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What what NASA saying because of the ridge that goes around it, they thought that actually came together for two distinct parts, which was the splitting of the moon. And we know their history where I witness, witnesses to the count, they saw the moon split, oh, these are opponents of Islam. They're they're trying to crush Islam. And they're also reporting that they saw the splitting of the moon, people that don't know each other people that wouldn't be able to make up some kind of a joke, or conspiracy or life. In the end, you'd have to say, you know, no documented, all of these. All of these details are documented. Wow, this is amazing. Opponents, who were not even in Mecca born of

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the same geographical location in the Arabian Peninsula, they also confirm that, yes, we saw the splitting of the moon, Muslims, you want to make sure we are talking about something you can verify research depend on. We want to be honest and academic, so and the history of this king, who saw the splitting of the moon, and became a Muslim, and built this mosque, they're more accurate. There's more of a science behind it than the reports that you have for let's say, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, some of the Presidents Why do you say to that, I can say that without a shadow of a doubt. Wow, this is amazing. I mean, it should be on every major news reporting agency, this.

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Was it with the Bloods and the Crips?

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a different time in life, huh? Yeah, different time, different world.

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that's one of the miracles, that also is just amazing to see people like yourself, and many others who make that transition, going down one way of life. And then now we're here talking about a very important topic, purpose of life, why we're here, you know, in this world, and now this is what you specialize in, amongst other things. And what we wanted to specifically talk about, was the miracle of the Quran. Because we know that every messenger that God Almighty Allah sent, he came with miracles, just to give an example, Jesus, Moses came with miracles that were relevant for his time, but you can't bring those back today. Same thing with Jesus peace be upon him, he had miracles that

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he did to prove that he was indeed a messenger of a lot, not a literal Son of God, or divine in any nature. And he did miracles at that time. But you can't bring those back today. But we have a living miracle. And you talked about one of the specific signs in there, which was the splitting of the moon. And then you went above and beyond and you actually verifying them you call the British Institute, can you go ahead and talk to us about the splitting of the moon, this specific miracle, and then what you actually did to confirm it? Excellent. So having a lot of anatomy.

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We always want to start by praising our Creator, and talking about the essence of what we as Muslims first believe in, and we believe in this miracle, because we know in total karma, which is a chapter in the Quran, Allah tells us about the time of the day of judgment is growing closer, and the moon has split. When I was studying the Quran, when I saw this verse in the Quran, and I looked at the reports about this, this incident, I found that in our history books in Islamic history books, we've talked about this amazing incident, that the people, the people who were the people have placed the people who were polytheists, to ask the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for a miracle. And he

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asked them, if I show you a miracle, will you believe they said, Yes. So he, he asked a lot, he didn't do it on his own, he asked the creator and the creator as a miraculous sign, split the moon into, and it was a clear split, where they could see between the mountain, and then they came back together. So when I saw this, I started to speak to some people on my work about it, even though I'm at a minimum, and I'm asked here, I do that, well, I do that only for the sake of Allah. I don't take any money from that. I work as a regulatory and quality consultant and a medical device company. Most of the people I work with me alone. Yeah, I mean, our scientists or engineers, or

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PhDs, people who work on developing new devices, people who work on releasing new

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pharmaceuticals and so on. So a lot of them. They thought when I spoke to them about Islam, they always get surprised at somebody who's working in the medical device industry and works with this believes in such a thing. So I was telling one of my co workers, a PhD, very intelligent man, about this thing in the Koran, and he told me this impossible scientifically, it's impossible. There is no way something as large as the moon could could, could come apart and come back together, or even two bodies like that could come back together and would be seamless today. So you know, me and him start having this conversation. And one day, he can

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came back to me and he said, You know, I was at a presentation. And you know, again, he's a PhD researcher, very intelligent man. He said I was at a at a presentation from NASA. And they were talking about one of the moons of Saturn. And this moon and skull, Lapidus is actually what NASA saying, because of the ridge that goes around it decided that actually came together for two distinct parts, and today's together as one moon. So I thought that was interesting. And I started to research this from a purely scientific perspective, that is it scientifically possible that two large bodies, like a split moon could come back together, and be one body again. And I found

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multiple examples. Now, I want to be very explicit that these, these are theories that NASA has put forward, you can look them up on their website, they have the pictures that I used in my videos, and you are Feel free to share them here are all from NASA. They're not doctor, they're not photoshopped, they're not our images. These are NASA images. So NASA sent a rover out the Cassini to Saturn and went and looked at the different moons and one of the moons that really stood out was the penis, and the penis has the strange Ridge right across the whole moon. And they have other features that were different, the two sides of the moon, very different. So many theories came out, we don't

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have any picture evidence, we don't have any eyewitnesses. We don't have any video, we don't have a YouTube clip on what happened originally. But idea came up to be from NASA, that millions of years or hundreds of 1000s of years or however long ago, either the moon split, and came back together or two moons crash together. But today, According to NASA, according to scientific research, this is one moon that was two parts at one time. So I thought that was interesting. And my non Muslim atheist coworker found it very interesting, because we had talked about this. And he said, You know what, you're right. It is possible. So we started to research this more, we found the same thing

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with Miranda, one of the one of the moons in your name, your anus. So I thought that was interesting as well. But that's not our mood, right? So we got into this discussion said, Well, that's true, it is possible, but not our moon, right. So me and him started researching together. And we found that our moon actually has two very distinct faces, the face that's facing the earth and the face that facing away from the earth. And there are what's called Riemann reamers. As you can share pictures, they are there are cracks, or lines that go all across the moon in different patterns. Some of them like the like, they are about 300 kilometers, some are bigger, some are smaller. And NASA and

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scientists have always been very curious as, as what causes these. And there are many theories, you know, they're they're lava pits, or they're tunnels that have come to the face of the moon is actually moving and the moon is extracting, or so on. But all of those are theories, one of the theories that we found that NASA had put forward was that it is very possible that the moon had actually come together from two distinct parts. And there's a rendering that NASA created. And this is a painting because obviously, we didn't have any actual pictures. They claim it to be about, you know, a billion something years ago. So they said, okay, two parts came together and made the moon

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as it is today. Oh, that was interesting. That's our moon that we're talking about. So I started to get into this conversation, I spoke to people who are scientists, people who are who are working on rovers and things and they said, you know, what, how did the moon even even come to exist? They said, well, there was a another moon or a planet the size of Mars that's crashed into the earth and morphed off into making the moon as it is such an A Well, where's the witnesses for that? Who saw this? Where's the video? Where's the evidence? Is there a big crater on the size of the Earth? They said, no, no. But they say we look at the moon and we look at certain characteristics, and we deduce

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from it. That's not okay. So you have no actual eyewitness witness, you don't have any evidence or deducing. Okay, so when we look at the moon, and we look at these remotes, and we look at the two very distinct sides, how do we know how did the moon come back together? Or was it split? Or was it two different parts? They said, Well, we don't know. So I said, Okay, could it be possible then, that the moon did straight at one time and come back together like other moons that we've seen? And they said, well, it is possible. Okay. But where's the evidence? And that's where we started to get into the research of evidence. islamically I presented evidence, which is from the Quran First off,

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now, as a Muslim, we believe in the Quran that that's for us, but as atheists as a non Muslim that

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But that was not convincing for them. Not a problem. I said, Okay, what type of evidence would you accept? We said, Well, I mean, do we have any eyewitness evidence? Because right now, we do have cracks. We do have remotes, we do have all of these signs. But do we have any eyewitness evidence? Yes, we do. And that's where we go to the first aspect of evidence that we look at. In Islam, we have a science called mustonen hadebe for animal ritual, the checking of narrations and it is very important for people to understand the science because we work on clinical trials, we will work on scientific research. We have certain standards, if we can show something to have repeatability, we

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can show a lot of people who have seen the same thing that we say okay, this is acceptable. And then we research on why. So here in the lifetime of the Prophet peace be upon him. We have reports. These are what we call Heidi. And these are not fairytales. These are people who are eyewitnesses that we can tell you who they were, who they reported it to. How was their moral character, what we call added, how was their precision and reporting, which we call luck. This is more than any other historic research that we find out there. So now we have going from a scientist that you are a colleague, who now is saying no, this is not possible to having a shift of opinion. It's possible

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and now NASA coming forward with showing some kind of what seems to be cracks in the earth somehow coming together. What did you call them? What's the term you use? Rema Rema Rema. Rema, so is meaning a trench or a line and these are all across the moon. They're different colors.

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So this would kind of just signify that now. This could be what the crowd is talking about, like the the split, right, coming together. So now you're going into the second phase. I witnesses exactly so so the remotes and the signs that we see the two distinct phases of the moon, show that there are two different body that did come together. But now How did it happen? When did it happen? NASA doesn't have an answer for that. Right? They have theory, but they have no answer. Because they have no witnesses. They have no video that they had no satellite, they have none. But we as Muslims do. Right. So we present our evidence of eyewitness accounts now. Right? Okay, so now because obviously

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there had to have people that see now if you see a moon splitting you obviously I gotta have gotta have you but but but here's the thing. How do we know that okay, this this is our there are also people who are not Muslims reporting this at the same time. So let's get that right. So let's get to the eyewitnesses right now. So we have first and foremost

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an Assemblyman like he was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he reported this event. And before we talk about Muslims and non Muslims a different one, understand that we have the biographies of all these people. We know exactly who they were. We know when they were raised, so undisciplined Maliki's from the people of Medina, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was in Mecca. So he's one of the people that reports this, right? We also have a beloved now boss was very young at the time of delivering armor. We also have a debate at nimue time. Now this is very important, because debate even looking at the time that this event took place. He was not a Muslim.

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He was a non Muslim. He became Muslim in the period of our day via so he's one of the people that reported it. Abdullah nimis road from the people of Mecca. He reports he says that the people of Mecca they came to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and they told him if you're a prophet, show us a miracle, that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in one of the nursing journal. What do you want? Is it split the moon for us? So he prayed, and these people who we can name and we know their history where I witness, witnesses to their account, they saw the moon split, and decide then come back together in the same night. Now again, that's that's a miracle. That's an amazing event.

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But who were the people that reported it? Well, we mentioned those that were from the companions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, like Abdullah, Abdullah, Abdullah Yama, these were the companions. These were people that we know. We know their biographies. We know that they all report at the same time in Mecca. But there wasn't just in one city. There was unassembled ematic as you mentioned, that was in Medina. But what's more interesting in the book we do in the higher you will find a narration and I looked at the narration and it's authentic, it's been checked. There was when he did nim Aveda. Would you help me Sham I said for a while. I said a sham. Last Word. I showed him

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a polyp. Zima another Hadith these were polytheists these were the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him these words. But these are just like, okay, you mentioned a name. And now this is some person like you know, because let's say you have other books that let's just compare it you know, for instance, like the body

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The Bible you have certain books this is not to disparage on anybody's faith or anything, but this is what you know.

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Bible scholars tell us, you know that we have books in there that you cannot link to who the authors were, you know, you might have a name, but we don't know who these people are. Now, in contrast, how does that play out here? Do we actually do these people detailed, you know, life biography of these people? Perfect, great question. So now, if we look at the biblical books like Matthew, Mark, Luke, john, these are, according to their account, they're actually not written by them, as we see in theater. Many of them there were Aramaic speaking, fishermen who were illiterate. These were in Clinique Greek. They weren't written even in the language that they spoke. And we don't even know

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much about other than maybe the location that they were from. We don't know their last name. We don't know their father's name. We don't know their wives, we don't know their children. We don't even know what kind of precision they had in memory, any of that, right? Even if you leave religious texts out of it, let's talk about secular science or history that we depend upon. Edie, for example, how did Hitler die?

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We don't really know, to be honest with you. Because who reported what he did at the time of death? Who did they tell it to? Right? Who was Alexander the Great? Who actually saw Alexander the Great? Like, can we name like today? I'll give you an easier example. We're in America, both of us right? Now, we know there to be a man named George Washington. Right? Do you believe that? I believe that right. There was a man named George Washington. He gave the Gettysburg Address, right?

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who heard it from him?

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Can we name anybody? I've gone to historians, and I told them, okay, give me the first 100 for me, who was the one standing there that heard it? And who did they tell it to? until it was written down? And in a book in history, we just believe it because in a history book, but no, we're going to a whole different level of precision. We're saying I'll give you for example, I said, I've done like a bus. His name is Abdullah. His father's name is Ibis. But he was the uncle of the prophets. Last time he was from the tribe of forage. We know his sons, we know his wife, we know where he lived, we know where he moved. We know how many Hadith he memorized the number Exactly. We know this is all

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documented. All of these. All of these details are documented. Wow, this is amazing. And you see these books behind me, I have a whole section in my library that is just dedicated to the biographies of these people, we have entire volumes written on each one of them up to the point that we even know what kind of food they like, we know what kind of business they were in. We know how long they live, which cities they went to all of this, not just this, we know how good they were at memorizing and reporting correctly. Now, if this was just one report, that would be amazing. But no, we have what we call Metallica. And these are technical terms. I want to explain them to the

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audience, especially to the non Muslim audience to understand the precision that goes into recording Howdy. Write this column multilateral. What does that mean? It comes through numerous chains. It's not just one person who witnessed it. Right. As I'm telling you this right now, understanding Malik Abbas Abdullah Abdullah Massoud.

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I even ever thought of all of these people that we have reports from regarding this incident, right? Not just Muslim, but non Muslims that were there in Mecca. Now, all of these different people who some of them with a word like Sydney, Malik and Medina, they saw this event at the same time. So it's not like one or two or three people. Now, if it was only those people that were Muslim, those people that were pro the message of Islam, then somebody could say, you know what, they're all making it up, okay. But now we have when an innovator, an enemy of the Prophet sallallaahu, * the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we have a Buddha, the famous Sham, if it would have been Sham,

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they would have us in a while we have as

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if the another we have

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been sham. I swear, if I said to them, I know that these were a group who are challenging the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah, and they report that we saw this. We so these are these are apart now these are opponents of Islam. They're they're trying to crush Islam. And they're also reporting that they saw the splitting of the moon that's mentioned in the Quran. Yes. Not just that, when they saw this. They were amazed. But they were people who had a lot of hatred for the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to they said, You know what, this was magic. He tricked us. Right? So what they did, and these are historic reports in Hades books that I checked and in my video, I present all the

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references for anybody who wants to read check them. Now what they did, is they

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They went out. And they asked the other trade people, the people caravan, the people who were polytheists enemies and promises to them who were out of Makkah. At that time. They said, You know what? If the Prophet Mohammed tricked us and they did, he did this magic on us, he can't do it on everybody. So we're gonna ask those people that weren't in Mecca at the time when their caravans came back, and they said, Hey, we saw this this event. Did you guys see this? they confirm those enemies, opponents who were not even in Mecca. But were the same geographical location in the Arabian Peninsula. They also confirm that, yes, we saw the splitting of the moon. So now you have

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extraordinary evidence, you have the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, the fun of many of them, numerous reports. And now what is very important that each one of them, they told different people, and who told different people to all these different chains of narrations and is recorded across different historic record records, the books of honey, all of them report this, this takes it to what we call Metallica to such numerous chains that numerous numerically, it's impossible that this didn't happen. Give an example like, like, you know, Trump is walking his dog, you know, you gave this example, go ahead and share that. I think it really hit home. So let's talk about that. Right

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today. If somebody, let's say, let's give you two example. One, like a very personal example, Eddie, for example, you got a neighbor that tells you, you know, what, don't go down that street, the police blocked it off. Right? somebody tells one neighbor tells you that? Well, I mean, I don't know how well you know, your neighbor. And I don't know how maybe he's maybe he's got you know, some issues, maybe he's just kind of making that up. Maybe it doesn't want you to go down that street. So you might be like, you know, that might be true, it might not be true. But if that neighbor tells you and your other neighbor tells you and some dudes are coming down the streets that hey, you know

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what the police is locked it up. Now, when you have 345 678-910-1112 13? What if there's so many different people that come until you edit the streets blocked off, people that don't know each other people that wouldn't be able to make up some kind of a joke or conspiracy or light. In the end, you'd have to say, you know what, the police probably blocked off that street because so many people are not going to come together and that don't know each other for no apparent reason and make up a lie. And if some of those neighbors hate each other, some are Trump supporters, and some are Biden's a border. And they both come and tell you that that's blocked off. Streets blocked off, right? This

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is how we check the references in the scientific industry. When we look at a clinical trial, if we repeat, use a certain drug or a vaccine, and we see an effect repeatedly we say you know what its effect is from the drug. So when you have different people from different tribes, from different cities, who have different motives, some are enemies, some are friends, some are proponents or opponents all come and report that we saw that. Then we say you know this, this is a fact this has to happen. Because all these different people from different backgrounds who didn't come together and discuss this issue on a Sunday Malik he reported this years later, he was in Medina, he wasn't

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even in Mecca at the time. years later. Good. Go ahead. Good finishes are debatable. I'm one of the people who reported this, he at that time, he was not a Muslim. He was he was an enemy later from from this event and other things and had a via he became a Muslim. And then he still reported he said, You know, I remember at that time, even though I wasn't a Muslim, I remember seeing it. Now I will tell you at the very, very, very important point. And this is where you're going to be amazed. This was in Mecca, this incident happened and it was revealed in the Quran, as being you go through and sort of comment somebody wants to look it up. So to cover in the first two is right, you have

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this event. Now the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, and he was in Medina. And then he came back this whole time. All these polytheists were enemies of Islam, who are trying to make up all kinds of rumors against the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They heard this verse, they never challenged it. Think about this. If this hadn't happened, those people who were polytheists would have said you know what the Quran says the moon split, but we weren't Mecca, we didn't see it. very profound point right now, what you're saying is that very important, and a lot of times people skip over these, you know, just really in your face, points and signs, but it's really nice how you highlighted this. So

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they would have definitely challenged because obviously this is a bold statement. The moon is split. Imagine what nobody challenged it. Imagine in our time, if President Trump comes back and says you know what, I sent a a space mission to Jupiter, right? Makes it clean like that right? By means of illustration, and everybody would jump on that they would jump on that what you made this claim shows the what what is the video? What is your evidence? Who who are you in

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This is bringing us I bring this this never happened, they will challenge it. If I hadn't made that claim Trump would challenge it. Right? So you see, you have opponents that if they can catch you in something like this, they will jump on it. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He split them on the or unheralded the people who are the enemies of Islam would hear these verses all the time, right? Me and you would we pray and Ramadan is coming up. We hear the whole Quran we hear these verses me and you when we read the Quran, even even an opponent of Islam today, who goes and gets the Quran, he reads these verses. Imagine those people that were physically in battles against the

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Prophet peace be upon him. They were in these propaganda battles. They heard these verses, they heard these claims from the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said it. They could have checked they said, You know what? We didn't see this. But all of them admitted, every report that we have everything, those that we don't have reports, we don't know. But those that we have report in history, all of them admitted, yes, this incident took place. What if you go outside of this geographical location? That are there? Are there people that now saw it outside of you said Mecca, Medina, but how about out of the Arabian Peninsula? So this took me to

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my next stage of research, right? So this was amazing for me from a scientific perspective. And then from a historic perspective, looking at this, but I got a lot of questions from my co workers think that I would discuss this with that. Well, if something amazing like this had happened, what about people in other geographical locations? Did they see the moon splitting of the moon? So I started to research this issue now. And you have to understand that we're looking at more than 1400 years ago. So we didn't have cameras, we didn't have this kind of technology, what we had were people that would write down in their different historic work. So I started to research different history books

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from different regions of the world to see if something like this would report it was reported. We have things like that are ambiguous, and I didn't want to depend on anything like this. I want to depend on what is verifiable which research was authentic. Right. So I found that in the Mayans, for example, they had in their calendar, a split moon, an image of a split moon coming together. But I can depend on that, because that's not clearly stating that this happened at that time. And in that place, and how it happened. That's something ambiguous. We have the Chinese who have in one cake that split and you don't depend on any of that. I mean, those can be like, you can add those in kind

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of they're kind of weak, but it's still somewhat of you know,

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you really want to be academically sound. You don't want things like that people could just like No sir. No, sir damas type of you know, prediction, you hit you hit it on the head right there, right. So we don't want to, we don't like we see a lot of Christians and Jews and things. Sometimes they bring very ambiguous things. And, and we don't want to be like that, as Muslims, you want to make sure we are talking about something you can verify research depend on, we want to be honest and academic. So I started to look in my research here in the works of Heidi, first and foremost, right, looking at the different reports that were from Mecca, from Medina, from the tribes, from caravans,

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from enemies from proponents, I researched this where it was 100%, verifiable because I could find the names of the enemies even and the proponents and opponents and those that became Muslim, those that never became Muslim, but still admitted that this miracle had taken place. So that was the crux of why I believed in it, but I wanted to see if there's any supporting evidence is even looking at those types of evidences that were ambiguous. I didn't accept those, I started to first look at what would be the timeframe and who would be able to see it, right. Because, for example, your I believe in New York, right? Chicago, Chicago, close enough. I'm just kidding. So I'm on the west coast. I'm

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in San Diego, right. So our time zones are different. But if you look at somebody in England right now, or in China right now, where there's night and day, we're not seeing the same things. So if somebody somebody is looking at the mood in the early part of the night, well, they're going to be people that are not going to be able to see the moon because it's going to be daytime, it's going to be bright sun out, you know, and sometimes you can see them in the daytime. But regularly you cannot write that this is not possible. Some people are going to be fast asleep because it's going to meet 3am or 2am, or close to 5am or whatever. A part of the night that usually especially at that time,

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people weren't out looking at the sky. So I had to start looking at where would it be possible so no doubt in the Arabian Peninsula around that geographical location, it would be possible and we have reports from different cities in different places. We got that. If you look at the Americas, and if you look at Europe, most likely at this time of the night it would be daytime here because as we see the sun starts cycles rising from the east and going towards the west. So when it when night has come to the Arabian Peninsula because the moon was visible. It would have been

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daytime, in the Americas, so most likely, you will not report out of there. If you look at very far to the east, it's going to be the depth of the night, it's going to be almost, you know, getting close to the morning. So this the time, especially at that time and agricultural society, everybody's going to be asleep. So the only areas that we saw that would be close to the Arabian Peninsula was going to be directly east. And that is the area today of India and the subcontinent and the Central Asia area here. So I started to research is there any report out of those areas that would support this clear evidence that we already have. And I found a reference of a book

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that was written by one of the Muslim scholars and one of his books, I looked at that, so that I started to research with the manuscript was, and I found it to be in London. So I emailed the British Library, and I got a report back and in my video, I read the whole email, I'll just read a part of what they wrote, which is from the Asia and Africa reference services in the India office, in Asia, Africa study inquiries. And they have a subsection which is the India office papers, Oriental language publication, Oriental language manuscripts. So I asked them, is there any such manuscripts that did confirm that there is a manuscript reference i O, Islamic 82807. And on

00:31:17--> 00:31:37

portfolios 81, through 104, there is an account of an Indian king who was a Hindu King from Kerala from the south of India. And he witnessed this. And then later, when he went met Muslims, he accepted Islam. Now, this was a book called kissaten shekhawati format. Now,

00:31:38--> 00:31:56

this is something that we cannot verify to the standard that we haven't had it because we don't have first person we don't know a lot of history, because the Indian history was not written down the same way. There was not that verification, that we haven't had it, but it does exist, right. So I thought, let me look into it. I'm not depending on it, as in evidence, because

00:31:57--> 00:32:16

so now you're taking it to another level, now you have someone that pretty much who can see daytime events, nighttime events, okay, in a different part of geographical location. And this was in India now, in India in the southern part of India. Yes. And this is a king from India, his name was again, so we'll get to his name. This is

00:32:17--> 00:32:56

the this is the first step that I had in my research. I said, Okay, I found this. Now, I, as an academic, I didn't believe this was verified enough for me to depend on. And I'm already depending on the clear narration from it. But this is another source that I wanted to dig into. Now, I don't have carbon dating for this. We don't have verification in that way. So I emailed the National Library of India. And this is a segment that they have, which is the National Digital Library Project of India, where they have the National Library, and they've digitized a lot of their manuscripts, and under their central library, and I found out about them that they're even ISO

00:32:56--> 00:33:37

certified. It's a very well set up library in it. And I got to Institute of Technology, part of it, and I emailed them and asked them, Do you have this manuscript? So they wrote me an email back and they said, We don't have this manuscript, this manuscripts actually in London, we have a digital copy. But they told me that there is actually an Israeli orientalist. Doctor, you Yohanan, Friedman, who translated it. So I thought that's interesting that people have even translated it. So I got the translation. And I found some interesting things that mentioned this. But there were some things that didn't make sense. So I said, Are there any other reports about this? So they told me they are

00:33:37--> 00:34:24

new, and this is their words, this is not my words. So I'm quoting from their email, they said there are numerous oral and written traditions that state the chairman, from all the chair of king called Seneca, Vermont, who had the title Chairman promote is a title that their kings would have ruled from 621 to 640. Now, again, it's very important, because this is a Hindu, from India, this is not a Muslim, who is telling us that according to their standards, not our standards, their standards, this is a oral and written tradition that they have accepted. And the timeframe that they put him in matches exactly where the life of the prophet SAW them in the later part here. So he said, who ruled

00:34:24--> 00:34:32

from 621 to 640, witnessed the splitting of the moon. And when he met Muslim craters converted to Islam in 627 ad.

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

Now, this is coming from the National Library of India. And he gave me additional references. And this is very important. There is a book called 30 of the total Islam, female about this is about the side and he said this the earliest manuscript on the genesis of Islam in Kerala, housed in the digital library and he gave me the reference number and total Mujahideen, another book that is confirmed by Dr. Herrmann that these two works that we just mentioned, were in violence.

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

But there was a confirmation by and according to them, Dr. Herman gundrum, a German Christian missionary scholar and linguist of this manuscript, there is a Portuguese writer Doherty Barbosa, he writes about this mighty king as well, who ruled in Kerala converted to Islam, and ordered the building of the chairman mosque. And this is very important, make sure we get back to this mosque in a minute. And he ordered this building in 629 ad, another Portuguese writer, these are all non Muslim historians named Jose barbaros. And as a supporting separate Portuguese author named Diego's caucus because the Portuguese had ruled go. And as part of India, they had looked at a lot of these

00:35:45--> 00:36:28

manuscripts. They also confirm through oral and written tradition, that it was well known history that an Indian kid had, in fact, seen the splitting of the moon, and had in fact converted to Islam from this miracle when he had met Muslims. And as a historic evidence, this mosque still stands, this is the end, I'm just giving you some highlights in my, in my video, I actually read the entire email. But these are very important aspects to understand. We as Muslims don't depend on any of these reports, because we cannot verify them to our standards. And there are some discrepancies between these reports. But according to the Indian National Institute of library here, their

00:36:28--> 00:37:09

project, there are multiple reports, not one, multiple history books that had they have manuscripts of that were verified by Christian missionaries in different Western academics that came and said, no doubt in southern India, in which is Kerala today. In that area. There are oral and written traditions, who mentioned an Indian king who saw the splitting of the moon and converted to Islam from seeing the splitting of the moon, and he ordered a mosque to be built. What's very interesting is that mosque is still standing. Till today we have it it's been renovated, obviously, but it's still standing. And if you play it in against in southern Indian Kerala, metamora, Kerala, the

00:37:09--> 00:37:47

southern India part, know, what I found to be amazing, you know, because none of this can be verified to our standard, we don't have carbon and we don't have reports of who witnessed and things. But this is Indian history. And in that timeframe, 1400 years ago, this is the way Indian history is recorded through oral and touch later written traditions. But this is so well accepted. I contacted a good friend of mine, he's a PhD, he's a professor, and you know, he is from southern India. And he said, You know, when we were kids, we were taught this in school, this is well known to us this is accepted history. In fact, he took pointed me something very interesting, the Prime

00:37:47--> 00:37:53

Minister of India, Modi, who as many people know is very

00:37:54--> 00:38:36

nationalistic a hardcore right Hindu nationalist RSS, BJP anti muslim party. So he's not somebody who was gonna be easy on Muslims or Muslim history. They're somebody who were very nationalistic, the Hindu, even he tweeted about this, about this splitting of the moon and about and he had a golden replica of this Mossville repeat that the Prime Minister of India, yes, his scent is doing what again, he's actually this his this hit this history. Now. He's actually because it's part of their history. Exactly. When we see the Prime Minister of India, it's also very important to understand he is from the BJP party, meaning this is the anti muslim party, he is the one that

00:38:36--> 00:39:20

enacted laws to try to, you know, take Kashmir and have hardship on the Muslims there and, and all kinds of things where politically, he is very much against Muslims, right. But even him, he admits to this history. And he had a golden replica made of this mosque that was built by this king. And he had he gave that as a gift to the King of Saudi Arabia, to try to promote trade relations. And he and he tweeted, and I've given pictures of those tweets, and you can look it up you can, if you look up, you have all these pictures, where can people go to see all this what you're talking about, we have what's called the one message Foundation, which is a down organization here. And on the YouTube

00:39:20--> 00:39:56

channel, if you put on YouTube, one message Foundation, the channel will come up. If you look at the videos, I have a video on this. And in it, I give all of the pictures I give the pictures of the moon, the phases of the moon, the satellite images from NASA, the historic pictures from the books of history that we verified as Muslims and the Hadeeth books from the from the proponents and opponents. And also I read the emails Exactly. I'm not verifying these reports. These books because I'm not there in those libraries, but this is from them, that their verification, I read them and I show a picture of the actual mosque that is still standing, we show a picture of what it looked like

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

and a picture of the Golden replica.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

was made by the Prime Minister of India, the BJP Prime Minister of India, to give us a gift. And I've pictures of the tweets that he sent out talking about this month and the history of Muslim interactions and the history of this king, who saw the splitting of the moon, and became a Muslim, and build this mosque. And he, the Prime Minister of India today accepts this as their history and use this as a part of their trade negotiations, Arabia. So now, that's a very important thing to understand that we in the West may not realize this, but the people of India, especially in southern India, they know this, they have oral traditions, they have written traditions, they have accepted

00:40:40--> 00:40:59

and according to their standards of history, the Prime Minister of India who, even though with his animosity towards the stuff, even he accepts it and tweets about it. So this is something amazing. So what have the opponents of Islam because even if you leave a little bit of room, you know, for,

00:41:00--> 00:41:33

for them to attack, they will. So what do they say? What's the counter to this? And so we have, we have counters that we get all the time. So we get counters, like for example, some of these historic reports, they say, Well, you know, there are certain contradictions in them certain date ranges that don't make certain events that they report that some of them mentioned, for example, him going to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon accepting Islam at the hand of the Prophet Muhammad, some of them, some of them, some of them saying that he became Muslim later with Mark Cuban dinar, some of them. And that is all true, we totally agree. Because these are, according to their oral and written

00:41:33--> 00:42:11

traditions, they don't meet the standards that we have, right. But if you look at the chair of kings, and these were the southern kings who ruled southern India, all of their accepted history today, 100% of their accepted history today, from that time period and before is recorded in the same way. And this is very important, because I started to research other events that happen, nothing to do with Islam in southern India at that time. Well, they're the same way. They have oral reports that have written reports later by the Portuguese, by the Dutch, by Muslims, by others. And those reports also have certain contradictions, but that's how they record their history. Now, us as

00:42:11--> 00:42:50

Muslims, we have a different level of verification. For example, there is a narration in a book that I have here. And in the Masonic Hall hacking, where it mentions this Indian King and an Islamic history book, sending gifts to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But I didn't use that report. Why? Because there was a slight weakness in the chain. And some of the reports, they said that this was actually the kingdom of Rome. So when I find anything minor, even like that, I leave it aside, there is a report in a book about a king of India can becoming Muslim, but I didn't accept those because there is weakness in the chains, we as Muslims stick to only what is authentically verified

00:42:50--> 00:43:31

and acceptable. So this is very important. And they even our opponents have no response to this. I have challenged people I go out every Sunday to the park here we give our as you can see the videos, we call people to understand we challenge we have people come we mentioned this, they cannot challenge the Islamic reports, the ones that we are depending upon. Now these other reports that are from India, that are inconsistent to them. Yes, that is true, because that is how their history is somebody gave a report somebody give a date range. But if you look at the different reports in the different books, oral and written, no doubt it is a part of their history. Right? So the opponents

00:43:31--> 00:43:33

have no answer for that.

00:43:42--> 00:44:21

They're more accurate, there's more of a science behind it than the reports that you have for let's say, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington. Some of the Presidents I say to that, I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, without any hesitation, as somebody who has studied how history is preserved in the Western world, and how the science, my master's degree, I have two masters. One is the Executive MBA. My second Master's, is in this science of hiding this science about reporting about the last prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. Now, let me ask you this. We have Abraham Lincoln, for example, you brought up a really excellent example. We know that he was shot, you know,

00:44:21--> 00:45:00

in a theater. Okay. Other than the one who shot him who didn't report it, who witnessed it? Well, we can see maybe his wife would witness that we may be other people there. Okay. Who did they tell it? They didn't go and write a book about it themselves? Who did they tell this report to? and How good was their memory? How good was their precision? What kind of moral character did they have? who were there? When we look at other people around, not just the people that were involved? The people who reported this historical incident, we start to lose credibility because we don't know George Washington, many historic events that we talk about some of the greatest speeches that we record

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

from certain historic figures in history classes in my university in San Diego I'm talking about, they were challenged, and many of them really didn't have eyewitness accounts. They were written off writings of people much later on. Unlike the stomach verification when we talk about it Hadeeth an incident that happened in the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we can tell you who the eyewitnesses were, we will tell you how many there were, we will tell you their history, we will tell you who did they report it to, not just okay the people who saw it and then a history book written 1000 years that are known, they studied history, the science of I need to so precise, and

00:45:40--> 00:46:03

sometimes we have 70 different people who told 70 different people who told 70 different people who was documented in different areas, different land, different tribes, some in Baghdad, some in Kufa, some in the bush. So all of this when it comes sometimes exact same wording, it is no doubt to this. You cannot scientifically it's verifiable.

00:46:05--> 00:46:41

Wow, this is amazing. I mean, it should be on every major news reporting agency. I mean, people should really take this to the next level and make a documentary actually of this. And what are the and this is what we put out there for you know, you know, people who are just looking for truth, you know, to compile all this evidence. I don't think there's ever been like a major documentary on something like this. Have you seen anything? I have not. And I think me and you should work on a project I'm ready if you're ready. This is Yeah, we should get some filmmakers you know people who really we get contacted all the time you know, people who want to contribute I mean, this is a great

00:46:41--> 00:47:16

way we can put them in touch with you. So if you're out there listening to this I'm This is amazing. Can you imagine tell me this we are going through this very fighting this you know how to do this for yourself personally, is just a mind booster. Of course, you know, my my email. First and foremost, when I read it in the Quran, I already believed in it because I know about the other miracle, the Quran, I know about the scientific miracles, linguistic miracles, for me as a Muslim. This was something that I believed in as it was. But when I started reading the Hadith, and not just one Hadith, we're looking at how many a hadith they were looking at the fact that it has.

00:47:18--> 00:47:55

Also in his Tafseer. He said, this is Matata, it showed to me that this is true, numerous chains. And it builds a love that I had for the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But it grew that love because I imagined, you know, that Allah gave him such an honor. And then I started to think about, you know, the other reports that came out of different parts of the world. And I started to discuss this with my co workers, I try to give them dealt with this right? Even my atheist coworker said, You know what, this is the most amazing thing that I've ever heard about Islam. He says, you know, he I've heard about so many things. And I, you know, he made a really good point, I'm gonna make

00:47:55--> 00:47:56

this point here, Eddie.

00:47:58--> 00:48:24

as Muslims, we believe in the Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus because of Islam. But if you want to look at it, from his perspective, as an atheist, my coworker is an atheist, he said, You have given me more evidence about the splitting of the moon, and this miracle of the Prophet that I cannot deny that any Christian has given me about any miracle of the Prophet Jesus, or any Jew has given me about any miracle of the Prophet Moses.

00:48:25--> 00:49:02

Now, that's very interesting, right, from an atheist perspective, not from me, as a Muslim. I have my own belief, but from his perspective, he said that Jews tell us and Christian sellers and Muslim sellers that Moses split ocean. Well, where's the evidence for that? I don't have biblical reports, which again, you know, if you look at the Old Testament, Jewish writings, you look at the Torah, it is not first 100 ports anymore because of the loss of the actual manuscript and the rewritings that were done. The New Testament, for example, again, not first time reports. So what are the first 10 historic reports? Is there any sign of it today that we can find? No, right? It is just belief. If

00:49:02--> 00:49:43

you talk about miracles of Jesus, these reports, if you look in the New Testament, are all written by not first hand witnesses. These are written 70 years, 100 years, 40 years after the time of Jesus in the language that Jesus didn't speak. They've been they've been this is the Gospel according to Matthew, but not written by Matthew, right. According to Mark not run by Mark any doctor Bart Ehrman, or any researcher will tell you that these were not written by actual apostles. So So now I think about this. Many Christians will take these on blind faith, but we as Muslims can give you evidence we can give you eyewitness reports. Even that atheist asked me for a Quran after that. You

00:49:43--> 00:49:44

asked me for

00:49:45--> 00:49:48

and I want our viewers who are not Muslim that are viewing this.

00:49:49--> 00:50:00

I have. I have one request after listening to all this. Go get it. Just get up. Get a book of the biography of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and just learn about

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

Learn about these things. Ask us questions email Eddie asked or send a message us. At least you owe it to yourself to learn about this.

00:50:10--> 00:50:43

We got about five minutes left, I wanted to ask you a couple more questions. What does this entail? So this king who was from a Hindu background, is that correct? Yeah. So then he went and accepted Islam, people are listening to this and they're like, Wow, this is amazing. If this truly is now they go research and they say, like, wow, this is you know, this is this is this is a sound you know, this is a deed a miracle along with all the other miracles. I mean, the Quran is a living miracle, anyone who puts it at a test I mean, I can see that this is not something that could come from Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. He was just the last and final messenger, and then

00:50:43--> 00:50:54

the simple message that's in the Quran. Can you talk about that? What did this king accept when you say this word Islam and all those others now over close to 2 billion people who are practicing it today?

00:50:56--> 00:51:39

Islam is not a religion that started with anyone man, unlike you look at Christianity named after Christ, Judaism after Judah Buddhism after Buddha shintoism. You know, all these religions are started by a certain idea or a person at a time, Islam is that true religion, that one creator sent to all the profit. Us lemma means when you submit your will to your Creator. So from Adam and Moses, and Abraham and Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon all of them, we love all of them. These are all the profits of that one God. And those, all of those prophets, when they submitted themselves to their Creator, they were Muslim. That is what Islam is. Islam is not the religion to start after the

00:51:39--> 00:52:16

time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Islam is the same religion, that Abraham and Moses and Jesus taught. And they were Muslims, by definition of the word. And that's why we have a sign in our book that is Jesus is a Muslim. We love Jesus, we love Moses, we love Abraham, we love Muhammad peace be upon all of them, you will never see a Muslim disrespect any of them, you will never see us making cartoons or, or any kind of disrespect to any of them. Why? Because those are our profits as well, we love them. There was only one message that one creator sent. And that is the message of Islam. If you look at the first commandment, the second commandment, this is the message of Islam,

00:52:16--> 00:52:52

that there is only one creator, there's only one Lord, one love, one God, only one, and he's the only one that should be worshipped idols should not be worshipped. That is what this Hindu King attempted is to deny the worship of monkeys and rats and idols and things like this, and to worship that only one creator that created me that created you that sent all these prophets that give us life, that give us the created this world and the universe is, and whatever else is out there, the creator of all of that worship, that one created, this is the message of Islam. Every one of us will live during the time of a prophet, if Me and you, Edie lived during the time of Jesus, we would be

00:52:52--> 00:53:25

from his followers, and we would be listening. That's what a Muslim would be. We believe in that one God, and we would follow Jesus. If we lived in the time of the Prophet Moses, we would be Muslim by following Moses, we would believe in that one God and would follow the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him. And me and you today, as we know, we live in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he is the last of those prophets. So for us, it is to believe in that one God, and to follow the prophet of that time, which is the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and him being the last prophet, he is the Prophet till the Day of Judgment. This is Islam. What do you like to tell people

00:53:25--> 00:54:02

because you are in a different zone at one point in your life, and there was one thing, it really was touching how, and it was scary at the same time, but touching how you actually saw that as a sign. And then you just went in another direction, you started to think more, but what I want to say is, you're in a certain zone, that zone like most people are material things, cars, you know, for men, women, women, you know, doing, you know, the things that they do men doing the things that they do the wants and needs, the desires, pretty much just following, you know, the desires. But then you had an experience, you were supposed to be at a phone booth at one time. And then someone else ended

00:54:02--> 00:54:40

up at that phone booth, and that person ended up getting killed. Is that correct? That puts you in a different zone. So my point my question is, how do we what do you like to tell people to get them from the zone of just materialism? Following the lesson desires to this zone of talking because now times, you know, as you start to talk about viable, you know, profits, they're like, excuse me, What? What are you saying? It's like you're talking to different language? Hey, what's life about? Why do we live? What's our goal? When I was growing up, I grew up in what we call the body or what you would call the hood, right? We were in bad neighborhoods. And we looked up to drug dealers, we

00:54:40--> 00:54:59

looked up to gang members. I didn't grow up with Muslims. I didn't grow up in a pious household and these kinds of things, even though ethnically Yes, I was from person from Pakistan, but but I grew up in San Diego, and I had no Muslim friends. All my friends, you know, most of them were Mexican. Many of them were black or white or whatever, but none of them were Arab.

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

or anything like this. So when I grew up, we looked up to guys that had money that had cars that had girls that had those material things. And that's what we worked for. We joined gangs and did all this thing. I got involved in the gang world when I was around 10 years of age around 1214. I was a bonafide gang member. And growing up, when we when we had money, when we started to deal with drugs and things like this, when we got big, we started to live it up, we thought was the life we got lowriders, we got Impalas, we got we got we had girls, like more than you could handle, we had money in our pocket, we'd be thrown around. And, you know, we started to get a taste, even though we

00:55:36--> 00:56:10

didn't own houses or buildings, anything because that's not all we thought, right? But, but when that lifestyle came, you know, it came with a price. And, and my, you know, what I, at that time, considered a very close friend, you know, somebody who I grew up with somebody that, you know, he was two years older than me, but we were like brothers, like, you know, he was Mexican, but I used to be able to, you know, we used to have a place where the gang members would hang out, and then he would have his house, nobody was allowed to go in the house. They were very strict family rules, right. But I was one of the people that would go into his house, his mother knew me. You know, they,

00:56:10--> 00:56:41

they would speak Spanish to me, they would tell me, they would think I was Mexican. And I will tell I'm not Mexican. They'll be like, come on, man. Don't be ashamed of being like, I would like now I'm from Pakistan, and I'm pushed to it. And then they'd be like, don't worry about it. Maybe you're Mexican for us. So I was very close to him. At the time, you know, a girl called me, you know, supposed to go meet with her and things. And there was a setup. And and I got busy with somebody else. And he was like, Hey, you know, I'm gonna go and take that. I'm like, Yeah, go for it. And he went there, and he got killed. And I was at his funeral. And it was supposed to be me. It was set up

00:56:41--> 00:56:56

was for me, but but he got killed. But But when I was at the funeral, I saw them and I had a whole different seven, nine vignette, and all kinds of but they would patch you up, right? I mean, the impact you have for a funeral. And I looked at him, I looked at his body.

00:56:57--> 00:57:01

And I realized, you know, he was he was only 20 years of age at the time.

00:57:02--> 00:57:04

I was around 1718 he was 20.

00:57:05--> 00:57:08

Right? And he didn't look at

00:57:10--> 00:57:47

the lifeless body. Then I looked at the car, you know, we had pitched him together at that time. And but he was older he used to keep we had a 64 Impala was nice, lowrider hydraulics, and somebody else was driving his car, his brother was driving his car. He had 13 girlfriends and a guy you know at the time. And many of them they had kids from you know, when you when you're up in the gang world, you know, you get a lot of the perks that they would say right? All of those girls, I saw them crying on somebody else's shoulders. And I saw them at the funeral crying with some of their guy, some other guy was already sleeping in there. Right? I went to his house that day, his brothers were

00:57:47--> 00:57:52

already fighting over his things. I've been David's jacket, this this is mine. I'm gonna take this right the same day.

00:57:53--> 00:58:33

All the all the money he had made from drug dealing, or whatever else somebody else had in their pocket. And it made me realize that everything we thought to be success, cars, money, girls wealth, whatever respect, all of that was gone. You were gonna go into a grave by yourself. Just you and whatever deeds, whatever belief, whatever you did for God or didn't, that's all that's going to go. So I realized that you can't make money and fame and just chasing girls or, or these kinds of things, the purpose of your life, you have to realize there's a higher purpose and you have to wake up and you have to research and you have to read if you're if you're a Muslim, you need to wake up

00:58:33--> 00:58:39

and go back to the Quran and the Sunnah. If you're not Muslim, you need to research you need to find out what's the purpose of your life,

00:58:40--> 00:58:47

and wake up because you don't know my friend that's dead. He didn't know he was gonna die that day. He was 20 years old.

00:58:48--> 00:59:24

So you don't know how long you have. It's time to wake up and realize that there's a greater purpose we need to focus on. And we'll end with that advice. There's a greater purpose that we need to focus on. Thank you so much for sharing that start. We're gonna have to get you back to get more details of my journey to Islam and you gotta love but you left people to really, you know, something fascinating to really look into this miracle of the Quran And then from there, indeed, we know it is a book sent down for the guidance of all mankind. What are you going to do with that now it's up to you. Thank you so much for sharing that with us to talk about how may god buddy Allah protect us.