Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Maryam – Day 10

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Salah and the return of Islam, emphasizing the need to find one's stance and not take anyone away from it. They also touch on a recent incident where a woman in Saudi Arabia had a conversation with a doctor about their sharia and should not do anything during those times. The conversation also touches on the " ridden path" of Islam, which involves finding a strong heart and being guided by the Lord, as well as remembering old deeds and bringing them to the practice of the Deen. The segment ends with a mention of a plan to bring people to the practice of the Deen and a deception about a book by Nigelfort.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu My brothers, my sisters in Islam on hamdulillah Welcome to our series of some of the verses in the beautiful sutras of the Quran will hamdulillah we've been carrying on with the seal of Surah Maryam and we'll have the Rila we took the story of Zachary Alice Priscilla and his son Yahya. We took the story of

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the of the Virgin Birth of Mary Alice Salaam, and when she gave birth to establish Priscilla, we also took the story of Ibrahim on to the salon with his father, little bit about Musashi Salaam then about its main Aliso salah and then about this prophet Idris that Allah introduces to us number and it really spoken about twice in the Quran and this is one of them. And we spoke about that hamdulillah let's carry on about what and then of course, I think we talk a little bit about New Zealand as well. So let's carry on inshallah, to either

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from where we left off, inshallah basura. Miriam, and here Allah subhanho wa Taala after the such the insert of Miriam in verse number 58, a last panel that is going to tell us what happens thereafter. Okay, so let's take it from them, the Hall of Fame in baggy him holophone. So there followed a people there after their after who which is, so every prophet of God when they came with the message, then a group followed them right, but then a group decision disobey and that group led to another group that disobey that lead to another group until another prophet came. So let's talk about all of these disobedient groups that came thereafter. And they're getting larger, larger

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number every time. So holla from him by the holophone. So they followed them another follow up, which is called means to be at the back so helpful. Another group that is at the back, other side, the left Uppsala, whatever oshawott. And they follow the desires for sulfur, so very soon, you're gonna like yeah, they will enter right, which is one of the names of the of jahannam and one of the planes of jahannam is called V, and some of the scholars of sail and Heidi and and of the of

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As the seller, they mentioned that the right is a valley which is in jahannam, where the cut off portions of the hands and limbs of the people of jahannam will be thrown into this almost like the the dump yard. The junkyard of all the body parts of the people of Johanna and it also is seeping with pus and seeping with, with filth. And, and it is a place of great ambush, where animals out of the fire ambush and an attack and

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Subhanallah This is the place that the people who have left the Sala will go. So what does it really mean? What does it mean to have to leave the Salah. So what the scholars mentioned is that if you delay your prayer, if you delay your prayer, until the last moment that you've already overlooked your Salah, if you leave your Salah all the way till the time has left then you are actually doing something which is disbelief, no doubt because Salah is the only or out of oral Eman, a Salah the strongest sign of Eman is the prayer. So so therefore when you're praying outside it's time it's as if you're not even performing the Salah itself you might as well not perform it. And as a result

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about solid meaning they were careless with the prayers either they prayed at the last moment when the sun is setting they will pray when the sun is rising or quickly quick get up and pray you know, not getting up early enough or they are about Salam meaning they did not even learn about the Salah did not keep up with obligations did not pray in a pure place of purity did not take their their purity purity at the same time for Allah, whatever Shahada and they followed their desires. How did they follow the desires? They followed the desires because obviously it's either Shabbat Shahada Chabot had to take it away. Usually should we had our doubts do not take us away from Salah what

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takes away from Salah is actually what our desires, sleep, food, sins, all of these things take us away, chasing money, business. All of these things make us delay our salah and that is why finding we've got to put our Salah first we've got to put ourselves first. I have never found anyone who has a disciplined life where he puts us all at first where he actually ever goes through any difficulty with the rest of his of his day by that but the people who always constantly do not have any discipline attitude with their salah and they end up sometimes missing the salah and they sometimes end up delaying the Salah My suggestion is to have a very disciplined attitude your Salah and this

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is what I noticed once I went to the house of a great scholar in Medina is known as the idea here and this scholar in Medina Mashallah does a lot of our work in Medina right. And, and, you know, have the courage to go forth who go for Hajj, he provides them with the food and water and drink and whatever else as they're leaving Medina and as they're coming into Medina, the food that is given to them at the checkpoints, this is what she does. And he does so many other hundreds of different our projects that we don't even know about. And unlike September, Armenia palala me for this great man. So yeah,

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I went Remember to visit I went to visit him once to say my salutations to visitors to this red chef. And when I went there went to his office, and the alarm was given on the oven was given, then straightaway, shake was sitting on his desk. And literally on the wall, there was a switch, it just switched it up. And suddenly, all I see is that the screens of all the computers have gone off. And I'm looking at my friend, and he's looking at me and I'm like, oh, what shape? Did you just switch off the computers? He said, No, no, no, no, it's not the computers, I've got a special switch that only switches at the screens of the computers.

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So only the screen switch stuff, but the computers are fine, because they're like, No, no, no, no switch the computers off. Otherwise, it could be typing letters, it could be writing some research and we lose everything. Right? So and you you know, you destroy that the data, we're all I did was switch the computers off the screens, so they can't switch it on until my screen goes on. And sort of analyze that. You know what, that's madness. That's amazing madness in a good way. I mean, you know, that's amazing, because that would ensure that you know what, no more, you know, oh, I just got to finish this letter or send this email, none of that. And you straightaway go up and you pray

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you're solid on time. Yeah, because that is the thing that a lot of bunny loves. And this is how people have made, you know, fear of Allah practical. Let me tell you about another incident that I that I personally learned how to practically implement Islam. Yeah.

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I read enough fatawa from schiffman was the great scholars of Saudi Arabia that lived many years ago. He was moved to Saudi Arabia at that time he wrote in his fatawa that we should

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strive to do

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Are surgeries in hospitals around the times of Salah. I'm not thinking that who does that who sheduled surgical times around solid times is that that is exactly how you make a Sharia compliant hospital that you should do your surgeries around solid times do not know that sunlight comes from 330 to four, after prayer comes 330 to four for example, do not schedule a surgery in that time and is final and I thought you know what, that's madness. And it is in a good way madness. I don't know I've got this word that I'm using called madness. But that's beautiful. Another thing I remember was I was in Australia once and I had an account with rajee Bank in Saudi Arabia. So someone who owed me

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money paid me money and wanted to see through telephone banking, whether the money had come to my account so I called up rajee Bank telephone banking. And guess what I heard? Guess what I heard and the message I heard was sorry, all our operators are busy praying now please call back later.

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You know, can you imagine that? This is what you call a Sharia compliant bank that actually applies the time of salah and even the operators are required to do Salah in Java so therefore they will simply switch the call center off at that time they will say no we're not going to answer this 15 minutes and it is no big deal Allah robina and his panel if one of the call center operators needed to go toilet would you delay no you need to go toilet now just go you know you're busting you need to go now. But why is it therefore that our salaries delayed? Why is it that we delay our Salah so no doubt is such a hot it's a carelessness is lack of discipline. All of these things can lead us

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into jahannam Yeah, so brothers and sisters, do not leave your Salah. Therefore do not pray someone who does do not marry someone who does not pray, do not marry. Someone is afraid to marry someone who does not pray is also very badly Apollo 11 mohalla. Someone who does not pray is worse than the one who steals worse than the one who kills worse than the one who Forney Kate's commit Zina worse than one who commits his drinks alcohol and worse than the one who does all of the four things at the same time. All of the four things is drinking alcohol is fornicating is killing and is stealing is doing all of these things at the same time. And a person who does not pray is worse than this

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person, even the one who does all of this these things at the same time.

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what can I say it's just a madness any madness panela today? no no this get married to him. It's okay. You'll make him righteous you make him religious. That's not the case you won't make him righteous or religious. That's not going to happen. For Karla for me back in Hollywood about salata Bhatia for sofa in Elko, Nevada, they will definitely enter the right

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way except for the one who repent. So Europe, repent, repent to allied brothers and sisters raise up your hands to Allah Allah is embarrassed to turn empty. So raise your hands to Allah and repent to him, and also give him sadaqa and make Toba after it. In lamancha Ahmad and he believes amela eminence hollyhock and does righteous deeds but will aka faloona Jana They are the ones who will enter Jannah Allah, Allah moonachie they will not be wrong they're in at all. Gen two adenine is a garden of Eden. It's called Eden because of the beautiful blessings in it. Jenna to Adam, Allah to other man, the one who Allah man has promised Eva who is promised his slaves will hide those who

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worship Him in secret.

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This is it. You have to worship Allah secret at night, when no one's looking, more fasting because it's done in secret Vicar of Allah done in secret,

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charity given and secret

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night prayers that a bother done at night like a decaf all of these things should be done a funny and secret and those who worship Allah in secret, also another meaning of Eva who will provide meaning that they worship Allah even though Allah is right, yeah, that Allah is absent. We cannot see him from our vision. So he's absent from our vision, but he's present Of course, but he's absent from our vision. So this is very bad, the whole bill of life in the room to verily his promise is ever coming and MIT will most definitely come, lie a smile when I see her levoir they will not hear they're in any level, mid level many vain, worthless, useless speech they will only hear beautiful

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speech in less Allah except for peace, peace upon your peace, peace, and a beautiful speech, which is Salam aleykum Selam Aleykum Miko everything Salaam Alaikum to him, even the people in general angels agenda and the crops and trees in general all of them saying Salama to him, while risco fee ha bukata Masha and for them

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Is there risk book written in the in the morning and ashy and tight? So the risk of Allah zoologist comes to him book Ratan washy the risk of Allah subhana wa telecomms book Rashi meaning continuous risk there is no stop and the risk of Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of halal food in terms of Of course everything's halal, but

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in terms of Allah has good Be it does Allah blessings food

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friends they all visit in the morning and the evening even though there is no morning evening when it's morning evening by by actor bar by the time passing by

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tilde congenital Latino reform in a body now this is the agenda that you give the a bad which we have given our a bar to inherit mankind a tepee The one who is God fearing amongst them. Again, the same advice about fearing Allah same advice we've been praying Allah so we must be of those people who constantly remember Allah and fear him man cannot appeal woman Lw Arabic and all Mohammed says Allah the angels call out to the Prophet Some said, We don't come down except by the commander of our Lord meaning an angel will not simply come down like that. They are totally under ls command and they do what they are told. So they are not like pre programmed robots, but they are they have

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choice, but at the same time they choose to only be Allah and they come down only at the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala so woman Athena, Lw Emery Robic lovoo Marina Idina for him is whatever is in front of us. One Mahal for that which is behind this one webinar dyadic that which is between the front and the back which is us. So we all everything in front, behind, left, right up, down, everything belongs to Allah subhana wa Jalla wa Makana rabuka see and your Lord is never forget for your Lord does not forget Rob buscema what he will earth He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth oma been a human that which is in between for good Whoa. So worship him only was a bad fit, and be

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firm and patient on his worship. Health lamona who's me? Do you know anyone like him? Do you know anyone? That is like if this verse, the scholars Islam said contains all of the acts all of the hate in one verse, verse number 65, Surah Maryam contains all the three types of tohei so what is the three times though he rubeola he has specified right? So all of them are in this verse. Verse number 65 is to robbery and Rob busaba what he will do Medina Hama lol, heavens of the earth that which is in between that is the rubia lordship for good who was a bad at worship Him and we firmly worship this is Allah here and then held that love Allah who Samia Do you know anyone like him meaning there

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is no one like him? Meaning that is a small sifat Yeah. And as much as that is to establish for Allah, pure, pure qualities and fantastic and excellent attributes that are not shared by him and anyone else at all. By Allah Jaco is an incense St. It says out loud, either Tula sofa, Roger, hi, if I were to die, mommy to Lesotho will be most definitely Okay, Roger heylia Are we going to come out as a living beast? I mean, is this what you think it is? And you know, atheists say that we should he said that.

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You know, so many people these days have the same belief. It says, our death is the end. And that's what they live their life without sharing without caring.

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Without morals without manners.

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They live their life as if their life is it. And so they are engrossed in their desires. They want to do what they want to do. Because Because it's I mean myself culture. So they have this attitude that they don't have to go back to another life, they have got nothing else afterwards. So as a result, just enjoy your life now and just, you know, be married. So holla at me, Tula sofa, Roger here, our law school insaan. And in answer to this, Allah says, Does not inside our man's mankind think and holida human abbulu that we created him while I'm yakushi and he was nothing before that. Meaning you are nothing before we create view. So what is the problem? Even if you are nothing

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become nothing which is Dustin clay? Why do you think it impossible for Allah to recreate you? Why do you think that? Why do you restrict a less ability to time based at one point and not to another? Why do you think Allah zodac could only become a creator at one point, but then he ceases to become a creator, he cannot recreate anything. Why do you think that this is wrong? And this verse Therefore shows the perpetual reality of the attributes of Allah because the

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Continuous. If Allah can do one thing at one stage, he could do another at another stage and this continues, not a we should not at all ever believe that unless attributes are time limited or they're limited by distance or limited by place for a bicolor national runner home, and I swear by your Lord then I shall run, we will most definitely raise them up with shadow and the shadow will raise up. So Mallanna land off the run home and then we will gather them all How will the jahannam around jahannam GT on their knees, on their knees, Allah is going to look at how poetic this is. This is this is in your face a big disgrace that sort of attitude, you know, it's like you know

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what, not only can I recreate our will gather you all together around jahannam. And I'm going to then throw you all into Johanna or throw those people that deserve into Johanna. On your knees, look at how powerful they are. And look at how it rhymes. And our law school in Santa Ana Filipina woman, pabulum yakushi. For a big

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shout out in

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the home, how the Johanna dgcx. Look at the next verse. So,

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then most definitely, we will take out of every sheet up every sheet means group. So, every sheet I will take out a group if you have a shadow, who is worse, Allah, man against Allah g t i t. Attiya, which is to be in arrogance and in pride, or, or in disobedience, who is worse against me in the thought? No, La Villa de whom Allah de Australia, then we are the ones who know most definitely who amongst them are most worthy of entering Johanna. We're in minko, illawarra, Doha and there is no one amongst you or people except that you are heading for it heading for what heading for Johanna, or as some scholar said, This verse also means that they are heading for a bridge over Johanna.

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The scholars of Islam mentioned that there is no human being and no gene except that there is already a place in Ghana with our name on it, that there is already a place in Ghana with a name on it. And our whole life should be about freeing ourselves from that place in jahannam. about doing those deeds that do not ever allow us to enter jahannam that is what the scholars Islam mentioned that there's already a place in jahannam with a name on it and on the Day of Judgment you will not be allowed to go into gender until someone else is substituted in your place someone else has given that place and inauthentic narration is reported that that Allah azza wa jal will on the Day of

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Judgment take out a man who is a horrible allocator and and then when a believer is going to go to agenda, he will call out and he will say Oh, or believer This is your answer from Johanna and then that person will be then thrown into the fire spiral Allah save us from that. Allah save us from that Armenia bellami

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Sumatra Andaman Khaleesi it will take out of every group are you I should do it?

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builder the home behind our lobby has Cydia that we know who is more worthy than them to go into this punishment. What in men come in lava into her there is no one amongst you except that they are heading for it. Can Allah Rebecca it is upon your Lord happy man. It is his most definite must have been something which is already pre ordained. You are most definitely going to walk over Jana with something which is pre ordained and is absolutely established. This is no doubt about this at all. So maluna jilla Deena then we will most definitely save those who those who feared me one other volume enough, we will leave the wrong doors fee her in a gap year in order to burn and in order to

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be disgraced in that in that Johanna. What is to allow him tonight it was reported when this verse was recited to Amaro de la Toronto, we're in Renfrew illawarra. Doha there is no one amongst you to be headed headed for it. Amaro de la who lost his consciousness. And he went into a coma because handle I mean, how could any

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any we're all headed for a one.

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We all headed for it. We all headed for it. We all have to walk over Johanna.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, legitimate and illegitimate and not. Tomorrow Nigel Latina taco that we will save those who had taqwa of me. This is the only way to save yourself again.

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Allah. We spoke about this again and again. taqwa is to think others are forgiven but you're not forgiven applies to look at the older person think how much good he has done compared to you and look at the younger person. And you say how lessons has he done compared to the poor is to walk on a path that has thorns always being mean it being taken the precaution to avoid the thorns, and all this is the philosophy applies in the hearts. Of course the heart. Right.

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So morona jilda Dena taco another volume in a fee hajiya, I will throw the volume in, in it jatiya on their knees. Well, it took him Ayah to Nabina. And when our signs are recited to them by United in,

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in, in open clarity, parliament in a cafe for those who disbelieve, they say that in Amman to those who believe or you will furry on a five year old. Who do you think is better? mahkamah wasana The who is better at dwelling and who is in status and who is better than the who is better in being

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an idea and in the party. Meaning in which group is better? Welcome, Pamela home and Courtney. And how many have we destroyed before then? from generations home? So as far as our Yeah, they are better in Assaf provisions every year and in what they have a funny. This verse is an evidence that even if you have more wealth and more health, and more provisions, it could be that your end is worse. Because at the end of the day, Allah subhanho wa Taala may choose to not punish in this dunya but will punish you in the hereafter. And the punishment might start with the death death of yourself and the Punisher that will happen right at that point. And also Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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punishment comes down on people

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who do not have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala and these are the dolly mean, those who lead the life of what the shopper desires desire, and they do not obey Allah subhanaw taala Coleman can say whoever is in this misguidance folium de la Ramana muda that Allah will increase for him until an appointed time had the era Omar aduna until he will see what has been promised in Malabo in masa, you'll either be at the time of their death or at the time of the coming of the last our first Ala Moana mandwa shabu macatawa for jinda. That he will know who is the one that is in the lowest position and who has the biggest army. Yeah, and this is Allah subhana wa tada says, is Allah

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subhanaw taala showing and challenging them? Do you think you're strong? You have no idea you're the weak ones, and the ones strong? And we only telling you to do this good deeds that you are safe from it on the Day of Judgment. Well, yes, we do love Allahu la de Waal Edina

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and allow will increase the guidance of those people who are already guided, you know, this verse always surprises me meaning Why are you going to guide those who already guided because because they're, they're accepting you see the guidance those who are not guided in accepted guidance, why give them more and that is the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore, if you accept less guidance, learn more, study more, listen to more lectures, attend more Salawat then Allah will guide you even more, but Wolbachia to solid heart but but you have to solid had what is back to the solid, back of the sun, as many of the scholars said is like,

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the core of Allah subhanaw taala Sam said, Pamela hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. This is the episode he had that he had a solid How does the righteous deeds remain? And what is the one that remained the vicar of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Arabic would be better for your Lord with your Lord, WA. Theron and Arabic cassava and better for your Lord as a reward was more of an a better return better return. So here Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that Vicar of Alaska supreme is better than all other deeds and that Allah azzawajal will guide us as long as we are guided because that is a sign that we will actually listen to this further guidance. Otherwise, why even guide the person who is not guided? Why By the way, should we not guide who's already not guided? Because in once in some ways mercy if you think about it, because then he has less to answer for Yep. And also because of the sanctity of Allah which is

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message because if someone is already not guided not taking intention, when you give them the advice, he is not going to pay more attention, because the rewards for him so that is another example of why

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you guys need to lock ladies that are who the law will guide the guidance those who are already guided also, this is an evidence

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that you remember him. That's number one. And that from his hedaya is the Buffy episode he had alladhina pedo Buddha. Therefore pharmacy die will be the backyard which is the words that are recited and will have the law that is the the Corolla which now I want you to remember your morning and evening. This is one thing which you must remember it's easy to do. And you can type it up in Google you will find us car which are meant to be set in the morning and evening. So may I suggest from the depths of the bottoms of my heart that you keep your tongue moist, remember it's our last special in Amada, because then inshallah Allah your deeds are multiplied and inshallah to Allah your

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reward is great Allah subhanho wa Taala and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala at this time to bless me and bless you for all of this work to continue on this fair for his sake, as well to make us for those people who is the new owner all of a sudden they hear all speech but what what they follow the best of it which is the plan as well as what Allah to make it of those makers or those people who are mercy and forgiveness and safety from jahannam and who are feminists allow for from another platform on our families so that we can bring them to our Deen and to the practice of the deen inshallah.

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Until tomorrow inshallah when we finish off sudra Maria and they will go to Sugata inshallah, until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

The end for every disobedient

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