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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding mistakes and failures in life, holding oneself accountable, and learning from experiences. They stress the need to continuously humble oneself and avoid harming connections with Allah Sub ultrasound. The speakers also emphasize the importance of hardening one's self-worth and avoiding harming one's connections with Allah Sub ultrasound. The use of words like "has" and "has" in the context of one's life is emphasized, and the importance of seeking advice and feedback from others is also emphasized.

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Alhamdulillah he was saying, you know, most of you who are Saudi are only related to Allah I mean surely and fusina Amin say it or Melina may had the love for Ramlila or maybe a little further ahead. Yeah Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah Cherie Cara was shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah who are sudo who was a human being in Hungary who have a little bit of a research agenda man. What else have you had in case you have Allah to Allah Hill Oma?

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I'm about to finance the Hadith keytab Allah or higher and had you had your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot. Morimoto said to her Colombia.

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Colombia Guatemala. Yeah, you're Latina. I want to talk. Hola. Hakata. Kati, what at Hamilton in level two Muslim one. Yeah, you want to talk more about Kamala the Halacha Minassian Wahida

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wahala come in house. Oh, Jehovah Thurman. hamari Jalan Cathy wrong when he says

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what Takala holidays? Maybe he will or ham in Allaha cannot equal Akiva. Yeah you Hello Lena Elena Takala Akoto polars salida la coma hola como Villa Nova como ella or Surah HuFa khalifatul Jose Alima. And my bad my dear brothers and sisters.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us in the Quran

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that we are going to be held accountable

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on the day of judgment

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so for instance, Allah azza wa jal says walkie for whom in homeless oh don't stop them.

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For there will be questioned and held accountable.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that on the day of judgment we will be asked and held accountable

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in numerous

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reports, prophetic Satanists lenzuola Kojima Abdeen Yamapi Amity had to use an arbor

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that no servant Oh Allah azza wa jal will go pass a particular point on the Day of Judgment, no one will advance

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until they are asked about four things.

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The point here is that Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that we're going to be held accountable,

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that we did not come to this life that Allah subhanaw taala did not create us and did not Allah is not giving us this opportunity to live this life.

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Free of any obligations or responsibilities.

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As a matter of fact,

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humankind took this responsibility

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and embraced it in an emulator. Other similar to an audiology Bell, Verbena yarmulke,

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when many of Allah subhanaw taala as creation,

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right, realize that they don't have the capacity

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to handle this, this Amana, this trust

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or someone on behalf of humans embraced it.

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So Allah azza wa jal gave us intellect, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah gave us the ability

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he gave us well, he gave us

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the ability to make a choice. And to think and to process that comes with a responsibility with an obligation and which means that we are going to be held accountable. And the very tool for which we are going or because of which we are going to be held accountable, is the very tool that we can use right now to hold ourselves accountable. And that is precisely why or model the Allahu Han. And this is a reminder for myself to be to begin with. And I'm just being very honest with you. I'm reminding myself with this.

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That's why our model the Ilana said has people of color and to have them hold yourselves accountable before you are brought to account.

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And weigh your actions or your deeds or your options.

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And your choices before is evaluated and weighed.

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We're better off holding ourselves accountable before someone else holds us accountable in this life.

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And, you know, scholar said,

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yeah, and he embedded in Apple, a wise person is a person who holds himself accountable before they're held accountable.

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And in this life, even if someone else holds us accountable, there's always a room to improve and grow

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Correct and change and redeem and reform, repair and meant, there is always room and chance to do that, even if people are not willing to extend that chance to you, you can,

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but there will be a point beyond which there will be no return

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that option is not available.

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And that is why it is said LK Suman den and EFSA the wise and intelligent person is a person who conquers himself manages and is able to overcome

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Right because we do have this rebellious

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soul and we have various tendencies and weaknesses and shortcomings and whims and desires. We're very complex beings.

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So it is said that the wise and intelligent person is one who actually wins this fight. The most critical and most crucial fight

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for any individual to win is his or her fight against themselves.

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for its own sake.

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So I'll que su Mandana and EFSA is a person who's able to control conquer and overcome his own issues. Where am I letting my battle mode and works for that which is after death prepares for that which is after death, because death is the cutoff point

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that there is a point of no return. Once that transition is made, it's too late. Until then, we have a chance to do that. And this is exactly why we are called

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to do this on a regular basis on a daily basis. A believer should hold himself accountable, what have I done today? What have I earned?

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Right? Did I do anything wrong? Did I wrong? Anyone wrong myself? Did I you know commit any sin? Did I do anything wrong?

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Second question. Have I failed in any of my obligations or duties? Was there something that I was supposed to do that I failed to do?

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Completely forgot?

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Number three, have I done my best or did I fall short? Even if I did it?

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Was I able to do a better job? Or did I just do the bare minimum?

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Number three could I have done number four? Could I have done better?

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And what does it take for me to do better next time? I have the opportunity. These kinds of questions are very critical.

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It is said

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah azza wa jal in the Quran says Yo man, to whom Allah Who Jamia on the day when Allah azza wa jal resurrects them and bring them all for you in a bill whom beaming me to Allah azza wa jal will inform them of everything that they have done.

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I saw hold Allah, Allah azza wa jal has kept an account.

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And it's all there.

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It's all kept all with the evidence.

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Right with the evidence, when a su however, they have forgotten it.

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We forget and we lose track of what we have done. And that is why we are told that we need to do this on a regular basis before you forget, so that you can redeem yourself

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so that you can correct your mistake, so that you don't repeat it. Right. So every night one should hold hold himself accountable. What have I done today? What have I earned today for my UCLA? Have I fulfilled all of my obligations? Did I miss out on anything? And every week, what did how did this week go?

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Could I have done better and every month and every year? The passage of time, right? We should not get used to the passage of time and just it's just another year. It's just another day, it's just another night.

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But rather we should hold ourselves accountable because Allah subhanaw and remind ourselves every time we look at these verses, one of the verses that we were supposed to, you know, as part of the Sunnah that we are recommended to recite every week is how long you know, when I come about upon this verse, you know, sometimes it's just very hard to process. We're told Allah subhanaw taala says, well will the Al Kitab for tele moody me and I must feel clean me Murphy

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that when when our records are going to be brought before us, right? The wrongdoers are going to be in distress

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from what they are going to face and see in it.

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We're gonna and they will say whoa to a smelly huddle, keytab What is the matter with this book, lie you want you to somebody's gonna tell one that Kabira it does not leave any small minut little action or deed or detail, nor anything big or significant. Except that it's recorded, everything is recorded

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in Lhasa.

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And this is why we have to engage in this action on a daily basis, what should be the outcome. And before I mentioned that Subhanallah you have to really

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admire what many of our pious scholars of the past, you know, used to do. When you look at the reports of how they would hold themselves accountable. Sometimes some of them will stand in front of a mirror, and they will address themselves what made you say what you said earlier in the day?

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Why did you have to say that?

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Right? Some of them will hold their tongues and say, Why

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did you really have to say that?

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Did you really have to do that? Why did you pay attention to such and such, we're gonna hold themselves they talk to themselves.

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self talk is very important.

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Right? They will say, you know, Woe to you.

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When are you going to wake up? When are you going to take this seriously? Things like that.

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So, the question is, then what should that

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process once we are engaged in Bahasa once we are committed to this? What is what is it going to produce? First of all, it will constantly humble us, and make us realize that we will never be able to fulfill all of our obligations. And if we do, it's not going to be any the highest of levels. And that will always have deficiency, right? We're not we're never perfect, we're not meant to be perfect, but it will, it will make us strive to improve ourselves and do better next time.

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So it will humble us. Number two, it will

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cause us to hold on to our connection with Allah Subhana Allah and know that the only hope we have is through that connection that we have with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, contrary to what many people think that if you're hard on yourself, or if you hold yourself accountable, right, that is going to cause you to despair, it's not true.

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You know, and we got to be a little, you know, we have to take it as easy on this whole, like, self love, talk.

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If you if we really love ourselves, then we're going to hold it accountable, and take whatever we have seriously

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and toughen up.

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You know, especially when we experience when we experience, you know, you know, when we really are held back,

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you know, one of the Sahaba found himself in the battlefield, and he found some hesitancy in him.

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And he addressed himself he said, Woe to you yeah, and absolutely let Dr. Lee Tamati What is the matter what are you afraid of? If you don't get killed, you're going to die eventually.

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Right? Wake up, or when you no one was hurt.

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Right? And they said that the province was selling himself experienced this hello empty last word in the media. He looked at that cut and that, you know, blood that was coming out of his hand and he said you're only you know, just a finger that blood a little bit she said really left off he said really Allah He may look at

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So we need to toughen up and know that we're here to please Allah subhanaw taala and that whatever we experience is feasability Allah azza wa jal.

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So, so, so it will cause us to one it will humble us to which will strengthen our bond and connection with Allah Subhana Allah because we know the only hope that we have is through Allah Subhana Allah the only source of salvation is Allah azza wa jal. No matter how hard we try, we're not going to be able to do it on our own. We have to turn to Allah subhana wa LFU rule in Allah, run and flee back to Allah Subhana Allah and through this process, we're actually doing this, Oh Allah, I am holding myself accountable for your sake, right before you hold me accountable.

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And I see that I have fallen short.

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Course. Number three, it will actually prompt us to repent to Allah azza wa jal returned to Allah and repentance and ask Allah for forgiveness and Subhanallah we are taught this even when we finish or you know salah or rabada when we experience rabada we are called to do so far. As soon as you finish this Hello, I've suffered Allah Subhan Allah for Allah and he just finished a bad

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it's never perfect. So I suffered Allah for any shortcomings for any deficiency, right and this is good. So it will prompt us to do due to to do Toba and return you know, turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and Allah azza wa jal says what to boil Allah He Jamia Anna Johanna, and the prophesy Selim says that you will harness itself Allah to La Fein the SF hula hula to me at Amara.

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ask Allah for forgiveness and repent to Allah azza wa jal returned to Allah and repentance for I do that 100 times a day, or more. So constant Savelle and Toba because that is how we purify ourselves

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and last but not least,

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it's a great form of self purification, because it will help us become better.

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And Allah subhanho wa taala. In the Quran, there is a there is an amazing oath. Allah azza wa jal says that Augustine will be Amil key Amity wala OpenSim will be Nuptse lawanna. Allah Subhana Allah makes an oath or swears by the soul that is that blames

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itself and hold yourself accountable. And Hassan Vasari Rahim Allah

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law you will call Muslim who is local manual he said you will never find a believer in law who are your it won't accept that you will find Him always blaming himself and holding himself accountable and acknowledging his or her shortcomings. He will say things like Mather ought to be Kelly Murthy mother, to be a quality mother or to be sure Betty, he said he will act he will tell himself you will always telling him so what was your intention? When you said what you said? What is your intention when you ate this when you drank this? You know, what did you do it for? He said when Pharaoh asked for the wicked person, young Leopoldo Mala it when I've said that person goes on with

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life, not holding themselves accountable. As a matter of fact, if they're ever reminded, and they're told, Hey, dude, you know what you're doing is wrong. Wake up, they will say what what are you talking about? Who are you to judge me? When they're even reminded off making you suffer? They will say why should I? Why should I? What did I do? Not only that, even when Allah azza wa jal afflicts them with a calamity or test them with any hardship. They will say, Where did this come from?

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What did I do to deserve this? Masha Allah you're an angel, very innocent Masha Allah

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and they said even okay, even I conclude with this said that if anyone ever says this, that shows that they don't know themselves or they don't know Allah, or they don't know both.

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A poodle has Hola Hola. Hola, como esta familia de la calm in a Honda four Oh, Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah Heyoka salat wa salam ala Rostova.

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The believer does not settle for this only but the believer also seeks the advice and the feedback of those of his brothers and sisters that care about him. Rahim Allah humara and Ilya are up May Allah subhana wa Taala shower with Mercy any person that comes in gifts me my shortcomings or my mistakes and I invite you to do that in sha Allah to Allah with me Shaohua for the advice and the constructive, constructive, constructive criticism that believers offer each other benefits them well that cure Fein necrotic Mini and we when we are reminded by some by the way, you know, subhanAllah we should always take a reminder or if someone comes in admonishes you or someone comes

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to reminds you or gives gives you feedback, you should always accept it.

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Right, unconditionally, just accept it, whoever it is, even if that person right does not wish you well.

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As long as as beneficial as long as you can benefit from it, right? Take it,

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take it and run with it. Right? You are the beneficiary. So, with that kind of process where the believer is always constantly correcting himself and holding himself accountable, and also listening to and accepting the advice of other people and their correction, the believer will continue to improve, get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and purify himself until they stand before Allah azza wa jal and they will be worthy or they will qualify for the highest a believer can reach in terms of their reward with Allah azza wa jal I ask Allah azza wa jal to make you and I have those who listen and follow the best of what they listen to ask Allah azza wa jal to make every season, every month,

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every year, every day, a better day a day that will bring us closer to Allah azza wa jal, a day that will make us you know, rise and a day that will purify us make us pure and closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. A day in which we benefit from what we learned a day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us of those who are touched, healed, and blessed by his book and by the teachings of His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaking of whom, remember that Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran, gave us a command in which Allah Subhana Allah says yeah, you have Nadine in Allah Allah Allah Allah you gotta also Luna and then maybe, yeah, you're Latina Amman or Solu Allah who are

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sending water motor Sliva. So make sure that you send your salutations and your greetings so a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Allah and his and his angels do that Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Abdullah sunnah can never you know me when I early he was when he was already come out. So later on early Ibrahim, well that a guy that Mohammed Abdullah Sulak and me early he was right here with a yeti kebab. Brahim already brought him in the CAMEO Majeed Allahumma Islam on was Amin Allah. Islamic

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law, we will definitely see it your your model fee model. Well, you won't have he hadn't monka Allahu Allah and I love it that Tina, have you been able to email him? Well, Carrie Lee him or Elena.

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Sen. Jana? Yeah. Hi Mina Rashid in yada yada yada rhotic and also the Helena shenana kula hula Tokina Illa facilita la manana Celica Alpha Theta for dunya Allahu Minh and so look at who they were took our data for Lena Allahumma in ns o. Matic was a member of pure logic ceilometer Michelis Wallonie with him equilibrium Well, Pozible Jen, when the gentleman and now along with our Marina Melina Politeama well, how are you I mean, I am and I'm talking I'm talking until all the replies Allah in Allah hit me when I said well you tell you the Cordova when handy fascia you will make it available to the corona with Corolla has Ruhollah and I mean he has it come. What are the crew

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Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah momento Simone