The Position Of Women In Islam And Christianity

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of strong women in history and how they can excel in various roles. The clergyman in 1746 had a debate for three days and the clergyman in 2004 had a similar debate. Clergyman in 2010 and 2014 also had similar debate. The clergyman in 2014 spoke about finding the right partner and the importance of strong women in achieving success. The segment also discusses the loss of a woman in a violent attack and the challenges of creating a husband after a woman has passed away. The speakers touch on the use of "we" and the historical context of Islam.
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Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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My dearest brothers and sisters,

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in the early 1400s,

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the bishops and the religious authorities of the Christian world got together

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in a beautiful place called London.

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Very beautiful place called London. And they all got together to debate whether women were human or not.

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And they came up with the conclusion that no, they were not human.

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Right? In the year 1746, in France, again, a very enlightened group of Christian clergy men got together in a very beautiful place, in a very, very beautiful place called Paris.

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In order to debate whether women truly were devils are how we improved in our thought of who they are. So they had a debate for three days intense debate,

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pros and cons, pluses and minuses. Who are they? What are they? What's the true nature?

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The talking about the mothers, for God's sakes, the talking about their mothers and their wives and their daughters and their sisters. What did they conclude they concluded that they are human, but their souls are lesser than the souls of men.

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And this was a conclusion of this council of clergymen in the year 1746.

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And in the year 1700 700,

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the birth of Jesus Christ, a man by the name of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam had a very different conclusion.

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He had said, women

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are not only equal to men, but they can actually be sometimes even better than men.

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So powerful clothing, it is such a shame that when our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, this Blizzard men who gave such value to women, and remove these misconceptions, and these idiocracy is that people said about their other half.

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That's Pamela that it is now today that we say that Islam, denigrates women.

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What a ironies panel, what a hypocrisy, what hypocrisy, the West, our children are the same bishops from France, and of the shame saying bishops from from UK, who said these sort of things, and today Now we believe that we have liberated women, whereas Islam had done that so many years ago.

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My brothers and my sisters, truly, not only did Islam liberate women, but of assurity, Allah subhanaw taala explained that in the ad, he gave women far more credit than we do sometimes. In fact, in a very amazing couple of verses in Surah, Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala teaches us a very important lesson, he teaches us that a woman can indeed be better than a man. And he says it very clearly. And he says it with a very, very clear example, let me tell you the story of the wife of imraan alayhi salatu was salam, the mother of Millennium?

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Why, if called Miranda be in the novel to laka, Murphy botany How many? In

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any, oh my god, I have consecrated for you made sacred for you? What is in my belly, meaning she was pregnant. So she wanted to make whatever was in her belly sacred for the cause of God only in understanding, indeed you are all hearing and all knowing for llama Matata Kala therapy in the water to her olsa

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when she delivered the baby, she said, Oh Allah, I have delivered a female child.

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female child, she wasn't expecting that. Whenever someone says I'm going to keep this child for God, I'm going to do something special with this child. What do they think male? The default is the male isn't it? The default is the male. But Allah wanted to prove a point. So what was the point? It's coming up very soon. So follow my mother when she gave birth to the baby. Cause she said what Allah in the water have given birth to a female child. Then she says, what

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will be my water only Allah knows

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Allah why I have given a female child, one in me suddenly to her Maruyama,

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Amina Shakeology. And I have called her by blessing name of Miriam. And indeed I seek protection for her and for her progeny from her person. Shaytan. Then Allah says masses for the Kabbalah Rabu hobby capulin Hassanein? Well, I'm better than Hassan and Rockefeller has a career. So her Lord, meaning the lord of this woman, the mother accepted this offering from her with a beautiful acceptance and gave her a beautiful dwelling and made the prophets Acharya responsible over the affairs of Miriam

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cool about the hola la has a Korean lava in the horoscope. Every time Zachary would end up on millennium. He would find so much food and wealth with her colada he would say. Yeah, Maria anala, kihavah Omani of where in the world is all this from call that she would say? Who Amina Angela, it's from Allah. Don't you know as a career in Allah Yasuko mania shall be

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the Indeed Allah provides to whoever he wills without any any measure them. Then listen to this next verse, For this is the point of my evidence today. And if the only thing he go back with is this next verse, that will be sufficient. Because God says hoonah leka as a carrier of Babu. It is at that point, because the advice of Millennium that she that Zachary the prophet of God called out to Allah. Say what? Oh Allah give me a righteous child.

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Or Allah give me a righteous blessing child, indeed, in La Casa de la verily you hear all the words. So my friends, this is my point of evidence today, that a woman taught a prophet

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to have tokuma that a woman taught a prophet to have a man in Allah than a woman taught a prophet, how she is the recipient of so much good and so much hair from Allah. And that was because of a superior level of demand, superior level of demand that she had. Indeed, she was an exemplary woman, the mother of Isa Jesus Christ, may Allah have mercy on them both my brothers my sisters, in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the examples of the women of Paradise and makes the parable of the women of Paradise to pearls. Have you noticed that? He says either either one has it? No, no no. If you wait to see the beautiful women the paradise you will think that they like conceal pearls. Have

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you seen concealed pearls? While imagine pearls beautiful mother of pearl covered in satin, beautiful satin silk clothing covered up lightly covered up and then lightly uncovered beautiful covered of pearls that's how

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that's what Allah subhanaw taala describes women of gender as I can see our brothers smiling like happiness

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I think your lighting of the room

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Mashallah beautiful bright smile Mashallah. Happy man. Excellent. Now, this is important. You know why it's important? Why have you thought of why does God give the example of the women of Paradise to data pearls? Have you thought of that? Well, if you look into history, pearls were the most expensive of all jewelry.

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pearls were the most expensive sought diamonds, Diamonds Are Forever to be his marketing tactic. It's a marketing gimmick. It never used to be diamonds as a woman's best friend was it was always a purse was a woman's and a man's best friend as well. Because pearls used to fund wars with one wall, one wall with one poem sorry, they would fund multiple wars. It was well known that the Romans would use pause to stop their throne Thrones. They would use pearls to stop their horses. With a single Pearl, they would find multiple battles into Germania, multiple battles for years and centuries years they would fight with just one per and also in that infamous, infamous banquet, which was

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thrown by Cleopatra. Have you ever read about that? The banquet, the most expensive banquet in history? What was the most expensive banquet in history? The most expensive bandwidth in history you can read up in sight again.

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Ripley's Believe it or not. No, it's not actually.

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It's in the almanac of the of the world records right?

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You can read it in that. It says the world's most expensive banquet was the banquet of Cleopatra for Marc Anthony when Marc Anthony wanted to invade Egypt. So Cleopatra invited Marc Anthony to a to some supper for some food, and said, I'm going to give you the most expensive and most amazing banquets and Marc Anthony rocks up thinking there's going to be like plates of food, and all of the sheep of Egypt are going to be slaughtered for him and he's going to have the most expensive thing, right? The amazing guy is going to come and conquer Egypt and these slaves of his are going to offer the best offering. So what did Cleopatra do? As soon as Mark Antony walked into her palace,

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Cleopatra said no food, nothing. There's nothing there except a goblet of wine.

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Goblet of wine. Then she took a mother of pearl that she had, right. One mother Pearl, nother mother polish, she had earrings, that she dissolved the mother of pearl in one of the one goblets and she dissolved the other one and the other one goblet, and she gave it to Marc Anthony to drink. And Marc Anthony agreed This is the most expensive banker.

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So you see the pearls was the most expensive thing, the most precious thing any man would die and killed for a pole. And that's why God gives examples of pearls. Because anything else, particularly shiny are pretty normal because they were counted to be the most expensive of all human jewelry of any jewelry to mankind.

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Right? So what's what why am I talking about this? Because if the women of gender are being resembled to pearls, it means righteous men because women are gender righteous women. That's how you end up in gender. Right? Because you're righteous. So righteous men are light poles made righteous women are as expensive and as precious as

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Smile, smile.

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It's free. It's charity. Righteous women are as expensive as pearls. Have you not heard the habito Rasulullah says in them. The most expensive or the most precious provision that Allah has given anybody in this world is a righteous woman.

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Right? That's how it all fits in. Does it make sense now? Make sense? It does, because truly righteous women are a blessing for anyone, blessing for the husband, blessing for the kids, blessing for the community, blessing for the family, blessing for the society, blessing for the nation, blessing for the world, because righteous women's panela can truly change the world. I know my wife, may Allah preserver and enter into general with me, but Allah if she could not do and did not do, or refuse to do, politely what she does for me by looking after my children, and facilitating me to do the work that I do, and I travel almost almost

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75% of my weekends, right away from home. If she did not do so. I would not be able to do what I'm doing now.

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Pure and simple. It is for this reason why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the wife of a Mujahid has the reward of Ojai?

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mazing isn't it? Why should a wife miss out what just the man is gonna get the reward just because he's fighting? No, he was able to fight and die in the cause of Allah because his wife was patient. And looking after his affairs if his wife wasn't doing so what his mind be able to do so sacrifice himself for less cause Not at all. It is for this reason why the wife of a fighter has the same reward as a fighter. By unnecessary corollary as well. The wife of a righteous man has the reward of the righteous man as well. In the authentic in the verses of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says odo do unto as large

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entity you any wives into gender and be married and happy in it. In a burst with Yolanda mentioned in the facilities verse, the most number of intersections that will happen on the Day of Judgment is that a man will enter Jannah is a man will enter agenda and say Oh Allah, I am in level 72 my wife's liver 66 or Allah raised her up to me. And so Allah will accept the intercession and raise her up just because of the door of the of the husband and because of the righteousness of one of them in the other way as well is also true. If a wife is at a higher level, then she makes more to Allah Allah I can spend an eternity without my husband raising up to me, so that he also gets raised up to

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the level of the wife Mashallah. My brothers and my sisters these

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The examples that we have these this is truly, why righteous women are so important and so precious to us all.

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Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gave us tremendous examples of exemplary women in history.

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What better example Can I give you? Then? The wife of the greatest enemy of God?

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Who was

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around Who was she?

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The wife of the Pharaoh. Nam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for women completed the man who were they

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asked Who else?

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Maria was Fatima.

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And for the job of these four women completed, the man perfected the man completely perfected the man meaning they totally believed in Allah and perfected the belief in Allah with their tongues with their hearts with the limits. The actions were perfect their hearts and the action, the heart was perfect, and their statement of the time was perfect. And it is for this reason why they had completed who it is for women. Well, we spoke with Miriam, what about us? She was the wife of a tyrant. So next time, when one of you thinks that your husband is so bad, or your husband you know, doesn't pray Your husband is not as practicing as you are, perhaps, don't think that you are going

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to be doomed.

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Take it easy. Take one step back. Allah subhanho wa Taala showed that the wife of us of around could have perfected her Eman. So you too, can perfect your event too. You too can excel, you too can be saved and YouTube can be a very, very righteous person just like she was. What did she do? By the way? She said the prophet of God she loved musanze and she was a stepmom for Musa alayhis salaam and of course that ended up being a great mercy for all of mankind because Moosa saved the children of Israel Israel, from the from the from the Nazi Pharaoh.

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Also take the example of a digital dilemma. In the most deepest and the darkest times also less SLM. This woman was, was his beloved, this woman was his was his soulmate. This woman was it for him. So Pamela, he married her, and she was patient. He went to the cave of Hira for six months or eight months only to come back to this, get some food and then go up again. And she was patient.

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He struggled to spread the religion

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would be out of the hole, not have enough money to bring back home for food, she would be patient. And yet on the day, when he came back from the Cave of Hira thinking that he had gone mad, it was she was she, it was her idea of yamana who said

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no, Allah will never will never disgrace you.

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Allah will never disgrace you. It was she who did it. Do you know the effect of the actions of Fallujah on this man will hammer Salah Let me tell you let me demonstrate how deeply and madly this man was in love with this woman

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due to her actions.

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In one authentic narration in Mohali, is narrated to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asleep.

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And this was in Medina when he was asleep and he wasn't the hot off. I should have been asleep at that time. Suddenly, a woman knocked on the door and said a Salam aleikum said what, Sir Michael? Suddenly the Prophet woke up in us in complete shock and bewilderment. Imagine waking up like you're asleep.

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He had just heard

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a sound that sounded like

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deja vu.

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Why? Because that was

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the sister of Khadija whose voice resemble the voice of Khadija SubhanAllah. So Rasulullah sallallahu had just heard the voice of Khadija again, and he could not forget that voice of all voices, the one that he could never ever make you forget, was the voice of his soulmate Khadija

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because he could recognize that

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he could recognize that forever and he would never ever forget.

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So what did he say? Listen to what he said. Or Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah Allah said what? Or Allah Don't torture me make this the voice of her layer of make this hard and not Khadija Don't make me hear voices Yama. Make this the voice of Hannah

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Amazing, amazing.

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We look for love in the worst of places in the darkest in the coldest and the ugliest of the deepest part of the night, wrong places. This is love. A love when a man is still in love with a woman many years after she's passed away, many years after even her family has forgotten about her. This is what you call love. So at that point

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I should have

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saw the expression also was excellent. And what do you think she said?

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She said, Yeah, Rasulullah Oh, prophet of God. What do you want with a woman who has passed away and her bones have dried up and she's become because it's become dust?

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One thing you can't get rid of his jealousy. Right? What do you want with the woman who's passed away bones become become dry as become dust? What do you want with her? And so and then she's she said,

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whilst Allah has given you something better than her

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Who's she talking about?

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Right, she's talking about herself Mashallah so articulate. So, what?

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So what did Rasulullah saw some say Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, no one lie. Allah has not given me better than her. Ima La Raza. Connie haba Indeed, Allah has blessed me with her love.

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My brothers, my sisters. The challenge on your sisters is to make your husbands fall in love, like a DJ made Rasulullah system fall in love with them. The challenge for you is to create a husband that loves you long after you pass away. The challenge for you is to create husbands so madly in love that he'll be like shajahan Who knows? shajahan

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una Shoshana, Shoshana Shahar The one who built Taj Mahal, remember the one

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who knows the story shajahan he had this really pretty wife called us

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and said that, you know, you have to promise me you'll never get married to anyone after me which he readily promised.

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And then thereafter, when when she passed away from childbirth. Then thereafter, he built a huge palace and he got all the most amazing, amazing stones for all the deepest parts of the Ganges and for all different parts of India. And then, did you know what the story then after they built a big mausoleum to house the grave of us who had become dust and bones by now? Right to build that Muslim? He poked their eyes up and cut their hands off of all the workers 2000 workers it took to build that huge thing. He cut the hands off and poke the isaa

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please brothers don't do that.

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Okay, but obviously the reason why I did that was because he didn't want anyone to ever build another replica of the Taj Mahal.

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Okay. And he did that as a dedication to his wife to his wife whom does

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all I'm gonna say his mom

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tells me is excellent or perfect, right in Arabic.

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Take the example my brothers my my sisters have I should have done that as well. At the age of 18 Rasulullah. Selim passed away when she was married to a school system.

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You see, the wives also as Islam truly had a difficult time

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because he had a number of wives right. He had nine wives at one stage. And the wiser assessor, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam traveled in his 10 years in Medina. He spent three years traveling 36 months he traveled in 19 battles he fought. So if we fought 19 battles, he traveled 36 months of that seven years he was in Medina, right? Semitism, he didn't have that every single year that he was in Medina. in Ramadan, he spent 10 days in Africa. Okay. etica basically means secluding yourself in the mosque away from everyone else so that you can remember the day that you will be alone with your God in the belly of the grave. So he did a decaf for 10 days in Ramadan.

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Every single year, in the last year, he stayed with erotica for 20 days in Ramadan. Okay. On top of that, in one of the years he actually stayed away from all of his wives for about one month, if you minus from the seven years that he was with his wives because everything else he was traveling or whatever.

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From that you minus all the daisy Antica, and you minus all the days that he was in back in. He was in a he had stayed away with his wives. And you divide that by the number of wives he had, what's the average number of nights you get? I did the sons and I got an average of 2.18 nights per wife per month.

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I can see silence. I can actually see silence this time. Not just hear it.

00:25:30--> 00:25:41

Yeah, 2.18 nights. What makes a woman stay with a man when the man can only give her 2.18 nights a month?

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It takes a woman of tremendous patience. Would you agree? It takes an exemplary woman, a woman of gentlemen. And this is why I pray and I make a sincere door to Allah. May Allah give our mothers, the Wise Rasulullah says Allah and enter them into highest agenda with their hubby with their beloved or solar system for an eternity. Because the sacrifice the most difficult thing to them in order to achieve some greatness, and in order to achieve something great for Islam, which they did Panama, an 18 year old woman, never to get married after her beloved Rasulullah sysm passed away was an amazing thing. I should have the landlord say, I used to make dua to Allah Allah let me see my

00:26:30--> 00:26:37

beloved husband in my dreams. So Allah answer my door and he let me see him every second day, my dream.

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And then she used to say I couldn't tolerate it sometimes. So I'd make more door to Allah until Allah answer my door and he let me see him every single day in my dream.

00:26:52--> 00:27:41

So Pamela, you think about it. It takes an exemplary woman will like exemplary woman of exemplary patience, exemplary dedication to be how these exemplary women was Pamela truly they were pearls. Truly they were pearls. Pamela, how else could Rasulullah Assalam do what he did, if he didn't have examples of these exemplary women, that his wives would take the example of this beautiful woman by the name of Fatima rhodiola, the daughter of Rasulullah sysm, one of those who also had perfected her Eman or her faith, as well, as the sort of Lazarus Ellen had said, the prophet has also said that Fatima would be the first to follow him from his family to the Hereafter, meaning that she will

00:27:41--> 00:28:04

be first to pass away. In one amazing, amazing couple of verses. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah revealed a couple of verses of Quran which I came across. When I was reading the seal of of eternal Josie. I came across his explanation of a couple of verses of the Quran. And verses of the Quran go like this.

00:28:05--> 00:28:14

Allah subhanho wa Taala says, will you remove from Allah who be Myskina Maja tema sera in the monitor mo?

00:28:16--> 00:28:59

Lederman condesa, our shikara in Nevada have never been a Yeoman Abu Salah Kampala. What does this verse say? This verse mentions that Allah subhanho wa Taala quotes, people who give charity, the cause of Allah are those who say, verily, they feed the poor, the orphan and the the poor, the orphan and the prisoner of war, the poor, the orphan and the prisoner of war. By the way, a prisoner prisoner of war was actually a non Muslim, isn't it? That's what they were prisoners of war. So Allah is actually saying that it's actually good to be to give charity to non Muslims. So next time you actually ask yourself, can I do charity? normlessness? Can I feed them can I do? Of course we

00:28:59--> 00:29:44

can. Goodness to all of humanity is what Islam talks about. So you know that they feed out of the love of Allah, you tell me the Dharma and Hopi Myskina a poor man. Will you teach an orphan was a seal and a POW prisoner of war? And they say in the moment, he lovingly referred you for the face of Allah lamudi domain comm jazza and we do not ask you for any reward in return. What a shocker nor even a word effects. In the Manohar formula Bina Yama, mana, Busan, Kampala. Verily we fear a Day. We do this because we are afraid for ourselves on a day in which the hearts will turn inside out from fear on that day, which is the day of judgment.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

Right. And these verses, by the agreement of all the scholars Islam was revealed regarding father mother with your loved one, the reveal regarding the father of the land. Why? Because I needed the man who was the

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Son in law of association I'm used to carry things on his head and ferry water and ferry things from people's house to other houses and then get some some wheat and barley for as payment. You take the wheat and barley at home Father battilana will then use the wheat and barley to actually cook bread with it. So one day he did some of the fairing came home after a hard day's work and a 55 degree Celsius heater Medina which I'm telling you is far hotter than Malaysia brought that that that barley back home, she made bread with it, she made three loaves of bread, one for her, one for him, and one for husband and Jose. But before the food could be served to Addy and Hassan Hassan Husayn a

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prisoner of war walked by. So she looked at it saw that he just been freed and he is hungry. So she gave her a piece of bread two months ago, and an orphan passed by, she rubbed her hand over his head fell sorry, pity and gave a piece of bread, not thinking of anything, not thinking where they're going to eat. And then thereafter, a poor person walked by, actually gave another piece of bread. So the blended family went to bed hungry that night, the whole family. And so Allah revealed this verse.

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Do you know what's amazing about this verse? Do you know what's amazing? What is worse is that thereafter after these verses, God describes parallettes in no less than 15 verses, and extensive description of gentlemen, extensive description of paradise. Now whenever you go to any extensive description of Paradise in the Quran, you will find that God talks about the beautiful women of agenda as well which are the women or the husbands that other wives created for husbands. God talks about them except for these places this part in the

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in this extensive description of gender God does not talk about the whole name other women have gender beautiful women or gentlemen.

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Why ignore Josie said

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it No. Josie said amazing when I read this like oh my god, I'm believable. You want to hear it?

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You sure?

00:32:15--> 00:32:16

keep you in suspense.

00:32:17--> 00:32:28

Okay, ignore Josie melon merciful himself. Allah subhanho wa Taala love the action of Fatima so much, and knew her jealousy

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of other women, because she didn't want to take another wife knew her jealousy so much so that he revealed verses about gender and did not mention the whole thing at all. Because he did not want to want to offend.

00:32:47--> 00:32:52

Fatima rhodiola Allahu Akbar. Amazing.

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These verses will obviously reveal for Fatima right, because the good death that she did. He didn't want to offend a slave to offend the slave. He knows the slave doesn't like something he won't even mentioned. And because of the feeling of offending his slave because we're so happy and so amazed with her act. You see righteous women, when they do righteous deeds.

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Then By Allah, not only are they equal to men, they can far exceed men as well.

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So much so that Allah above the seven heavens can reveal versus recited to the Gale judgment in amazement of his slave in amazement of the actions of a righteous woman by the name of father mouth, of the alarm.