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The transcript describes the famous man named Jack, who responded to President-impacted by his comments and became famous because of his response. The conversation discusses the high prices for internet and the poor prices for telecommunications companies, as well as a beautiful place called hamma where people are driving and driving is expensive. The main reason for the session is to encourage people to find what they do and try to find what they do. The session is a motor vehicle session and the session is a panelized session.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hope everyone's doing well Mashallah Tabata Kyla.

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I am so excited about my trip this evening I will be leaving for

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Entebbe in Uganda. So the brothers and sisters in Uganda Subhana Allah have been I mean, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys. I've seen so much of hype and I really pray that it's a major success. It's part of the building bridges tour. And so panel lights really

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exciting because it was meant to happen many years ago and for some reason it kept on being postponed and even the last date that we had given prior to Ramadan, it was postponed as well. So Alhamdulillah now it's it's happening Mashallah tabarrok Allah it's happening so 23rd I think we have a joke at the what's called the Gadhafi mosque which is the main Masjid I think are the biggest Masjid in Kampala

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Uganda and then we have a few other little programs some visits and I'm excited about one or two visits that we have planned but the main event is going to be on the 23rd of

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June inshallah

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at the Nepal no non bullies stadium right I think I've got that right. It's it's actually known as the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Berlin.

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So happy to be

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with you guys Charla

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you know, my brothers and sisters, I want to share something very interesting with you guys. You know, when you start doing something for the sake of Allah and your intention is so clean and so good. Keep the intention in check all the time. Make sure that because Allah has granted you success, you don't lose focus from that intention at the beginning. You know, a lot of the times when we start Good work, whether it's a charity, whether it's good Islamic work, whether it's humanitarian work for the sake of Allah, whether it is any goodness, when you start it, even when you've just changed your life and you've become a better person. A lot of the times at the

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beginning, there is a good intention right? At the beginning, there is a very good intention. When people think to themselves, I'm going to be a better person, I'm going to, I'm going to do this for the sake of Allah. I know a brother who told me I'm going to give 2% of whatever my turnover is for my business for the sake of Allah. When he started off, it was $1,000, it went to 10,000 100,000 1,000,010 million. And then he started saying, Oh, do I still have to give that and I told him my brother, no way. You have to never ever change that. intention of yours. Same applies sometimes, you know, people start seeing fame and they lose track of that pure intention that was at

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the beginning. Never do something for name and fame. Don't ever promote yourself. If Allah grants you popularity or, or some form of acceptance, remember, that's a huge test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Always keep yourself humble. Keep yourself in check. Go back to that intention, look at the intention, read, you know, renew it again. be hard on yourself and your intention, your goodness, your character. And don't ever let that popularity fame, money looks. None of that should actually bother you and affect you. Because meaning in a negative way. Because that's when everything goes wrong. That's when everything goes wrong. And trust me, if you always have that intention in check.

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And if you always remember your humble beginnings, and you always think about Allah as favor upon you, you will never go wrong, you In fact, you become a better person as Allah bestows more and more upon you. This is a very important message because I've noticed a lot of people, even among people who are connected to knowledge, the more they know, the more arrogant they become, the more you know, they become harsh and hardened, they become critical of others, they become judgmental. That's also terrible because they didn't know where they started. I remember a mosque I used to frequent and I still do, and one of the brothers came and told me why do you go to this mosque? You know,

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they have some form of a problem. I said, I don't care. Where were you before Allah guided you? Weren't you at the same mosque listening to the lectures I used to deliver? And he closed he, you know, he closed his eyes for a moment, he punted. He said, You know what, you're 100%, right? And I'm like, gosh, you know, what do you think you're doing you? You cannot be so you know, Stanford alum, Allah forgive every one of us and keep us such that we remember our humble beginnings, what affected us what changed us in a positive way where we were before we had the wealth before we had the popularity before we had the whatever we do have, you've got a good spouse. Allah bless you with

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Children, Allah has blessed you with whatever. Remember to be always checking that intention of yours the sincerity of yours, the goodness, always ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guidance, and make sure that you don't change. This is where people go wrong. I see charities as well, some charities, when they small, they work hard, they have a good intention after that they lose track, they lose track of everything, they actually become arrogant. They think that everyone needs them. And they become, you know, they start employing cutthroat measures in order to raise money in a way that they have to defame others. The same applies to scholars sometimes, you know, a lot of

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scholars, sometimes they think that we have to actually, they think that we have to,

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they think that we have to

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bad mouth, those who are doing hard work in order for us to become popular and famous. So when they want to become famous, they think that they have to talk bad about someone else, so that they can be noticed. You know,

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it's very sad, and some people are doing this that if I bad mouth, someone who's famous, I'll become famous, you know, people won't say, Oh, that was the president they're gonna say, Oh, look at jack he was or a man known as jack was arguing with the President. So jack became famous because the president actually, you know, responded to him. Or maybe for example, he became popular due to some silly thing he did. My brothers and sisters, it's not about popularity, it's not about money. It's not?

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Well, there's a traffic jam. You know, in Harare, nobody gives way to anyone, everyone's if you if the traffic lights are not working, you actually have a problem because everyone's stuck in the center. Everyone is stuck in the center. And that's it, we're done.

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We have the most

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unreasonable drivers here in Zimbabwe, South Africa works because you have what's known as a four way stop whoever arrived at that intersection first has the right of going.

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You know, and a lot of people do have that in Zimbabwe, we don't have a rule to actually combat that problem. And I pray that someone actually does something to combat that. But my brothers and sisters,

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let me give you a little bit about the country. I live in beautiful, superb weather, lovely people absolutely amazing place. Our currency is upside down. We don't have electricity for 16 hours a day, every day, we only have electricity for approximately eight hours. That's the average, things are getting worse. We haven't had water for the last so many years in many, many parts of our country. We rely on our own boreholes, we rely on our own stuff. I don't think that the city council collects refuse. since time began meaning from a long, long time, we have to make our own plans and some of the areas they are fortunate that they do have a little bit of that service. The reason I say this

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is I'm so excited to be living here. I'm so happy to be here without water without electricity without anyone collecting refuse. Without a lot of the stuff roads, you know, full of bottles

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of knife quite expensive, the income very very low. I'm happy to live here because there is a lot of goodness that's happening here.

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The weather's good, the people are good, Mashallah, we have a lot of activity of the deen going on here. So I don't think I would leave in a rush. I've had huge opportunities in so many different places. And I can't go because there's a lot of activity that we are doing here. And I always tell people you want me to leave well get someone to replace me here and I will go The idea is who's going to come and live in Zimbabwe any one of you ready to come and live in a place that doesn't have electricity, doesn't have water doesn't have services doesn't have roads, proper roads besides a few and so on yet it's a lovely country. To me. It's one of the best countries that I've ever come

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across. The people are granted we make a joke out of all our problems, you know, look at me, I'm busy driving but at the same time.

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Yeah, where we have internet a lot of the times we don't have proper internet, it's extremely expensive to I feel that some of the telecommunications companies are actually a ripoff. But what can I do they have some form of a service that they're providing and the circumstances that are given. So in hamdulillah I thank Allah for this it's it's really a beautiful place and the reason I mentioned this, a lot of you guys are living in great names of Allah. Great near my you have everything going you live in first world countries, even if they're a third world but there's really really good countries where you have electricity and water. Don't take it for granted. We don't we

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actually don't do you know that I have a few buckets that that have little tabs at the bottom that we actually filled with water in order for us to be able to use when the when there is no water sometimes. Remember, I told you water hasn't been there for a long, long time. But we have our own boreholes to bring the water up you need electricity when the electricity is not there. Yes, we do have generators, but there's no diesel and no fuel. The petrol cues are more than two three miles long. I promise you I'm going to show you some of them. We think Alawites we'd be in the queue make a plan sometimes. You want to use your agenda.

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You don't actually have diesel or petrol to use that deck generator. So then you're stuck. That's why sometimes you don't have water. And so we have to make use of a bucket. It's like the 10th. World country, I think. But still, it's one of the best countries. You know why this piece is calm, there's stability, there's goodness, we practice our Deen. And we are, we are so loving, we get on with people of other faiths, we get on with everyone, and we get going and hamdulillah. So please don't don't be ungrateful for the few problems and issues you have. I'm talking about myself. We go through difficult, very, very tough situations with a smile. We think a lot. And like I said, we

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really have to life is a challenge. It's extremely difficult. It's very expensive. And I did say incomes are low. But you know what we have to make a plan, adjust your life according to what Allah has bestowed upon you. And you will be the happiest person ever. I don't think I've let you guys in on some of what I've said today before, but maybe I should do a proper session about life in Zimbabwe, the current life in Zimbabwe, you know, we've been living in hope for the last 20 to 30 years, hoping that things will get better, better, better every time they actually get worse. But I'm still so hopeful that things will get better. Why shala guys hamdulillah May Allah bless you and

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bless every one of us, right? I'm going to post this video not because it's worth posting, but just so that it can act as a lesson to everyone. I the message that I wanted to deliver to you guys today was all about intentions. Like I told you, there's an accident in front of me nearly every intersection has accidents, because people don't give weight in Zimbabwe, they don't give weight. So Subhanallah it's just shocking.

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If the traffic lights don't work, everyone wants to go. So what happens, there is a little clock right in the middle of the intersection and no one can move. And you can miss flights, even though the airport is only 10 minutes, 20 minutes away from the city center. Anyway, the main reason why I had the session today was in order to let you guys know not to spoil the intentions that you've had when you were not so famous when you were not so

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you know, powerful when you are not so wealthy when you are not so successful. I gave you the example of scholars sometimes when I say scholars, I mean people connected to knowledge, who who end up with such arrogance that I've never met before. I've never met more arrogant people than some of those connected to knowledge, the knowledge of Allah, and that which was given to us by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam imagine. And then there are people Subhanallah who are wealthy people who are successful. I gave you the example, like I said of charities, sometimes you start with a good intention. And I'm asking all those who are doing something charitable. Remember your humble

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beginnings. Remember where you started to eat for the sake of Allah, you know, every day should be a day of serving the deen. That's what you've chosen, don't spoil your intentions. Don't become greedy, don't, you know don't attack someone else just because you want the funds that they're getting alone will provide for you, you do the work. And Allah will actually create people without you asking to actually assist and to give in that direction. You know, we run a massive project in Zimbabwe huge. I've never ever asked for money for that project. Never ever. But I swear it's bigger than a lot of other charitable organizations that I've known. And people come and say, will you do a

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fundraiser for us and I said, I have not even done a fundraiser for myself. And for the work that we're doing, which is multi million dollar work, never done a fundraiser for it. So it's just amazing how different people think differently. You know, I was always taught that if Allah once he will put the love of something in the hearts of the people. You don't have to go out and promote. I've never promoted myself a lot of people think

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I wonder who this guy is my brothers, my sisters, I didn't ask you to follow me. I didn't remember that. I never ever took money from you remember that? I've never ever. I as far as I know, I've only served Allah for the sake of Allah. So whether you acknowledge what I've done or not is irrelevant to me. It's irrelevant to me. I'm doing it for Allah anyway. If you acknowledge it, it's your benefit, not mine. If you don't, it's still for you or against you, not mine. And if you have the audacity to think bad of me, you know what my bread is not buttered by you. It's buttered by Allah. So that's, it's your sickness, your weakness, not mine. I've only been dedicatedly served as far as

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I can remember for years on end. And if anything, I've never promoted myself, you found me Subhan Allah, by the help of Allah, Allah wanted that. So if you don't want It's fine. It's okay. And like I said, I challenge people to dig deep into my life and try and find what I do. You will only but be surprised in a positive way in sha Allah. May Allah grant us success.

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Allah grant us humbleness and humility. I don't like to say what I said. But I've said it for a reason. You know, people come to me and say, We want you to clarify this and clarify that I don't need to clarify anything for anyone. No one

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I have done nothing that I believe requires any form of clarification. And if I did, or I do, I will do the clarifications. For now, I believe that you know what, it's Allah subhanho wa Taala, who decides. And I've noticed one thing, a lot of people,

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they get very very conned. Because of social media, they don't know how to distinguish between fact and fable. They don't know how to distinguish between fact and fable. please learn to distinguish. It's not difficult, you know, learn to distinguish, if someone is drawing you closer to Allah, and everything and every, every time you listen to them, you talk to them, they draw you closer to Allah, that's good company. That's what you're supposed to be, you know, with, that's what's supposed to be in you and your your system. But if they're driving you away from Allah or wasting your time, then forget about it. You can do better. May Allah bless you. May Allah grant every one

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of you goodness, I think I need to go Wow, look at the potholes here. Can you can you see, can you see? Actually the phone is stable, but it's just the motor vehicle that's going up and down. See? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make things easy for you. I love you all for the sake of Allah. I don't know you, but why do I love you because of Allah, we have a common maker. Most of us might even share a lot more than that in common. But Subhanallah I promise you, my brothers and sisters, that love is for the sake of Allah. If you are prepared to make it to offer me I would be grateful perhaps but I just still know that if people want to make a do against me, it won't work. The reason

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why it won't work. I don't think I deserve it. And whenever you pray against someone, it may actually rebound to you because you might be more deserving of that. Well I hate when Michael see Oh, he'll be an evil plot an evil plan anything evil is not deserved by anyone besides those who actually, you know, those who've perpetrated it, those who do it, those who are evil. So if I'm not evil, I promise I know for a fact and I'll always smile and always be happy and always sleep well. I promise you I think Allah the days that you know people think we would be oh really stressed. I don't stress because I rely on Allah subhanho wa Taala Why should I stress for what I mean? Why did

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I do nothing? I didn't do anything. I've only ever tried to please Allah.

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So there are a lot of little messages in today's session. So panelized was a motor vehicle session. May Allah bless you guys. Don't you goodness open your doors are kulu Kohli Hara salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.