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What happened at school this teacher This is, hopefully this was, this is an isolated incident beginning of last week. Let's stop there. You're ready yourself to debate any of any other professor here. Anybody that wants to challenge you on this. I visited Boston he has, you know, 10 as I told you know where this person is who can put their mother down even more. Have you ever seen that your mama, your mama, your mama thought, this is

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how you doing? I'm humbled and humbled in nutbag. As they say, Good. Where are you in Bosnia? Now? No, no, no, no, you still you're still just dreaming about it? Of course, of course. Of course it is. unforgettable trip. can tell us some of the highlights. For those who have never been to Bosnia. What are some of the highlights of your trip? Because that's where we actually saw each other there by let us say Bismillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah? Well, there were so many highlights in the trip, or from the trip. First of all, I was I visited Boston, as you know, 10, as I told you, 10 years before that, okay. And I was amazed as at that level of transformation that has happened to

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there are actually more than 10 years. Okay, I got between both, and they have moved on with their life. Yeah, and they want to rebuild their country, they want to re establish themselves. So that was really an amazing thing to see.

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Also, another amazing thing is that I noticed that the number of people who practice the deen has increased. Yeah. Okay.

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Now, I don't want to say that well, it is below what it should be above what it should be. This is another discussion. Yeah, but I think it has improved and inshallah this will be a very good sign. We need to be always optimistic and we need to to

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keep moving, moving even if it is bit slow. Yeah. This is another thing.

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Another element of course, any Bostonians.

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hospitability is something that is outstanding. simplicity. Yeah, it is also outstanding, despite the that they went through a very tough time, yet they are able, at least the Muslim community, okay, I'm mixed with the Muslim community, at least they are able to maintain their good laugh, their simplicity, despite the difficulties they went into, of course, the the nature and the dunia. Of course, this is something else but for the believer, the Petunia is as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says Matt and Isla

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Garabedian marva be really cool. I could be mobile law might be really shady.

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On modelica, I'm just a traveler, who is passing by a tree to rest for a few minutes, and then he will just leave it. So then you do need is nothing but like that. Yeah. Have you had an experience to have some raw milk since then?

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Yeah, raw milk? No, actually, you know, the reason I asked you for the audience that doesn't know that we have some footage here that people can see we actually you are at the far the I haven't seen those footages now, we'll send it to you that you're drinking some meat and you actually drinking some raw milk? Yeah, no. See, I you know, my first experience with raw metal goes back to Sudan. Yeah. So

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what happened baby? This was 25 years ago. Yeah. 25 years ago, I was younger. Now people will say wow, 25 years ago, then how old is the How old is the share? Yeah, I'm still younger. Yeah, yesterday a person saw me

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reading go to holding a small must have. Yeah. And then he stopped. And then he said, shift. Are you able to read in this? Yeah, I said say Mashallah, first he said Mashallah. I said no, say it from your heart. He said, Mashallah, I said no. Is that coming from your heart? Let me check your heart. So I put my ear next to his heart to check whether he was saying it from okay. The floss perspective or from his heart sincerely or not.

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Anyway, 25 years ago, some brothers convinced us to go for, you know, a hunting trip in Sudan. You know, Sudan is known for that. Yeah, where you hunt rabbits. And what is it that bird? Very nice, but how about we call it How about an hour? And another bird? Very, very beautiful. Yeah. And that was the season for for hunting. So I said, Okay, I'm not a person who hunting but let us go. So we went, and you know, I took some water. Clean water with me. Yeah. Because I know that the people, some of the people around me they will not they don't care. Yeah. Anyway, so I took the water and

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they drank my water. So we run out of water. Okay, and then I became really thirsty. And it was like desert and it was hot. Imagine so that. So what happened? They came next to nothing water well, like water gathering in like a big,

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big trench. Yeah, big trench. And then they said, Oh, no, this is nice water and they want to drink from it. And it is mud man. Yeah, mud, mud. And I they said yeah, it's very nice. I said, What? This is not very nice. Anyway, they.

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And then I was only thinking of drinking, contemplating drinking, not drinking. And then just all of a sudden, I saw you know, some insects is women in the we call it home fossa. I don't know, the black insect list that works. And it is very disgusting. And I saw it is swimming in the eyes and no way that I can Drink from this water. Then also, like a farm person we had had some cows. Yeah. And then I went to him. And I said, Can I buy some milk from you? Yeah. And then he, what is the word he milk that the cow. And he gave me some raw milk when I drank it. And then I asked a friend of mine who was who was a doctor, he said, What? You should not drink raw milk, raw cow's milk before

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boiling it. Otherwise you might get you might get certain diseases. So this is my experience with raw milk. Yeah, but with goat raw milk. I had some experience about it. Although in the beginning, it might not smell nicely, but it is. Now for people that don't know you, actually. And tell us about that before we also talk to talk about how many other questions but I mean, this is a very important topic that you actually in your state you had a battle of cancer not too long ago. Did you at one point feel like you were this? Was it like you are tasting almost death?

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Well, as you have said, this, this is really an interesting point at

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I started to take that chemotherapy. And what happened is that so how light is amazing that the second dose was

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so hard, so hard.

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But even before that, let me just go quickly before that, because of time.

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After the first dose, what happens is that there was hemorrhage, internal bleeding. And

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so the doctor he said, No, we need to keep you in the hospital. Okay, so they kept me in the hospital but in the beginning they keep me in light.

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While they are giving me the chemo is a like a hotel that belongs to the hospital, they separated from the hospital because of maybe because of the chemotherapy, etc. So in the middle of the night I woke up and I felt that I'm going to die.

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Yeah, because the pain is unbearable. Okay, I have never experienced such pain in my life. And then I said in the morning, and in the morning, I will call my brothers who live in Saudi Arabia, just to to organize maybe finished my will I wrote my will and hamdulillah but maybe finish a few things because that's it death after this cannot be white but death. And as a panel line the morning I woke up to pray.

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And then I was making Google and

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Look what happened in the in the mirror. Okay, I was making Voodoo started to make although I looked at myself. And then when I looked at myself, I said, Well, actually, this is not the face of a person who's going to die. Yeah. And then I said, Okay, come on, man, just kick out this idea is whatever Allah, Allah, Allah decrees will happen to you. So I didn't call even my family, or my brothers and so the Arabia, and I continued,

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but that these days, I was Yanni feeling that Oh, it is has just just okay, that's the end of me. Before that also, when, because I had the concept first, and then they remove it, and then it came back again. And then they removed it. And then it came back the third time when it came back. The third time, it was very aggressive. And I remember when I checked it, and the doctor had an MRI, actually, today I have an MRI appointment. Yeah, just for regular checkup. But at that time, when I had the MRI, the specialist, he told me that the cancer spread. Yeah, in your shoulder, and in this part because the cancer was here. I mean, you shared some pictures of the cancer cells actually.

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And that actually, I was maybe a for the last one and a half years when I had it the first time, the second time, etc.

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I was in a state of denial.

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Because at that moment when he told me that it has spread

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I really started to think than that. That's it. Okay.

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Well, this is the end of my life will be coming soon. Yeah. Because when it is cancerous, stage three and four, and the cancer has started to spread. And well, we I have heard a lot of that. After cancer there is nothing but death in most cases. And it is the second main reason for death in the world. So I'm kind of felt that but Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah, Allah Allah and this is my message to the people who are back in in concert. Never ever give up. Yeah, never ever give up remaining strong all the time.

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And I would like to say I By the way, one of the benefits of this experience is that so many people call me asking me for moral support. So many people battling cancer, call me for, you know, moral support. And I say to them at the end of the day, brothers and sisters, all of us are going to die.

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This is collapsing their auto mode here and in this we don't need even to quote from Quran and Sunnah. But we caught from Quran and Sunnah Yanni for for like just to boost our Emap Otherwise, this is a fact no one would deny that and sooner or later you are going to die. So when you have concept, maybe your death is getting closer to you. And that don't take it from a very negative perspective and you just lose hope. Okay, take it from a positive perspective, whereby you

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you should feel that you need to do more good deeds. Yeah. repent to Allah Allah. Okay, well to boil Allah damiana You mean when Allah Allah come to your home? Right, your will? Okay? Fix your relationship with others. If you have taken any things unjustly give it back to them immediately. Before when you are on your deathbed, you can't do these things. And actually, I say to people, this is a good sign and this is a mercy from Allah, Allah, Allah because effectively Allah, Allah, Allah is warning you before taking your life. You know,

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if I, if I may say, uh, my brother in law, okay, so Pamela had cancer as well. Yeah, he had cancer, maybe worse than my cancer in the same period. And he was battling cancer. All of a sudden when he was back in in concert.

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His brother died

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without any notification, okay. His brother was healthy, actually.

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He was spending good time with the family. They were they had their end up his in laws left him

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that he doesn't feel well. He went to the toilet, he came out from the toilet. He sat on the bed on the sofa. And then he passed away. No one was expecting this. He was not expecting this. They were expecting his older brother to die. But actually, he died before his older brother without notification when Allah deny that makes you ill. Yeah, brothers and sisters don't take it negatively. This is a very good sign. And say, you are allowing me just to talk talk talk, I don't mind, you know that the speakers, one of their emphasis is to keep talking.

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They, yeah, you cannot control them. So it is.

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Tell us out there's some recent developments we're hearing over here of someone who's, you know, beloved to close to 2 billion people in the world is the last and final messenger was sent as a mercy to all of mankind to everybody. And again, there's an in UK Is that right? Can you tell us what's going on? You had a teacher? That was? Can you tell us about what happened at school? This teacher This is? Hopefully this was this is an isolated incident beginning of last week. A teacher in back live actually is North of England. Yeah. And then, okay. He's a teacher in badly Grammar School. Grammar School means one of the good schools, he called the the students I think, between

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the age of nine and 13. And in one of the classes he said to them, I would like to show you something that might be offensive to some and and then he showed them the Charlie Hebdo pictures. So called of the prophet SAW Selim, of course, they are just mocking themselves by putting those pictures, okay, but that here they it is symbolic that they want to mock the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in response to that, okay, their child, he was a very clever child. And he went to his parents, and he told them, and then actually, a few children went to their parents. Sorry, I should have said that a few children went to their parents, and then the parents who

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started to Maschine

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in front of the school. Yeah. And then slowly, slowly, this issue became big. And obviously, the the headmaster of the school came out in the beginning, he issued a press statement, and then the parents were not very happy with that their press statement. And the Muslim community started to engage more and more. And then the school announced that they are actually from the beginning the school they announced that they are suspending the teacher. And then I think it'd be recent thing is the school issued an apology and maybe suspended two or three teachers, maybe this is the latest maybe it has happened today. And generally speaking, the parents have accepted that response so far.

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Now see, this what what what what what happened, but this might lead to

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the debate over

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over freedom of speech, because the teacher said, and my value of speech of freedom of speech, I would like to show these pictures, and by the way, our genius brother, our intellectual Hamza doctors, he is having a debate tomorrow with one of the professors from that school so Hamza sources Hamza Hamza Hamza yeah Hamza sources he's is he's having a debate with a teacher from that school and in an in an in an O with that Professor prophetic, I think from you. limb America, from America. Yeah. Okay. Regarding is it it has to do with this topic of freedom of speech, because it kicked off because of what happened there with this teacher. Yeah, over freedom of speech. Of course, you know,

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what, when anything happens, okay. Then, this debate is a is a is renewed, and many people would like to discuss this and how Islam sees freedom of speech. Yeah. Why? Why do you Why do Muslims those who submit their will to the Creator, not the Christian, why do Muslims get so upset? How would you answer that? When there's these things come up with Prophet Muhammad? Okay, I chose Dr. Steven law. Okay. For Marie reader in philosophy. He

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called it

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throughout college, yes. How can people watch this? Where can they go to watch this? This is tomorrow. Okay. So this is a you know, brother Hamza and co they have established a very good Think Tank called

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Sapiens Institute. Okay. So PNC Institute. Okay. So through that they can watch it. I see. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, so this one. Gotcha. How free is freedom of speech? Yes. Yeah. Put it up a little bit up a little bit. There you go. Right there. How free is speech? Got it? Okay. Yeah. Okay. So, anyway, you see

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a few points here. A few points. First of all, when they say when they say why Muslims become upset, first of all the question, do human beings become upset or not? Yes. See, to be honest with you, you know, I found that that those who are debating over this freedom of speech very simplistic in their approach, I I doubt their intellectual capacity, by the way, and I'm willing to bet to debate anyone about this. Okay, so hold on, let's stop there. You're ready yourself to debate any of any other professor here? Anybody that wants to challenge you on this? Yeah, of course, of course. Because I find that it is over simplistic argument. Yeah.

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First of all, do people become upset sometimes?

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Absolutely. upset.

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Forget about Muslim, non Muslim. Do you become upset or no, that's the part of the human makeup. Yes, certain things upset us. So So why are you asking me? Why do you become upset at this? So you should say why this in particular makes you upset? Yeah. Okay. Because as if they will not become upset anytime. This is one thing. The other thing is now do you see things or do things happen in front of you and you become upset? Because you see them? Yes, of course. Yeah. When you see, for example, the other day, I saw like, a car running over a cat.

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Yeah, and the cat you know, is killed and this bleeding Gandy? Do you become upset or no? Yes, of course. Okay. This is a human being nature. So the question here is what makes you upset? Or what is legitimate to make human beings upset? And what is illegitimate or irrational or insane or wrong to make human beings upset? This should be the question. Yeah. And we say that there are natural things that will make you upset and there are logical things that make you upset. Yeah. And sometimes there is there is an overlap between both of them, but between both of them for example. Yeah, let Yeah, how was your son? Yeah, how was your son? You we met him dead? Yes. You did a hamdulillah Thank you

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very He's good. Yeah, has he finished his Yes, yes. He finished. Okay. Sorry, reminded me of a hammock acsi was certainly about to say Hamza. Okay, so if I say to you,

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would you like me to go to Abu Hamza or what? That sure. Yeah, sure. Okay. Abu Hamza, you know, Hamza? Yeah. He's such a stupid

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boy. Yeah. And, you know, he is a filthy person. Hey, hey, hey, hey, you're going to a slow down now. And you know, you don't know about your son. What are you know about him? I saw him the other day doing this. And now, if I say to you, listen, guys, why are you upset?

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Take it easy, man. It's fine. I'm insulting your beloved son and calling him this filthy person and that and just you need to smile. You don't need to be a human being. You don't need to be a father. Yeah. Okay. And this is not your son. Don't worry. Why you should just this month. Now. Am I asking you for something that is rational?

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No, I'm asking you Am I asking you just to I'm asking you not to act as a human being. I'm asking you to act as a as a robot as a as a as a computer as a machine Yes or no? Yeah. Let alone if somebody is insulting your mother or somebody I knew we can go down the line. Yeah, I see. The problem is when with insulting your mother It is very unfortunate. non Muslims, they don't value their mothers as maybe they value their children and that's why they change that's that's a that's a good point because they actually have your mama contest. Notice teeth got more tada than red line.

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Mother so fetch Yana close in the driveway. Your mobile been on welfare. So let me put a face on a food stamp. You know where this person is? Who can put their mother down even more? Have you ever seen that? Your mama, your mama, your mama thought?

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Every time he looked at the mirror, the mirror got we got that over here if they have their their? I haven't seen that. Yeah, I changed this because I noticed that when you people, when people say for us as Muslims, your mother is the most valuable thing. Can you live? Yeah, apart from your game, of course. And if someone were to insult your mother for us, this is you go crazy. But it is very unfortunate that that the status of mother has been, you know, watered down or diminished now or put down actually not just watered down. Yeah, so people. Yeah, so what if you insulted your mother, that's why I make this example. If I insult your son, and I call him stupid, he doesn't understand

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this and that you will feel educated. Then if I say to you know, don't feel agitated. Now who is wrong? Of course, I'm wrong. I am the one who is stupid. I asked you, okay, why don't you become angry? Now, the non Muslims, as I said with, with mothers, they don't unfortunately, see, let me just say this values are diminishing,

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okay. And they have been replaced by sake values, that and the values that has been replacing that natural human being values are fake values that serve the enter that interest of of certain rich people, not the value based people, for example, who is talking about when when they talk about values? And actually if if we want to talk intellectually about this subject, we should say first, the first question. Yeah, before insulting your mother insulting your children and etc. Now, when you say that a freedom of speech is a family is a value? Yeah, who decide? Okay, who decides?

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The values, whether they are values or not? Yeah, the virtues, whether there are values or not, or principles, whether there are values or not. This is the question number one. Question number two. If we say that, well, this side is the most qualified, maybe entity to decide what values are, then the details of the values. Yeah. And here, there is a huge, a huge misconception in the non Islamic West, because they don't have a lot in their life, or what happens. They just have the slogans not values, because values, they need some details. They don't have the details. When you talk to them about freedom of speech, they just say talk about freedom of speech, they don't have jurisprudence

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of freedom of speech. So that's why they are not qualified to talk about values. What who is qualified to talk about values is the one who is able to give Okay, guidelines for the details of such values. Yeah, and that's why we from an Islamic perspective, we have something called the field of delissa. Listen, yeah, they have speech, yes or no? Yes. Yeah. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to Martha coonass at the Nadia in the house, I don't see anything what throws people in Fire of Hell is what they earned by their tongues. So, the private Salah Salem is giving us some guidelines for what for freedom of speech, okay. So, this is one thing which is a very deep philosophy focal

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point, which goes back to who decides what is right What is wrong? Yeah. So when we say this is the right this is wrong, who decides values there is this a value or not? What are the details of the value? Okay, and so on. So this is number one. Yeah.

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Now, point number two.

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See, okay, imagine various value, okay. Imagine you have a value of freedom of speech, and you have the, the guidelines of that value. Now, if my value goes against your value,

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yeah, what shall we do? For example, if Yeah, if I insult you,

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and that annoys you, that's done.

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Give me that I don't insult you.

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Just because I believe that it is a value. And then I forced my value on you, I and I should I said to you, you should not be insulted. You should smile, look at this dictatorship of not not worse than the dictatorship that we see in the Middle East. Okay, this is like intellectual dictatorship. Yeah, that I should insult you. I should put you down. Okay. This is the colonial dictators mentality before it used to kill people shed their blood. Yeah. And they should not. They should not object. Yeah, either. I remember that. There was a story of

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you know, one of the canola colonial

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soldiers. Yeah. In one of the countries, he was, you know, slaughtering the slaughtering of one of the indigenous people. And then that indigenous people, he bit his arm. Yeah. Okay. And then he was shouting and he was, you know, slapping him such a barbaric person. And then he went to his son to his colleague, and he told him, look at those barbaric people he beat and he was about to cut my, you know, flesh. He says why he said I was slaughtering him. So slaughtering give is not barbaric. Yeah. And when that person defends himself, this is barbaric. So same thing, I should insult you put you down, do whatever I want to do. And you should just respond by smiling. Yeah, in order to show

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me that you are a civilized person, but I am not a civilized person on I insult you. Okay.

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So, did you get that? Okay, so here, there is a debate non Muslims who claim these values, they should have a debate among themselves? What about if there is a value and that is okay, causing harm in this society? Should we continue doing this value? And by the way, I find that this as Yanni as a big problem in that non Islamic world? Yeah. Which is what? They don't care about muscle. Yeah, they don't care about the benefit. They care about one thing only, which is pleasure.

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Yeah, pleasure. Okay. So that's why if you know, drinking alcohol is damaging the economy of countries, yes or no? Yeah. Okay. Here every 10 seconds. Someone's dying from alcohol. I was about to say they in the in the US. It is something Yeah. Every 10 seconds. Okay. And the economy, it is done again, get economy you also have no even I was reading about some statistics regarding, you know, Sarah ever did that was killed, you know,

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two weeks ago, here in in, in London, and they were talking about the crimes against women. And they said many of those crimes, I thought that actually the figure, many of the clients may be 60% don't quote me anyway. of clients against women. Is you to what? Alcohol cover? Yeah. Okay. Now, if we are talking about the rights of women, if we are really talking about the rights of women, we should stop people from drinking alcohol.

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Yes or no? Okay. But they don't want to admit that. And I'm sure now maybe we will leave this disc once you put this online. Yeah, there will be one of the what is it one of those right wing? Or maybe now even we have extreme left wing, you know, newspapers, and they will accuse me of saying, Look, what did he say he wants to stop alcohol. He wants to ban alcohol. Yeah. And they will. Yeah, but if you're talking about the rights of women, okay, go ahead, protect women do something to protect to protect a woman all what they say that well, we should criminalize

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sexual harassment, we should include in sexual harassment. Other things like looking staring, verbal abuse, even sexual harassment between between between, you know,

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within the family, it is called sexual harassment. If I put my hand on

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My wife, yeah, my halaal and she said, Oh, this is sexual harassment. Now she can report me to the police. Okay, let alone so called that a pink. Okay. or other things? Yeah. So they want to criminalize this, okay? Or maybe maybe they will, they will reach to a level that if I send a love message to my wife, yeah, a love message to my wife or maybe something kisses, then Oh, oh, this is you know sexual harassment there. When are we going? And then are they talking about values? Okay. And when they talk about values, where are the family values? Okay, what what, where are the family values? Is anyone talking about, you know, values in terms of the elders of the values in terms of

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my mother who was cleaning my nappies. She has no rights. No place no value in the society? Yeah, my father who was working day and night in order to he was taking the food from his mouth in order to give it to me. And then this society is not talking about my value, actually, or such value. Actually, yesterday I was or the day before yesterday, I was with a secondary teacher. Yeah. And it is unfortunately, I stayed in school, but most of them are Muslims. One of the girls, one of the girls. She called the police. Yeah, because her father stopped v. WiFi. Yeah. And she was aiming she told me this. This teacher, she said she was aiming that the social services will be involved in

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order to what? Yeah, in order to get the Wi Fi back to the Wi Fi pretty pretty soon it's going to be because you took away my 5g, you put me on 3g? Well, yeah, you took my ride. My father, okay. In fringe what or what is the word, my rights? Are we going down that line? And see, okay, if we are going down that line, okay, I'm giving the good news to the Western world that is anti Islamic, that is anti human values. Okay. If they continue going down, down that route, they continue, they are actually continuing to decline and destroy themselves by themselves. Yeah, they don't need external enemies to, you know, to destroy them. They are going to destroy their countries and, and our

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countries. It is a very unfortunate, and this is what

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I think Fukuyama have said. He said, I'm not worried about America from any external threat are worried about America. Yeah. Because of what the break down of family values. Well, tell me shake. We got a few more minutes. How much time do we have left with you? I want to respect the time. I know you have to go soon. I want to get some some quick, rapid questions in Yeah, I was trying to come up with the questions. We have six, seven minutes. Okay. What about when Jesus is insulted? How do Muslims feel? I mean, this is mighty messenger who we love and revere is one of the greatest messengers. How do Muslims feel there? Hey, we as Muslims believe in all prophets, we respect all

00:38:36--> 00:39:18

profits. And by the way, we are proud to that our deem that Islam is the only religion that believes in all profits, and respects all profits and respect the owner of all profits. And this is a clear indicator on another sort of the mountains he may be one moment on cooldown and I believe that your Mullah ekati worker to be what also the Lando fellow planner had in collusion with they believe in all the profits and they do not distinguish between all of them. In fact, it is established in our opinion that if someone does believe in Jesus, or

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

Isa, let us call him ASAP because there might be you know, confused confusion, ladies out Prophet Isa or prophet moose, our Prophet Abraham or any other Prophet, then this person is leaving the fold of Islam. Yeah, so we should react in the same way and we do react in the same way. Yeah. By the way, by the way, our Deen in general is not ideal to mock someone. Yeah, whether he or she, whether he is a prophet, or he or she, they are normal people. Yeah, our deal is not based on mockery.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Well uncut alumna Betty either might have known in video but have a lot I know the human beings and the prophets Allah tell him who is our role model, Matallana Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as it described him for Asia.

00:40:15--> 00:40:57

Asia? Yeah, he was not using bad language. Yeah. And the prophesied sell themselves that the believer is not the seller and that who just insults and that's why, you know, there is this sector from Islam without mentioning him. You know, everyone knows them. They their Deen is based on insulting Abubakar under Omar and we say that listen. Okay, even if Whatever the case, the first proof that your deen is wrong is the fact that it is based on what on insulting. Okay, insulting others? Yeah.

00:40:59--> 00:41:39

Yes. Okay. Second question. How can someone from the right from the left the president up in the White House anybody out there when we say that he was sent as an admin as a mercy to all the world? How can they confirm that? What direction would you point them? that they can substantiate that he indeed was actually a messenger for them also. Okay, very good. Very good. We say that. Okay. Just leave your emotions aside. Yeah. And just think rationally, this is Islam? This, these are the instructions the prophets are selling provided us with a check. Is there any instruction that is harmful?

00:41:40--> 00:42:35

Yeah. And moreover, you will check that leaving any instruction of or guidelines that Islam called for is actually bringing home all of our instructions. Now, it is very unfortunate that there is no intellectual debate regarding this because if I ask this question, people immediately ask about what Yeah, about Yeah, but her dude Yes, they forget about everything and they say well in Islam, that he okay should be punished like this and the the the fornicator or the adulterer or those who commit homosexuality or those who did this and that they will be punished likely, this is the only thing that they think about because this proves and when a person is discussing with me, and then he

00:42:35--> 00:43:22

brings this he proves to me that he is ignorant of Islam. And not only that, that he is just following the stereotyping because he just spoke about these things. He did not look at the the justice system in Islam, and it is one of the main foundations of Islam in a way amaru bill actually when So anyway, he died off about Allah enjoins justice and commands. Okay, so the principle of justice, Justice in the political level, Justice in the social level, so justice in the financial level, justice, even again, as a human being justice against all people, small people, again is to humanity. Again, it's not a humanity, again, it's to treat the environment, everything just not only

00:43:22--> 00:43:52

that, but actually we have superiority, we have something called Lsn word. This is above justice, no one in the world there is no system in the world has that they might have some limited emotional Rama, mercy, limited emotional mercy, but we have mercy and so as a comprehensive system, yeah, it is part of our system. Okay. What does that mean?

00:43:53--> 00:44:08

In court? Okay, if we have a dispute in court, you take your right I take my right. That's it. However, Islam is saying what feminists will answer I say Oh, listen, okay. You are a friend of mine, although Yanni

00:44:09--> 00:44:36

I this is my right I forego you because you are my friend, let alone My brother, let alone My mother or my father. Yeah, okay. Let alone my relative. So this is forgiveness. This is part of that system, even the leader of the community he has to forgive. Sometimes if there is no conflict, yeah, when the person repents and come to him. So this is

00:44:37--> 00:44:37

this is the

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

Yeah. Also, one of the unique qualities of, of Islam, which is a reflection of our manifestation of dogma is the fact that see, Islam prohibits us from committing certain crimes, but in order to help us

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

To stop those crimes, Islam is stopping us from so many steps before that, yeah. So for example, why Islam is not allowing nudity and commanding women to wear hijab and commanding men to lower their gaze. Why is this in order to stop men from what raping women? Yeah, in order to stop Xena fornication or adultery. Now why Islam is doing that because Islam knows that if we allow,

00:45:36--> 00:45:51

if we allow Zina fornication, adultery, there will be illegitimate children, then there will be no safety because I will be afraid that my wife behind my back will cheat on me, and

00:45:52--> 00:46:48

I will have no trust with my friends. Okay. And this will, this race will dismantle the fabric of the society. So Islam said in order to maintain the integrity of this society, we need to take a number of measures that take this case of the murder of The sad mother of killing this lady Sarah ever. Now see, they are talking about the protection of women. And you know, you need to have a comprehensive system to protect women or men or any member of the society is not just by isolated laws here and there. This will provide security for the for the system or the society, or Haytham is it elucid clear hypocrisy. When you have a certain race for example of people who are insulted, you

00:46:48--> 00:47:30

can't hide behind freedom of speech. When people deny the Holocaust. You can go and up in certain countries you can go to jail. And you can hide behind freedom of speech when you criticize you talk about or you don't agree with, let's say a particular alphabet movement, same thing you can hide behind the freedom of speech. But now when you're insulting Moses Jesus and Alaska fundamentals, you probably have a peace and blessings be upon them all. Now people hide behind freedom of speech is this clear hypocrisy, this is this is a sign of hypocrisy and this is a sign of you know that this is this system has so many flaws and it is impractical and it is used as an against it is used as a

00:47:30--> 00:47:56

weapon against you as Muslim. Yeah, but in reality it doesn't exist and the last one How should Muslims when Moses insulted when Jesus is assaulted when Prophet Mohammed peace in buses being assaulted when when they are insulted? How should Muslims react? Yeah, well see they should react short term long term. Yeah. And we should have strategies to face such

00:47:57--> 00:48:05

insults. And even we should you know, as Muslims should on our long term mass and

00:48:06--> 00:48:50

to the level that we reach to a level to criminalize the okay to criminalize v v. v. Religion. Okay. The symbols of the religion. Yeah, okay. The religion that is what that is widely accepted, such as Islam, such as Christianity, however, criminalizing This doesn't mean, yeah, doesn't mean no criticism, and people are conflating between both. Okay. Yes, well criticize me as a Muslim. Regarding so many things in Islam, so many things the prophet SAW Selim did, etc. And we are open for debate. Yeah, that's fine. Okay.

00:48:51--> 00:49:35

But just in South mockery, yeah. That will create more division, and this will create so many problems within within within humanity. Yeah. Thank you very much, Isabella. Hi. Thank you so much. I know we're out of time. Thank you for spending some time with us here on the deen show. No problem. I am ready to to serve you at any time at home. I am at your service, Zach. Hello, thank you shake a Salah Graham davari consider to deliver a guest and thank you guys for tuning into the deen show. Subscribe. If you haven't already, hit the notification bell. Share this program with everybody that you know far and wide and support us on our Patreon page. Thank you very much. And as

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you've learned, Jesus is beloved to our hearts. We love him as one of the greatest messengers ever sent to mankind. Moses, and the list goes on. And the last and foremost your problem I'm at peace and blessings be upon him look into his license searly What good will come out of mocking insulting. Let us go ahead and create more of a peace in the world through education to understanding and that's what the deen show is dedicated to clearing

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