Karim Abuzaid – Allah Created Life and Death To Test You

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The concept of death is discussed in religion, with emphasis on practice and patience. The importance of avoiding false expectations and the potential for false tests is emphasized, along with tests such as paddling, fill in, and drop in designed to improve chances of obtaining goals. The ultimate goal is to obtain a certain level of awareness and understanding.
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Let me Holla Holla Mota one

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analog. Look what patera said, Rahim Allah

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Allah Subhana Allah has placed the son of Adam in a state of humiliation because of this

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was your Allah dunia and he made the dunya of for the son of Adam a place where he lives and dies

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you're born in it and you die

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with the School of Medicine, why did Allah say death before life?

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He created a lady holla allow

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one higher

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why for you to remember that what awaits all of us is what

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another explanation By the way, part of the annual motor loss

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we go through four stages no mention.

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Aleta Island incentive Illumina de de la mia concha but he had no mentioned he had no existence he did not exist then

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you will call to life

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then you will die and then you will rise again and never die but hopefully I'm going to be in the right place cuz there is at least out there will actually be will wish to die. Whenever that we are Malik they will call upon the warden the angel who's in charge of Hill Leah de la narrow book, can you load make us die? Carla in a coma?

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No, you stay

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k factor? How in the world do you make sense this believing in Allah will come to mammoth and when you're dead,

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for a higher Kundalini given your life, so meiomi to come, then he will cause you to die. So much. You look at this, look at this, look at this number here. Look at this number here. There are three of them that you can stablish

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there is only one missing out of these four,

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which the people do not believe in is the resurrection. But already the three already you can prove you're dead. You came to live Can you deny this? Can you so what is left?

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And there are people who do not believe in it.

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Is one of them can do after will become bombs. Allah Allah Kakuma, what Amala Can you can you go into how we created you first?

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Lady holla calm now, one higher.

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One of the explanations if I came across I believe in geralyn Hakuna

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He created you to die

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and think about it, because quite frankly we were asked to talk about this. So,

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what is the problem? What is the problem with people they forgot about the

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the most

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they cannot deny, but they are worked in a state of what I call it offline. The word forget is forgetfulness of afla is heedless ness you see the difference between heedlessness lava flow and sem ignition we're not held accountable for that you forget something else in the law. Allah has pardon my alma for what they forget

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but the lovely What a lovely a lovely that you know what?

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But you careless you're not caring about it. That's lovely

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That's a lovely This is after heedlessness it's called heedlessness state of fearlessness that a you know that there is something out there but you are you don't do something about it. Like that's why you're supposed to do what you're supposed to talk about death.

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Actually, there are some practices in the religion that was legislated. Just remember that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says I banned you earlier from visiting the graves now go visit the grave Why

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couldn't I

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to the broken bill? No. Bill no it will remind you of death. Odin Murray is worry visit the SEC. What baljinder is follow the genesis for inner to the curriculum will note it will remind you with this

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a few decra has no mention in abundance, the destroyer of old Ledger's death

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locked in some communities when you talk about this.

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BBC Mr. Kato talk a lot about life.

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Talk about fun tamo lady Hanukkah

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Allah did not say Holla Holla Holla Holla Mota

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while higher had titanium the next life

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Why are we here Leah blue Welcome to San Juan we're here to be tested

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and remember this year

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the test in two areas some

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the tests pertaining to your product

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law you did not choose

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your birthday

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is not choose your father mother

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did not choose your birthplace no you choose your death or where you will die all of this is nothing by the way.

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You have you have no say about this it's already occurred.

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Now if it is good, then you should be what

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should be grateful

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for you, if it is not according to you according to you, then you should be what

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are generally Emeril

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in Morocco, Kula who

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and amazed at the lifestyle of a believer it's all good for him in a Saba Saba, when he's inflected with a calamity is patient, by the way, you don't have to accept

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a visa to

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then have to serve with us when you're afflicted with a calamity.

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The first servitude that you have to exercise patience.

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Then after patience comes what you accept us

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hospice hub

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really only takes time you accepting it

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takes time

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where they give when I came across this beautiful you know when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam son Ibrahim died, what happened?

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He stood by his bedside and tears came down.

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I believe I broke my rib now for standing next to him. He said Dr. Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam can even hear you cry. He said in the localizer the Hargreaves were in the line allotment. The eyes. shed tears. Were in Delhi for Africa, Ibrahim Zulu, and we're saddened because of your death or Ibrahim when I can learn a puma yo de Beauvoir, but I'm not going to say anything which would

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reflect my you know, displeasure with allies or being uncontained not content to the annualize the clear. I'm going to accept elastically

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there is one of the bead assessors His name is wil for violet.

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used to have a son His name is Ali. So pious and righteous this young man is 11 he would lay behind the moment the Imam would recite verses about die there but he would

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get shocked the Muslim

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family died

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so while foil is burying him he's laughing.

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School is known for his righteousness and piety.

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The Prophet is crying and then for like

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who are you who McMahon

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who is complete here Paulo Rasulullah

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why because he went into the sequence

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and fertile the sequence what

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he got the river before what sub sub then what

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Hannah This is the natural course butterfly what

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he must double over the yet

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don't we have sometimes people who are really hit with a calamity and

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those we see that's exactly what happened. But basically you're supposed to be to be patient

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that's why every

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what's happened

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that have

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been hundreds of years now I mean, you should be having rubber now.

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But you go back now and you

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There is no need for this

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lady hola como el Diablo. So the first area of test is the idea of a paddle in my opinion

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In my opinion this is an easy area because quite frankly what are you going to do?

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Allah ordained knew that this is going to happen to you you tell me what man can Avenue Alliance hola hola hola Daniela

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Yamanashi folium that be Sara vanilla semi familiar,

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a room in the ceiling,

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on the test in the area of an Potter is easy, quite frankly. But it takes a man.

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Here is the second area where we're tested which is actually the most difficult, the shorter I test

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the delay.

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Why it's difficult because you have a freedom of choice.

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Allah given llmnr

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which the heavens and the earth refused work

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in a manner which is the freedom of choice they call the fill in

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the belly fat

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linseed oil, gin, gin Jin and his

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c'est la ilaha illAllah Let me think about it, but the heavens and the earth and the rest of the creations

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mastaba in a summer he will hear the horn move

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out of the Pawan Cava cola a attain a power aim.

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Allah said to the heavens and the earth would you like to have the freedom to learn?

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So the type of tests that Elijah is difficult

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because you have a freedom of choice.

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Look at the angels. Why the angels are not in trouble.

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Why? Because they don't have what? LEAH Suna law her ma ma ma ma ma ma

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ma ma ma Luna my

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angels don't add to this we have enemies I call them the three

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the first enemy is right here

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inside you

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Allah giving you enough that was what the sheer in the dunya

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after I know no one now

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enough say V Hellfire or fee.

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But the first enemy is Jonas then comes in what?

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Your Genie?

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Everyone has a genie and then comes in what? The human Genie. The human Chaitanya

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or feed tray Athenians in

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hola hola pinata. Well Hialeah blue Akuma Yocum.

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San Juan Ella.

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Karla Sophia, no, sorry.

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I lost Oh, who was what do

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you notice in your echo that Allah did not say is No.

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It's not plural. It's what? simpler. By the way. We're all in this life. Looking for a one on one which will save us

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don't think that we're after quality after quantities. You're really after one Amen, which will save you when you come X and Y mela. Now focus on sincerity and focus on adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu

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wahoo alized.

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Now if you fail the test, if you fail the test, Allah says you will deal with you.

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Damn it. And if you pass the test, then you're going to get one

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that tells you also regardless of what you do, you excel sincerity still need What?

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No one is perfect.

Karim Abuzaid – Allah Created Life & Death To Test You

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