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The importance of avoiding a C-to-C-to- wing and delaying assignments is discussed, as well as the need for more practice to achieve excellence. The speakers also share stories about successful entrepreneurs and emphasize the importance of staying at home to stay healthy and productive. The importance of prioritizing one's life and not allowing anyone to drive is emphasized, along with advice on finding a stable job and being entrepreneursary. The success of Islam practice and respect for non Muslims is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to be entrepreneursary and not just for one specific job.

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we killing time?

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Yeah, wasting time. This one, I believe it does not do. A believer cannot have a C for activity. It's not possible. You can't simply have time to kill. Constantly do something that which is not urgent. And just what should we do? We're bored. We're going to go hang out in the shopping center.

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You know in Malaysia we have a huge eating culture to eat outside. You know why? Because half the half of Malaysia is a shopping centres. They kill time. They just come to just I don't know do what just window shop, the living shop that has gone in there.

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What should we do? Let's go. Okay.

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So this culture has to be changed by this this Islam. See it fall out the door? Yeah, see one, reduce it, reduce it, reduce it as much as possible to make a C to C to everything and C to Salah at the earliest time Hodge when you are young Zakat at the earliest times the cutoff with the early, give it early. How many of us delay to the last day? Give it early? Give me a sucker early as well. Okay, give us a call early as well. If you're broken faster number, do it early. If you've got to gain knowledge, do it now. Don't do it after you finish your medicine. Don't do it after you finish your aeronautical engineering and your other degree. No, no. Do it now. memorize Quran do it now. Do

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it now. Otherwise, what are you going to wait till you have lung cancer? Do you have some disease in your body? Then you're going to suddenly say You know what? I should be learning this. No, no, no, that will become a C one then high stress, low quality it will all go out the door. Does that make sense? Everybody?

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You know, amongst us 15% of people are perfectionists. Do you know what perfectionist is in psychology.

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That doesn't mean that he's a really great guy. It doesn't mean that at all. perfectionist is someone who delays, delays, delays, delays, delays until the last minute he's called perfection is a psychological terms. The psychologists need a psychologist to understand sometimes. Why are you calling a perfectionist? Okay, he's careless. But they call him perfectionist. You know why? Because he wants to be perfect. So what he does is he delays the most important thing to the last minute. Okay, and then he ends up doing it bad quality because he had to rush it. And any one of you seen a perfectionist in your life? Any one of you or perhaps you might know yourself, you have a habit of

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delay assignments to the last minute. Well, excellent, you're all perfectionist, Mashallah.

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Because you want things to be perfect. So you delay to the last minute. It's not good at home about the system. It's a trap of the shaper trap of the shelter. Okay. So do your level best my brother's lab to ensure that you understand the value of time and that you do your level best in your life to ensure that every single thing you do you do it to the best of your ability to the highest quality, best of your ability to the highest of quality. And my brother systems lab Let me tell you about end with a story of a great scholar that used to live in our time by the name of the author named Rahim Allah. If nothing more amazing person may

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never have seen him or heard about him

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ever. Yeah, I think scholars in general that don't don't waste time they haven't become brilliant that are wasting time. Because it takes that much knowledge what who's a scholar By the way, a scholar as some scholar said

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that the definition of a scholar is someone who knows more than he doesn't know. His knowledge is more than his ignorance about Islamic topics. So Mashallah, to have that much knowledge about Islam, you will have to study quite a lot. So it knows me Ramallah was reported to have an amazing lifestyle. By that I don't mean a wealthy lifestyle. I mean, an amazingly busy lifestyle.

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In fact, I remember on one of the years where the sheriff was alive, and I was a student in Medina, he went, he as was a methodology, many of our alumni that they would spend the last 10 days in muddy in muck.

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We went to Macau, the chef would start off in the morning.

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So what time would he start the whole time? Let's start from the whole time. The whole time the chef would be praying his love of prayer, then sooner than straight away he would have a class after the whole until about two o'clock at two o'clock. He would have phone if the main question after question after question for fatwa until such time as the time you would come out of his office in the huddle and you play us, then back to

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back to class. After us it would be a class all the way

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Wait till just five minutes before mother before Mother You will raise up his hands keep on making go on to the other kid that when the other one can you eat food once is eating food question question question question question question question. I mean, you can't imagine questions is coming to you. And you cannot imagine. Then the mother pray would finish. As soon as another player would finish he would retire to his room inside the room where you would have private q&a private q&a. Yeah. So people who privately came some someone came from America, someone came from Sweden, someone's got a photo from Singapore, someone is an issue in in in uniform from Emirates. They're

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all privately coming there. These are scholars themselves that have come to consulting on their affairs. That goes till a short time, but one and a half hours, two hours then at Isha. What would you do? Time for Isha prayer. After ensure straightaway tarawih comes right? There'll be 20 Records, then it finishes. What time 930 10 then class, a lecture straightaway after Isha. I don't know if you guys are getting tired already. Listen to this. But

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anyway, so then you'd have a class straightaway. Most of us would be like, oh, okay, not a lecture. And if you saw the shape how sharp he was. He was like a hawk. I remember when he came to Medina University wants to teach us. Right hamdulillah wasn't me and 100 it wasn't me. A brother sitting next to me. Just next to me. He was dozing off in his class. While I had the brother just doze off like this. The chef picked up from all the way back there, you

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and I thought it was me.

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No, no, no next to you. Then I woke him up. And he's like, what is it shift? Oh, no, the chef figured out made him stand up.

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Okay. And he made him speak about every single thing in the checks at the beginning of the lecture.

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Okay. He had Hawk eyes. Right. So 10 o'clock. 10 o'clock lecture until What? 12 o'clock.

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12. And then what? back to his private rooms where he would now speak to some of the officials that wanted to ask him about issues. Government officials. Okay, to what one o'clock? What happens at 1pm a lady. So prayer starts at one o'clock.

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Right gamma ray

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starts at one according to one, long prayers, long prostrations long sujood. all the way till one.

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Two, what about three o'clock?

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Three o'clock. Yeah. And then the sheriff returns for sleep.

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Okay, until fudger time, which is five o'clock for two hour sleep.

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I remember who my friend was telling me he used to carry the keys of the chef shakes apartment. He said we're lucky one day I was late after a piano late. And the chef had gone to his room. And he was so tired. I saw the poor man sleeping on the

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on the doorstep of his room. He just fell asleep. Waiting for the guy to come.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Now is the time to work not sleep.

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A day will come and will never sleep. There is no sleeping gentlemen. There is no sleep in the grave. You know that? Unless you're going to go to genda inshallah, when it will be talking to you in the grave sleep like the sleeping of a person who has just gotten married.

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Okay, otherwise no sleep.

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No sleep. So, today is a time to sleep. Today is a time to not sleep. How many of us over here need eight hours of sleep?

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Come on, show off Joe. Come on truthful. truthful. We're all truthful people, right? Eight hours asleep? Yes, sir. eight hours of sleep.

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I was asleep is a third of your life.

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They are asleep as a third of your life.

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physiologically, how much does a person need to sleep every day? 6.6 hours. Optimal.

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But you know anyway, I don't trust these researchers anyway.

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You don't need that much you need as much as your body needs. But the problem is my brothers Islam. We love our beds too much. We love it too much. But Allah, the fear of Allah has to come back in our hearts and remember that the more time we waste CB the more our oma is made the more we are far away from where we need to be. Perhaps we're sleeping now, but we will not sleep in the grave because a punishment is coming. So my brother's distance lab wants to have the time now sleep an hour less, one hour less and raised

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Hands up to allow the last thirds of the night when Allah has asked me who is there that is begging forgiveness for me to be forgiven, and spending one hour extra in your time every day, just to make Vicar of Allah and just to spend one hour extra each day just gaining knowledge and inshallah to Allah if you do this to Allah subhanho wa Taala will make your knowledge come to you and your life much better inshallah you get far more benefit from your abilities now in Charlotte tanzaku.

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In a

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previous session, we will not take questions from the audience. So please send in your questions

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Because all he wanted to do was to finish everything for us. Oh, because I got instructions saying that we would actually have a panel discussion after. Yeah, that was original thinking. So we'll just keep on that just to 45 minutes or

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so and probably if we can finish it right now.

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Right, so what you do is we'll have a 10 minute q&a, okay.

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And then

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Okay, so, first question, which is,

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what is more advisable to follow? listening to

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our dreams?

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Okay, solar panel, Haman hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. While earlier he was sacked the he woman Wella. My brothers and sister in Islam, our parents advisors according to the experiences in life that they have had,

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they want the best worlds. And this is without doubt, there's no parent here, except perhaps an octopus that eats his own

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own offspring. And there's a particular type of hyena that eats his own offspring Apart from that, all I've read is every parent whether animal or human wants good for the offsprings. Right? Okay, so if that is the case, every parent wants good for the offspring. No doubt, if the parents are telling us to continue our studies, that is only because that is the way that they know to success, quote, unquote, in this video, if this is the case, what is my advice to you all? My advice to you all is, first of all, to sit with them and to explain to them what your passions and your desires and what's in your heart. When's the last time we actually did that once Last time, we sat with their parents

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and said, Mom, I really want to learn my stuff. I don't want to become misguided. And I don't want to also become poor, and not have a have a career. I will also do that in Sharla. But I have to prioritize my priorities. That's what I told my parents. That's what I told my parents. But as Allah would have it, I only became guided after I started my studies. So I had to take the rough decision of actually leaving my studies at that point. I didn't I don't advise this for everyone. But at the same time, but this is Islam, prioritize your priorities you have one life. How many patients do I get today that I actually find them having passed away at a young age, so many patients pass away at

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a young age, so don't ever think that you're going to live forever. Don't ever think that you will grow old and that you will have a lot of time later on. Plus, a lot of us when we finish our secular studies, we go into work we find that a career takes a life over

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because you have to, you know, first to finish your medicine after that. You've got to get your

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How's jobs under order after that, you've got to get a speciality program. Once you become a specialist, you know, you have to work for a few years, if you're going to job somewhere else. And once you're stuck your hospital sticks you to a routine some, some person somewhere, puts your name against certain black boxes and your life is already set. He set your routine when he should be in hospital when he shouldn't be. So the point of the matter is, before you get stuck into these things, you should take control of your life, drive your own life, don't let someone else driving. And this is why this is why in the beginning of the first lecture, you found me mocking working for

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others. Yes, in fact that had a thorough sewer system, speak about that. The hadrosaurs that the ayat of the Quran talked about and how many verses Can I give you about how it is recommended for Muslims to work for themselves, and to be your own bosses. And in fact, I have found in my life experience of traveling different Muslim countries worldwide, that those people who have their own businesses and work for themselves, those communities are far far better islamically and more stronger as an Islamic community than those places where people don't do that. Let me give you the example of South Africa, only 2.3% Muslims, but South African Muslims have the most positive image

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in all of South Africa than any other minority at all in South Africa. Why? Because that South African Muslim population 2.3% hires out 20% of all South Africa they provide employment to 20% of South Africa Can you imagine that amazing amazing

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amazing and but love they have time to do what they want with their time and their money to do what they want to do with their money. So my brother's sister Islam, we own bosses. It's difficult I know initially. But welcome vanilla, persist you intelligent people, find opportunities beyond buses, and then be in the light you will have time to do what you want with your time. So my advice to you all is with your parents, speak to them first. Discuss with them. What is in your heart, tell them my parents, I want to prioritize my priorities. Allah comes first. And the verse of the Quran is very clear. When my tequila haryanto Maharajah while your resume in Heisler.

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Indeed, he fears Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala always provides a way out for him. And he provides from him from somewhere. No one ever thought was possible. You know, I remember my friend Abdullah in green. He said the reason why he accepted Islam. Right. The reason why he accepted Islam is that he once he had a thought in his mind was thinking was it? What are these Arabs in the middle of the desert do nothing. This is raise their hands to God. And they are the wealthiest people.

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We work for them. He says this is what made him accept Islam. So you crazy.

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This matrix of Islam said Yeah. Because what is it that they do that brings them their risk.

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Whereas we have to work so hard to undo a degree when we have the end up doing an MBA, and we end up working for someone else.

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the point of the matter is, I know we're not all all oil shakes here. Okay, I know that.

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I understand that. But at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala provides for you from a way you cannot ever imagine. cannot ever imagine.

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But two years ago, I was stuck to a hospital.

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And that's how I make my my income. I was stuck to a hospital. And they had to do my routine.

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By law was difficult, because you know, the hospitals they slapped you in for 60 hours, 70 hours a day, at the same time running worse division worldwide affairs globally. Very tough. And then at the same time trying to go for lectures and talks. Very, very tough at the same time having five children in the house and making sure your wife doesn't become the same.

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Okay, it's very tough. Okay, very tough. SubhanAllah Believe me in between patience, I'll be picking up my phone.

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Yeah, in between patients, I'll be picking up my phone and, and and speaking to my team. So it's very, very tough. I was taking a toll on your body. You can't do that. Then I decided to focus on one on my Afro only. So I decided that I would leave my hospital work. And I would contract myself out to hospitals, where I could choose my time here. I make far more money than I ever did. I have far more time to do what I want to do. And I can tell us now the hospitals when they used to then before Tell me off because now I'm like no, you give me that salary. And you give me that time, although I'm not working. Okay. Okay, Doctor, perfect. No problem.

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That's good.

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Okay, so the point I'm trying to make to you all about this is Islam. Give it a go. You never know. Give it a go. Don't be afraid. The worst thing

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The salaried person gets his daily salary his monthly salary worse than you could have is your monthly salary.

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It's true because you've had a guarantee and that guarantee is made you afraid. Fear ruins your life. Oh, if I leave my job What am I going to do? Oh, if I leave my job, how is this gonna feed? feed my family so worse things happen to you. worse things happened to you is when you got a job the

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moral of the story you can take that back and your parents will say oh well I don't go don't go to these lectures don't speak to them.

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Now Allah says not add one a year Jana blah blah who didn't have any other meaning and Sabina the Quran, verse of the Quran What is it say? Allah will never put believe disbelievers over believers. It's an authentic, it's a verse that even Abbas said about this verse. He said that this verse means Muslims should not work should not work in positions where they are under the thumb of those people that dictate to them what they can do what they can't do with their life

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that Muslims should tie to meet their own bosses. Wow. That's a big profound statement, isn't it? It's a big profound sell. It means that you should be entrepreneurial. It means that you should do your own thing, even if you're doing little.

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Because eventually, you will end up doing well. Eventually, if you do what you love, money will follow. No doubt about it. I have no doubt about it. inshallah, Allah will do it. A lot provides for the birds who wake up in the morning, got no idea what they're going to do. And they come. Have you ever seen birds as dropping from the sky? Have you seen that? I have never seen a bird. No hunger is dropping down. Where there's millions of birds out there.

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I've never seen them everyone is hungry. Mashallah, somebody is so big, unless providing for everybody out there. So what are you afraid of human being? What are you afraid of?

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when seeking knowledge other than the

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but which are still important in its way? How do we do it within the teachings of Islam, especially when we have to tell non Muslims for resources?

00:22:19--> 00:22:31

It's a very complex question. Could you repeat again, please, when seeking knowledge other than about the which knowledge is still important in its own way? Of course, how do we do it within the teachings of Islam, especially when we have to turn?

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A lot of our brothers and sisters knowledge and knowledge can come from anywhere. Even frustrated.

00:22:44--> 00:22:50

I know you're all surprised. But yeah, you know, we learn something from shaitan. Haven't we learned some people shutdown we have

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what do we learn? I had to kursi. Right. I could see. And you know that because Abu huraira was a was looking after the grains of the Muslims. And this boy, he is king when he gets mad. He came and stole I've already caught him. Please let me go. My mother's sick and my daughter's unwell and

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you know, I'm poor, then go second day, same thing. Third day, according with that said, I'm not letting you go. I'm gonna take into it as soon as possible. So what did he say? He said, I'll teach you something which will take the shutdown away from him. What is it recite surah? That's recite advocacy. Right? So the prophets have said what?

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What do you say? He said he's a liar, but he spoke to the truth.

00:23:34--> 00:23:39

Okay, now in the size of Al Bukhari

00:23:40--> 00:23:46

in the Sahara fukuhara. How many? How many Shia narrators are there in the Sahara?

00:23:50--> 00:23:54

She underwriters, you kidding me? No,

00:23:55--> 00:23:55

it's true.

00:23:56--> 00:24:02

How many she underwriters 180. She underwriters. Oh my god people only make a mistake.

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Buhari said, as quoted by even has rambled on for too long. But he said that these 180 narrators are the only people I have ever found that actually have this particular habit. And if I did not quote this habit from them, then a number of the Sunnah of the Prophet Sunnah would have been lost. And the sheer narrators were not known for lying. They were sheer in themselves, but they were not the ones that would call people to the show. Does that make sense? They will not actively calling people to her. Does that make sense? They were simply just sheer on their own preference and choice. That's fine. So he would accept it from them. Ooh, amazing. Yeah.

00:24:47--> 00:24:50

What does that mean? Well, if we can accept from shaytaan

00:24:51--> 00:24:54

if we can accept from people that we don't consider normally for knowledge

00:24:56--> 00:25:00

can we accept for non Muslims of course we can. Of course

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

We can

00:25:01--> 00:25:12

and do we give them the same respect as other teachers? Absolutely. Anyone who is a teacher must be respected any one of the teacher must be respected you professor of Cardiology absolute respect

00:25:14--> 00:25:34

absolutely respect them doesn't matter who that is, he is a non Muslim respected, they have some valuable knowledge. Yeah, they have some really serious knowledge and that is from Allah which in respect of what they have, okay, you professor of English literature, respect in respect of what they have take the good from them leave the bad

00:25:36--> 00:25:48

and so my brother says that if we have non Muslims of interact with that we can benefit from respect them for that insha Allah take the good or hamdulillah This is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam okay?