to the creditor, heavens and earth and we'll be right back with more on a deep show. Okay, you've got your dream home, and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things got to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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If a man is boundless, I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid

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if a lion

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back here with Boehner on the deen show. And we left off with now reflecting, wanting to know the purpose of life is natural, isn't it? You want to know why you're here. So now Do you know the purpose of life? Is it clear, and it's very clear. Now, again, just so they don't feel

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all praises to a lot. No matter the good, no matter the bad in any circumstance, we still give praise to Allah. And this for me was an eye opening experience, right for me to clearly reflect on my life and say, You know what, all this bad has happened to me all this good has happened to you, but to everything through the good, what may seem as bad, I'm still able to say thank you all praises to my Lord, to the last panel down to Allah who has blessed me with so much. And again and people, some people who watch the show, say, Eddie, we got it already. But look, I'm just trying to keep it steady, because there are a lot of people who tune in for the first time, the Muslim God has

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not yet Muslim neighbor to watch it. They hear these Arabic terms, we have to define them. And you said Allah, and someone said, that's the moon God, what do you got to say?

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God, a lot is you know the name of our only Lord, the only worthy, the only being worthy of worship in all of existence, the first the last eternal, the ever being, he is our Lord, our Creator, our sustainer, the one who grants us all the bounties we have and the one who ultimately we will return to, that's the one God one Creator of all what have created, not created, he's the Creator, where his creation, just worship the Creator. That's the simple message, you realize that you said before? What to break the One God? Now did you look in at all to the other Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, did you reflect just to try to sniff to see maybe if that's,

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you know, what I didn't really, I mean, to say in my initial stages, but I was very familiar with these religions, just by virtue of being in a very multicultural community, and already doing bit of research on my own here and there and having friends who I would speak to, but nothing ever made sense to me except one God, even in my times of complete, you know, disobedience to a lot, I still understood that this was the only being worthy of worship, it never occurred to me that there could be two or three or four or five doesn't make sense. Logically, you know, I'm not people ask me if I'm religious, I'm not religious, I'm rational. Yeah, it's like, come on, use your head. That's what

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it really comes down to. So I mean, even in my worst two phases, they wouldn't ever occur to me that there could be some sort of disruption in their habits, you know, that a loss a law, the one Lord was the creator, and Sustainer of all this is what I understood, just from my own ignorance, just out of my own love and compassion for myself, God being a man, what about this? Guy?

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I think for a lot of those, they remind me of like Harry Potter books or something like that. There's these amazing fables. But you know, when you logically think about it, there's holes in a lot of those, you know, little stories and plots. And, you know, it's unfortunate that many people because I do some street Tao, I try to educate people on Islam on the street corners. And for a lot of people, you know, when you stop to think, and you start to tell them, you look, think rationally, what makes more sense, you know, for them, it's like, oh, it's not supposed to make sense. Religion is this, what are you just following? You know, why don't you just pick up a newspaper and follow

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whatever it tells you to do then? So, you know, it's unfortunate that many people are kind of so skewed in their ways. And they say, you know, for a lot of them, they you know, how can I become a Muslim? It's not what my parents did. And it's funny enough, because this was the same thing that the the Arabs during the time when the Prophet peace upon him used to say, they say, How can we abandon our religion of our forefathers, when this is what they did? How can we not take this new thing? And people today say the same thing. So it's a very interesting parallel, but at the same time, very sad, just blindly following what their forefathers did their parents not questioning,

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just going along with the ride, whatever happens in our thinking about the purpose of life, why they're here. And you mentioned something about just think, just be rational. And then they say, it's not supposed to make sense. But you wouldn't go to a math class, or English class. And it's not making sense. You don't ask questions. He just says,

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Yeah, you definitely walk out of there. But for many of us, you know, when you know the issue of religion, or God comes up, it's a very touchy subject for a lot of people. And for them, they don't feel as though a they have the authority to speak on it. Because for a lot of people, they've been taught that, you know, this is the priest, the preacher, this is the order and rank, he knows everything, you know, nothing. You know, he has a connection with God, you don't you speak to him, he'll speak to God and bring back the message, which Islam is totally against, right. I have my own connection with a lot. You have your own connection with the law. We are all created by a law. Thus,

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we should have a connection with a law. There's no hierarchy, there's no one who I would speak to, to speak to Allah. He doesn't need any intercede. He doesn't need any translators. He doesn't need anyone to convey the message for him. I can speak to a lot just by raising my hands. And so the beauty of that is that I've come to you know, establish my own connection with my Lord. And when I do something wrong when I do something right when something good happens to when something bad happens to me, I say hey, you know, this is to a lifestyle return. This is who created me in this world.

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Ultimately I will come back to that is just so rational, logical what you're saying, and God doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep, he doesn't do the things that human beings do. And we're just wanting to worship God directly alone, and not the things that he created. Now do some people say, you know what, being active and dour trying to sharing is caring, and we care for our brothers and humanity, we want to be our brothers and face. So we want to share, invite them, and call them to think about what's the purpose of life, why are you here, you're going to you live, you die in the drama in between, right? So what is it, you just get your belly full, make some money, right? In a nice

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Bentley in a nice rose voice and not even that maybe just ride your bike, and then you die. It's so funny. And it's really sad. And you know what I had, somebody told me a very funny analogy, where they said, if you were going to an airport, and you were stuck overnight, and for some reason or another, you would miss your flight and you have to stay at the airport, what would you buy? Maybe you'd buy like a toothbrush, maybe you'd buy a bag of chips, you'd buy small amount of things just to get by. Now imagine in this world, we are simply travelers, we came from somewhere, we will return somewhere, this place is not the final journey. This is not the final home. But for many of

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us, we get so caught up and it's like you're at the airport buying 56 sandwiches and you're going out here and you're buying this you're getting massages, you're doing this realizing that hey, eventually you will be going home. This is this world. This is the dunya this life. So for many of us, we forget that this is just a place the Prophet sallallahu Sallam peace be upon him describe this world as like a traveler stopping for shade under a tree. Right? Just, you know, just for a second, we're here, and then we're gone. And so what a way to live our lives with humility, with honor understanding that, you know, we were here for this moment, but eventually, you know, we're

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gonna go, and we just want to entice people to excite people, to if this is making sense, the more you dig into Islam, the more it's going to make sense. Because everything you need to know about who your Lord is, it's there in this verbatim Word of God, the purpose of life is there, where you go, when you die is there and how to live your life now that you've acquired peace by submitting to the owner of peace, doing God's will not your desires, the One God as we said, and we keep stressing this because some people they have been programmed on possibly adding the wrong way. So they go one plus one plus one is one, so and they can make God into a man into a woman into this debt and the

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other it gets confusing. So we say one God, and now doing good deeds. Do you feel that by doing this system of Islam? Do you feel that is develop your character? Are you a better person? Do you deal better with your family with your mother, father, your neighbors friends? And you know, it's so interesting, I remember one time a friend of mine, we were getting on the bus and at the bus station, and there was nobody at the window, you know, but I still put my money in. And then somebody was kind of like, you know, why would you do that? There's nobody there. I'm not worried about him. I was watching always. So for us we developed this code is honor, that is not for the

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show of other people. Whether you're with me or not, I'm acting a certain way I'm doing what is right not to please you to please my Lord, who is still so many bounties so much honor upon me, giving me the title allowed me to worship Him. This is an honor in itself. Not many people can come to this, you know, and I ask people, you know, my friends who are not yet Muslim, just learn Do yourself a favor. There's no harm in picking up a book. You know, knowledge is power. We learn about this in school, we learn about this in every fraction of life, why not? When it comes to religion, why not when it comes to something that may actually be the key to salvation for you for eternity.

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You know, pick up a book read, do yourself a favor as a friend, I'm asking them as a friend, pick up a book, please just do it. You're not gonna lose anything I promise you. And if any good comes from it, it is from Allah. And it's very simple do a comparative study, pick up the Bible pick up anything that someone makes a claim that is from the creator along with the Quran, with the sincere intention that you want to get close to God by asking God to guide you and do the work do the legwork. Yes it's a simple process like you're looking for a car something or anything you know you're gonna do

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when people go apartment shopping when they go car shopping you didn't put it in 5060 hours of research Yeah, right but when it comes to you know learning about God it's kind of like oh my god this so this is what's fine doesn't make sense and there is no way if there's the right way out there the way of the Creator and you put all these different ideologies philosophies that are man made, there's no way that if you're sincere, you cannot find the one truth is from God Almighty. Yeah. It's you know, it's a benefit to yourself. It's such a simple way of life. If anything, I can describe it to my friends that it makes life so much easier. You know, with relationships with

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friends, family, even with a spouse, right everything is the Prophet peace be upon have left so much for us in every aspect of our lives is clearly outlined for us. You can't go wrong, you know, there's no gray area and where there is gray area of him that he laughs all praises to Allah. We have scholars, we have people who will interpret things for us. So you're not alone.

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Left to kind of you know your own. Just whatever this guy says we do know we can learn and research on our own and create and develop our own connection with God. Absolutely. Let's take a break. And we'll be right back for more of this exciting episode on the deen show piece, I just want to say, very simple message.

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The prophets would have been labeled Muslims, because this essential message was the same message.

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And Jesus affirming, he said, Here, O Israel, the Lord your God is one God.

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When you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners, there's wrong. I mean, the scientists are fighting it and the church was throwing these people into prison. And

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how can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning, and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity, to read the Bible. There is not a single unambiguous statement in the complete Bible, where Jesus Christ please be upon him. He says, say that I am part of a fellowship. One of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no intermediary.

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There are no superstitious rituals. It's very simple and very clear. People often say to me, why have you become a Muslim, I give a very frivolous on. So I say I want to be on the side of the angels. The knowledge of such pull the final curtain down.

00:21:38--> 00:21:54

Tupac is a guy, he's the number one rap artists in the world. He sold over 60 million records worldwide, the millions, the millions. Not only was he a successful musician, he was a successful actor. He was a young guy who had basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about. He had everything you can imagine.

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To you back here on the dean show with our brother Boehner. Now, I want to just get in a few more points, questions. You mentioned the club. And you mentioned taking a timeout having to pray I know some other people who went through the same phase because not overnight. You take the medicine takes time to kick in Islam you start doing it you might have been the worst of the worse, drinkin fornicating drugs, being with all these men, all these women, but Islam changes you. You have to implement it. And now that person could be at the club could be anywhere. But now they stop and reflect like you did at that moment. You didn't give up the prayer. That's the key. I know people

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that be at the after our party. And but they were stopped to pray. Eventually they never went back to the after party. But it took some time because the prayer will keep one away from evilness. But let's focus on this prayer after you've acknowledged is no god but God. And now you and Mohammed is the last the final masterpiece be a part of how you implement the the salon how important and heavy this was to help you to transform to be the best human being that you can be. It's it's a lifeline. It's, you know, if I can compare it, we generally eat three times a day, but we pray five times a day. So this tells you the importance we can go without food. I mean human can sustain without food

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for quite a long time a couple of days at least. But salaat prayer, you can go a couple hours without it. Honestly. It's your connection. It's your you know your lifeline. Like for me, it's something where if I have an internal clock now we're a handy little place to live and praying for a while. And so for fudger or for early morning prayer, you know, I wake up my body mix wakes me up. It's difficult for a lot of people at first when you start praying it can be difficult because it is you know, you kind of but you learn to station your life around it everything your day revolves around your prayer. And eventually, you know, I would almost become sick if I didn't pray. Like I

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would develop this gut feeling like literally physically I would feel ill. If I was missing a prayer if I was late for it, my body would tell me something's wrong. You know, you need you need something like a drug addict. When they don't get their drugs, they start twitching right I don't pray I feel like I'm missing something. And so this is the connection that you develop when you start really you know, having that healthy Lifeline between your Lord is something you'll never go without. And this is what's helped you to develop your character develop, develop your relationship by developing a relationship with the One God the Creator Allah, this now you'll see the change it's hard for you to

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sit in between prayers it's hard for you to do something dumb and then think I'm gonna go pray in 10 minutes you know, it does develop your life in a format where you know you you take time to reflect every single day like I told you earlier I took a time to reflect in my life imagine I did that five times a day not including the you know, the public the The sooner prayers, the optional prayers afterwards, right. Just for mandatory prayers alone, I would be stopping five times a day to reflect and speak to my Lord. Now it only it's only fair and the people and we're excited that they're sitting and I'm sure they're excited because we're learning so much. We got to give him a treat now.

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We got to give him a treat some people

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They've heard you flow, Busta Rhymes a rap, you know and it's not even with any band, no musical instruments. Nothing it just your melodious voice right right. So can you give us a taste and give us the treat now here on the deen show, give us a short name.

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Let me take a moment to show some kindness to the folks that thought blindness was a disease that affected the eyes alone. I promise I won't judge you I barely know how to love you and like fools we preach rules but we don't even follow our own. Everybody needs comfort. Some people find it in this some people find it in that and some people just don't find it at all. But this world is full of signs from the moon to the stars in the sky from the bees and the bugs like a seed and your blood like a fiend with drug mix you need to look up and question was sup what you do with the stuff when your spirits have question you trek through the rough but like thunder with structs that be in a was

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all the signs that were sent? They finally make sense you feel the torment so you need to repair when your heart is cemented as hard as a brick because your soul is worth more than the dollars and cents. All the money in the world couldn't buy you happiness because barely it is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts do find rest.

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That Okay, Mashallah God willed it and you are here on the deen show. Thank you. Thank you for being with us here. May God Almighty Allah reward you. Thank you so much. And again, thank you so much, because you are an inspiration to me as well. Whether you know it or not, you really are affecting so many.

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Thank you for some time to another episode of the teen show. This was so exciting sitting with our brother Bono. And you know what it starts with wanting it you gotta want if your bellies full with everything else, then you know what, no matter how great the gourmet meal is, you're not going to eat, you got to realize that this life is short, it's going to end soon wake up people.

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And I'm not going to tell you to just take my word for it. Realize that people die every day. So form an investigation. Don't just live from Friday to Friday, don't just live from one weekend to the next.

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Try to attach yourself to something that's permanent. And that's the hereafter. This life is short. Don't be a loser at the end because eventually you're going to lose this life because you're going to die. And then if you invest all your time and effort in this life, you also definitely going to lose the next

00:27:43--> 00:27:57

as the one who created you to guide you and do a little bit of the legwork. Do a little bit of the legwork. Like you didn't legwork for everything else. And I'm telling you the truth is there. The treasure is there. The map is there.

00:27:58--> 00:28:09

Now you just got to get up off your back and get out there and go gay. And visit us here every week on the deen show. And until next time, peace be unto you.

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love you My Lord. I bow to you.

00:28:20--> 00:28:22

My Lord, I bow.

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

A bow to you.

00:28:51--> 00:28:52

I bow to you.

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I bow to you