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We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala by bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment, we asked a lot to make us amongst them a llama I mean, the brothers and sisters, the entire holtville is going to revolve around one particular story but a story from the Hadith of the Prophet, slice alum and Sahih Muslim that requires quite a bit of buildup, because it starts from us adjusting our own lens but before being able to really perceive

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what the prophet sallallahu wasallam lived through, and to be able to properly contextualize the difficulties, the hardships, and the day to day of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. With those things often being intertwines, the daily life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was laced with hardships, some of them unimaginable tragedies, some of them the daily struggles of one who lived in poverty, and one who lived without asking anything from anybody around him. So before we can even get to this particular incident of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I want us to just start off with adjusting how we view the ayah that came down to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that

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shook the companions. The i o was familiar to soluna Yama is an undeniable it's a very simple idea. It comes in source, it's a catheter, we read it very frequently, that you will be asked about your blessings. On that day, Allah will ask you about your nevermore on that day. If you search that ayah within the books of Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you find no less than 30 incidents in which the Prophet peace be upon him reminded his companions at a time where they might have otherwise be literally a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gave to them, of the blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada. One at one one incidents, which is not the incident where the prophets lie,

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some doubleback killed the law, I knew I had not had anything to drink for a long time. And then after a long, hot day, and struggling, someone finally offered them a sip of cold water and the profit slice of them, just as Rebecca told the law and who took that first refreshing sip of cold water, said latos law, non human kiama you're going to be asked about that sip of water on the Day of Judgment. Because otherwise, it's just a sip of water. When you live in the desert, when you live in heat. And in our situation, even when you're not living in that heat, you're constantly sipping upon water, you don't think about how am I going to get clean water? How am I going to access clean

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water but how many people die in this in our current time, because they don't have access to clean water. So the Prophet sly some reminding him that you're going to be asked about that sip of water almost all the time. I know a very similar incident Amato, the law and who actually answered back the prophets lie Selim, he held the water in his hand, he said, I'm have they understood a lot about this. This is what we get asked about on the day of judgment on the profit slice. And I'm said, you will be asked about every single one of your Nerem, every single one of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you on the Day of Judgment. Now in a world of convenience, or I

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shouldn't say in a world of convenience, but in in the lives of convenience that we live, because the world is not what we live

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in our constant state of consumption,

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and our seemingly unlimited access to things that we can consume.

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We often lose sight of these things in the blessings of Allah as you sat here as you walked into this Masjid. And you sat down how many people actually took the moments at hamdulillah for central heating.

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Most of the world doesn't have this blessing. And for most people, when they can light up a fire, and whatever it is that they have or turn on that that space heater, even if it's you know, if it says manual as they come when it finally heats up, and they finally start feeling the comfort to where they can start to remove some of those layers. They go and hamdulillah they recognize the blessing of that heat, you don't recognize it. Because it's too easily accessible. You don't even have to flip a switch, you have it automatically timed in your home, maybe you don't even have to think about it. It just happens. And you forget that it's happening because of how easy it happens.

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A lot of times when you don't have to struggle in the process of attaining something that in and of itself, is the reason why you lose appreciation for it. You forgot what it's like to have to struggle for it and strive for it, but somehow anila It's so easily accessible to you. So that might be why you lose appreciation for a blessing but a lot will ask you about this, just as a law would ask you about a sip of cold water. On the Day of Judgment Allah will ask you about your air conditioning

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Because that provides the same, the same effect of coolness on a hot day, Allah will ask you about it. It's a NEMA. It's a luxury. It's a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you that many people don't have access to. You don't think about what it's like to access water because you have access to clean water. You don't think about these things. And when I say you, I mean me. Those of us who live in this NEMA, this perpetual state of blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us and surely we have different degrees. But here's what the prophet SAW the lice and everyone in here, everyone has their different degrees of life standard. And some people live in homes that are bigger

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than others. Some people live in apartments, some people have nicer cars, some people have more money in their bank account, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said it his salatu salam and aasbo hum income, I mean, and he said to be, whoever amongst you wakes up safe in his home, the greatest blessing is safety. If you own the biggest mansion with all of the luxuries in Damascus right now,

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you wouldn't feel safe.

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And that mansion would do nothing to insulate you from the sound of the missiles and the airstrikes on the outside of that home.

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It wouldn't mean nothing. You wouldn't take comfort in your tub, you wouldn't take comfort in the food that's being served to you that night, because at the end of the day, you're hearing those bombs falling. And you know that it's only a matter of time before they end up in your neighborhood as well.

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The net amount of being able to wake up not in a war zone, turn on law who thinks about that? Not worrying about it. You wake up at the law, we got to worry about home burglars. Okay, you're not in a war zone. When Mohammed amin and feasts, there'll be a person who wakes up safe in his home, the feeling of safety, not having to worry about that insecurity. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said after that more often feature study,

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safe or spared in regards to his health, we might have health issues here and there. But overall, the narrative of the blessing of Africa the blessing of just having, you know, the capacity to be able to function in a normal way without being held back because of your health. Whereas once something starts to go wrong, another thing starts to go wrong. You have this uncertainty, which is at the root of all the uncertainty as well as you know, the regular hospital visits or whatever it may be more often, he just study. And then finally, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and the who go to Yomi. And he has enough to suffice him for the day he has his food for the day. Kota

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is usually in association with food, he's got his food for the day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for kenema, he's at LaHood dunya. It's as if he has conquered the entire world. You live like a king, relatively speaking, you live like a king. And you should be saying Alhamdulillah for that, that you live like a person who has conquered the entire world? What if I don't have all of these things? Well, that's your that's your portion. And you should still think Allah subhanaw taala for what you have. But if you have these things, which would represent the generality of what we have here, it says, If you you own the world, you possess the entire world and the profit slice on

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the saying, if you have that perspective, then you're grateful for metta aluna, Yama in uninor, aim, the beginning of the surah is and how can we MacArthur you've been destroyed by your pursuit of quantity, the reason why you can't be grateful for the small blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you small in quotation marks is because you're too busy trying to pursue more and more and more in the pursuit of quantity, you've lost sight of the quality of what Allah subhanaw taala has already given to you, you can't you can't develop that type of perspective, because it's already there for you. It's already there for you. So when you think somebody around neoma is an anime that

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you will be asked about your blessings you might be thinking about your home, you might be thinking about your car, you might be thinking about the nice clothes that you have, whatever it is that you're thinking about, falls in the category of embellishment not in the category of nirma of the of the bear blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has already given to you that you might not thank him for and that's why the majority of them are infested. And if you look at him in our bustle, the lowdown on who loved him as rude as should be all the way down. When they mentioned this idea what is not aim and this ayah they said a sattu when

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your health and your safety, your health and your safety. If you've got your health, and you've got your safety, you own the world. You possess this entire dunya you have everything that you could possibly want on the profit slice and I'm set to never miss two blessings that often go unappreciated.

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underestimated in our lives unused, a slip, and fall off your health and your free time. Think about the near term of the blessing of yours, the blessing of your health. What would a person pay to get their health back? Think about where you are right now with your health. What would you pay to get back to the state that you're in right now, if you found out that you were going to lose it all, if you were diagnosed with something that that would cause you to lose this health, and you have to go through this treatment and that treatment, and you're going to lose the ability to to do this or the ability to do that. You would empty out your bank account just to get back to a semblance of what

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you have right now.

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The ability to sit and stand and walk so Pamela person suffers a physical injury, and they're unable to walk for, let's say, you know, three months, the way you feel once you're able to somewhat walk again, it feels like you're a king.

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Why does it take the break, for you to be able to appreciate that for me to be able to appreciate that, once a person starts to lose us, nothing else matters at that point. Everything else gets put on pause, work gets put on pause, the pursuit of dunya gets put on pause, your goals are put on pause, it's all on pause because you want to regain your health, you just want to head back.

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And the irony of this Hadeeth is that many people have time because they don't have health, a set to alpha rock. The reason why they have fought off time is because they don't have health. And when you're on when you don't have health and when you're going through some sort of medical tragedy or crisis, then suddenly you have a lot of time on your hands. And at the same time, many people who have health don't have time, because they use their health in constant pursuit of dunya. So they don't have time to make use of that what Allah subhanaw taala has given them as an ability to draw close to him. So these two things, when they're combined in a person are often going to be unused,

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unappreciated. And a person will develop a general attitude of gratitude, an inability to understand what they truly have. The cold right now, if you just drove just a few miles out, you will find people that will not be able to sleep.

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Somehow a lot there is a church and I'll actually Oaklawn United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas opened up they did a pop up shelter where they let the homeless Come and sleep inside their church for a night.

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And I was talking to the pastor there and just saying when people left the next morning, it looked like they were walking out a paradise one night to sleep in central heating.

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You have that?

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What does that mean? In regards to our responsibility to other people, there are people that are freezing to death in Dallas.

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And there are people that are freezing to death in the Muslim world and all over, because they don't have access to the basic things that Allah subhana wa tada has given to us. When I was in the refugee camps, I just needed to make World War. And somehow the law, I was just looking at these at these people and going to the bathroom is a mission, I would have never thought for a minute. Naomi, then under name means the bathroom, having a bathroom, you don't say Alhamdulillah for the bathroom, you don't say it have the love for the ability to use it for the comfort of being able to use a restroom going to the bathroom as a mission.

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It requires all sorts of hurdles to be able to use the restroom. And then to do will do the water is unusable. You have to sit there and heat it up. And then you know make sure that it cools down to an acceptable temperature that you don't burn yourself. The process of being able to make one rule was a 45 minute process. That's myself so panela these people in order to worship Allah have to go through these hurdles. But don't you think they appreciate it a little bit more than we do.

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Once you finally get that cool water and you start pouring that cool water, so had a lot and you start thinking about that Hades as you're making mobile and the freezing cold and that water starts to warm you a little bit you say and hamdulillah

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this water feels incredible hamdulillah you start to think about these things a little bit more. Now as I said I wanted this all to build up to one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that honestly causes a lot of problems, causes a lot of problems. And I'll tell you why the Hadith in Sahih Muslim it's narrated by Abu Hodeidah Well, the law on who who has his own famous story of hunger, where the prophets lie, some recognizes hunger, who was homeless for some time, and he used to go hungry many many days and nights but Allah subhanaw taala blessed him eventually to where he had a home and had those basic things. But listen to this had these nearby avoided all the low tide

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I know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he went out of his home at an odd time of the day.

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At an odd time of the day or the night, so it was a time that the prophets lie some typically would not come out of his home. So it can be assumed that it was between the harasser was sometime in the night the prophets lie some came out. When he walked out, he noticed two people sitting in the masjid. aboubaker and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them. Typically, this story would end up going in this direction they then went and they worship the loss of habitat or they proceeded to some sort of Expedition or some sort of place in Medina or to visit somebody because that's how it always was right the prophets lie some other bucket and Ahmad how many ahaadeeth start off that way the Prophet

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sly Salaam and I will back it and Omar may Allah be pleased with them both. This one is different.

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The prophets lie Selim comes out of his home at an odd time of the night and he noticed his old bucket and Omar sitting there

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and he says to them, Maharaja commandment beauty Kuma how these are what is it that brought you out of your homes in this odd hour? You know what they said? They said a jewelry out of

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starvation or messenger of Allah we're hungry.

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We came out out of hunger.

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A bucket and Ahmad these are the three most important people in the oma

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Think about that. And they're sitting in the masjid. And they said the only thing that brought us out at this hour was that a juror? were starving. We're hungry. And guess what the prophets license us? Well, no, we're living in a CBD. He said an eye to buy the one in whose hand is my soul, that halogen Isla de ontological now, I only was brought out of my home because of that which brought you out of your home. The Prophet, slice alum and Abu Bakr and Omar were hungry.

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And they were coming out of their home at an odd time of the night. Because they were hungry. If you just stop and pause at that, for a moment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who had the most adoring set of followers of any men in history, who had the greatest generation present with him in the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam hydromax economy, the greatest, the greatest generation of people, the greatest man with the two greatest men of the oma that were not prophets

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in the masjid, in a prominent place, because they didn't have anything to eat, and they could not sleep because of their intense hunger. The man who actually his salatu salam used to have people at his door all throughout the day and night knocking and calling out to him always making demands of him about whom Allah revealed sort of individual rocks.

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people calling upon the Prophet slice on the suit of the Herat because they're calling upon the Prophet slice them throughout the day throughout the night night and really harassing him he was being harassed study his Salatu was salam

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to listen to this person and listen to that person and do this and do that and not being given his privacy not being given his personal space it his full out to us to them, and they were hungry. No one noticed that the prophets lie Selim Abu Bakr and Omar, we're hungry.

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And this is a reality by the way, that we have to understand that usually, caretakers are never cared for.

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It's a part of our human psyche.

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No one thought to ask the profit slice on them if he was hungry. No one thought to ask about Beckett or Ahmad if they were okay. The profit slice alum who used to go out and wouldn't if he noticed hunger in your face. Think of the narrator of the Hadeeth who who wants the profit slice and just knew he was hungry by looking at him and took his hand and found him something to eat for the night. He knew it from your face. The prophets lie Selim, who spent day and night in the service of the people feeding the people. no one bothered to ask you how to sort of law Are you hungry?

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Kind of alcohol. On his whole look, his character was the plan

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to have several home agonia you would think that these people are sufficed because of their task force because of his modesty. Salalah hardy who was selling it never showed he was smiling. He looked fine. The Prophet sly Salaam never showed discontents with his companions. He never showed them that he was hungry. He never showed them that he was in need. In fact, the only time he did it so the lohani with Selim was one of the law unwhole one of the three hungry men at that time walked up to the prophets lie Selim in the Battle of Azov and the hand up and pulled up his shirt and showed the prophets lie some that he had a stone tied to his stomach because of how hungry he was.

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And the Prophet slicin pulled up his shirt and he had two stones tied to his. That's the only time he ever disclosed his situation. It is a lot

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Was Sarah can hold on he was walking around you know what? This is the implementation of learn re domain comm Jessa and Wella Shakira in the monitor mo company register we feed you for the sake of Allah. We don't want anything from you. No thanks. No gratitude, no compensation. All model the Allahu taala and who who went out? boba kettle the law? I don't know, Omar, who were competing in serving the people in the obscure parts of Medina.

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We're hungry. It's not an excuse for the oma. That doesn't mean the community got a free pass. Like oh, okay, well, it's their fault. No, it's not their fault. People need to pay more attention.

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The volunteers, the caretakers, those who lead in whatever capacity they also need to be cared for, because if they're cared for, they can care for better.

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But out of their o'clock, it didn't show so these three men some how to love the profits licensable Beckett and Omar all gathered together hungry

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and so he is living his own example it his thought to a Salaam and that's the peak of service and not having any expectation of the people. Far from living like a king. The prophets lie Selim was living poorer than everyone else that he was serving.

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And he never complained to the people.

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The story continues, the prophets lie Selim said to them, como, get up and let's go find some food.

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The prophets lie Selim the greatest creation, the greatest human being ever alive. And I will record an homage to the greatest two men of this oma walking around hoping that someone will find them and give them food.

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They come to the house have one on Sati man and the inside were a generous group of people. And the woman of the house was there and you imagine opening your door at this strange time of the night and who's at your door, the profit sliceable bucket and almost Something must really be wrong. This is probably a death announcement. I mean, how does how does this happen? Were these three people show up at my house in the middle of the night.

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So she said model Robben Island like she was shocked she welcomed the model, Robben Island, greetings to these amazing people.

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And the prophets lie some greeted her back. And they asked her where her husband was she said that he went out to fetch some water. He's a simple man, he's going out to fetch some fresh water for them to be able to drink for that night. But she invited them in to wait for the husband, the husband comes back home with these canisters with this water. And he sees these three men sitting in his living room and he said Alhamdulillah All praises be to Allah who honored me with the most amazing guests. What privilege Do I have to have these types of guests in my home.

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And so

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as he started to, as he started to see them sitting there, he recognized their need, he gave them water. And then he went out and he started to collect dates, a ton of all sorts of dates, ripe dates, dry dates, he starts bringing the dates and he starts hurrying up back to the profit slice lamentable bucket and Alma serving them dates with their water. And then not only that, after he got them those dates, he takes this slaughtering knife and he goes and he grabs a sheep.

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And he wants to slaughter and cook for them. And the prophets lie Selim said, make sure it's not Hulu, make sure it's not a milk bearing sheep. And he knew his sheep that he had his flock, so he slaughtered he cooked. And then he served them that cooked meat. prophets lie some I will Becca and Omar sitting in your living room, eating water dates and some meat probably for the first time in months.

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And at that moment,

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as they're eating to their fill, the profit slice that I'm Who does he look at? He looks at a whole bucket and

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you don't get off. Because of this. He said, Well, lovely enough. cbits. Look, we live this experience together. We live this that's an unforgettable night. That's an experience that you don't forget. And these are companions. These are three men that deeply love each other. And he says, well let enough CBD I swear by him and whose hand is my soul that was alone and had a Yeoman piano.

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You will be asked about this night about this blessing on the Day of Judgment. Roger come in booty Commodore.

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What got you out of your homes was hunger and olanzapine without a thermal ontology Rohatyn, or Saba comhar the name but you are not returning to your homes, without having been touched by the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You better be grateful for these blessings. It's panela. It's unfathomable. To think of the prophets lie Selim as the hungry prophet.

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You think of the brave Prophet, you think of the courageous prophet you think of the eloquent prophet you think of this

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But the hungry prophet Allah His slots was Salaam, the orphan prophet Adi, his Salatu was salam, the grieving widower, Allah, his Salatu was salam, the grieving parents out of his salatu salam, and here the hungry prophets, the hungry double bucket, the hungry on who in their lowest moments, this isn't experience this isn't the profit slice someone go hungry often in their lowest moments are still being reminded to say Alhamdulillah because you will be asked about that blessing on the Day of Judgment. Now, to summarize, an attitude of gratitude hear from the Shema of the prophets of Allah Harney, who is some of my time has run very short from the Shema of the prophets, my son from

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his description, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was already expressing gratitude before that moment, he was expressing gratitude by not complaining of his situation. And by still being a grateful servant to Allah subhana wa tada even as the situation was taking place, so it's not until he it's not when he prays the laughter It was his attitude before he got that name, as well, from the attitude of the prophets like some from the shamal of the prophets. I saw them as a shuttle de la and he said, he never found fault in anything that was given to him. And he never criticized any food that was served to him. He never can you any King, Prime Minister leader? How would they act

00:26:23--> 00:26:38

with their food? What about us? What about the prophets lie Selim, he never once criticized the food that was given to him, not once, he never criticized a gift that was given to him anything that was given to him the profits license showed gratitude. If he didn't like the food, he simply didn't eat it.

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But he would not. He wouldn't look down upon it or talk down the gift or whatever was served him because that would be in gratitude, not just to the person who gave that that gift or served that food, but to the one who provided that in the first place.

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He didn't he wasn't inclined, there wasn't a slip up the profit slice some never showed in gratitude for anything that was given to him or criticized it, whether he was in Makkah, or whether he was in Medina, and he shot all the Allahu taala on her. She says that three, he loves three Crescent moons, meaning three months would pass upon us and the only meal we had in our homes were us were down the two black things are not what ton of water and dates. That's all we would have. If you had water and dates in the place of a meal. And someone asked you Did you have dinner? Would you say yeah, I had dinner and hamdulillah I had dates and water. You wouldn't even say that you wouldn't even call that

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a meal. That was the food of the Prophet size Ella many times

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Those were his meals. How do we get down to this? There is a practice a lot of challenges you and I what intero do amatola a lot. So if you were to count the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala you would not be able to do so if you took one blessing Allah gave you and tried to count the blessings within that blessing, you would fail I would fail to be able to, to fully count those blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Secondly, always find something good to say about your situation.

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People are complaining find something good about the situation. If people are talking down something Talk, talk it up. Always Well, I'm not being arithmetic at all, because I had this speak of the blessing of your Lord. Show that gratitude. Make sure that it's vocal vocalized, make sure that you're saying and hamdulillah for what it is that's been provided to you try to pay attention to the things that others are not paying attention to, you know, you read all these websites on how to show gratitude. The first thing you say is a gratitude journal, write it down a lot already set it when to do nirma to LA LA to count your blessings. So Fianna thodi Rahim Allah would make it a point to

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actually sit there and count the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. What can I be grateful for that I wasn't paying attention to today, something that came very simple to me. count those blessings, say Alhamdulillah. For them always say something good about the situation that you are in find something to say good about the situation, even if every one or everything around you is pointing towards the bad of that situation. And the last thing, don't you ever feel entitled?

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Don't you ever feel entitled we are not better than those people

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that are dying in the cold right now. We don't deserve it more than them.

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Our while our tests first our state is a test for us and their state is a test for them.

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But no one deserved the blessings of this world like the profit slice on an apple bucket and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them, but they didn't feel entitled. It wasn't an entitlement. It wasn't the profit slice. I'm saying it's about time you recognized my hunger and that you did a better job. They were not entitled. Instead, they were always grateful. We should be questioning ourselves as to why Allah subhanaw taala chose us for the comfort that we are in right now. And the best way to think of love for an airman is to use the Dharma in a way that's pleasing to Him.

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You don't fully appreciate that narrow amount until you're in contact with people who don't have that same narrative as you That's why you visit the sick.

00:30:07--> 00:30:36

You recognize the blessing of heaven. That's why you visit the graves you recognize the blessing of life, then that's why you accompany the orphan you recognize the blessing of what's been given to you, those who are freezing those who are hungry, that's when you really fully appreciate it. May Allah subhanaw taala use us in the service of people make us amongst those who are grateful in our words and our hearts and our actions and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst those that will be raised amongst a shotgun on the Day of Judgment alumna I mean Apollo probably has or stuff like that when he sat there must have been for stuff we don't know for right

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now, I mean, whatever you want to avoid I mean, what if you were to match up in Oklahoma City with Sonoma County called a silica Mohammedan Solano it was southern Florida It was like it was interesting when Kathy La, la Madrid let me know and minutes with Muslim enormous amounts of human human Mr. Tanaka, Semyon Karima Mooji. Without llama foolin, our Hamner wife for an hour or two, I did not open our lambda and for Sunnah, when I'm tougher than Otto Hamlet, an akuna Minal ha serene allama frilly Valentina Abrahamic Amara bonus La Habana habla Naaman as well as you know the reality kurata Aryan Medina limits Athena mama llama pseudo Masada Athena fimasartan Aldo mahavihara llama

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one is one and when kobina FEMA Shire who are the Mahara Bihar a llama la que la mina with LA I mean while foraging out with one on the veniam study mean about the law and the law a little bit it will sound a little corba fascia it will carry well Buffy Yaga Camilla Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has Kuru come wash Kuru. Valentina, is it black on what are the Corolla acabado la Yamato Sonoran welcomes